Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TIME VIBE: MAY 2013 (11:2) No More Secrets

May 2013 :  (11:2)   Global Monthly Time cycle


What we'll observe and experience this month (in Time): 

  • Growing FLUENCY in the language OF LIGHT,
  • SPOTLIGHT ON EXAMINATION of new insights,
  • INDIVIDUAL EXPANSION via a broadened scope of options, connections, and DATA that is being streamed into the personal experience for discernment in practice with deeper Knowing. 

  • COLLECTIVE INTENTION RECALIBRATED from within the individual consciousness based on SELF recollection and the new, profound insights; ILLUMINATION.   

It's really nice to see the the outer-space reality growing and catching on in "mutually supported interdependence" in this New Time transition experience.  

As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will be influenced by the over-arching global Time, and you should check your own Timing position and opportunities by calculating your personal numbers, HERE.   

I'll be working on this post further, but for NOW- you can glean more personal insight on the Gifts and opportunities in this month's  (MAY 2016) , (11) cycle here:

As well as this step in the Key stations of Human experience-
The Tower:http://learntarot.com/maj16.htm

You can watch the first breaths of  
LIVE here: 

and further updates here: http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/2013/04/huffington-post-citizen-hearing-on.html

Part 2 IS HERE:  http://theempressoftime.blogspot.com/2013/05/time-vibe-may-2013-part-2.html

Until the Next- 

In Love, as Ever-  Carmelle

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Babies ALLOW Love ... When Will You?

I read in a Translators blog recently about this period of Grace where we are being given a chance to focus on our Love practices in more harmonious auspices and environments.

My personal Grace is playing out for Me with my (19 month old) Grandson.
But, His Momma Love is going to be home with him full time soon, and i will move into the Next realm of Grace to practice with my Joy, Now.

But, TODAY I had the most AWESOME day with my grandson today.
I brought another Crystal specimen today as a distraction item and for him to meet.   I told him that i had brought another little friend to meet him today, and his eyes widened and twinkled.
Yeah.  You can never have enough good friends.  And when i put the new "friend" into his chubby little hand he gave it kisses, and made the "shhhhh" sound, and then took it on a tour of his play area, carefully.  He treated it very gently.  He also remembered that we looked at the last Crystalline "Friend" that  i brought out for him to see, in the sunlight.  http://theempressoftime.blogspot.com/2013/03/validating-crystalline-changes.html
He walked it over to the windowsill and he examined this new friend, Amethyst cluster,  briefly there in the light before running back to resume the tour.  He returned the stone to me when he was done.  and we moved on to a nice long and seriously focused dance and drum jam with [the video tune below].

His enthusiasm and Joyful energy when he is doing anything that that makes him HAPPY makes me laugh OUT LOUD, which also makes him laugh harder, and makes me laugh harder,....

I can "hear" him, and when you add in all of the un-containable glee in the sparkling eyes and the big happy smile and the excited breathing and bouncing to keep on with this thing that is making us so happy right NOW.  and we keep doing it until it doesn't bring us Joy anymore and after he's examined all of the mechanics with his little fingers and big- billions of bytes (per sec/per sec)- sponge brain of his.

He asked to dance "again" to this song about 6 times.  Only, his  verbal "again" sounds more like "ha-da"- with a quick little finger point in the direction of what he is wanting as he bounces his little knee bend bounces ....and i realize that not only is this  a bouncy little tune-  ironically, as it turned out-
the lyrics of this song were deliciously appropriate for Time spent attempting to communicate in the outer reality Mirror these days.

 I realize that my little stint as care-giver to my little one has brought me opportunities to quieten down so that i might HEAR the UN-spoken much much better in my daily practices with everyone else.  


Someday, Someway......

by Marshall Crenshaw

I can't stand to see you sad
I can't bear to hear you cry
If you can't tell me what you need
All I can do is wonder why
Someday, someway aww
Someday, someway, yeah now
Someday, someway
Maybe I'll understand you
After all you've done for me
All I really want to do
Is take the love you brought my way
And give it all right back to you
Someday, someway aww
Someday, someway yeah now
Someday, someway
Maybe you'll understand me
Well, you've taken everything from me
I've taken everything from you
I'll love you for my whole life through
After all you've done for me
All I really want to do
Is take the love you brought my way
And give it all right back to you
Someday, someway aww
Someday, someway, yeah now
Someday, someway
Maybe I'll understand you
You've taken everything from me
I've taken everything from you
I'll love you for my whole life through
I can't stand to see you sad
I can't bear to hear you cry
If you can't tell me what you need
All I can do is wonder why
Someday, someway aww
Someday, someway, yeah now
Someday, someway
Maybe I'll understand you
Someday, someway aww now
Someday, someway, yeah yeah
Someday, someway
Maybe you'll understand me
Someday, someway oh!
Someday, someway, yeah yeah
Someday, someway
Maybe I'll understand you

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Psssst! Come closer...i have a little secret to tell You-

The sooner You agree to simply BE and DO the JOY you want to see in the "world",  the sooner........

Check out Brother Wayne Living Loving NOW by EXAMPLE in the outer-space reality....

Wayne White documentary: Beauty Is Embarrassing;  
 the Human Journey of a Creative Master....
http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/beauty-is-embarrassing/film.html  , 
(or, you can find it in the documentaries on streaming Netflix. )

He also is the Artist that helped create and produce the video for this amazingly appropriate song with it's amazingly accurate visual symbolisms (link below)  :

By Smashing Pumpkins:    "Tonight, Tonight"

Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
And our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same
The more you change the less you feel
Believe, believe in me, believe
That life can change, that you're not stuck in vain
We're not the same, we're different tonight
Tonight, so bright
And you know you're never sure
But you're sure you could be right
If you held yourself up to the light
And the embers never fade in your city by the lake
The place where you were born
Believe, believe in me, believe
In the resolute urgency of now
And if you believe there's not a chance tonight
Tonight, so bright
We'll crucify the insincere tonight
We'll make things right, we'll feel it all tonight
We'll find a way to offer up the night tonight
The indescribable moments of your life tonight
The impossible is possible tonight
Believe in me as I believe in you, tonight

This visual art is a GIFT...check it out!

Video Producer:  ARTIST Wayne White

"Now It IS"   by Artist Wayne White

And, if you browse around here in the blogposts, you'll find many more living examples of Now Presence Embodied in Time...!

In Love, NOW-

as Ever, 

TAPPING your way into Joy:  (EFT)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TIME VIBE: APRIL-MAY 2013 - PART 3: Blowing Off The Excess Energetic Crazies....

Now, Ya' gotta' Love some pure, 
unfettered, uninhibited, un-choreographed,
Ecstatic dance!

Here's the link to a nice long series of progressive waves that you can save for later, 
but you might want to listen now while you watch this guy show you how he DO it....  
:)-  it's mesmerizing...!



TIME VIBE: April 2013 (1): Part 3  



I AM. 


So, this month, you have permission to put aside all of your Time-bound tools of separation and judgment from the DARK AND DEAD, 3/4D land of "weigh and measure", and think, think, think about what you are really wanting to CREATE based more appropriately on WHO you THINK You ARE....which is changing fast!   
No-thing (in Time) is for-ever!  You're allowed to change your mind and direction any Now.  At this stage of declaring Universal Sovereignty ( I AM) and Well Being (in balance), the Cosmic Ways and Means Committee (in Time) has been launched into working things out nicely for everyone in the collective experiential reality.  So, this month you get to think about what makes you GROOVE and MOOOOVE in your JOY and sprinkle those seeds! 

As mentioned many times previously regarding the Timing frequencies of this year, (2013:6) http://thenumbersintime.blogspot.com/p/6.html    
until the approach of the fall months (in Time), when the (7)  Time frequency of 2014 begins to raise our will and power to investigate and analyze what is TRUTH, ( but, more on this later).
This year's collective (6) opportunities (in Time) will continue to highlight: 
** Healing and Health issues; Balance/Harmony, and complimentary and compensatory actions;  Intelligent boundary lines and responsibility;  Relationships ; Coming "clean" about intentions, confessing and clarifying of Dreams and Visions; mediating, counseling, translating; Meditation; care and nurturance of All ;  LOVE, tenderness, empathy, "hands -on" care and physical and social adjustments; body-care;   

(6) also illuminates sharing the visual imagery of what you are FEELING and experiencing via , teaching, counseling, parenting, visual imagery energy transference (projecting) , and all translations via telepathic, or any audio/visual means ;  there is also stimulation and activity regarding all data-bases, networked data and media sources, including satellite networks, internet, etc.  

Multi-Dimensional conversations via developing lines of telepathic communications which will increase markedly in May, under the 11:2 Timing frequency.  
So by the end of April we will see an increase in the stimulation of Heart felt Multi-Media/Mediums and Multi-dimensional expressions of Art and Creativity; and we can expect to be Psycho-Spiritually Sorting the options and preferences with reason and fairness toward All contributors and receivers of data,  educational platforms, our shared life-expanding resources.

Most people think of making physical BODY adjustments and doctors and medical/psychological remedies when they think of "healing".   They think of external causes and cures for ailments and dis-eases manifested from within the IDENTITY belief systems.   This years (6) collective "healing" is fundamental.  It's NOT ABOUT the economic system, the environment, the social un-rest and dis-ease, OR, your earth body projection-  those changes (in Time) are due to manifest by 2015.
Although there are physical re-alignments taking place on all frequencies in and around this Time platform reality.  
It's more about the perceptions and attitude adjustments regarding 
the collective harmonization.  
NOT it's homogenization. (uniformity/conformity) 

BIG difference there.  
This Unity consciousness must be understood by the global participants as a United INTENTION.  The idea of uniformity,  is being dismantled.   And, by the end of 2015 the external reality in the New Time, will reflect the grasp of this difference.  

But  NOW,  there is so much evidence that we are in the process of re-activating the Pineal frequency modulator, which changes the way we perceive everything- and how we process the tidal wave of new data that will begin to flow by the latter part of the summer.
We see new and as yet unexplored options before us in the collective platform as a metaphor for SELF, currently.  
As individuals, we Know somewhere deep inside Heart Center that what we are seeking is already a done deal.

We've been EMOTIONAL charged about things- OUT LOUD since the last century of the last Millennium.  And the initial waves of wake-up calls, and the desire to do something FUN this millennium has been fruitful, in the broadest view of our expansion.  

But, Now, Talk therapy is cheap if it's focused on regurgitating old stories of pain and error.  So, stop it.  Stop talking about what you are not wanting.  We must learn a way to POSITIVELY re-phrase the reconstruction that is occurring in the Light of ease and flow in a reality of All POSSIBILITY. 

This year, Tough Love therapy is beckoning some of us.  We're learning to be Truly Loving friends- and yet, we suffer not their foolishness.   But, we're learning to accept differences, and tell the Truth, in Love, Now with energetic emphasis.  
Let the chips fall where they may!   When this years' boundary lines are drawn, we'll see who was able to weed out Self lies and negative mind loops gracefully and with compassion, but-
the ENABLING of false reality beliefs STOPS HERE, and NOW

**my very favorite example of Tough Love therapy:

This month (april) of identifying and expressing of Self BALANCE  is the first wave of the current curative ideal of the collective to usher forward with focus and commitment.  We are actively seeking balance, and fair and Loving exchange in All relationships, since we are realizing that All are One in the Mirror.
Those relationships that are not in Harmony with your current path of expansion are being removed.   Previous relationship ties are being healed and released by the Love and the empathy that is coming up after the pain is acknowledged.   So, - let it go.  
We see that : "There before the Grace of Source, go I."  
Where's your empathy for Humanity? 

As this month progresses (in Time), much talking, communication person to person over the wires and in the ethers. And, this will continue throughout this year- but, wireless communications will increase markedly in May :(11).  (More on this later, but you may want to visit the 11 Time frequency overview here for a heads up on the color of next months opportunities, lessons, and activities (in Time).)  (Time Vibe: May 2013)

The push point is around 4/24/2013: (11), and we'll be distinctly noticing the frequencies raise.  Some of us are already experiencing the gentle breezes of this in their own "Visions" and translations.   May 2013, (in Time) is going to be wildly psychic ride for the whole planet.  We can expect big fat waves of data downloads, both individually and collectively- and that will instigate a definite, and palpable energetic tipping point of [more active] re-Alignment of the collective intention in the New Time platform.    

You can probably feel it already.  So imagine how powerful and profound the psychic push is going to be by the mid-cycle point (5/7- 5/21).   The collective tide is about to make a turn with more CLARITY of KNOWING. Expect further harmonization of collective imagery regarding outcomes and intentions in a direction that is demanding we tweak the sails- again, to get closer to our desired "position".         
We aren't going to like ALL of what is revealed to us in the next few years (in Time),  but, the coming data- which we will not be able to UN-KNow,  will challenge us to reach deeper into our own solidarity, and demand stability in our shared resources.   
Fairness is being actively sought, with emphasis on the Love in empathy and compassion for All players in the collective holo-deck of Time experience.  
More and MORE individuals are grasping the concept of Eternal Sovereignty and an entry level Multi-Dimensional take on the New Time wave "coordinates" through open negotiations, and a general caucus of collective intentions.   

(6) is also an indication of activity mostly within the "local politics".    Where:  (8 = Global political play).  This means our close community (Self, family and friends and other participants) must be dealt with first, and then we take our issues out to the global state of awareness once our personal foundation has been stabilized.  

This (6) aspect (in Time) depicts the perceptions of the events and dramas of the individual's physical reality, and how personal focus effects the spatial reflections of the New Time platform's objectives.  
While WE are being re-Aligned with our Multi-dimensional talents and Body,  by cleaning up the scenery in our own individual experiences,  the Earth is being "re-tooled" for the Next level of challenges and lessons in this opening of Eternal, Creator Being Consciousness.   The collective outcry (intentionto bring on disclosure of the Galactic presence is partly a manipulation game of anxiety.  But, (the 11) in May, supports the idea and opportunity for INTER-SPECIES COMMUNICATIONS.  So don't be surprised if you open a channel- or, two-  in some way in that Light.  
All that we are experiencing as a collective is being spoon fed to us on a need-to-know,  and ever-expanding  basis by the 
Source/ I AM,   .....ONE, NOW AT A TIME.  
The syllabus for our collective expansion experience has been issued forth and read by All participants.  
So, why are we making it harder than it has to be???

 REPRIEVE and RELEASE is ALWAY found in your Joy!
Relax, Breathe, seek out soothing nurturance and companionship as you make notes on what you are really wanting, without trying to control something that is still slightly beyond your grasp just yet.  Be conscious of actively DO-ing anything that is devoid of JOY for you.  For Those residual things that you "have " to do, find a way to Love them, and give things a chance to either Harmonize- or dissolve appropriately.   

It's no coincidence that we are also dealing with underlying opportunities and gifts of the individual annual digits: 2-0-1-3.   
I think you'll also find that the contemporary Master's of NOW all concur that the path of  Love, Now- in Joy yields all in resplendent Perfection.  
3 indicates opportunities to notice and experience growth though  our JOY.  The Time experience DOESN'T have to be a struggle.  
The choice between fear and Love is ever available in any moment of experience.   
  You can glean more on the essence and gifts of this 3 Time frequency influence here:  3. -  which  is supporting us  in this until January 2014, when we will roll up our collective sleeves and begin to clean house in very real and effective ways.  

Eckart Tolle:  The Secret of Happiness

Abraham  Hicks:  In order to BE Happy, You gotta BE Happy  


Sometimes, when in a state of resistance-  the fastest way to get to [FEEL GOOD] is to side step your "rational" Time perspective and blow off some of the static and cellularly stuck energies of belief, which are reflected in your physical  presence  of Being.   Look in the Mirror.  Are YOU experiencing "ascension symptoms" ?

Moving the bio-electric apparatus around stimulates lymphatic drainage, changes out the precious water content in your brain and nervous systems and stimulates the Nadis; and releases Joy-bearing hormones like endorphins.   Movement assists with the changing of the Synovial fluids that carry the frequency currents that are increasing steadily in our Merkaba activation processes.....so, you might consider taking the Time for taking in much MORE (distilled) water, as  well.
(6) also happens to represent fluidity, the image of water, waves, tides, healing "solutions", and the aspect that liquid water will always fine it's own level of balance.  

The most pleasant and expedient way for me, personally, to clear out the energetic fuzzies and revitalize KUNDALINI flow begins in the delight and ease of Ecstatic Dance.  
Ecstatic dance is just ONE tool for re-Alignment, and re-membering to help yourSelf to the Love Vibe of Life on the banquet table of the All There Is.  

For some, Ecstatic Dance is a serious Self study of Balance within the sensorial Body and the Multi-Dimensional Presence. 
It can be some seriously effective Psycho-Spiritual Therapy for most those who pursue this methodology.  But, you'll have to give it a go for yourSelf to Know if you like it.  

Healing Movement pioneers have dotted our contemporary history, and this arena of Self maintenance and pleasure has accelerated - as all things have (in Time)- with the birth of the internet and broadcasting communications devices.
Gabriel Roth is my personal movement mentor.   
This video is a synopsis of the Wave of 5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance that she has brought out for us to play and balance with.  
I'll put it on the table for your personal consideration.   And, here's the link to her website :  http://www.gabrielleroth.com

THANK YOU for your participation in this spiral Journey with Me!!!

Until the Next wave of Joyful Inspiration...
I continue to hold All 
 In Love, 

as ever-

* You can see more of my work and play here:    http://thenumbersintime.blogspot.com/p/bio.html

Sunday, April 14, 2013


All we really have to DO is look away from FEAR.
The rest will take care of itself.

Here's a classic distraction technique, and the belly laughs to  RELEASE our own stooopid human tricks. 
Stop it.   
Drop it.  
Move on.  

 You might want to watch this one several times in a row- it gets closer to home - and funnier, each time.   


Until the Next- 

I LOVE You!  - and, there's nothing you can do about it!!!   

As Ever-


* You can see more of my work and play here:    http://thenumbersintime.blogspot.com/p/bio.html

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Standing In the ECHOES of TIME

Mr. Beckow's site AT 2012 SCENARIO, posted this video  of a lengthy case study dissertation by Mary Rodwell today-  ...you can find more links on the lower right side bar.

All i can say on this report is : Yes.   This video says it all for Me, including the 9 lessons for learning to manipulate Time in the "schools" that most of these cases were involved in.  All those who are involved in any form of Nurturance and/or HEALING, or involved in any Healing process such as ecology and social re-alignment, and Parenting- will glean much insight and validation from the cases presented here.   ALL realities are valid and SO because of our own THOUGHT to become a fully functioning Multi-dimensional Creator Being, the processes for this expansion are pretty much the same for All of us these days.
When i got to the 40 minute mark, there are bits of data regarding the validation and an ECHO of the data regarding the use of Time while you are still practicing getting into your "cock-pit" of your Multi-dimensional Center- NOW.
TIME  is your ally when you understand it better.   It is not a very complicated language platform  ...the power of Time travel, and deliberate material manifestation, remains in NOW.
First:  YOU are the one that you are waiting for

But, if you would like to see other perspectives on out transition (in Time):
THE NEW HUMANS - Mary Rodwell:

Other practice games include the exploring of your own Human Frequency: 


Tapping in to YOU: 

Sacred knowledge of vibration an the power of human emotions:  


Pink Floyd: TIME

...and, so- Until the Next-
I will hold the image that-

No matter where you go, or what you are doing, or who you are with- may it be your dominant intention to LOOK for and ALLOW the Joy and Expansion that you are wanting in your Life, AND may you attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that ARE in Harmony with your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance. 

In Love, NOW- 
as Ever,

Friday, April 5, 2013


What IS  this stuff?.... and miscellaneous articles of strange-ness in strange Times that fills my spaces and closets?     And, ...who's shoes ARE those?!!
There's a Phoenix rising every second....so, Time for a completely new "wardrobe" to go with the completely New Me and my New moves.....

Here's the message: 
PLAY: http://www.jukebo.com/prince/music-clip,beautiful-loved-and-blessed,su808.html 
The new ME , YOU, and All that IS is bearing itSelf to the open for All to see.  There's no other way to Be.  No fights to fight.  No Self changes to force, ailments to battle, or, weight to lose.  No conflicts to resolve.  No other place to BE.

This month (Global 1 / ONE:  http://thenumbersintime.blogspot.com/p/1.html    )
there IS a very new feeling of Creator-ship confidence spreading across the planet.
New ideas = new Ways;   New thought = New paradigm.  So, HOLD THAT HAPPY THOUGHT!!!
Makes notes, sketches, blog about your New ideas and plans.   They WILL all unfold perfectly , without force or fight.

It feels a bit like Neverland here these days- complete with Fairies, Grannie Wendy Knowing Love, Pirates, and Allies in the other dimensional realms- ....  Ha! We even  have the BIG , DEAD, CROCK Clock!   
Sort of old Earth- sort of not. ....More and more- not like the 3/4D Time platform
ep. there's irony everywhere you look these days, and [it's ] all about You and how you respond to the changing that seems to be happening faster and faster theses days for you.  Decisions are getting easier to make in the moment.  You find youSelf SHARING what you have in any given moment and in any given encounter because you CAN, and you realize that extending a Loving hand feels good- and you want more of that.   This month, April 2013, You can see the more immediate effect of BE-ing the change - ONE Now at a Time, ...and you will give yourSelf permission to relax into playful ideas and outcomes, based on the deeper releases you have just gone through in March.  
We're talking about noticing the subtle events in the periphery- not just sitting and waiting for your own main stream of data to provide it for you.  There are infinite wheels of spinning vortexes (inTime)- you are one of them.   
The collective is in PRE-ponderance mode this month, (1) , and by the end of April, there will be cleaner, clearer lines of communication established, particularly, an increase the psychic communications.  So, take this month to THINK about Who you are and how you want to project, and PRACTICE; because next month there will be opportunities for collective communication practice.   Others will hear your inner workings- via frequency.   
Personally, i will literally be donating my "old-paradigm" wardrobe, and pondering the Greatness of IT All as i sort through all of this strange looking stuff, and trinkets of an idea of what "Living" and "lifestyle" WAS, i can't remember anymore.  The unnecessary bits and pieces of beliefs are dissolving. 
Sometimes you find yourself reaching for something to scratch that mental itch- and you catch yourSelf doing that "thing" that you do.  The question has just returned home, as it always does in the One.  
Who AM I?   
I dunno.....who do you WANT( to BE) ?  You are wanting to BE Happy, Now?
i think of the Joy of the new colors and influences that are lining up for my updated presence for All to behold (by May).   And, i'm certainly looking forward to "see" what my otherSelves will be bringing into the mix in the mirror of the outer reality.   The ride is getting a little more exciting now that i've been LISTENING to what i really FEEL.   ONE Timing frequency gifts include a luxurious bath in a pool of Self Awareness where you will have close up opportunities to see your Self in everything happening around you currently.  To get into that pool you must BE in ease and flow....   the key to THAT and everything else is  in your NOW Presence. 

Bear in mind the annual Time FREQUENCY objective and opportunities of (6 / SIX : http://thenumbersintime.blogspot.com/p/6.html )   of LOVE, BALNCE, RESPONSIBILITY, RELATIONSHIP,  mediation, nurturing, healing, are unfolding in our individual talents to redirect energy and focus, and more and more in the direction of these New ideals- both in the collective illusion, and personal expansion.   This is evident in All collective arenas that have been, and still are opening up to the collective experience as a Mirror reality.   Now that the "slivers" of shame beliefs personally, and in the old paradigm are surfacing, the CURE is at hand and change is afoot in each and every NOW thought. 

We ARE waking up into the IDEA of a place of freee creativity and adventure like the one called Neverland and glee of change and the different perspective is required to get your BANGARANG on there.   This idea of another reality- our own Neverland- is Far from the "civilized" and fear controlled emotional scenario's of the dead Time paradigm.   
It is a world of PLAY, words, and adventure.   It's Time to ponder the thought that YOU don't have to Create "hard"- you are allowed to Create in Ease and Flow- or, WHATEVER else you focus on.    You are so free, you can choose bondage. And, in each NOW, it's YOUR choice.   I
n this great big game of Sweet Remembrance in NOW- Use your own imagination and Joy to create your own world of your choosing.   

It's feeling like there will be a PART 3, focusing on the aspects of Healing and beliefs about the Light Body. 

If you haven't had a break lately- take a moment to remember: BANGARANG!

or, maybe a break you have a while to kick back for a fun story of remembering in Hook: (full movie)

Thanks to Anon for the    Joy Jam playlist     suggestion (1st video above) ....it's quite a gift, but i don't seem to be able to find it on youtube to add to the playlist - so, i added the video of the live- PERFECT - performance by the Artist, himSelf  for a treat to All otherSelves who are inspired. 

Wake up 
Ur beautiful, loved and blessed 
Feel me? (I think I do) 

When U found me I was just a piece of clay 
I was 4mless, U gave me a new name 
With the breath of life I now live abundantly 
All I needed was the potter's hand 
And the blood on Calvary (that's right) 

But 2 much power (tell it) 
Can can sometimes turn 2 shame 
2 much desire 
Sometimes makes U feel the same (come on) 
But 4giveness is how U win the game 
I begged 4 truth, now I know the truth 
And that is when U came and said I was... 

Beautiful, loved and blessed 
I'm better than the day b4 
Cause U made me confess that I am... 
Beautiful, loved and blessed 
When U're free U're really free indeed 
All U gotta do is just plant the seed 

A constant battle 2 stay ahead of the game 
Is anybody famous when everybody wants fame? 
Always trying 2 break U down 

Thinkin' that'll raise 'em up 
I just wanna b happy 
Come take this bitter cup from me 

If I were ever 2 write my life story 
I could truly say through all the pain and glory 
I was just a piece of clay in need of the potter's hand 
Cause when U whispered in my ear 
The words I so now understand, oh... 

Beautiful, loved and blessed 
I'm better than the day b4 
Cause U made me confess that I am... 
Beautiful, loved and blessed 
When U're free U're really free indeed 
All U gotta do is just plant the seed 

Everything U made U said, "That's good" 
B4 the fall of man U said, "That's good" 
Everytime I walk in faith, that's good 
U let me see another day, that's good 
B4 the earth was made U said, 
"Tamar, I will lead the way and U'll go far" 
Knowledge and understanding 
Understanding is good 

And when I wake up in the morning 
All I hear in my hood is people saying that they're... 

Beautiful, loved and blessed 
When U rescue me from the darkness 
and our heart just must confess 
Beautiful, loved and blessed 
When U're free U're free indeed 
All U gotta do is just plant the seed 

Hey, hey, hey 
Wake up it's a new day 
Hey, hey, hey 
Wave Ur hands in the air and say 
Hey, hey, hey 
Wake up it's a new day 
Hey, hey, hey 
Wave Ur hands in the air and say 

Beautiful, loved and blessed 
U rescued me from the darkness in the wilderness 
But I am beautiful, loved and blessed 
No matter what the challenge 
I always pass the test 

That's what I am, beautiful 
That's what I am, beautiful 
I don't mean 2 put nobody down 
Still I must confess that I am... 
Beautiful, that's what I am 
That's what I am 
When U wanna give up, don't cause U know 
U always got a friend 

That's what I am, that's what i am 
Thats' what I am 
Beautiful, beautiful 
That's what I am, that's what i am 
Thats' what I am 
Beautiful, beautiful 
oh yeah, oh yeah 
Beautiful, beautiful 
Beautiful, beautiful

Until the Next-
In Love-
as ever!  

Monday, April 1, 2013

TIME VIBE: APRIL 2013 overview - Part ONE:

The (9) opportunities for  the resolutions, closures, and endings of the beliefs that are the structures of your outer space reality, and the changes of support personnel that occured in the month of March has given way to APRIL's (1) Global month Time frequency opportunities for NEW thoughts, ideas, beliefs, identity.  

You can glean MUCH information after viewing the GIFTS of the Numbers on the right of the screen; and by listening to John Smallman's translation from Jesus on Easter Day, .....(i have this linked below)

Whatever happens to You from NOW on is by your own direct hand.  What and Whom you attract to yourSelf is fully YOUR responsibility.  THIS MONTH the collective begins to catch on to this with much more desire to BE the change we want to see in our worlds.   You will hear more people talking about taking their own NOW moments a little more seriously; remain playful and open.  You will hear more talk of how Forgiveness has LITERALLY saved their life intention from a fate worse than death at the hand of your own resistance- REPETITION.   
Listen for the sound of more MIRACLES echoing in the events and activities around the globe.  New things are popping up into the collective view- things they never imagined would ever be so- but already Now IS.  And, these new bubbling manifestations will inspire more ideas than solutions at this point, but the most appropriate way is always revealed and without force or control. 
So relax, and release your anxieties- and be your own True Self in each Now...thusly, you then Be ONE in Ease and Flow- where it is FUN, not a struggle.  

 The emotions tied to these long held images of "personal preference" based  on the old Time paradigm illusion of "personality" and projections, are having collisions with [the more evolved aspect] of our new Knowings of Infinite Presence.  You are testing your own Self (1), and practicing understanding what you really do want. 
So, .....many of our previously beloved beliefs are proving right before our very eyes- to be bogus SELF induced thought loops making repetitive declarations of limitation, control, and the inevitability of struggle and toil.

In the window of the ONE TIME VIBE for Aril, we have an opportunity to understand our own autonomy, our personal power while still remaining respectful of otherSelves who come before you to challenge the new beliefs and help to put to rest the dying beliefs.  Lot's of old memories came up last month, and this may coniue for another week as an obvious occurance - but by the 7th of April, the (1) Global Month frequency and the (6 ) Global Year frequency will be the highlighting layers of opportunities- and the wide open view of NEW possibilities for re-alignment of the Peoples and their environments.   When you are Now, you are open to other possibilities and new ideas.  So, kick back and OBSERVE, often, this month.

(Watching the River Run) ...lyrics below

As (6) usually brings the OPPORTUNITIES to master balance, fairness, Knowing, and Love, there are often Physical symptom-ology that will be noted when these items are imbalanced and actively seeking to regain balance and alignment via dis-ease.
So pay attention to what the world is trying to tell you - specifically via your own pain; acknowledge it, Love it for where it brought you to; and then set your sights immediately toward the balancing of the issue by the path of your Joy.  LET IT GO. [It's] causing a drag on your frequency spin.   So, you might have noticed that the Human physical symptoms of this RELEASE challenge is being spoken of and there are many fine blogs with strangely comforting lists of these manifestations and distractions.     
If you are having physical challenges, it's probably a good point to observe what it is that you are doing to your beautiful MAZERATI body, to make go chug-chug right now?   Do what you can, and then just TRUST that your desire to find physical balance, or not. 
Many of our Beloved Mirrors are choosing to leave, and there is no judgment in this choice.  It just IS.   And, ....
It's ALL good- we are in the Time of Balance and Love. 

March opportunities brought a release of mental constructs of our own relationships within Time, and the release of the appropriately dead and illogical items for balancing of the thoughts by the clearing of some inane habitual mental clutter.   Think of this as a refreshing bulk sweep of behavior patterns that no longer serve- or, as an initial debridement of a festering wound- your choice, as always.   

THIS YEAR, (6) Obligation, and fear HOTSPOTS are still being weeded out- a good and thorough root removal of at least one layer of the remaining concepts of a reality that we just don't believe in anymore is underway.  Ill-balanced obligations on all levels are beginning to be realigned;  belief systems with unspoken- or, assumed, rules of engagement, are shaking down and finding re-alignment via LOTS of communications on these collective issues.  

The March (9) frequency reflected a process of Release, and a wave of the breakdown in the belief structures that retain an individuals reality in a given position.   Our expansion is Eternal-  Change is the Way.....so, remember that the Dead Still Dance!    We have to finish letting go of the immediate impediments to our expansion- and so it is happening.   BE Grateful for the things that reflect (however symbolic) what it is you are wanting, and then hold that focus, thus avoiding any and ALL inner chatter about those other things that you no longer want to attract.    Don't worry how "they" will go away- when you turn your own attention to re-alignment All is Well. 
There is more for Me to post regarding the April TIME VIBE opportunities... this flows as inspired.

Until the Next-

Parting Gifts: 
Here's Johns translation from Jesus that describes what is happening the way i see it through the Numbers (in Time).  

And,   Abraham:  i want to Be over THERE, but i'm still HERE. 


as Ever-

AOL:  Dead Still Dance

Body's cold, the party's started, lying in a hole.
Fertilizer from your skin and compost from your soul.
And all across the universe, mysterious energies,
Create more life from your life's left over debris.

Shadows in the living room, whispers of circumstance.
...Cause somewhere in the afterlife, even the dead still dance.
We dance, we dance.

Heroes and Villains, whoever's willing to bust the thing apart.
Indecisions and glorious visions gnawing at your heart.
What were those foreshadows telling you, In the movie of you life?
Hero's blinded by usurping and willing to sacrifice.

Music in the corridor howls like a hungry trance.
Bones and feathers on the floor, maybe we'll all just dance.
Shadows in the living room, whispers of circumstance.
Somewhere on the open road even the dead still dance, we dance.

Humbled by the prospects of all that could have been.
Sitting in a coffee shop thankful just to grin.
Wait for just a moment, just enough to realize,
That for most of my existence, I've been hypnotized-
By my own sense of glamour, by my own magic rocks.
Bending, shaping the ending till it matched up with my thoughts.

Music in the corridor, marking your soul's advance.
...Cause even in the afterlife baby the dead still dance.
Shadows in the living room, whispers of true romance.
...Cause somewhere in the evening now even the dead still dance.

We dance (x8).


If you've been thinking you're all that you've got,
Then don't feel alone anymore.
When we're together, then you've got alot,
'Cause I am the river and you are the shore.
And it goes on and on, oh, watching the river run,
Further and further from things that we've done,
Leaving them one by one.
And we have just begun watching the river run.
Listening and learning and yearning.
Run, river, run.
Winding and swirling and dancing along,
We pass by the old willow tree
Where lovers caress as we sing of our song,
Twisting together when we greet the sea.
And it goes on and on, watching the river run,
Further and further from things that we've done,
Leaving them one by one.
And we have just begun watching the river run.
Listening and learning and yearning.
Run, river, run.
And it goes on and on, watching the river run,
Further and further from things that we've done,
Leaving them one by one.
And we have just begun watching the river run.
Listening and learning and yearning.
Run, river, run.