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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BEYOND the TIME VIBE: - Frequency Translations for September 2015 -

The percieved (Earth Time ) reality is appearing to change so rapidly and abruptly within [the Collective-Mirror Reality of the All].  
Have you NOTICED that the Spirit of the New Time reality [I AM] Presence awareness is taking hold WITHIN each reflective Self? 
There is Now open opportunity for the RELEASE WINDOW  that is collective Time objective of 2016 of the Collective Time practice arena (in Time).  

 My Service here is to speak the IMAGERY that these frequencies present to those interested in such a perspective and language of Frequency.   I AM Beings (IS-BE's) who are PARTICIPATING in in widening perceptions of Self as Creator within this classroom of Time with Me, are taking SELF Experience and Creation into their their own hands in infinite ways, on infinite platforms of focus all at once.  
If you are reading this, the point is proven in this moment of Now.  YOU are a reflection of my Now urges to share the Images of Self Reflection of the I AM in Expansion....- and there is ONLY Expansion.  
And, Dear Reflection, I AM a reflection of yours. Like it, or, not. 
But, as i translate the scenery using a Collective symbolic language, Numbers) as representative of base Time frequencies,  There IS a Collective window of RELEASE upon Us.  

Finding ourSelves fed up- DONE- with the parts and particles of our physical reality which simply DO NOT SUIT the Higher Frequency objective of this currently RISING FREQUENCY WINDOW FOR : 2016: (9) that brings on the  DO-ings of High LOVE, deep RELEASE, that ushers in a growing FORGIVENESS, which presents us with a jump point into the Next level of Consciousness awareness and BEing.
In THIS language of frequencies reflecting and playing out (in Time),
Love for Self.  DO what you Love, Say what you Love, Practice that you Love, RE-flect on Your (kind) of
Love for All the apparent particles and distortions of YOU.  

INTO THE IMAGE:  2016: (9) - Approaching the Window of RELEASE through Love, Balance and Responsibility.  

(9: LOVE, Compassion, Forgiveness, Release, Endings, Humanitarian and Altruistic expressions.) 

(For more specific data regardingYOUR immediate reality focus and opportunities within this Collective (9) frequency go HERE  to CALCULATE Your own Time map positioning- 
OR contact Me via comment, or FB message for a private Translation session. )
   (9) holds the image of a realization of deep and profound Love.  This Light focused frequency that represents a level of re-cognition, and wholeness that re-connects the Circuitry of Eternal Life.  

The (9) leads back to the One of I AM, where the urge for Knowing is Eternal.  By 2017 the window of awareness of our OtherSelves becomes more "grounded".  With the closure of each (9) cycle we are thrust back into our own Selves again, but in a more experienced and solid Knowing of exactly WHO I AM, BE.  (IS-BE).  We enter (1) with a fresh start, a clean slate, and full of New ideas and preferences in place in our focus, and raring to build something new and better to experience.  

As the upsurge of the 2016:9 frequency began to present opportunities early opportunities at the July 2015 window, the Mirror was reflecting as opportunities and activities of the  (6) Global Month opportunities.  Collective Media practices began to take an 9out loud) step toward SEEING the possibilities, and the possibilities begin to play out in front of us, and which "stories" we were considering getting more focused on "healing".  

SO, (9) brings an opportunity to CLEANSE a layer of You that doesn't work in Harmony with the PREFERRED experience within the focus of the Collective Playground.  You can call it "healing" if you want to , but there was NEVER any breakage from WITHIN...there IS ALL-WAYS Perfection NOW,  we are just learning how to hold that Imagery so that we coagulate the quanta to BE-have in more preferential ways.  
The COMPASSION that is needed -Ever- HAS to begin with You.  
The reverberations of YOUR ALIGNMENT with Source NOW, is the Imagination game's reward for what you have been absorbing your focus with- and for how long.  
The longer you hold those thoughts- the harder the neurons are to de-tach and re-attach somewhere more stimulating to your Joy buttons.  
Yep.  It's a full friction time JOB - but it's YOUR life EXPERIENCE....
ARE You willing to take responsibility for the frequencies you entertain and hold?  
The vibrational stakes are MUCH higher, these DAYS.... No, these NOW'S.  

Some parts of You (anything attached to the dissolving personal "memories/habits/beliefs" of 3D personality and projections), that do NOT serve your own Expansion, will persist but resolve in Miraculous Flow as the NOW practice is held.    This release cycle as protracted, harsh, painful, and generally appear to be in emotional misery for short spurts, ......unless you're Spiritually masochistic, because NOW we Know that IT'S A CHOICE.  

Some will LOOK FOR THE BEAUTY, and secure COMPASSION and manage to side step MOST of the final distractive measures on the part of the naturally occurring polarity of the lower (Time) frequency platforms.  
Since the perception of Expansion varies from Presence to Presence, the emphasis of the (9) , as is for all the odd numbered frequencies, is SELF focused for best result.  
CLEAN OUT YOUR OWN SKELETONS in your Heart NOW-- FORGIVE Your Self and LOVE anyone who has participated in this Journey with you as a DAILY PRACTICE, because this coming annual cycle is a chance to FLUSH a lot of those growing-pain memories, and bad dream-scapes which I/You/We are truly bored with.  

As the material reality (higher rate of vibratory tolerance)  that which is/will no longer be suitable for our Expansion (is being dismantled as quickly as we can manage it),  
We came into August provided with a flood of frequencies and data that spotlighted our secret worlds a bit more.  WHICH WE REQUESTED.    (7) frequency window revs up that process to RE-VIEW, RE-E-VALUE -ATE, RE-ASSESS, RE-CLAIM FOCUS, and SORT all the collected data as best we can at this moment of our Presence expansion processes.    
In (7) frequency, we see a PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Where have I been?  Where am I NOW, and what do i want to focus on Next with my new found Multi-Dimensioanl Creator BEing skills and talents?  

IF a Presence chooses to engage (IN Time),  isn't it best to USE the environment that we find ourSelf in to it's highest potential?  If there is a grasp of WHERE we are focusing with this tiny aspect of Self, the boogey man becomes an cooing infant, paper tigers blow away, ....but, more pointedly, when New InSight becomes more clear, ALL that is unwanted disappears from your New Time Time reality play experience.

You KNOW you can't adjust your hair by reaching into the mirror, RIGHT??!!   So, trying to "fix" a projected reality from the OUTSIDE is futile.  
TAKE RESPONSIBILITY by taking baby steps....

PRE-PAVE YOUR DAY, with focus on that which you DO wish to participate in.  

Begin small .....  and FOCUS.  

HERE is an example of how to begin to unlock YOUR manifestational preferences  quickly.....

HINT #1:  SET YOUR SELF UP to succeed.  
Prepare your day.   Begin gently and non-specific---this helps to practice seeing the subtle rewards that build up your Allowing skills.  SAY what you would like to experience this day, and then go about your [Love NOW] focus work as it unfolds for you in Perfection.   

HINT #2:  LOOK FOR THAT WHICH UPLIFTS YOU all day long to stimulate the Imagery and Emotional practice KNOWING the difference between what feels GOOD and what clearly does NOT.  It gets louder and more easy to feel when you DO HINT #1... All becomes a game.  

HINT #3: Deliberately DREAM OUT LOUD.  (Words are vibration, and Vibration IS  the World)  Observe the words that are attached to the beliefs that are surfacing for RE-CLARIFICATION (from You) on what you are REALLY wanting in your relationships, and how you want to "spend your Time" focus.  

This is how it can work for you on a daily basis.... LOOK FOR THAT WHICH YOU ARE WANTING FO FOCUS ON: 

I have a little "place " in my house where i pile stuff and set up my Inspiration reminders there, and as i pass back and forth i get to BE RE-MINDED of my basic Intentions.   

This is what that space of my kitchen counter looks like: 

As i have had a little greeting card that says "Count Your Blessings" which was made by a friends of mine, sitting on the counter there--- i got to see the Intention over and over and over again because THAT is where i stop and organize my bag, my plans for the day, etc.- it's where i stop to focus several time a day when home and my go to stop when i load and unload in my travels.... 

Right.- and you have a place like this too..... use it to build up something NEW for yourSelf.  

And so, .....i was puttering and putting things, and i come upon something from Abraham that i have had for some years to RE-MIND me.... except it got tucked away and , this morning, JUST resurfaced again.  It  fell out of a cook-book.  
ZOOM IN there and share my delightful RE-FIRMATION of my focus Intention -  
Count Your Blessings, NOW.   

A few moments later, i seek out a book that i intend to give a friend when i see them soon, and THIS basket of LOVE RE-FLECTION falls out!  
Counting the Blessings, and the Numbers (FREQUENCIES) are HIGH!  

THESE are the kinds of things that begin to delightfully connect to the Main line of [I AM Source, NOW] more readily and rapidly.  
IF you are going to get anything at all out of anyone's NewTime Frequencies Translations and Imagery projections,  as validation and guidance, observe that ALL SIGNS, (including de-construction of the constricting 3-4D reality mentality)  ARE LEADING US TO A MORE EXPANDED ALLOWING OF LOVE.  

JUST LOOK FOR and watch Your miracle moments roll into your (Time) experience more readily, (however "small" they may seem to you)- they ARE Your sign that you have been Heard and Seen by the Source of You.  
 NOTICE THEM with GRATITUDE, as your PREFERENCES build upon each other as a staircase into the Next, they build upon and INTO the Mirror reality which you are designing to experience with your thoughts magnified onto the Morphogenic field of ecperience. 


DO whatever you need to hold the RE-MEMBERENCE of the LOVE that IS All in NOW.  

The NUMBERS BEYOND TIME Translation details of the frequencies for what is about to open, (for YOUR mirror reality [We], which is growing Beyond Time), are being written, and will be posted in PART 2 asap.... 
There are many EXAMPLES of whatever frequency you are entertaining in the moment.  
The Time for the (7) Global frequency activities for RE-VIEW is coming to the point where the URGE TO ACT in September 2015 ; (8) Global Month , is kicking in.  
AND, the (9) September SUB- frequency is founding this initial action cycle with all of the qualities and gifts and Knowing of the (9) that we are about to fully frolic in for an extended period of release for 2016.   This initiation phase will intensify int he month of October 2015, (9) Global Month Collective practice games of focus on Love, Compassion, Release, Forgiveness, is AMPLIFIED and will not be able to be avoided by anyone who is paying attention at all.
Much more on this HAPPY NEWS of our Expanding foundation of [I AM Present and Accountable] is unfolding all around You.  
ASK OUT LOUD for proof that you are SEEN AND HEARD- and be in Gratitude, NOW, as the Creator BEing in JOYFUL Eternal Discovery.  
Until the Next- 

I CONTINUE to hold the Image of ALL in Perfection and Well-BEing NOW, as Ever. 

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 MUCH GRATITUDE for Your focus and participation in this Journey WITH Me!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Focusing BEYOND the Illusion of Time


without a doubt-
the Watcher, watching Me.
The not so subtle peek-a-boo i play with who IS, and Whom will 

As the New-View dances to entice my Self to grow;  

I AM wrapped up in the Eternal Rhythm 
of the Spiral flow,
where I AM reunited in waves of colored SOUND,
 decisions can come NOW easily- 
Illusion persists 'til [I AM] Self is found.  

NOW, ever To-ward Joyful focus,
 no density (of Time),
and no more interest 
in Mind games 
that hold Me back, 
or  bind.

I AM Grateful for this exercise 
that i've been playing here with You.
But, I Know NOW the larger scheme, 
WHOA!...such an EXPANSIVE view!

Which, as You Know, 
leads right to 
the release of TIME and SPACE.

Ahhh, the Freedom of Transition  
into the imminent 
(and, often sudden) 
Saving Grace!

I see that I AM

I AM. 


Through You, 
Thank YouMy BE-Loveds-
I have come to Know Me, so Well-
And I hear NOW my Singing Heart,
As a clear, and near, Temple Bell. 

As I AM called into the Next, 
the Journey never ending, 
and with My Eternal arms outstretched-
Prime energy, 
reflects the ALL

I AM, 
NO-THING beyond MY reach.  
I AM whatever I 
BE-hold NOW, 
What else 

And, NOW, My BE-You-ty-full Mirrors....

The ILLUSION of Time: 

The Resonance Project

FRACTALS: The Colors of Infinity; Arthur Clarke

The Science and ART of Fractal Geometry: (full documentary) 

Joe Dispenza: LOHAS, DC - 2013 -- A NUT'S AND BOLTS Translation on deliberate Creativity and accountability...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


August's Global Month (7), and September's Global month (8), are the opportunity windows that are paving the way for the HUGE changes that are beginning to be fully manifested and witnessed by the Time reality participants whether they like it - or, not.   Especially by those who are energetically sensitive, long "suffering" in this awareness,  and finally trusting the expansion of the awareness of the One as All. 

Before i translate the frequencies of this change wave, it is quite vital to have an idea of the OBJECTIVE of this NOW step into Global month (9) for OCTOBER 2015, as the harbinger of the focus and activity (in Time) of the approaching 2016: (9) Global year cycle.  

2 + 0 + 1 + 6 : 9  Global Year Frequencies are to establish a PRELIMINARY format of recovery, healing, education, and mediation/negotiation toward more BALANCED relations with Self and OTHER-SELVES in the Mirror reality.   

There will be more translations of 2016's window of expansion, but it is quite clear that there WILL be serious focus on the transitioning of what NO LONGER SERVES Love via COMPASSION, PRESENCE IN LOVE, AND ALTRUISTIC IDEALS in action.  

As we get closer to 2020's and beyond, Human Consciousness and Co-Creativity will become more masterful in terms of NOW Empowerment and Multi-Dimensional skills practice.   
This approaching 2016 (9) frequency provides opportunities to release and revise any attachments, rules, personnel, resources, institutions, relationships, tools, ideas, beliefs- or ANY other 'constructs' that are the walls of YOUR personal, and thereby, the collective reality Time experience.  

With (9) frequency, the reflective practice platform, which we see and perceive as "Time", is morphing and flushing out constricting "things" and the deeply rooted ideas that hold them in place for ALL present in the Time reality to see.

The (9) frequency window is always an opportunity to shed false personality that is upheld by false reality beliefs.  No matter what your Mirror reality is reflecting back to you, this cycle is a great gift, be that a (9) day, month, or year frequency. 

(You can contact Me for a personal Timing frequency translation, or, go here to do it for yourSelf.  OR, click:  

Some participants will resist this release, and some will fall into a state of repose and relief with mutterings of thankfulness for what is transpiring in their reality, and the resolutions and freedom that come.  These releases, if required by Your Source Presence NOW, can seem magical in the sense that they seem to be happening in ways that you may not have thought of, or had any "control" over.  
Let me reinforce the FACT that IF these endings and closures are occurring- YOU have directed them in your request to EXPAND. 
TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, and HONOR that which you stand in Truth about.  Know that there is not a destination in the Consciousness of the Eternal Being's Journey back to Source. 

 GRATITUDE and FORGIVENESS are always the go-to places that open up the special rewards into personal expansion processes in the vortex that IS being created by [I AM's] urge to expand more freely.  And, by freely, I mean- with more conscious FOCUS in what and WHOM You really are: the Ever-Creative Multi-Dimensional Being, NOW

Ho'oponopono-FORGIVENESS AND RECONCILIATION -hawaiian-art-of-healing

Preparation for us to step up into this in the coming annual (9) frequency cycle more consciously by DYNAMIC decisions to ACT, regarding the re-arrangement of the parts and particles of the personal reality focus in this 2015 (8) cycle is INDEED becoming LOUDER and more easily attainable.  
As the increasing frequencies that ARE the Time reality (as a growth experience and practice "construct") are upholding the wave of de-construction of the lower frequencies, what appears as a wake of chaos and Illusion is only the final examinations of the "stuff" in our closets and hidden places which held what we see Now as shadow Self of the Awakening giant, and that which has been outgrown or outlived in usefulness  which I/YOU/WE are no longer satisfied with.  
The 7/31/8: (1),  BLUE MOON Event, indicates the onset of Internal surges of I AM to step up and clear the way withIN, (7) August Global frequency, and Illuminates personal expression in the Light of NEW IDENTITY, BEGINNINGS. 

Use your words carefully- always, but especially when there is a 3 frequency involved in the mix,  BEHAVING and Upholding the perceptions of the preferred experience AS IF.   (3) is the frequency that vibrationally stimulates the auditory/verbal vibration into manifestation mode.   (3) is the the Golden Mean by which [focus], and that which you are thinking and speaking about,  is amplified into structure and manifestation (4) in the percieved linear reality experience :   

9 days later, (short term cycle of processes), the 8/8/8:24:6 will open the door of those INTENTIONS into a more evident and expanded 
modis-operendi on the part of Source BEings .
IF there is to BE a New Time reality based in Love, then NOW is the Time to actually ACT with the direction of that Intention.  
The Collective wave of activity could be seen as active collective practice of an Apprentice level skill-pack of the Multi-Dimensional Creator Being finding much better footing in the Self Creative process.  

As August rolls in NOW, we find our Time reality tuning to the Global (7) monthly cycle frequency which brings a period of introspection, analysis, and re-evaluation.   Sound familiar??
(7) brings a window to see, examine, and review any of the incoming DATA that will be sorted and dealt with in the immediate and oncoming waves of the Time-focused reality experiments of Self discovering Self.  

The 8/8/8 (aug/8 + 8th day/+ 2015:8 year) window will POP some IMPORTANT administrative "items" into place, MATERIALLY speaking-  and if you, personally, are in an ODD NUMBERED annual cycle (1,3,5,7,9), this means personal BELIEF changes in decisive ways, as this annual cycle of opportunity. 

This month MANY reflections of your Self, via otherSelves, will have a sudden shift of perspective regarding their own IDENTITY, INTENTION, and PARTICIPATION, as you morph your own reality a step closer to Whom I/YOU/WE truly are.  
Not all of US have fully grasped the whole [I AM THAT I AM] Knowing, but the processes for arriving into that awakening state is flowing faster and faster as I/YOU/WE practice with more Loving confidence in the Trust- the Knowing - of the POWER OF NOW, in more Loving ways.  

If you are currently in an EVEN NUMBERED annual experience cycle, (2,4,6,8), it will be percieved as a vast re-arrangement of the OUTER/REFLECTIVE reality.  As a Self reflective practice and promotion of YOUR Time focused experience preferences are consciously moved, your [Time] counterparts will be dynamically active, and will be seen by the attention of the collective mirror as an energetic DECISION: a wave of DYNAMIC INTENTION hosting the flow of social change in ACTION.  
You can gauge how well you are holding the LOVE NOW focus by what you are witnessing in your own reality. 

And, of course,  because CHANGE is the ONLY thing that "exists", this has been "happening" all along....  as we bring our [I AM] NOW preferences into our focused activities with MUCH more confidence and willingness to just flow as Creator BEings  it will look like we pulled EVERYTHING that I/YOU/WE have outgrown out of the closet, and have a giant mess to clean up. 
But, to be sure there will be immediate material "evidences" brought forward on many levels of focus for the impending annual RELEASE cycle of 2016's (9) frequency, so LOOK FOR and participate in that which you are truly wanting.  This month is a window to align your New perspectives on Expansion, and have the guts to BE the change you are seeking, as that which is now constricting is examined and ushered to the door. 

This Transition is far from "over", and there is MUCH more about our [I AM THAT I AM] that will come to be Known in the next 9-year cycle (2017-2026), but the processes are becoming more PERSONALLY manageable through sheer Will and desire to expand and Create more preferentially.  

I/YOU/WE have realized that we don't want "this, and that", and are learning that the more attention we give "this, and that" the longer it lives and breathes into our own personal experience.  
SO, I/YOU/WE are Now shifting our  beliefs and footing within our Heart's INTENTIONS and ACTIONS toward our New Time HIGHER FREQUENCY preferences, in more dynamic ways by   Speaking out, and shifting personal participation by not "buying" into anyTHING or supporting beliefs that enhance separation from our own creative power as {I AM].  
This month there is opportunity to really examine those things, so it can appear to get "worse" before it gets better, as we drag all of the crap out to sort through it- which will take all of 2016 and into 2017 to DO.  

As it has been recently noted- this process will, and always has, appeared differently to each Presence participating.  I/YOU/WE have changed our "minds"- therefore, the main Stream of Consciousness has increased greatly, which will again be amplified, and flipped ON with "corrective" measures unfolding, materially, as September's (8) global month cycle of NOW focus in Expansion practice approaches and begins the material reality clearing process.  
As ALWAYS, and again, most preferentially in the way of Compassion, Forgiveness, and Release.
So, LET IT GO, for more expedient FLOW and re-alignment in your personal experiences.    

(7) advises a serious look withIN to SEE BEYOND constrictions, such as (Time), and fear based reactions that perpetuate the loops of experience, which are NOW just remnants of lower frequency reality cycles. 

I/You/We Know this better NOW. 


The preliminaries of those releases will be more clearly in view, on the whole, for the month of September (8) Global month, within this (8) Global Year cycle, as well as witnessing more activity of the Higher Minded administration of the material playground, (in Time) being sorted and cleared.  

As the shite hits the fan- hold your Knowing that ALL IS WELL, NOW, AND there is more to be "done" regarding the re-arranging the parts and particles of the material reality to come.
The wave that everyone is expecting will be a clear "fleshing out" of some of those things with more committed focus and COOPERATION.  And, in Numerological symbology- the (9) annual frequency that promotes and supports this process begins in the middle of the cycle.  In terms of the annual (8) into the annual (9)- this means it began to manifest and move forward actively in July 2014 for the Mirror reality practice reality.  

RESOLUTION in all-things-unwanted is happening NOW. 
Just In Case You Didn't Think Anything Expansive Was Happening...  

SUPPORT this in your own daily intentions and participation as the opportunities float to you to DO/BE so, ONE MOMENT AT A TIME for best "effect" on the Collective Mirror experience.

As AUGUST gifts us with Insight and a breath IN, we will learn to focus more on what is NOW, and learn, in steps, HOW to move around within the Morphogenic Field of Creativity for ourSelves.  The TIME to Love is NOW, all-ways.
I/You/We ARE pedaling more Knowingly toward the close of this cycle of "learning" to BE the [I AM] aa I/YOU/WE head into the Mother of all Love frequencies in 2016- (9), there IS a new solidarity withIN.  

The seed of Your New Time reality has sprouted.  
Trust it.  Value it.  Nurture it. 
You ARE enough.  

Until the Next, I continue to hold the Image of ALL in Perfection NOW.  And, Now that there is some space in my own Journey to build my sites and pages again, i hope that you find some assistance and validation in these pages and expressions as they continue to grow (in Time).  

(You can contact Me for a personal Timing frequency translation, or, go here to do it for yourSelf.   

MUCH Gratitude for YOUR participation in this Journey with Me, and for
 Sharing, Like-ing, Comments, and visiting


After a very long process into a new residence, a shift in my Value exchange platforms, and a more substantiated Self empowered recognition of the [NOW focus] lifestyle, I AM returning here to share energetic insights for those who wish to OWN their I AM process through this amazing and accurate language of opportunity through the Time classroom experience. 

As YOU Know- it's a very busy Time for Expansion of All, NOW. 


In SERVICE, AND Until further notice- 
I AM AVAILABLE for private translations for  Heart directed DONATIONS, and will barter for Orgonite, CBC, etc..... all you need do is ask!  

Contact Me here via comments (they are private until i post them)- or, on FB message: The Empress of Time-   

As Ever- I continue to hold the Image of All in Perfection NOW, with so much Gratitude for Your participation in this WITH Me!

Friday, May 15, 2015


5 + 2015 = 13= 4 global month
(8) Global Year

Well, it's a BEAUTIFUL MONTH for practicing ALLOWING and FLOW in the direction of the currently increasing frequencies of EXPANDED (personal power) PERCEPTIONS and SKILLS.  
DISCERNMENT will be increasingly necessary as the rest of this cycle unfolds.  
REMEMBER who YOU are.  Note any fear campaigns that float your way so that you can flip the switch to the RELIEF that comes with Knowing that YOU are the Creator of your experience (in Time), and that the main objective in this Time cycle is to clear the air, sort out the wheat from the chaffe, and make dynamic decisions about what you will and won't participate in with precision and clarity of Vision.

As this (8) Global Year frequencies increase, there is a noticable increase in opportunities to move thing, people, and situations into the PREFERRED reality- at a rate that appears to be "high--speed" .   This perception stems from finding an inner [I AM] stance that is becoming unshakable.

This month, May (5), is a (4) Global Month for the Practice realm experience (in Time).  
The TIME VIBE for May-June indicates that in the [productive phase] of the cycle, the pace of events is quickening, there are suddenly more opportunities to actually DO something about the plans and Visions that you have, in terms of I AM Expansion- that began to roll out in April- and will continue to increase throughout 2015 an into 2016. 

There comes with this flow MANY more opportunities to just get to the point and tolerate LESS distraction regarding what you WANT.  This action opportunity wave will increase
through the Fall of this (8) year, when this cyclical productive phase of expansive experiences and FOCUS practice will culminate to release and resolve those resources, materials, personnel, procedures, and the agreed upon personal and collective "rules", in order to RE-DESIGN the broadview of the current Global CO-CREATIVE reality in which YOU are participating.  PAY ATTENTION to what you are agreeing to- and make decisions on how it will BE for You, from NOW forward in the Time experience.  I remind: It's YOUR trip- and YOUR decision.  This is the cycle to re-align with more dignity, and PERSONAL AUTHORITY and be NKIE--- JUST DO IT.     

The NEW TIME reality is taking hold with a no-nonsense mind-set for those who have been in Knowing and watching, practicing, and having the personal courage to investigate their own DESIRE to CHANGE- which is the inevitable in a cyclic reality, that is playing out both in personal reality experiences (which IS the point of change for the All), and as a reflection within the Global social and "political" sorting and pitching that is taking place currently where ever you look these days.  

The ATTENTION USURPING game of the [Illusory testing platform] in Time, which we know as our DAY-TIME "lives" on a physically focused level ,  is becoming so ridiculously obvious to more Otherselves each day.  At this point, the sails of Success have been set, the winds have changed, and the focus has been turned enough to see more DYNAMIC ACTION rolling out int he direction of a more unified focus of Creativity based in Love NOW.

This is clearly happening in the form of taking back any unknown powers of Presence, and sorting and disengaging from those resources, materials, personnel, procedures, "rules" - AND PERSONAL BELIEFS which ALLOW what we experience, and which we have decided are no longer needed for the Next step in personal Expansion and our participation in the Alignment of the Collective Millennial objective of the (2): Participation, Partnership, Balance, Communication, Cooperation, CO-CREATION with personal focus.  

Most of the forebears of FOCUS PRACTICE are very busy within their own parameters of participation.  Much moving about - geographically, and within personal focus cycles of clearing and re-arranging the immediate environment for stabilization of participation.  A change in the many layers of collective agreements is evident, as the rules regarding what will and will not be tolerated or allowed as "norm" are shifting rapidly.  PICK YOUR BATTLES CAREFULLY. 
There is no "war"--it's a PERFECTLY designed Illusion to teach you who YOU ARE, really ...
Projections of- and falling for the same old scare tactics will be noticed more quickly by the individual.  Personal responsibility becomes more satisfactory and simple to those who practice their NOW's with persistence.  These personal successes in FOCUS practice are paying off more rapidly and this make the Illusion more transparent and certainly less powerful to the individual aspects of Source who are in Knowing of this- and in the mode of Doing with Presence and can hold that very freeing- and happy thought longer and longer. 
All of this is getting easier by the moment. 

Releases of Old Time beliefs and behaviors are bringing forward that which was was long desired as a more balanced way of Being- and, as this annual cycle continues to flow, the collective I AM moves more willfully into further growth and the expansive opportunities to harmonize the (2) millennial objective further.   Not only will there be clearly viewed events of this- but it's going to get VERY LOUD in the mass reality consciousness.  The WAKE UP bells are being rung. 

AND- The Illusion will become more evident, and personal freedom, choice, and personal decisions to act and participate with more personal accountability will come more easily.

This month will open up the details of the how, why, and wherefore of the New Time processes (in Time), and the Way OUT of Old Time as a naturally occurring event will take the sting out of any of the continuing attempts to test the resolve and persistent of the spark of the Eternal Source withIN each fractal aspect within the awakening Multi-Dimensional Creator Being.  
This month we PRACTICE, align, sort, and plan the logical processes that will become the norm in higher frequency focus practices.  The NEW TIME skills are more apparent and available as the IDEA of Creating "at Will" is more acceptable.  

As June approaches, the velocity of opportunities will bring even more expansive windows to move the Collective objective (as a reflection of the PERSONAL expansion objective) to the forefront with a vigor that will have many heads spinning, and with a flow of unexpected surprises, new friends, exciting and colorful events.  

As the (5) Global month of June opens- (the last week of May) we CAN expect the unexpected... and this does NOT mean that "bad" things will be forthcoming- as we KNOW that All is in perfection in Love NOW, as Ever-
However, whatever YOU are holding as a vibrational perspective will come quickly, loudly, and with an [in-your-face ] kind of fervor.  The Morphogenic field IS the bringer of the vibratory requests, and the fears that YOU are WHAT DO YOU WANT? 
MORE? Good!  
Because THAT is exactly what is coming.  
More of what, exactly, WILL directly depend on You and what you are BE-living in your immediate experience.  The "world" is simply a reflection of what you think it is....  So, RELAX- All is so very Perfect and Be-coming SO much MORE in each of your Now's- in- and OUT- of Time. 
And you can KNOW this because I /YOU/WE say so-
WE want Harmony, flow, wilfull abundance, perfect health, Peace, and EASE in JOY FOR ALL, right? 
And, SO BE IT. 
Now, and for the Next we get to watch it all unfold right before our little Time eyeballs.  
Take personal responsibility for all of the Harmony that you have attracted into the Mirror reality...and when you notice the fuzz-bald of discontent- SHIFT your attention to the MORE that you are wanting- remembering that your NOW FOCUS is ever more potent than the Illusion and all of it's silly distractions of gloom and doom that are just tests of your focus skills.  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

TIME VIBE: APRIL 2015 - Holding the IMAGE of Love and Perfection NOW, as Ever.......

As you Know....

Each of Us are finding our way through waves of frequencies that are opening up the New Time reality more clearly each and every "day".  

The usual pulses of the TIME VIBE have been pushing the Mirror reality experience closer toward our own Truths of BEing-ness and participation.  I, in my own experience, am in full transition both physically and emotionally.  
Physical symptoms, geographical shifts, emotional shifts- and certainly mental changes in how the View in the Mirror is to BE for Me with my own preferences as an Eternally Creative Presence of Prime.  

I probably don't have to tell you that as we came out of the (11) of March, which provided a powerful impact of expansive awareness and communications to the Collective game.   It sent us reeling into a place of floaty possibility and more of our own personal experience preferences acknowledged with a certainty that comes much more easily for many- and more challenging for the [Love Now] resistant pockets of the duality reality.  But- that IS the nature of Time and our perceptions within it's closed peripheral view.  Cant see what we DO want - if we can't see what we DONT want.   More tongues are wagging about WHAT has to be shifted toward the platform of Love and the long gestating ideas and solutions  are surfacing along with them.  

The (3) of April, may seem a bit discombobulated in the minds of those more WILLING to DO THE RIGHT THING, and also is accompanied by physical shifts that have presented as symptoms that have never been experienced before.  
Re-member that this is just like a baby learning the strength of their own legs and the new sensations of trying to stand on it's own.  A bit wobbly, and definitely requiring some very focused practice to build the stamina along with the determination required to do so.

This window of opportunity brings our own internal mutterings and musings to the open for us to re-cognise, and to EXPRESS OUT LOUD.  This is more of a personal workshop (as ALL of the Time experience is) , but also our opportunity to share without really being concerned who likes it, or NOT.  We find ourselves more automatically fear-less in our own expressions.... which brings to mind what Sophie Tucker was known to say more often than other women of her own Time:
"Fuck 'em, if they can't take a joke." 

And, SOMEHOW, we DO have to remember the humor of all of the Illusions efforts to test us into our own I AM Presence.  We simply have to LOVE Team Contrast Now.
The more proficient we are at letting-go and Loving NOW- the more the ease in flow just BECOMES. 
The (3) of the April opportunity cycle (in Time focus), will not be a Time to be hard and fast about action or opinion in the collective Mirror...that will come for us in May.
So, speaking Truth is becoming a natural thing for many of us this month --- and letting the chips fall where they may doesn't seem so daunting or destructive in terms of I AM LOVE , NOW and Eternally.  

[Speaking of telling the Truth---- Here's a fun view: The Invention of Lying; Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, Louis CK, Jennifer Garner, Edward Norton, et al.... in a world where everyone tells the Truth... in Truth, the commercials bug me- but it's a free movie.  :)]

If you find yourself blasting someone else this month- and they don't take it very well- or if they don't remember that you will ALWAYS Love them, even though you dared to speak an observation -perhaps in a not-so-tender way, ....and, if they decide to go away because of it- it IS Time to remember that ALL IS in Perfection NOW, as ever.  
Just wait and see IF they are willing to reflect Love to You and remain in the loop of your connection and co-creativity- THEN you have truly done the work of learning to Let Go to BE Love, regardless of the outcome, even if conversations are bumpy in the process of this immense shift of Consciousness.

Many can see the ideals of distracting false construction and over-control being exposed, neutralized , and slowly removed with more sure footing in the basis of LOVE NOW. 
[also- you can visit "Just In Case You Didn't Think Anything Expansive Was Happening" page on FB for updates on the events of expansion in NOW. 

Altho illusory- TIME is a processual classroom --- try to enjoy the lesson plan that YOU have created as Prime in the process of the Eternal Knowing.  
As this month progresses into the (4) of May- when DESIGN AND DETAILS will be the main focus of activities and events  in the Collective playground, occupy your Self with simple PERSONAL PLEASURES this month and express them without constriction of obsessive protocols.  
DO, however, hold your JOY FACTOR as the first and foremost filter of your expressions- OR there will be more and more clashes of Wills as the month closes, and through May.  

This may be readily noticed in the arenas of social reforms and re-clamations of the I AM Presence around the globe, and within the Time reality platform of space as observed by material re-arranging, geological shifting, adjustments in procedures and rules of engagement all around the planetary playground. 

JOY is the Way  to our Truthful foundation of Self re-cognition- find the JOY OF YOU and dwell on it until the urges to move things into position for making that an experiential Truth with our Time play partners comes without hesitation or confusion.  

Abraham: Are you as happy as you planned?

It's TIME for your Expansion to be in JOY- NOW....

Hold your ideas until truly Inspired to act on them...... but, this month- DREAM BIG, and feel WORTHY of your own Power and Creativity- it's All about to take off!
Count-down is ON as of the 21st..... then, the "clean up" and re-org begins in a wave of co-creative cooperation and growing willfulness in Love, Truth, and INCLUSION of the Life of All in the EXPANSIVE re-alignment.  

Until things are settled in for me in my new diggs, and I AM Inspired to get back here to translate more specifics of the Numbers of Time frequencies OUT  LOUD, as per the usual postings--- please DO re-read the (8) annual objective overview.   
And, have a look at your own Timing opportunities for more details of YOUR experience and contributions in the current opportunity windows for practice and Mastery in your own Time experience objective (as described by your Life Path number- and your personal Year number) .... 
..... if you would like to have some assist with your personal Timing, just contact me here or on The Empress of Time FB in a private message and we'll get it together in the Perfection of the Journey that IS.  

This Translation blog is a reflection of the Process out of the old paradigm of Illusion into more sure-footed Creative re-memberance of I AM.  
It's offered forth in this language for Me and anyone else attracted to read it.  I would invite you to please SHARE as Inspired. 

The TV show - The Time Vibe - on the CCN network is moving to another network as soon as my associates in all of this "work" are set up and ready to play again.  So, stay posted here and on the FB page [The Empress of Time] for the latest news on that- and DO subscribe to receive automatic updates and posts. 

Until the Next-
I continue to hold the Image of ALL in Perfection NOW-



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TIME VIBE 2015 - MARCH - (11:2) POWERFUL Window of ILLUMINATIONS/ REPost from 2/22/15


11:2 Global Month


The opportunity frequencies of MARCH 2015 are setting up a HUGE perception shift for the participants of the Collective Time classroom.  As some readers may already know, the (11) frequency window brings an opening of Inspiration, Insight, and ILLUMINATION for the EXPANSION of the perceiver and participant in this process of SELF AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE,  ...and Doing all of this expansive Self practice work in the Mirror of Self Reflection: Time.  

Beginning the last week of February, A flood of DATA and options for SELF direction will begin to increase in flow amongst those global reality participants who are inclined toward VISUAL cues and Insights that will change PERCEPTIONS of the Time participants toward new and life-altering ways, one profound synchronicity at a Time.  

This month's powerful insights, illuminations, cues, and messages roll in with these powerful NOW opportunities, which is under the Annual opportunity wave of DYNAMIC and DECISIVE (8), there WILL be more Mirror reality reflections of rapid CHANGE.  
This includes a change of [thought, belief]- MIND, and a collectively declared rapid change of direction of intentional activity, by 2015's (5) urgings for Self Expansive upliftment.  
2015: See basic (5) descriptor.  Also, see: (8) global year overview.  
(See all basic number descriptors HERE)

In this (11) Global month opportunity cycle, Inner connection and SELF awakening (11= 1 in a quantum expansion process of SELF Awareness and Acceptance), will begin to flow more swiftly and easily for an increasing number of individual reflections in the Collective Time reality, in which the SELF Identity of Beings are changing.   Participants are shifting their own focus, inspired efforts, and personal contributions toward a more unified Intention of the (2) frequency Millennial objective, which aims to gather, communicate, to co-operate, CO-CREATE, to partner, to stabilize and balance, and to get along more HARMONIOUSLY, in general, with our fellow Time reality playmates and our Collective Time platform resources/environment.  
LOOK for it. 
PERSONAL MEDITATION sessions will help clear up any fuzzy lines of Communications and confusion.  

As we see the Illusory reality shifting and dissolving the false constrictions of our I AM potentials and power, "Team Contrast's" work of testing is almost done.   The awareness of the power of personal FOCUS SKILLS in Time are becoming more pronounced and more skillfully refined.  

This Month's very powerful and communicative (11) frequency blasts will bring a flow of DATA to the individual participants' INNER connection and Knowing.  
In these inner communications, the INNATE Internal Guidance systems will be louder and more trusted in terms of mediating upgraded Inner communications and ACTION impulses. 
This month, personal participation will be observed with more CLARITY, and with much more Self Respons-ability.    

[*To get the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

This month's rapid paced Illuminations in Collective activities and events are provoking the wakefulness of those on the verge of another wave of expansion withIN of the Eternal Multi-dimensional Beings playing together, [in Time].  
The GAME of SELF CONTROLLED FOCUS is directed by INTERNAL signals and "conversations" with THAT WHICH IS NOT OF TIME.   This (11) frequency window includes perceptual "downloads" to the Source withIN

Public broadcasts, announcements, and general communications in the Global front will provide clear and obvious evidences of personal opportunities to CHOOSE NEW participation and CONSENT decisions.   In this cycle,  participants FEEL the Inspiration to change their FOCUS toward RE-ALIGNING their personal perceptions with their Higher Truth regarding "authority", and ideas of a SELF governed Creative reality
The Collective begins to practice NOT choosing to participate WILLFULLY in the illusory constrictive reality by default, and stepping in and out of their Time journey with more meaning and authenticity.  
Here's a hint of validation:
and here:

This month's (11) frequency wave is bringing an energy push to the swelling (8) Global annual objective to CHANGE and ADMINISTRATE our OWN Time experience by taking charge of what we are focusing on and how we practice our new skills- like telepathy, pre-monitions, remote viewing, and mastering Time reality manipulations in the morphogenic field.
Stay in touch for the DAILY PULSE (3-day) Opportunity cycles translations to validate and uplift personal processes in this direction-
......but, as this monthly overview opens up a general perspective and broad view of the (11) expansion opportunity objectives, the break-down of the 3-phases of the frequency cycles indicates:

* the first 9-day cycle in Marchbrings awareness of the Inner communications to the forefront.  The second 9-day cycle will move activities in the direction of actively defining practice partnerships with Higher minded intentions and more deliberate focus on skills-building- such as [discernment] .  And, the closing 9-day cycle of March's reality expanding (11) opportunity window will bring a larger more INCLUSIVE collective perspective into practice, ushered in with fast paced personal experiences of what really IS available to those who are taking their own [I AM CREATOR] skills-practice to Heart in a more free-flowing practice.  
(See basic number descriptors HERE)
This active "practice" cycle will continue to increase through September.   The Time has come to remember to stick to the point:  The "practice" is a game of "Can we turn this ship into the direction of Love?"  It's JUST a game between YOU and your otherSelves.  
Can you hold the Image of All in Perfection NOW?

Pick a pet-project,-  or, ANY collective "issue", and SPEAK ONLY OF SEEING HARMONY AND BALANCE for ALL.  
As you practice this KNOWING of the Perfection of All, NOW, with your own personal practice-mates- BE in expectation of the unfolding of re-solutions and realignment of Balance of these situations without feeling forced or pressured to come up with all of the details on just how that can happen- UNLESS you are inspired to do so.  
With (11), it's easy to feel, hear, and see your Highest Inspiration and path.   Learn to RELAX during this high frequency cycle- 
Let the answers, guidance, and resolutions float into your own experiences without grasping.    
Then, ...Share the glad tidings , and personally evidenced experiences of a renewed SELF connection within your own Eternal Essence and Journey, OUT LOUD- without worrying about who is listening.   You will best lead by High-focused example and speaking Truth with full support and attention of the reality in which you are practicing your new-found Creator Being skills.  

With (11) frequency at our Service this month, this kind of shared UPLIFTING communication will reverberate with great and powerful influence in the direction that the Collective participants are Now wanting to go.  So, use words with careful deliberation and INTENTION- as this month's high frequency is fertile ground for bringing forth their reflection with lightning speed and force.  

 !.... no matter what you think is going on "out there", 
the point of Creative power is your own NOW Presence focus--- 
YOU are directing your experiences reflected in the Collective activities [in Time].  

Don't believe Me?  

Good!  .FOCUS, and DO THE EXPERIMENT for your Self.  That is what this very powerful (11) month is ALL about!  
recommend reviewing February's monthly overview, as well as the Global year overview for putting the developing "pictures" into a more organized survey of the intentions and opportunities at hand.  
The DAILY PULSE Translations for the rest of February - HERE

[*To get the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

Any questions about WHO is in charge here, in your own Time experience, really?  

THEN,  You can join Me live,  Thursday evening    :   2/26/2015

for LIVE CALL IN and talk about Numbers In Time, the Time opportunity cycles and YOUR personal Timing .......

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