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TIME VIBE 2015 - MARCH - (11:2) POWERFUL Window of ILLUMINATIONS/ REPost from 2/22/15


11:2 Global Month


The opportunity frequencies of MARCH 2015 are setting up a HUGE perception shift for the participants of the Collective Time classroom.  As some readers may already know, the (11) frequency window brings an opening of Inspiration, Insight, and ILLUMINATION for the EXPANSION of the perceiver and participant in this process of SELF AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE,  ...and Doing all of this expansive Self practice work in the Mirror of Self Reflection: Time.  

Beginning the last week of February, A flood of DATA and options for SELF direction will begin to increase in flow amongst those global reality participants who are inclined toward VISUAL cues and Insights that will change PERCEPTIONS of the Time participants toward new and life-altering ways, one profound synchronicity at a Time.  

This month's powerful insights, illuminations, cues, and messages roll in with these powerful NOW opportunities, which is under the Annual opportunity wave of DYNAMIC and DECISIVE (8), there WILL be more Mirror reality reflections of rapid CHANGE.  
This includes a change of [thought, belief]- MIND, and a collectively declared rapid change of direction of intentional activity, by 2015's (5) urgings for Self Expansive upliftment.  
2015: See basic (5) descriptor.  Also, see: (8) global year overview.  
(See all basic number descriptors HERE)

In this (11) Global month opportunity cycle, Inner connection and SELF awakening (11= 1 in a quantum expansion process of SELF Awareness and Acceptance), will begin to flow more swiftly and easily for an increasing number of individual reflections in the Collective Time reality, in which the SELF Identity of Beings are changing.   Participants are shifting their own focus, inspired efforts, and personal contributions toward a more unified Intention of the (2) frequency Millennial objective, which aims to gather, communicate, to co-operate, CO-CREATE, to partner, to stabilize and balance, and to get along more HARMONIOUSLY, in general, with our fellow Time reality playmates and our Collective Time platform resources/environment.  
LOOK for it. 
PERSONAL MEDITATION sessions will help clear up any fuzzy lines of Communications and confusion.  

As we see the Illusory reality shifting and dissolving the false constrictions of our I AM potentials and power, "Team Contrast's" work of testing is almost done.   The awareness of the power of personal FOCUS SKILLS in Time are becoming more pronounced and more skillfully refined.  

This Month's very powerful and communicative (11) frequency blasts will bring a flow of DATA to the individual participants' INNER connection and Knowing.  
In these inner communications, the INNATE Internal Guidance systems will be louder and more trusted in terms of mediating upgraded Inner communications and ACTION impulses. 
This month, personal participation will be observed with more CLARITY, and with much more Self Respons-ability.    

[*To get the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

This month's rapid paced Illuminations in Collective activities and events are provoking the wakefulness of those on the verge of another wave of expansion withIN of the Eternal Multi-dimensional Beings playing together, [in Time].  
The GAME of SELF CONTROLLED FOCUS is directed by INTERNAL signals and "conversations" with THAT WHICH IS NOT OF TIME.   This (11) frequency window includes perceptual "downloads" to the Source withIN

Public broadcasts, announcements, and general communications in the Global front will provide clear and obvious evidences of personal opportunities to CHOOSE NEW participation and CONSENT decisions.   In this cycle,  participants FEEL the Inspiration to change their FOCUS toward RE-ALIGNING their personal perceptions with their Higher Truth regarding "authority", and ideas of a SELF governed Creative reality
The Collective begins to practice NOT choosing to participate WILLFULLY in the illusory constrictive reality by default, and stepping in and out of their Time journey with more meaning and authenticity.  
Here's a hint of validation:
and here:

This month's (11) frequency wave is bringing an energy push to the swelling (8) Global annual objective to CHANGE and ADMINISTRATE our OWN Time experience by taking charge of what we are focusing on and how we practice our new skills- like telepathy, pre-monitions, remote viewing, and mastering Time reality manipulations in the morphogenic field.
Stay in touch for the DAILY PULSE (3-day) Opportunity cycles translations to validate and uplift personal processes in this direction-
......but, as this monthly overview opens up a general perspective and broad view of the (11) expansion opportunity objectives, the break-down of the 3-phases of the frequency cycles indicates:

* the first 9-day cycle in Marchbrings awareness of the Inner communications to the forefront.  The second 9-day cycle will move activities in the direction of actively defining practice partnerships with Higher minded intentions and more deliberate focus on skills-building- such as [discernment] .  And, the closing 9-day cycle of March's reality expanding (11) opportunity window will bring a larger more INCLUSIVE collective perspective into practice, ushered in with fast paced personal experiences of what really IS available to those who are taking their own [I AM CREATOR] skills-practice to Heart in a more free-flowing practice.  
(See basic number descriptors HERE)
This active "practice" cycle will continue to increase through September.   The Time has come to remember to stick to the point:  The "practice" is a game of "Can we turn this ship into the direction of Love?"  It's JUST a game between YOU and your otherSelves.  
Can you hold the Image of All in Perfection NOW?

Pick a pet-project,-  or, ANY collective "issue", and SPEAK ONLY OF SEEING HARMONY AND BALANCE for ALL.  
As you practice this KNOWING of the Perfection of All, NOW, with your own personal practice-mates- BE in expectation of the unfolding of re-solutions and realignment of Balance of these situations without feeling forced or pressured to come up with all of the details on just how that can happen- UNLESS you are inspired to do so.  
With (11), it's easy to feel, hear, and see your Highest Inspiration and path.   Learn to RELAX during this high frequency cycle- 
Let the answers, guidance, and resolutions float into your own experiences without grasping.    
Then, ...Share the glad tidings , and personally evidenced experiences of a renewed SELF connection within your own Eternal Essence and Journey, OUT LOUD- without worrying about who is listening.   You will best lead by High-focused example and speaking Truth with full support and attention of the reality in which you are practicing your new-found Creator Being skills.  

With (11) frequency at our Service this month, this kind of shared UPLIFTING communication will reverberate with great and powerful influence in the direction that the Collective participants are Now wanting to go.  So, use words with careful deliberation and INTENTION- as this month's high frequency is fertile ground for bringing forth their reflection with lightning speed and force.  

 !.... no matter what you think is going on "out there", 
the point of Creative power is your own NOW Presence focus--- 
YOU are directing your experiences reflected in the Collective activities [in Time].  

Don't believe Me?  

Good!  .FOCUS, and DO THE EXPERIMENT for your Self.  That is what this very powerful (11) month is ALL about!  
recommend reviewing February's monthly overview, as well as the Global year overview for putting the developing "pictures" into a more organized survey of the intentions and opportunities at hand.  
The DAILY PULSE Translations for the rest of February - HERE

[*To get the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

Any questions about WHO is in charge here, in your own Time experience, really?  

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The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/26, 27,28 /2015

2/26/2015= 16=7

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year
(See basic number descriptors HERE)

February closes along with a few Self illusions of limitation.   This last 3-day cycle in this (1) Global Month of SELF Awareness and Self participation brought personal issues and the awareness of personal contribution to the collective game of Life Now.  

(7)  brings a window to analyze, intuit, and actively decide on a New Self directed position regarding responses to what is projected or "seen" in the Time reality as "real", and this is the window that begins this 3-day cycle.   
The choice to LOVE and RELEASE (9) is the final step, but on 
2/26/2015= 16the frequencies allow for consideration and mediation of Inner and "outer" activities toward more Harmonious activities to find more exposure; analysis, and small but necessary INTERNAL re-alignment; 2/27/2015=17=8, is for making decisions on who and what is to be actively released on 2/28/2015=18=9.  
These can appear to be small steps in the "grand scheme of things" [in Time], and some may even still be saying this is All a crock of [New-agey] shite- but these personal steps and releases to attain them are NOT small victories. The shifts that are taking place withIN the individual aspects of Source expanding is a nuclear reaction in the quantum field of the Life in the physical world and Beyond.  

[*To get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

Things ARE slowly shifting toward the re-alignment of Intention for Harmonious Connections and partnerships for the purpose of INCLUSION, and LOVE.  


As March's very powerful (11) window of opportunity to see through the Illusion commences in full frequency on 3/1/2015, the reverberations of each thought, Intention, and action will be weighed in a most noticeable way by All in the Time classroom experience.  

Those Beings that are focused on particular aspects and issues of the Earth REALITY partnerships will make decisions and contribute in ways that can - and DO- morph the field of perception in remarkable ways regarding the Collective Intention to learn to get along with Others by free-willed choice.  But, these bite-sized experiences of the individuals affecting [the Whole of personal reality experience, in Time] will be more generally compared in April's (3) frequency of experiential Expression urges.  so, new situations and resolutions will be discussed and planned upon from April through May (4) with surprising results.

IN THE MEANTIME, be prepared to have your reality blown wide open from WITHIN, Now, and as March unfolds.  Huge steps in expanded perception made regarding WHO You ARE and what you are actually capable of as a Multi-Dimensional Creator contributing and enhancing your own skills, as such.  

Here's a bit of validation of validation that the Time for this focus Re-alignment is at hand:

and another source   (Just In Case You didn't think anything expansive was happening FB community):

Take Time and the Collective reality into your OWN hands.  There IS no OUT THERE- that is simply a Mirror of what you hold as Truth.  And there are some very UGLY Truths floating around out there with plenty of participants who are in Grace as they volunteer to present the exaggerations of what is NOT Love, so that All can see the contrasts that provoke the CHANGES as this wave of re-alignment is building quickly in the annual (8) Global Year  .

IT IS DONE.  Now, THINK and FEEL as such.  

As March's (11) frequency is already being felt, any horrific issues of UN-Loving activities in the Collective Mirror will be accentuated for the benefit of our companions that are still waking up to their own Power and Source.  
The "bullies", the beliefs of Self denial, the heinous activities of any Entity against ANY other who has urges to be FREE, will be MUCH more easily seen.  So, for some, the "scenery" can become very ugly and challenging to their own Self Creative abilities.  Underneath the agitation of "victimization and manipulation", the need for expansion requires [that which no longer serves, or is not in Love] to be exposed.  
Those that are in place to assist in this amplification - the victims, the perpetrators, all- are there by Grace to reinforce that the TIME is NOW to be clear about where your own Heart lies.  This is a window to realize and allow whatever you are Inspired to do to participate to flow forth freely.  And so will the resources and Harmonious personnel to do so. 

With (11) - INTENTIONAL THOUGHTS AND SPEECH are the Power tools....physical responses are to be COLLABORATIVE, not retaliatory.  
The Collective waves of COLLABORATION in the direction of HARMONIOUS RESOLUTION will build up in March.  Work with the INNER information that you will be receiving on these issues through this building (11) frequency cycle.  
Doing ANYTHING Self serving- such as, any assaults into the Mirror,  when (11) frequency window is open, results in a back-draft and amplification of that intention.  
So, take these last days in February to recognize and release any anger, resentment, regret, fear, shame, or any other form of SELF denial.  Accept and release these as necessary to have experienced and as a part of your glorious expansion into the Next.  
All of the reverberating (2'a) in the picture currently can bring a bit of impatience with the Self expansive processes and with Other Selves.  The small bites of one NOW at a Time is always the most effective and stabilizing path- and yields more REWARD than you can imagine.  Trust the pain, without judgement- then, trust the Knowing that it's Time to release it.
"I AM You, and YOU are Me, and WE are All to-gather..." , to quote the Walrus.  

Try to decide WHO You are in all of this. 
BE NOW in Love, doing what ever you are Inspired to do, 

[*To get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

Any questions about WHO is in charge here, in your own Time experience, really?  

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The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/23/2015- 2/25/2015

2/23/2015= 13=4
2/24/2015= 14=5
2/25/2015= 15=6

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year

(See all basic number descriptors HERE)

We are being graced with repeating frequencies upon our Time reality experience in the symbols of 1,2,3,4,5,...with heavy emphasis on the (2) for the rest of this month- and! extending with more expansive understanding through March.
March- 11:2 Global Month

If you have not reviewed the annual (8) Global year objective yet- click the link above so that you can get some footing on the process that is underway for the dynamic and decisive activities of the Collective Time reality experience to which YOU are contributing within your own NOW daily focus.
And then review the Global (1) month, as well, because this month is not quite over yet- and the opportunities that i Translate in the DAILY PULSE are still under the gifts and opportunities of the current monthly objective of SELF AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE.   We are already moving into the building (11) frequency of next months growth opportunity window- BUT remain focused on SELF as the mixings and mingling of the (2) frequency brings opportunities to practice Multi-Dimensional focus skills with Other Selves which are quickly being reinforced through  your own personal interactions through March.  
[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

This current 3-day productive cycle, brings activities with Others to communicate and shuffle some of the foundational aspects of projects and ideas,  2/23/201513=4.  Holding a perspective of optimism and appreciation for what the individuals bring to the table is...well, optimal.  The (4's) bouncing around here for a couple of days, will bring the idea of process/protocol and the "the rules" to the forefront.  2/24/201514=5, brings something NEW and expansive to the mix-  expect a surprise or an unexpected perspective to be introduced.  Keep in mind that COMMUNICATION of Self imagery, personal Visions are aligning with the idea of the Collective objectives to Harmonize and move projects, 2/25/201515=6, will have more focus on BALANCE and Fairness for All while each individual aspect- or, participant- holds their accountability while the essence of unexpected ingredients are added to the over-all picture.  

Now,...SOME people might be looking for Team Contrast to pull a fast one - or two.... and they will surely see at least a couple of the items or issues on the Collective Global front that they either never knew before, or, knew about but are finding more clarity on how they, themSelves, are feeling about [it].  The perception of linear Time gives the opportunity to fine tune re-activity and response-ability of the Self perpetuated adventure.  

These new awarenesses that come with (5) will agitate the need to expand and in order to do that there is also a required RELEASE of some beliefs, emotions/fears, constrictive behaviors, etc., in the next 3-day cycle.  This cycle brings awareness, new ideas and openings for Doing things differently- and with a new mind-set as the (11) of March's opportunities break open a New Knowing and more experiential internal connection with Higher minded Self direction with an assist from [that which is non-physical] MUCH MORE OBVIOUSLY.  


FOCUS!!!  Use the 3's and 5's in this window to bump up your Joy and Gratitude factor for All that has come before, which has led you to the Now.   Welcome the shake-ups and bumps that stimulate the desire to explore new ideas and pathways.  ASK for your expansion Inspiration to come in delightful and FUN ways and adventures as the Collective participants make more decisions on side-stepping the near obsolete idea of someone- or something - OUTSIDE of you in control.  
here's some inspiration:

Use YOUR (Now) in Time experience more effectively, and with more confidence as the new ideas and promptings float in right into your personal awareness.  If you can put them to work right away- great!  If they need to be gestated and nurtured a bit more, relax and appreciate the ride and practice with the OTHERSelves which you have attracted into your experience and observe how the pathway is winding it's way out of the darkness of SELF DENIAL.

Again- the objective for the decade is SELF AWARENESS.  ALL is choice.  Can you REALLY accept your Self as a Perfect Aspect of Source ?  If not- this is going to be a VERY bumpy ride.  
If so-  WELCOME to the New Time reality!  BE wondrous and in Knowing that you ARE an Eternal Essence Multi-Dimensional Creator re-discovering the innate gifts and talents of such a MAGNIFICENT Being, in the temporary classroom of Time. 

Abraham on Time:

[* To get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

Any questions about WHO is in charge here, in your own Time experience, really?

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The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/18- -19- 20 / 2015

2/ 18 /2015 =19= 10 = 1

2/ 19 / 2015 = 20 = 2

2/ 20 / 2015 = 21 = 3

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year

[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

This next 3-day cycle brings a window to make a change withIN and then to share it in practice in your own reality.  As you make the personal decisions that you are needing to make, the Next step will show itself to you with an ease and in cooperation with Others in your classroom playTime.  
The 2 frequency opportunity that is bouncing around for this month and March, sets up the "mood" to cooperate with SELF first, and then to share Visions and activities toward more Self balanced participation in the Collective partnerships that you are using to get "where" you are wanting to go Next.  As a Collective participant, there is a warming to the Idea that the Nuclear reaction of manifestation in your own perception of "reality" begins within You.  

(See basic number descriptors HERE)

Taking personal responsibility with everything that you are CONSENTING to participate in for the rest of this monthly cycle and -definitely through the March (11:2) cycle will boost everything in your experience up a notch, OR, blast you with those hard angled contrasts to show you in very obvious ways.  IF you are willing to pay attention and DO the focus work to make your own brand of magic it will flow with more effortlessness and Inspiration.  

During the 2/18-19 daily cycles, actively letting GO of some of the bits and pieces of false SELF perceptions and  subconscious submissiveness that has been (uncomfortably ) in place will be presented in your personal opportunities.  
Move your personal reality into a different perspective, moving Others into different "positions" of participation- or perhaps deciding to not participate by releasing them -is part of this realization of Self empowerment and Self RE-creativity.   
Holding your own Self Dignity will assist with the processing of information and awarenesses of that which is no longer wanted, and bring a sense of solidly justified confidence to just DO [it].  
By May there will be more "just DO'in It" activity observed in the collective playground as Peace-full side-stepping of obstructions and old "containment" mechanisms are negotiated into  less impactive positioning.  Observe that - Bit by bit, the Illusory reality [in Time] is utilized by YOU, as a "Collective" Time participant, with more effective decisions to move toward your own Conscious and committed Self Awakening

As I/You/we get closer to the annual "productive" phase in this (8) Global cycle of opportunities- (May/June/July/August), there will be more "outer" evidence of the activities and events of this Collective decision to move on from the lower and more constrictive Time frequencies of our Self Awakening processes.  Activities and the movement of resources, people, and other parts of the "organized" collective reality will be done on every level of participation.   
Free Will is becoming more and more recognized and put into the equation of CONSCIOUS participation in ALL THINGS in the collective Self practice platform of the Time "reality".  
So, if you notice your personal releases on a conscious level, you will also find that those very decisions on certain levels of participation which had previously been untouchable by your own lack of Self awareness, are Now pretty simple and matter of fact  IF! you are choosing by the dictates of your Heart.  Compassion for Self awareness becomes more acceptable.  
Basically, these are [fear] based Self denial releases that translate into your personal be-haviors and social participations "by default" that are being re-cognised and released.  
The events of the Collective processes of re-calibration of the Collective Intention will appear with more Uplifting evidences for those who are committing to their Now Presence practice with more commitment.  

2/20/2015 brings a thick layer of 2 frequency opportunities that continue to bring partnerships, communications and Personal Expressions with commitment to finish up our (1) Global month of (February :2) in (2015:8)- to actively PRACTICE this new SELF positioning with OtherSelves with less reservation.  
An influx of further SELF Clarity will be offered in March's (11:2) to All who are on board with the New Time platform of SELF Awareness and acceptance.   With plenty of (2) frequency bouncing around practice partners will be plentiful.  As will amplified communications, and the gathering to you Others who are harmonious with your Intentions.  It IS becoming easier to detect the bulsh from the Heart Truth.  
DISCERNMENT is fast becoming a naturally occurring and TRUSTED Self Actualizing tool, especially now that the intentional containment of Human focus by the Illusions of "Team Contrast" are becoming known with the tearing away of the "Great and Powerful" Wizard's curtain of non-sense and deception.  
You have a direct lint to your own Heart and Higher Self that SPEAKS to You ALL-WAYS. 
USE IT, will ya?!!! 
There is no witch to kill, or justice to be had by revenge.  
And, there definitely is not "Time" to wait for.  
YOU are the power, NOW
And this moment is a window of growth. 
Choose, NOW, that which you will and will not participate in and consent to via your own powerful focus and Heart Intention. 
Those that are still involved and persisting in the constrictive ideals and objectives of the lower frequency reality, which is fast becoming a very bad dream to YOU in Now, will have a bit of a tantrum - a meltdown in PUBLIC, within the collective view.   This will be quite obvious to those who have made their own Self belief changes in their Collective participation, and will declare more loudly and freely that expansion cannot be stifled by ANY means now that "clarity" is being offered and supported.  
Beings are realizing that EXPANSION IS NOW, Eternally.  
As March's powerful (11) frequency opportunities [in Time] become apparent in steps of increasing frequency cycles, increasing clarity, increasing Inspiration  and life shifting Illuminations, You will be able to "hear", loudly and clearly, that which your Heart is wanting and willing to participate in, and HOW you will be able to maneuver toward the Next "step" of your personal focus practice.  This whole (8) annual cycle brings practice opportunities to do so with much more confidence and excitement in your focus abilities and the growing FREE WILLED talents as a Multi-Dimensional Creator Being playing and practicing in the Time classroom. 

(1) Global Month  (8) Global Year

This closing phase of our (1) Global Month opportunity to Self Awaken, focused participants will be emphatically supported and rewarded throughout March, and actively practice for the rest of our 2015 (8) dynamic year of focused action.    The collective Intention toward Balance and harmonized participation in the collective Time classroom grows with each moment. 
Any questions about WHO is in charge here, in your own Time experience, really?  

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/15- 16- 17 /2015

215/2015 = 16 = 7
216 /2015 = 1= 8
217/2015 = 18 = 9

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year

[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

This 3-day cycle phase is focused on Self analysis (2/15) , Self realignment via administration (2/16), and then- Self RELEASE (2/17) in activities that are reflected in the Mirror reality of your own personal experience.  This phase will present opportunities to actively shift toward your own alignment as you continue to participate in the Time reality with your usual companions and partners. 
(See basic number descriptors HERE)
The Global opportunity within our (8) annual cycle of 2015 is bringing those windows of Insight  in directions that we are just getting used to, in terms of "Allowance" of our Free Will.  This will absolutely be tested further as the annual cycle unfolds.  This is not to try to break, but to build upon the resolutions that have been- and are STILL being made by the Collective agreement- to Expand into the Higher frequencies of SELF focus and the TAKING of our Multi-Dimensional skills to another level of Self RESPONSIBILITY in ACTION.  

As you gaze upon your own Time reality perspectives, the IDEA of Self empowerment becomes much easier to bring to the forefront of any situation that you are bringing forward into your own focus for examination and either, dispensing, or fortifying.    YOU get to decide in each NOW whether or not  f.e.a.r. is still your basis of perception- or whether you are ready to  just side-step the IMAGINARY personal constriction as a Knowing and Present Aspect of Source, freely Creating (by focused thought & speech) in Now.  

The turbulence and turmoil will continue to unfold for the remaining portion of [your own] constricted Self Beliefs and Self perceptions that will morph to unhinge the bulk release of the lower frequency constrictive ideals of All of the participants as 2016's (9: Release through Love) Global Opportunity cycle begins to  surface as early as the mid-point of this year.  

Take PERSONAL responsibility today- NOW- if you are truly wanting to experience something more preferential tomorrow.  
2/15/2015, the (7) daily opportunity cycle brings focus to gathering data, and accessing what you have percieved - and Allowed - to come to your attention and experience within the Collective experience [in Time].  Today YOU get to ponder how you got to this point in your own Self Creative process and make some notes about what YOU want to experience Next.  This daily cycle seems ambiguous and without direction to some, but taking this fuzzy-focused cycle to gather the "facts" and ideas of Self and personal belief platforms is necessary.   If you are out and about in your own Mirror- practice holding your tongue until you can re-align your Highest Intention.  

It will be easier to make a decision to move as this cycle ends and the (8) of 2/16/2015 begins to surface into our Collective [Time] playground.  So, sort and file the important details of your own cyclic habits as your own window of perception reveals some previously hidden awarenesses that will push the door of action open.  
ACT with Integrity in an (8) cycle.  This wave of active empowerment does NOT give anyone carte-blanche to bully or hold others down to make your own Self look or feel better.  These lower frequency ideas of control and contraction are dissolving, and will continue to be a struggle for those who will continue to perceive and BELIEVE that such a dance is still viable.  
Cracks are forming int he Collective reality to step around the percieved obstacles and the separation that uphold Self denial.  

As 2/17/2015 (9) peeks into our collective Time experience, the opportunities to release ideas, perceptions, and the institutions that present FALSE reflections of LOVE and Responsibility will become very clear.  If resistance to these awarenesses is upheld and the "thing" or idea is persisted upon, and if it is something that is holding YOU back- it will be taken out for your benefit and expansion.  
So, be forewarned that that which you are in resistance about , firstly, from within Self Identity, and then, secondly, what you are attempting to hold in [Time] experience Identity- which does NOT serve your immediate expansion process - WILL BE released- whether you like it, or not.  

It's so much more pleasant to go with the flow of your Higher Intention in these releases.  Any type of "LOVE" that is truly not founded in Free Will and Allowance for the All, is floundering and dissolving.  This is a day to remember that: 
"I AM, AND I LOVE [You enough to let You go]." 
***!!!!!  And in the Global rein of participation and practice, 
THIS especially includes "Team Contrast" in your own perception- AND those activities that "they" represent.  
As a SELF CREATIVE Multi-Dimensional Being playing in the Time classroom- this mid-month cycle of release and Self re-claimation is a wonderful gift and step UP into the Presence and Intentions that are of Love and I AM Knowing.  As this month begins to roll into the March 2015 very powerful and insightful (11:2) opportunity frequency, there will be evidences of your hard work and practice to hold your OWN PRESENCE as a Self Creative Sojourner in the sensorial classroom called- [Time].  

The last 9-day cycle of this (1) Global month opportunity cycle will continue to unfold Self Awareness and practice in the Collective Mirror.  Any "exposures" and necessary re-alignments that you take notice of "there", are to be re-aligned withIN SELF first.  
Any questions about WHO is in charge here [in Time], really?   
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/12 - 13- 14 /2015

2/12/201= 1= 4
2/13/201= 1= 5
2/14/201= 15 = 6

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year

[To get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

[to follow the basic Number descriptors go here...]

The next 3 daily opportunity cycles are opening up opportunities for ACTION on the Inner convictions and decisions that have been surfacing for this Global (1) month objective.

This mid- month mini-cycle as a productive window in the Self realizations that are currently on the table to deal with, and the opportunities to FEEL your way through the "motions", will continue to be stimulated from within Mirror reality Companionships, and the idea of Balancing and Unifying activities in the agreed upon clearing and re-alignment projects already in motion.  

As this (8) Global Year moves us through the paces of re-arranging the environment and the personnel in our field of experience, these monthly cycles bring the smaller focus topics of that process, and then the daily cycles of opportunity break down the monthly objectives even further.  At this mid-month window, there is a little "push"  to practice and get a little more excited about the evidence of expansion, with some unexpected events and meetings to elevate perspective and fire up commitment.  

AS YOU OBSERVE ANY MEDIA EVENTS... Let us re-member- that EXPANSION is the direction of Source's Presence in ALL things AND IN all DIMENSIONS NO MATTER WHAT THE ILLUSION IS REFLECTING ....  so, commitedly participate in your own Presence with a Loving- but FIRM focus on that which is WANTED. 
! Close the [TIME] "eye" of F.E.A.R, 
OPEN the INNER "I" of Love NOW. 

into the details of the deconstruction of the lower Time reality, just face FORWARD with a plan to side-step the fear captivating "mind movie" IF you are attempting to Create a more PREFERENTIAL Time experience FOR YOUR SELF. 
"Team Contrasts" j-o-b is to test your Free Willed focus .... that's all.  There is NOT Death.

On 2/12/2015, the daily Vibe (4) brings the urge to reach into personal files and platforms of belief to sort and organize in the Time reality.  This window of action is an attempt to further align Ideals with Resources and the foundational BELIEFS that make up the Mirror reality.  This is a cycle to evaluate the [ideas, materials  processes, "rules" or order] that are available and certainly VIABLE.  
Some may be cleaning out and re-organizing their environment and physical presence, literally, the things that do not suit the current idea and Vision of the desired Expansion.  Not a full release, necessarily- but, perhaps, a more decisive putting aside of certain material aspects, beliefs and behaviors.  This is the beginning of the  more specific "re-tooling" - (coming in May 2015 (4) Global Month), of that which is clear at this point,  and won't suit nor support the "work" or the Vision regarding the material needs or the mechanics of the [Next level of SELF Creative practice within an Illusory manifestation reality, that is our Time classroom].  

As soon as this preliminary phase of getting some "things" organized and sorted is recognized, the vibrating (5's) of 2/13-15/2015 will throw a surprise or two into the mix for a few days that will serve to amplify the desire and the excitement of change- and often some personally satisfying and unexpected rewards for sticking to the point and practicing NOW focus in the Trust and Knowing that All is working out for EveryOne - somehow.  

Unexpected events, or sudden twists and turns in plans are the reminder NOT to nail your foot to the floor just yet on these personal decisions to ACT, and will definitely add to your Visionary options.  Self stimulation via New people, unexpected opportunities, unexpected invitations, unexpected shifts in perspective, a rise in the need for physical stimulation, all come with (5) frequency cycles, however small or brief.  These are gifts that will bump the picture just enough to see things just a little differently to get invigorated and refreshed.  

HAVE SOME FUN with this window of seeing, Doing, and FEELING a more EXPANDED ride AS the Creator Being you are!   

If you just find youSelf experiencing or feeling a bit of accelerated nervousness or inner stimulation, DO something constructive- like dancing, or moving your body around in some acceptable way to blow off the excess energy and to make a little "space" withIn your Self, that can open up a newly colored flood of ideas to come that you could not bring forward- or ALLOW-  for yourSelf.

As the (6) of 2/14/2015 bring further organizing and sorting- and administrating, just remember that this productive cycle within the (1) globalMonth frequency is about SELF alignment.  It's NEVER bout the Mirror.  You can't re-arrange your own hair by putting your hands into the Mirror... this is only accomplished from a  Self administrative position.  So even though this a day of establish a level of Love, Balance , and Self Responsibility- there is no-thing to FIX, or re-align, in the Mirror.  The CHANGE and re-alignment, the Love, the Responsibility MUST come from withIN.  
This is a day to do most of this processing for your Self, and as your "practice" with your REFLECTIVE companions in the Time reality, hold that Self Love, Dignity, Elegance as you tend to the details for this cycle of productivity from within first, and then making these smaller, preliminary organizational steps that will bring some greater rewards as we get closer to the powerful and compelling (11:2) Global window of March's opportunities 
to SEE a MUCH LARGER Vision of experiential success with much more personal power from the information that will come to you from [that which is not of Time] for ALL to move closer toward the Consciously SELF CHOSEN Journey of Expansion.  Next month's powerful frequencies will absolutely further clarification of our INNATE Multi-Dimensional Creator skills and directives in Love. 
Your COMMITMENT to Love in Presence IS SPREADING out into the Mirror Reality.....!!! 

 KEEP up your FOCUS practice flowing-
YOU are making it SO! 

Deliberate Creativity and Self-ish-ness.... :)

Please,  DO  comment with your personal experiences, and  SHARE this translation and link with those who are practicing with you via ANY OTHER social media in which you are participating.... :)  All assistance in this is MUCH appreciated. 
   WE are DOing Expansion as ONE....

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TIME VIBE; Episode 1;    2/5/2015