Sunday, April 21, 2013

Psssst! Come closer...i have a little secret to tell You-

The sooner You agree to simply BE and DO the JOY you want to see in the "world",  the sooner........

Check out Brother Wayne Living Loving NOW by EXAMPLE in the outer-space reality....

Wayne White documentary: Beauty Is Embarrassing;  
 the Human Journey of a Creative Master....  , 
(or, you can find it in the documentaries on streaming Netflix. )

He also is the Artist that helped create and produce the video for this amazingly appropriate song with it's amazingly accurate visual symbolisms (link below)  :

By Smashing Pumpkins:    "Tonight, Tonight"

Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
And our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same
The more you change the less you feel
Believe, believe in me, believe
That life can change, that you're not stuck in vain
We're not the same, we're different tonight
Tonight, so bright
And you know you're never sure
But you're sure you could be right
If you held yourself up to the light
And the embers never fade in your city by the lake
The place where you were born
Believe, believe in me, believe
In the resolute urgency of now
And if you believe there's not a chance tonight
Tonight, so bright
We'll crucify the insincere tonight
We'll make things right, we'll feel it all tonight
We'll find a way to offer up the night tonight
The indescribable moments of your life tonight
The impossible is possible tonight
Believe in me as I believe in you, tonight

This visual art is a GIFT...check it out!

Video Producer:  ARTIST Wayne White

"Now It IS"   by Artist Wayne White

And, if you browse around here in the blogposts, you'll find many more living examples of Now Presence Embodied in Time...!

In Love, NOW-

as Ever, 

TAPPING your way into Joy:  (EFT)

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