Wednesday, March 21, 2018

BEYOND the Time Vibe: APRIL 2018 - (6) A Collective Seeking Balance

April, 2018: A Powerful Window of Opportunities to "Cure" IDEAS of Self-Denial and constriction to Allow Balance, Naturally.....

4/2018 = 4/ (11:2) = (15:6)

The Collective HARMONICS amplify the Objective Mastery of
2018 Annual (11:2) = I AM (That) I AM:
MASS PARTICIPATION in a CHANGE of PRIVATE Participations in a Unified Co-Creative VISION becomes much more "DO"-able;

The April Collective cycle of (6) Frequency rotates in opportunities to secure a more Balanced Way to DO  anyThing, and WITH anyOne else.

(6) KEYWORDS: Love, Balance, SELF-Response-ability; Restoration, Healing, sharing/educating, negotiating, Translating, mediating; domestic, tribe, Community, Universal Visions; Visual expressions of Internal "story-lines"

With considerations of the sudden DECISIONS made in March to head toward entirely different reality experiences via , SUDDEN changes to the status of particular issues in Private EXchanges.
What seems to be occurring is a sloughing off of a layer of Be-lief, that ultimately is turning into re-lief.
The ADDICTIONS of each Time Participant has come up into reality experience in Conscious Thought and Inner chatter.  The questioning of the same-old HABITS in Time, Now that there is a more BROAD View of IDENTITY and the Presence that chooses to ACT OUT and engage with certain patterns and habitual "patter" of interchange.

The recent ILLUMINATIONS, which continues to sweep across the View of each projecting Participant, is not only Unique, it is also the SAME - and in some way IDENTICAL to All that I AM Is.
I AM You.
Yes.  That's right.
That ISN'T too "deep" to take seriously, anymore, considering how MANY reflections in the Collective are whipping their own Private reality into more preferential SHAPE, along With HEART.

So, now that March has brought stimulations and exaggerations of SELF-IDENTIFYING IDEAS that are simply NOT the Truth- ANYMORE.
April's (6) assists to INTEGRATE New Time Experience Skills Into Private Mastery Practice.
EVEN NUMBERS indicate an opportunity to reach INTO the Collective Exchange Games with much more Private Authority and Manifestation FOCUS prowess.
Try to remember that the Mirror serves as a reflection of Self.  Time to figure out what, exactly, you THINK you See.

Yes, there WERE big trips ups in bad judgement calls, ditching Self responsibilities, anger and violence, persecution, or other out-right manipulations and other such Self-defaming participations.
You Effed Up.... so what?
That was THEN.
NOW, is yOur Way back Up to BALANCE.

This Collective (6) wave is the Window to BE-gin to massage the Forgiveness, Empathy, Compassion into yOur every-Day "tool-belt" for Harmonious, Balanced, Respectful Co-Creative Inter-changes AS A NORM  in All yOur PRIVATE processes.
(For more specific details of  your Private  opportunities to Participate in restorative Frequency Harmonics click HERE
OR, HERE for a private Translation session: requests, and Paypal Value Gift address to: . )

There will be wafts of Resolutions in the Air through 2018, and the emphasis of Collective Focus on this step of this process will begin to Flow with EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, AND PHYSICAL re-Alignments that perpetuate the necessary dis-engagemtns, closures, dissolutions, deconstructions with ENOUGH Grace, Compassion, to Forgiveness to ALLOW the REMEDIES to Flow Into the PRIVATE and Collective "scene".
This is a SELF-Rescue Mission at the bottom-line.
I AM the Sacred and the Glorious in ALL Form.
I AM That I AM.

It's important to put some Focus Practice in for Allowing COMPASSIONATE and appropriate Integration and stabilization of the New Level of (I AM) Focus Capacity that has/IS BEing Consciously taken on by a Collective of Participating Aspects of Self.

MANY MORE Other-Selves are engaging with more DELIBERATE Manifestational Intentionality; Hence, You are reflecting more CONSISTENT Self-Awareness, and Emotional Control.

The Collective Game is in Material "regroup" mode, and preparing a MASS reality Re-Organizing (2020:4) for laying a New IDEAS and Opportunities to PRACTICE the New Norm, of Peace and Equity, in CHOSEN Participations in Time Play.

There is not much amazement lingering in the Air, as we See many reflections waking Up and hitting the New Time Terra-Firma at a gallop.
GRATITUDE, Yes; but, there is access to much more Innate Self-Creative WORTHINESS taking root withIn each participant waking up.
(11) STRONGLY suggests that you REFRAIN from attempts to judge, ASSERT, force, persuade, trick, mislead, or, otherwise MANIPULATE any Matter other than That of All-Creative HEART Pulse of Joy.

IF it doesn't FEEL like Truth, you MAY choose to In-Vest-igate the Data.
Life In the Ever Expanding IDEA of Universe is a constant Re-Spiration.
(2) indicates RE-Cognizing Partnerships with Balance, and Equanimity.

All That Which is Preferred IS available, ALL WAYS, so-
DON'T PANICK when things CHANGE, or, as You Know, there Will BE more of the same.
April's (6) Collective HUM will include Balancing EMOTIONALLY Triggered responses.
You CAN and 'should" REALLY Focus on observing yOur Own, Private, RE-Sponses to the same old frustrations.
There is still  NO "Time", SO, LEARN to deal with those IDENTITY Be-liefs that Inhibit Self-Creative Potentiality in PRO-ductive Ways of Expression.

This is a cycle to evaluate Participations in the Balancing and harmonizing of Private/Collective focus engagements.  WHAT are you participating IN  and with WHOM are you Co-Creating as a Collaboration MATTERS, more, and MORE each NOW.
IF you are Thinking that You must rescue the World from someThing OUTside of Self, April (6) indicates Recuperative R&R to clear out the Internal tensions that being in the middle of CHANGING yOur MIND about reality might logically Be.

(6) is an INTEGRATIVE Frequency Wave, in that is broadens the In-Flow of Data required for re-Solving Self-Navigational issues, like addictions - .... ALL addictions counts- ESPECIALLY the ones that you THINK noOne else knows about, or wouldn't DO in the company of any Others.
This is a chance to address any IDEAS of SHAME, REJECTION in any relationship you can RE-Member as important to IDEAS that you no longer invest in.

BEing Grace-full with SELF and tending to Internal and External bruises and bumps of regret that persist.
Make "Time" to put certain Things to rest.
Make "TIME" to make "SPACE" for some Perceptually TANGIBLE results in very specific IDENTITY issues.
VISUALIZATION is a very handy Tool for this Expansion process cycle. This Includes: photography, painting, drawing, deisgning; and the power of IMAGERY as an Expression of IDENTITY in Practice.

Keep yOur (Eye) on the watch for bruised Ego's and any tempts toward infantile shadow games of DISTRACTION, when CLEARLY, the old c.r.a.p. just doesn't FLOAT anymore, and the STINK it has left behind needs to be dealt with- INTELLIGENTLY.

No rushing to FORCE things- or, any deliberate Self-Sabotage WILL back-fire.  ..... on second thought- GO AHEAD-- TEST THE THEORY, ...either Way, and no Matter what you FEAR, Expansion will happen and the ODDS ARE STACKED in the Favor of RE-Establishing BALANCE, some HOW....  YOU DON'T have to figure it all out right this red-hot minute!

This whole TIME "thing" is LINEAR, and ordered, by Nature and is an ASSET when you can RELAX long enough to HEAR and SEE the Guidance of HEART for yOur-SELF.

The Collective Time Frequencies indicate (11:2) and (6) Gifts and Expression Opportunities that ILLUMINATE more broad-spectrum Perspectives and dis-solve That Which is not Vibrationally/Structurally sound, (out of Balance), in the New Time Home-Base of Intentionality of Peace in Equity, for All.

Every Thing is on it's Way to some Where else....

This month, there is a Great Flow of Vision of Balance that Harmonizes with That which is BEYOND Time (11:2) to take full advantage of ... and MEDITATION, writing, or Self-Nuturring activities prevail in the building Collective Head-Winds.

THINGS are not what they had seemed before.  Time to STOP kicking and flailing AT the changes.  DECIDE how you FEEL about everything that you actually PARTICIPATE IN ...from diet, to sleep, to sex , to Value exchange options for opportunities rather than SURVIVAL.
With the fear of survival out Now of the Way, harmonious Flow can Now gain momentum.

PREPARE to Wel-Come In for consideration New Time Reality Game IDEA Pitches and Projections toward yOur IDEAL Visions of Participation, and the United Intention of Sustaining a Conscious, Private, STANDING IN Honor and Peace.

RE-Membering All, as One, Be the Final and Authorized Word and Deed in All Co-Creative Participation contracts.  In-dignation is not required, and is a waste of Time and Opportunity to LIVE something different- NOW.

The Collective "scenery" will be rich with the Opinions of Other-Selves.
Maintain healthy Private boundary lines and the rest will take care of itself.

From Now, onward, it will pretty much be obvious that (IT) IS
 yOur Reality Game, by
yOur Reality Rules.
So, RELAX, and FOCUS on That Which IS Of yOur Highest Joy....




Monday, March 5, 2018

BEYOND The TIME Vibe: In Familia-rity, HUMANITY CHOOSES To STAND in Honor.

There is no-Thing new under the Sun.
dont' let "them" reattle yOur cage...

The (8) of 2018 Reverberates of Ancient IDEAS of Public/PRIVATE DOMINION in a CLANGING cloud of decptions, manipulations, and molestations of Original Presence.

Control by "DIS- Honor" that had once been the founding "mechanisms" for domination, is reverting to the Wisdom of Balance IN THE COLLECTIVE Time Games.

BE the Love
New, I AM Presence...

Once A-ware of the "process", "tactical" project administration and re-A-lignments are INitiated.
DYNAMIC moves toward ALLOWING Truth and Transparency arrive in surprising events and situations.

HOW will it All "turn out"?
That depends on yOur STANDING.
IN HONOR, or, Dis- Honor?

FOR more INform-ation,



Bonus Reference Vid:


Saturday, March 3, 2018

BEYOND The TIME Vibe: A Collective Preparing For IN-tegration Phase of April - September 2018 (11:2)

(FYI: ... after much futzing around with it, this issue seems to defy further formatting edit... it seems to have placed itself in this Way... . )

OverView of 2nd Phase of Annual (11:2) Collective Frequency Wave-
April Through September, 2018.

Phase 2, of (11:2) Frequency wave indicates a sweeping INtegration of High-Frequency INtentions of SELF-Re-Cognition reflected as a vastly powerful Whole. 

The Frequency opportunities support the Upliftment of Presence in a New Perspective of SELF-Regulating Creator, BEing, with more commitment and a Natural Increase of Self-Creative FOCUS perseverance. 
Humanity simply WILLS a MORE Harmoniously Co-operative Time Game platform of Experience.
HUMANITY, as a Source-Unfused, Multi-Dimensional Creative Being IS AWESOME!
Did you really THINK that we couldn't find yOur Way out of this constrictive, paper-bag Illusion of Self-Denial? 
The blossom and bloom of exposures of Crimes Against Humanity, and in them the evidential dis-claimers of prior false-IDENTITY, as a glop of "causal" parts and particles, in Time, will CONTINUE.

These "breaks" in Trust, create a Flow of New parameters of Human Potential and widening confidence in Self-Creative Response-ability.  

New POSSIBILITY and Focus CHOICES for really taking the "reign"s of Time and Space into yOur "hand", with continuously bring new adaptations of Collective Harmony objectives.  

From March (5) through July (9), Collective Participation in ACTive RE-Solutions steward Harmonious Co-Creative REality Experiences push on.
(11:2) objectives re-A-lign (I AM) Identity markers in a FLURRY of Spiritually Harmonious, (NOT Religious), and HEART driven activities. 
ALL are showing "signs" of Self-Creative boredom with previous, socially monotonous and Privately Inhibitive Participations. 
And the good news in this PHASE is that ALL are EAGER to push the REality "envelopes" open WIDER, and, further.  
F.E.A.R. is a Paper Tiger, and "when" yOur I AM is Standing Up, In Presence, AS Source, the "situation" is, Spiritually, quite tooth-less- in ALL Instances. 

But, the Collective is out to test this for themSelves in a frenzy of discernment SKILLS, feverishly HONED, as Bullshit-O-Meters begin going off all over the "place". 
Next UP, a New Way of SORTING the Incoming Data Begins to formulate.No worries, in a CYCLIC reality experience Game, Mastery is pretty much guaranteed. 

This PHASE can either irradicate ADDICTIONS, or Intensify their constrictive Nature so that you get the hint.  
All depends upon where You "sit" on the Emotional Frequency scale.
Each Participant PLAYS out All Aspects to test-drive a New Perspective of the IDEA of IDENTITY. 
So,.... Thank You, Team CONTRAST! for holding Us to I AM Focus Task MASTERY. 
that Control Magnetic Reality Experiences (IN Time, and BEyond), IN Which I AM WILL-Fully Focused ON by Self-Regulating CONSENTtacit- or, Other-wise. 

Magnetic-Sensorial Reality requires contrast for DATA sorting, and to "figure it out".... 
you Know, like Ya' DO, Humans just HAFTA "DO", ...... "watch" for patterns,
sort, file, classify, and JUDGE.
IT'S OK TO HAVE PREFERENCES; It's also OK to simply allow that which is contrasting to be appreciated for helping to show Preference with more CLARITY.

This Way Allows the parts and particles to re-assemble in more preferable form and function.
(11:2) SELF Awareness INtegration Phase brings quick acting impulses and sudden zigs and zags across any New Horizon. Opportunities to choose the High-Road come quickly and disappear quickly.
It's BEST that those Preferences are not at the EXPENSE of ANY Other's Pain and suffering.
There will be NO EXCUSES for abuse of ANY Nature to continue.
THIS Phase of THIS "year" in a Collective Game Wave is a junction point in the set-up of That Which Will BE Experienced "Next" for each Participant.
From an (11) Frequency Perspective,
HUMANITY is looking to Sing so HIGH that the Perceptual Glass "Ceiling" , shatters.
The (11:2) indicates that a Perception of POLARITY may seem IN-tense, at Times. BE Patient, but, re-Main Focus persistent as the Next folds Into Perfection.

(11) reminds by exaggerated examples that One Now at a Time is ABUNDANTLY more PRO-ductive regarding LIVING in Ease and Flow- BY CHOICE. 
(2) indicates PRO-jections of Experience consistently "tested" for Self-Authenticity during those FLUX-uations of Self-Creative Focus Mastery (11), and back to (2) Reflective Time Expressions with MORE substantial commitment to one "side" of the "fence" on just about everyThing.

This Collective cycle of Elucidating the UnKnown to Known,
In such continuances, the Mental Constructs of the Plays and Interregnums of "Life" as a LARGER, more Self-REsponse-able Presence Identity, intensify with PRIVATE-PERSPECTIVE specific impediments SURFACING for Choosing. 
These IDENTITY ILLUMINATIONS will continue to dis-Solve/RE-Solve, quickly to Be re-placed with That Which 
FEELS more preferable, ACTively, through 2029.
But, vacillating is a Norm in a Time-Frequency WAVE reality pattern. As it is also Norm to move about in "Time" , via NOW.

"Things" can "seem" to be vacillating between BEing all blown out of pro-portion, and then, back to Balance, A-gain, through this active 4-5 month Phase of Self-INported IDENTITY Data and Discovery.
There is one more Collective Expansion Step in this 
9-Year Collective Epicycle of (I AM) EXPANSION. (2017(1) thru 2025(9).
2019 will bring the (3)Freuqncy urgings for Jubilation for CHOOSING and Setting to A-lign-ments of Higher Frequency Experience by Private Participations, into 2020....
-BUT, this Time-
With a BROADER Perspective of SELF-Awareness and (2) Co-Creative RESponse-ability.
TIME to "fix" this Collective "flat-tire".
This annual Frequency wave (11:2) is about to open up a whole new playing "field" of INtentionality IN Practice. 
A distinct wave of (I AM.) practice, In rapid Flow.....
STICK TO THE POINT no matter what is being waggled in yOur face. 

I (I/9: Eternal Love In Knowing); NON-A-tachment to OUT-come." BE The LOVE."
Am = (A/1: I AM)-wareness of Self-Creative CHOICES;

AM = (M/4:PARTICIPATION In the IDEAS of Sensorial Time/Space, At Will) ;
The Collective conversation on "Social issues" of the Threat of an A.I. take over;of Economic take over; the Presence Of SELF-liberty take over ; and the whiney rants on "privacy" from withIn a Collective that is SCREAMING , "TRANSPARENCY, NOW!!"
Be careful what you wish for.
Transparency means TRANSPARENCY for All.  
Professional and Vocational Victims, and/or AnyOne who Blame throws is in for a very bumpy ride during this phase.
In an experience matrix of Material Manifestations there is a Point of realization that All IDEAS contain their own contrast for "structural" BALANCE.
AS a Creator BEing, It would be SOOOOOO boring if it weren't so, wouldn't it? 
For those that are interested in tinkering further with GADGETS and MECHANISMS on various levels of Manifestational Time and Space, try not to overlook the 
Spirit INfused Bio-Electric Body.
Long-Termed cycle of (11) indicates a VAST amount of structural A-lignments and INhancements, in an upgrade for Operational FOCUS Mastery of Self Presence aAS the Creative Focus of each Participants' Time experience.

The Inter-Dimensional movement, such as PLASMA Ships are operated by THOUGHT.
Let that sink In when considering yOur Private use of Innate, Internal, "technology" as Natural Gifts and Talents to Master- for the FUN of (IT), as a Creator BEing, in Time.

Spirit-INfused Bio-Electric Body means that (AI) already IS, and HAS BEEN.
Falsely Identified "author-ity" is attempting to continue to steer the conversation toward victimization, - And, THAT is Team Contrast DOing it's "thing" to hold a "tension" for "structure"....

And, anyway, Self-Aware Multi-Dimensionals have constant access to the Akashic Records where All feedback reality/Experiential DATA is All Ways recorded. 
There is not one single Spiritual Treaties that does not support that bit of "Technical-Mechanical" IN-formation. 

For information and INstruction on HOW to ACCESS those "records", See: NOW.

Those who are ready to EXplore other options of "reality" experience, in other dimensional platforms of thought, are taking BACK Eternal Presence and re-establishing Self-Creative potentiality as a DOMINANT Self-Value by various methodologies.  
The High Frequency Time window Allows the dissolution of "Darkness"/Self-Ignorance by striking it with Lightning with enough Frequency that the "scenery" in the dimness no longer can hold any Power of "Mystery".

ALL structures of F.E.A.R. contain their "opposite", as well.


There is not "OTHER", nor, "Death" in a Vibratory Feedback Reality.  Only Perception.  
Figure that one out, and you're FREE to move INto Focus across multiple realities, consciously.
As this Phase 2 winds down by mid-September, the current Collective Frequency opportunity waves will continue to bring active volcanoes of Data that stimulates a break in constricting beliefs and false values.
Expect more CLARITY of Private IDENTITY, more PARTICIPATORY Focus, and a widening scope of Balance invested in Private/Collective Co-Creative INTENTION supporting "HOW" ALL are INtrinsically INter-connected, and In Perfection, NOW.
HUMANITY: Infinitely Creative, NOW, As Ever.
By the end of April, Make SPACE to try on different Perspectives freely as the Initiatory Phase of 2018 begins to wind Up the POSSIBILITIES and blow them INTO View AND closer to Experience.
A noticeable diversions and attention MANIPULATIONS flow faster in a "graduated sequence" of rapidly occurring Private/Collective events that will reach a crescendo in the Collective between June and October for All to See, and CHOOSE from. 

Oh, don't you worry about a THING.
Everything is working out in Perfection for EveryOne, someHow.  
The Collective Intentional Frequency is RISING by the week, and the Tipping-Point is about to go SPLASH in Private ventures of SELF-Reflective Time Games.

The QUESTION IS: Do You still BE-lie-ve in Gravity, or, other THINGS of Time/Space?

I AM (That), I AM.

I AM AnOther yOurSelf, In Gratitude.  

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

BEYOND The Time Vibe: MID-MARCH (5) 2018 : ARE YOU Q-uerious- WHO Has The DATA?

As I/YOU/WE sit on the edges of our "seat of Perspective" ...
Oh, the INtrigue, the POSSIBILITIES, 
...AND, the FUN!!   

....   Nobody should expect any single source of Data to have all of the answers to this very OLD and complex situation of the UpLifting of INTENTIONAL Collective CoCreativity via a United, Focused, Human Consciousness.

Humanity's IDEA, AS a Multi-dimensional Creator, is playing a Time GAME of "Presence, Presence- Who's got their Presence?", ...
DO I/YOUWE  really still THINK that We are going to be able to sitback and NOT participate in the HAVING of Preferred IDEAS of Co-Creative Balance... ?     

NOPE. Nuh-UH. 

The LIGHTs are Shining, Every Where.
 STanding on yOur New Stage of Collective Play....
The catch-phrase Red-Pilled, appropriately reflects the Collective IDEA of a state of Awakening in a Reality Feedback System. 
(2) revreverberates the IDEA of collaboration, Co-Creativity, Emotional Power to Activate any THING from a United intention.  
(11:2) Indicates a Collective in HIGH FREQUENCY Transmission exchanges. 
A SHARING od DATA, both phycally and ELECTRICALLY. 
Electricitiy is BIG all through 2018- and JOLTS of Insights and Elucidations occur through (11:2) Frequency waves. 

The INTERNET is only a temporal IDEA of Mass, AND Vast Data Exchanges will quickly be adapted to Higher frequency range for MASS COMMUNICATIONS.
Learn to "tune-Up" yOur Internal Technology- yOur INNATE Skills and Talents AS multi-Dimensional aspects of Source; I AM.   
Collective PUSH is ON to SELF-REALIZE Telepathy and DISCERNMENT SKILLS more actively.  
Speak from Self-Creative Authenticity, for best "effect". ... 

I AM statements produce the quickest results.
I AM (X).
I AM (Y).
I AM (Z).  
 Definitions are going to be Cleared Up for All to See IN EACH OTHER's reflections of Self. Don't take it personally- TAKE SELF RESPONSE-ABILITY in the attraction of, without judgement, to weed out IDeas that are clearly bringing an unpleasant IDea.  
Love it All , Now.  Learn, and LOOK toward the Next opportunity to Practice Balance, with Gratitude

In (11) Emotionalized IDEA stems are stimulated Into Heart, are felt more clearly for authenticity...LISTEN for the Love to lead you if you are feeling spun-out of Emotional at any point of this cycle of Illucidating underpinnings of Collective Be-lief  Identities of each part and particle in the Time, of your own making.
Loosen up on the IDEAS that tighten up your gut.  
Change the subject, and then there is a space for you to See how quickly it comes back around to your attention as an IDEA... 
not a Truth.  

 Where do YOU give your experience and story over to be written by the Mirror-Players?  How long have you been DOing that? 
Has it EVER felt deeply Good to you, envoking Joy? 
What is deeply Preferencial to Me, so I re-write the Emotional storyline, NOW. 
In an (11) frequency window of High-Road opportunities, the tempation of taking advantage of, and consciously or unconsciously attempt to manipulate the situation AWAY from the Heart will backfire in very noticeable Ways.  
Throwing yOur  Spiritual "weight " around will not work, when the Heart of Source consistently seeks BALANCE BEtween Self I AM and the ALL in 11:2.   
Hiding Truth, and covering ass with more deception/manipulation will bring a blaring announcement soon after, in Perfection, for the "lesson" of the New levels of Expansion BeFore All, in Now.  

NONE of this Collective Game of Expansive Balance is about Owning anyThing except Self Presence, as Source/Prime
It's definitely NOT about MONEY,  TheBODY, or any OF the STUFF of Time and Space.  
That's just you playin' with yourSelf dis-tractions. 
That's NOT "where" HEART Sits. 

RE-MEMBER yOur INnocent State of ALLOWING in Preference. 

It's about the DIS-SOLVING SELF- (INhibitive/Painful/forceful) IDEAS of IDENTITY, and RE-Awakening to ALL That Which IS Eternal Presence BEing (2), in All Things, In Time and BEyond.
I AM. 
TUNE IN (11) to that Which You are REALLY Feeling.

RE-FLECTION is the "weapon" of CHOICE.
(2) also indicates the POWER of connectin and Communicating/Expresssing ....
"May I BE the Reflection of Love in Balance in ALL Ways, A-cross All Time, Dimension, Space, and Reality."

So, it's Time to take BACK Self-Creative Control (11) , or, else - by frequency expression FLUX range, 
BE CONTROLLED (Pressured and f.e.a.r.-full (2) CAN indicate: submission, sub-servience, subjugation to CONstrictive IDEAS OF IDENTITY BY Will-full CONSENT) .

(8) brings a window to Whole-HEARTEDLY make Dynamic DECISIONS to ADMINISTRATE and manage the Environmental Resources of Private Reality Journey, AT WILL...  
(8) is a HIGH-LEVEL Administration Frequency; includes Military Ideals; social and material Architecture.
In Collective Time, (8) expresses in PRIVATE administration of Value Exchange Preferences, Environmental Preferences, Private/CREATIVE/domestic Prefences, and WHO CONTROLS THEM.
WHY give that Authority to anyOne else? 
DO NOT CONSENT TO THINGS THAT YOU DO NOT WANT, but DO IT Intelligently. (8) demands a High Intelligence quotient to organize and INstitute.
(8) locks in the "building blocks " of a Mindset Reality.
Whether the New Reality is Preferreed or not Will depend on PRIVEATE PERSPECTIVE, not COLLECTIVE.

Self-EDUCATION on HOW to move foreward with more SELF-CREATIVE Control skills, and edging away from the lower-frequency distraction platforms that TEST yOur INnate Mulit-Dimensional skills , are FLOWING Into the Collective Games for use by those who SEEK EXPANSION....
but, (11:2), IN-Spiress and INvokes a TEMPERED/Balanced Emotional RESPONSE and Dynamically ACTive approach to All Mirror Participations, PRIVATELY REQUIRED by All. 
An EXpanding proportion of Participants that COMMIT TO Taking Self_Creative SELF-RESPONS-ABLILITY are Reflecting INto the Mirror.  
Vibratory consistencies will be Greatly exaggerated.  
The GOOD will get GOOD-er, and the PAIN will SEEM more painful for those UnWilling or UnAble to STAND in Presence, CONSCIOUSLY.
This Collective Game Phase is not asking anymore with (8)- it is imperative that Each Participant BE Authentically Present NOW, and CHOOSE Participation by HEART.
BE the Love.

The Collective Leader, Trump, is an Administrator in a Personal Year frequency 22:4. MASTER NUMBERS indicate "Master Class" objectives, activites, and PRACTICE.
If He DOESN'T follow the directives of HIGH Heart in his Influence, the MASTER NUMBER Potentiality will DO it FOR Him.  
HOW can that be with all of the clearing c-r-a-p flying through the "air" currently in the Collective? ....
Be-cause, 2018 (11:2) is the annual Collective Time Experience cycle of the INitiation of a Collective IN-tention .

"We have already "seen" (IT). 
(IT) is DONE, and the Flow is rolling out the details of dissolving that which no longer serves yOur HIGHEST Joyful fascination, and Reality Expansion in Peaceful Equity. 

2018 (11:2) is to clear out the shadows and broken bits of Perceptual Collective "Norm", and UPGRADE the WHOLE Time Game (8) with Dynamic MASS wave effecting Collective Experience INtentions . 
Collective Leader, Trump, has SKILLS that the average amurican bear doesn't even consider using toward this COLLECTIVE INtention AS A REFLECTIVE Participant... He's ACTing his version of the CEO of a Corp, and DOing- As the CEO of which he is in position to DO.  
He IS in a position (22:4) to DO That Which is most HARMONIOUSLY Aligned with PRIVATE to Public Collective Preferences.  
Private Participant in the Collective reality is to STAND IN (I AM) Honor and Equity, for All.
We have People in "place" for those bits of the Time menutia re-arrangements- that YOU don't want to participate in anyway for one rationale or another, as SOURCE Prepares the Path A-Head in Ease and Flow, -

Private Balance CAN, and, DOES, "HAPPEN" with more regularity. Many more Others are joining in the FUN of CHANGE each "day".  
Focus on the Vision of ALL in I AM Balance and Presence for some "Time". 
USE WORDS to CHARGE Up yOur Pink Light of Love--- or, Mantra, or, Pink Slime- have it your way... but, DO IT.
(11) brings All an oppotunity, in Our PRIVATE Presence Practices, to INVision, IMAGINE, to SEE the roll out of That Which IS Peaceably Preffered by All.  
2020:4 brings much more hands on, CO-Creative Reality Play for "putting Things To Right" in Form and FUNCTION.
RE-Member to sustain MUCH Gratitude for ALL Participants, and EVENTS leading up to this EXciting EXpanandng Time reality EXperience, as the last bits of scummy IDEAS are cleaned out of Collective reality agreements.

So, here's the "Plan":

*ONLY DO That which is INspired by Heart.
As a Translator yOur Own Journey, SEEK and (re-)discover some cool tools for working WITH Heart in the Time Plaftorm reality more Peaceably with SELF to BE able to Create, Playfully, on yOUR Own TERMS.


This year of (11:2) PRESENCE RE-COGNITION STIMULATION and All of the Potentiality and CHOICES, will FLASH Visions in the blasts of INtermitent ILLUMINATIONS, which will then provoke and promote Solutions and RE-Solutions of Harmonized Collective Reality Participation/A-greements/"Contracts".  
Suitable closures for those loose "ends" with satisfaction by the end of 2019., "WHEN",  the book of the the [DEAD and DONE] will be RE-Viewed for Value, and then- close out SELF-DEFEATING Participation IDEAS and Support "Structures"; .....for That Which has gone Be-fore and is no longer WANTED is cluttering up the WALK-Way with fallen debris of dead and constricted IDEAS which We NOW View from FAR A-Bove, EXPERIENTIALLY, in All Ways.
LEARN to Be Graceful NOW. Grace and COMPASSION Practiced NOW, will not seem so arduous when the Winds of Clearing increase during this Vibrationally LOUD year.
Once Collective Vision begins to Clear, IN-Accurate History is FORGIVEN and APPRECIATED for the Expansion it provoked in the Collective Humanity. 
WHAT are You trying to "WIN", if this is whole "thing"  is an INSide "job"? 
There is no "spoon"... SO, NONE of any of this CLEARING (of denser frequency (3-4D) reality BE-LIEFS, and the attachement parts and parrticles, rules and agendas that hold that EXperience construct) is about hunting down anyOne to watch them suffer for the pain they REflected/INflicted, because SELF is Creator BEing REalized and accounted for.
Space will BE Allowed to simply shift Perspective and Emotional position, Peacefully- ... Equitably,...
with-out having to "WIN", or, lose.  

As I/YOU/WE stare into the Collective Mirror reality and CHOOSE the "daily" cycles of engagements which we experience Into the Time platform as linear "events". 
Time to get over the IDEA of Victimization.  
IF you truly are living in victimization, at SOME point in Self Creativity, there was a Self Allowed plan for experiencing such. 
All have tried that experiment, and many still fall into it when feeling pressured to take a Fully Authentic Standing as Presence. 

Your Personal Practice lessons are listed as a Syllabus in your Personal Time trejectory Map, which is in con-junction to the Global frequency objectives.  Therein the frequencies that compile the cycles, lie the "flavor" of the "day", month, annual, and Epi-cycles... 
The DAILY cycle- is a  short-term Focus "classroom" of Emotional control skills, and Preferential? Perspectives in Focus.  
Each Participant gets to CHOOSE, moment to moment, how they FEEL about a particular issue in View during that cycle. 
This IDEA of outgrown reality Platforms DIS-engaging, in Equity, is rooting in the Collective playground of Earth Time. 
There are other dimensional platforms engaging, as frequency Perspectives shift.   
The magnetic Mirrored reality is flourishing with OPinions and Perceptions. 
Simply, CHOOSE which ones feel BEST to Heart, in place of the the Now dissolving fear/inhibition/retraction/regressive IDENTITY IDeas which cause dis-ease across the board for YOU.  And, SPEAK YOUR PREFERENCES More than you speak otherwise, 
(11) will LIFT that Up FOR YOU.  

The Q/ANON Phenomenon and such stories of intrique, and the hide and Self-seek it reflects is projecting a language of a Cosmic Super-Hero in a Comic Book Series,....
HOW MANY "programs" are y(ou) running regarding the "Threat" of Contrasting Reality Preferences closing in on your options? 

Ideas of gross Separation seem to still Be enter-taining enough to envoke a vibratory fervor that is flailing in the Collective Wind, current-ly.
VALUE and IDENTITY is in question... still.

WHO IS the Value?    I AM. 
WHO IS the Value-er?  I AM.  
WHO IS the Perciever?  I AM. 
WHO IS the RE-Ciever?  I AM.  

(11) Brings an Upgraded Electrical Flow.  
Essentially- everyOne becomes a walking anntennae, and the FEEDBACK reality is HIGHLY CHARGED to 
ILLUMINATE everything in the "room", and, ILLUCIDATE the details of the Flow of INtentions that brought them All togather in RE-View.  
Heightened INtuitive skills are sharpened and utilized for the Clearing of Truth of Heart by All who engage (in Time), and Now- with (11) - BEYOND the material reality view of Matter.  
ALL BEcome Transparent, and ALL BEcome Self Responsible in the Transparancy.  

INternal "I-TECH" Connectivity is more secure and useful to preferential outcomes.  USE IT like a BOSS.  
As THE Creator, BEing That I AM. 

Hiding Truth or altering Truth to save One's own ass from shame or "retribution" is futile, and will COMPOUND the challenges inherent within the percieved issue's Self-REsponses.

TELEPATHY, REMOTE VIEWING, INTUITIVE Carity, EXTRA-SENSORY Perceptions of any kind ARE the Natural Talents of High Vibratory FOCUSED Creators, BEing. 
Mediation sessions are like reading the Operations Manual. 
To get the most out of yOur "devices" capabilities- read the manual- ...Yes??
RE-Member the preferential premise of your INtentions, with no attachment to outcome - or controlling the details of HOW things will sort themselves out, at all.  LET IT GO. 

Reflections of the Collective (8) frequencyof the Collective 2018, is an ellucidation of  Militant-ism and force-full "authority" IDEAS and the personnel, parts and particles, of the 
"material" Time focused reality  that uphold that Image.
Collectively, All that is resisting a Natural Self-Expansion through Self-Creatorship is missing out on the satisfaction of this Perception Shift. 
 (8) out of Balance gives itSelf permission to elliminate anyThing that may differ from the "current" awareness focus objective, by turning FOCUS away, .... NOT by conking your neighbor/reflection on the head with words, fists, bombs, or malicious obstrifusion of ANY sort.  
BAD FORM!  NOT Allowed, and is EXPOSED in immediate terms through this (11) push of Illuminations. 
THIS is a PEACE-Full Co-Creative RE-Alignment of Focus. 
Attempts at attacking the Mirror, are more and more impotent. 
(2) Yin of Nurturance and Balance has stepped IN for All to partake of.  

The "Military Psy-Op" games we play on this Collective Top-pic is the seen in the collective fascination with the Nature of "war-fare" , in Presence, and in dialog exchanges via the Electronic/Etheric pathways of DATA Flow.  
It seems to also becoming prevalent in alternative media language-  all "james Bond-y" from a Voyeuristic Simulation, and All Perceptions of Good Guy/Bad Guy positioning, present in ALL forms of Communication in the Social/Mirror/Time engagement platforms are at a point of rectification.  
We HAVE to realize that IDEAS of competition still run deep in our Selves, as participants.  The SOONER We FOCUS on dissolving that bit of False-IDENTITY, in the form of LACK, the sooner we move on from low frequency reflections of such.   

Isn't that VIABLE to RE-Member, from a Standing of Peace in Equity, -that, I AM the Value and the Ultimate Tech - therefore, don't I CONTROL THE STORY-LINE,  Calmly, in KNOWing, and in Surety?  

Experiencing synchronisities that ignite, DO count, but the Emotional set-point of the "ride" is CHOSEN.  
Isn't is TRUE that Peaceful InSpriation leads me closer- and FASTER to That which i PREFER, consciously?   
Don't we Know that,

ENERGETICALLY- Our WORD/spoken intent is our BOND- a contract or decaration of commitment?  

If We won't even LISTEN to OurSelves, then WHY would we expect anyone else to hear us?  

TUNE IN TO INTERNAL CHATTER.  What the heck are you blabbering about that is STILL in the contrictive reality frquency ADDICTIONS .... it's the SUBTLE addictions, the innane repetitions of non-sense-ical IDEAS that manfest the stoopid stuff in PRIVATE Time experiences.  
THIS YEAR, We BREAK those addictions to SELF-DENIAL in All it's FORMS , and FUNCTIONS.  
Tweak it as you ALLOW Flow.... 

WATCH ALL WORDS in use by SELF, and in the COLLECTIVE "Public" Domain.  

TEAM CONTRAST (cyclically) SPEWS A PULSE OF DISTRACTION to toughen up SELF-RESPONSE-ABILITY.  Swimming against Flow, and through The Sea of BABBLE is exhausting.  But,...
DESPITE the FLOOD of talking Heads, PRIVATE/Collective HEART is firing UP all around the collective Reflection. -
with the Flow of ILLUMINATING Truths, half truths, and out-right deceptions exposed regarding IDENTITY, Authority and Universal Creative Laws.

Many are Witness to PRIVATE events of the unfoldment of Truth and Knowing that Humanity IS Taking it UP a notch or two, in COLLECTIVE Focus and Reflective Participation Practice skills.
DISCERNMENT is the warm up hum of a whole New set of Innate Skills coming "online".  
 We SEE that mass mind control "programming" is a gross reflection of our own IDENTITY spectrum MIS-A-PROPRATED...  

Observing the Mirror Collective, it is as if we are watching Neo in orientation phase with Morpheous--- the result is shocking to the "system".  But, it Now doesn't have to come by INternal conflict, and CANNOT be satisfied with any acts of force OR revenge.
With MASTER NUMBER Frequency Waves, COSMIC Justice is All Ways in Perfection.   This is NOT about hunting anybody down, but it IS about Participating in PREFEREABLE RESOLUTIONS introducing New Time fascinations of Expansion.  INternal Visionaries fascinated by Re-newal technologies, not CONTROL technologies, etc.  Are We READY to release the "fight" or "flight" mentality , and move INto Self-Control?  Self-Guided "reading " of the UpGrade manuals that are the Ruby Slippers?   

In this widening community urge to Translate, We go off on tangents to stir the pot of our OWN Presence Expansion, AS Prime/Source. ....
How do we APPLY Natural, or Spiritual Law- NOT Religious, or, Maritime Law to GAIN a better IDENTITY Perspective to Stand in Authenticity/Honor?    If we are going to get to the "bottom-line ILLUMINATION " of all of the confusion and dis-ease of victimization "he said- she said" convolution of Self-Denial IDEAS , there must BE a Balance of Perspective to stabilize the rapid zig-zagging across a map in which We already KNOW the "out-come":  Peace In Equity for ALL.... Because THAT'S the Way that (I) want it.  
Energetic footstomp HEARD,.... 
Signs of the Preferable Alignments in EXpressions of the Collective (8) Frequency opportunity Wave can also present as the exhageration of FORCE, or Dynamic ACTION in regressive perspective... Military INtentional language is becoming more easily COMPREHENDED in Self-Responsibility- vs,  "under-stood", as it is in "Legal-ese".   

Taking Self REsponsibility for PRIVATE contribution in the Collective Narrative and into the feedback environment of Time, i wOneder, along WITH you .... ?HOW is it that I got my Self into this STORY-line of struggle, when We Know, by Universal Law- WHO is Creating and reinforcing this NON-Preferential IDEA (be-lie-f) that Divine Self-Creative Authority of BEing can be given over TO anOther for Custodial-"ship", on an Eternal basis.  That's just BOGUS BOGUS BOGUS, and i call bs on the whole keep 'em in suspense- AND off-Point" game.  Yes, we Know this - we KNOW this, ...   so, WT eF!, We ALL  might really BE wondering, Now that the Red-Pill is an accepted New Time Perception shift --- 

WHY, then  ????No consistent EXTERNAL satisfaction of public proof for much of the "crypticisms", tho, SURELY, WE DO want to See them Clarified, for Self.... with a Infinite other InSights in the Flow for choosing NOW.  
-/// SO, WHO are we depending on to DO THE RIGHT THING?   Yes..we SEE that well enough Now.   

WHY? NO cease and desist orders of the larger movements of "control" technologies? (air, water, food, Community "safety") in the form of estoppages of Chemtrails, Fracking, GMO'S, etc ?--(altho, Vaccines and Corruption have been recently slapped onto the Game table-we will SEE what that means as "things" roll out into that whiich we are ALLOWED to See....), 

There is a consistent CONTINUATION of the ALLOWING the Known corruption to continue from the small town UP.    We HEAR and See that which we FOCUS ON.   We also summize their intentional messages: "Witholding 60%...this is so that we can let them hang themselves a lttle more- and protect others"...if they are saying this to Us, they are saying this outloud to All -  but this Time - with a new spin on controlling the flow of the Attention of the Masses in the form of "cyrptic info"  LANGUAGE Games, which -again- is subjective-- YOU get to decide what it all means and it looks like THEY are betting you'll wait for someone else to TELL You what IS, without using DICTIONARIES for clarification, once again... 

??is this deliberate, and increased Agitation and STIMULATION of the Collective Sense of Ritghousness ??? 
OF COURSE--- ALL of Reality is a Psy-Op, Neo...    
  ....It's a full-ON DATA sorting freak fest, with NO way to vet anything, or anyOne- completely, UNLESS WE (learn to) use our INternal Technology We might feel like we want someone ELSE to tell Us what is going on...

Yeah... because the ethers are THICK with disinfo and In High Emotional charge... 

60% hidden?  Uh, oh.    You mean there is MORE?!  
There is ALL WAYS MORE to Know for everyOne in the Game. 
We get the space to grow when it's TIME to do it CONSCIOUSLY. 

...and yet,those who are attempting to "figure it out" are part of Team Light with HEARTS that are searching for that which is RELIEF from lack and helplessness IDEOLOGIES, which is the ground floor of the control systems.   FLIP THAT SWITCH from withIN.  WE bought into this stream of crap before Us, willingly- by tacit consent,... 
What have we supported by ignoring the LANGUAGE used, as Law/contract?  How many things have you "signed" to implement a consent to usage and Power of Guardianship by Corporate Personage Registry, and "Rights" to YOUR INFINITE VALUE?     ARE WE OF THE AGE OF MAJORITY,  OR, NOT?    So, maybe, NOW We need to FOCUS, folks- this is a COLLECTIVE Emancipation, NOT just of the USofA Corporate CITIZENery, with all of our chips betting on ONE Public Player (& team), or a "rescue" from "above"'s a COLLABORATIVE Game.     ...All is interconnected, as Ever, and ALL INterpretations of the Collective narrative are subjective.  YOU are the Ones you have been waiting for.  If you are a US OF A REGISTERED, CORPORATE "citizen", you Now HAVE to ask: WHY, EXACTLY, do I need  (permission) from the "Custodians"?  HOW DO i step INto my Point of Power as an aspect of REcovery and REsolution in the Collective Reality Game in Peace and Equity in my Own reality games??? .  ?? HOW do i take back my Own Creative Self-REsponse-ability?  HOW do I regain my "footing", and  Stand in Peace in Equity, as Presence?  True and Present Power is found from the Private Standing and Perspective, - STANDING UP in Peace and Honor, IN EQUITY.  Maybe WE NEED to FOCUS, and not get lost in the blowing of the breezes in this "storm"....I/YOU/We are the Ones WE have been waiting for, and ALL of this nonsense of Self-Denial has gone on for long enough already.  If you are reading this, and watching narratives outwardly, with Heart a-flutter- If You already Know this, and Stand Peac and Equity, Honorably,....  Thank You for Your Focus and Participation in the Unified, Collective Expansion, where I AM Now is the ONLY Way to FLY.    ! Namaste'