Sunday, February 1, 2015

DAILY PULSE: Time Vibe 2015 - 2/2/2015

2/2/2015 = 12 = 3

Expressions in the form of written and spoken words are how the messages will flow today.  Emails, declarations, ideas, projected Dreams will fill the air today.  
Speak and LISTEN with your deeper directives to stay on track. 
(see all of those 2's?! ) **Play nicely with your Self and others today without Being submissive, or contributing to what is NOT in balance. 

(see all of the basic # meanings here)

The expressions of the Collective process will contain the imagery of gathering together ideas, people, and  "project" planning into a more expanded position.  Groups, and gatherings are also highlighted.
Contribute your own perspectives and positions for the sake of the larger Vision with respect for All who are contributing to the collective experience. 

(3) = BE of Joy, and optimistic- and tell your happy story out loud, cooperate with those projects that are worthy of your attention.  
Your focus and words DO morph the Collective experience.  TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT.

We continue in the current Self Aware (1) Global Month frequency cycle, under the dynamic and decisive (8) Global year objective.  
 Tomorrow will bring more dynamic opportunities to get busy sorting and moving things around a bit in that general direction.

The ideal "song" of the day should contain lyrics like: 
"Everything's working out Perfectly for Me- and You!  "  
[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR contact me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 
NOTICE :  I'll be broadcasting LIVE on 2 shows  (2/5/2015) evening for you to call in and share, or to gather more data on how this wonderfully SIMPLE language of Time can work FOR You in your personal Time journey!  
So, please....Save, and SHARE the links below!  :)

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