Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Beings sans Meat-Suit


The TIME VIBE JANUARY 2024: Translations and Opportunities 2024:8 ToGather, FORMULATE, and CHOOSE!

 I Am very Home-y in Now.  

As Creator BEing of Emotional Focus, I DECIDE.  

I CHOOSE more deliberately in the direction of That which is WANTED.  

The choice is Ever; LOVE, or, f.e.a.r.   It's THAT simple.  

The Imagery that is amplified into the Private Perceptual 'structures/rules" in the Time Games dictate that which i/us experience.  It's Time to remember Who Creates YOUR EX.perience, any Way that can BE grasped.  

There are no more excuses for Self-Creative Self-denial, projected asovert, and subtle,  sadicistic/masochistic attitudes and activities, AS IF these activities were actually happening outside of SELF.  The richochet will be swift and to the deep. 

 Do You forgive yOurSelf?

DISPUTES occur to allow logical sequence, and consequences, to unfold for the reSolving process.  Time-Walkers will "try out" getting "clean" of someThing that is BE-lie.ved to evil. 

Love, or, f.e.a.r.,  Tell yOurSelf what you Want.  refrain from speaking of ANY sort of lack scenario.  

2023-2024 begins the more In.powering chatter In-To Manifestational Foundations (4), and the Self-Discipline to USE THE MATERIALS and RE-Sources, at hand.  

That BEing, YOUR Focus/Fascinations.  This annual Game Cycle, Collectively, is to challenge Creative Imagery, developing Self-Creative Discipline, and, specifically- through  yOur Private Time Games PRACTICE.  

yOur Life INstructions are found in Now. 

Love, or, f.e.a.r.  

You CAN choose Harmonious Emotional Magnetizations, amplified over arduous, and repetitive, out-grown Ideologies, OR, You can CHOOSE to BE the Change, and just get ON WITH IT. 

The Plasmic reality requires some degree of challenge, or "testing" to Season the Knowing. 

There are more specific probability indicators that Private TIME cycles present- as in, opportunities to get deeply organized, in Thought, Word, and , Deed as the annual Mastery cycle progresses.  

Starting with the FOUNDATIONAL details of the Function of the desired Form to follow, as it does in a magnetically Sensorial Meat-Suit.

It is Now, as Ever, a Self-Created Self-Responsibility to EXperience exactly That which You FEEL.  

The saving Grace of all of the LONG (2) Frequency cycles in this spin of Our INter.Active/Co-Creative Practice SHIFT, is that the immediate Next Game level condusive to Mastering aspects of the DIPLOMAT. 

So, just DO You, Boo. 

Do It NOW.  WHY is Now so readily put off, when it's the INgine of the Time Games, in which We are so Fascinated by. 

Breathe, so that the Vision can have Clarity.

This is a long-term (2024:8)cycle, and specifically resonates waves that some might really want to get on top of, regarding setting new Precedents in Private Perspective, which is the FOUNDATION of the "public" Presence, In Participation.

Broadcasting of Ideas and IMAGERY will bombard the Airwaves and push our IMAGINED physical boundaries. Which is the whole point of this Fortunate Collective Time Harmonics. 

IF You are "Seeing" [IT], and especially FEELing [IT], 

[IT], is DONE.   This is a Universal Law that is coming to a broader comprehension of for those who's aspirations are of  Conscious, Self-Creative Mastery.  

So those Time Walkers, who may be Sensitive to the long-term Collective Frequencies of 2, 0, 2, 4: 8, are EXperiencing a rapid and INtense Growth wave with Participation themes challenged and decidely shifted due to welling urges to BE the Self-Creative BEing that IS.  And, ONLY Is.  

All of the prolonged EVEN-NUMBERED, particularly (2) Frequency activity, in terms of  Time Games include Self-Created Self-REFLECTIVE Time Walking experiences will get right in yOur face.  

The REMEDY FOR ALL "ILL-NESS", is Forgiveness.  

Those that can't DO That, will reVolve, not, reSolve.  

Those that dig in at the expense of f.e.a.r. and loathing, are ALSO having such reVolutions, and, ALSO have CHOICES-a-plenty, as Ever.  The Magnetic mechanisms of a plasmic/magnetic reality NEVER shut down.  I AM Is Self-ReSpons.able. 

When moving forward thru the agreed Collective Time Games Platforms, which are entirely SELF-Created and EXperienced,  re-membering the Past is NOT advised.   Forgiveness is the FIRST step, and the Time opportunity at hand. 

The rewards for following the "map" that is imbedded in this Collective Time Game are Very satisfying.  Better than imagined.  Who Knew that authenticity was the most direct route to That which is wanted?!!  So, relax.  FEEL BETTER, more than not. 

Re-route activities to develope New Level of Participating focus points.  Imagine more, and more often.  Get detailed. Things will Flow by more rapidly.  

All of the long-termed (2) emphasis ALSO includes a basic desire to Seek Balance.  That is a Fine Intention when there are so many to "choose" from.  At THAT Point in Inner ignition, relax in the Knowing. Altho, brief.  Grasp the feel-better Imagery, and put the Feel Into a memory bank.  A Memory Bank for the more Preferred experience Imageries. :)  

This Years Frequency Cycle REQUIRES decisions that maty often enough come abruptly.  Decisively. Distinctly Presenting, with no ethical doubt. 

For All of Those IN Harmonious Participation, Self-Creative Mastery lessons can start to Flow more Self-assuredly.   The Time-Walker is Ever the pace-keeper in the reflective, sensorial, reality experience.  

Collectively, EXperiential Satisfaction level grows, when ACTION, altho, yes, it's Intirely imaginary, is the Visual Ignition point that Vibratory FOCUS offers. 

Higher Frequency dictates a Higher IN.tension of Visionary projections.  

In review, this cycle of 2024: 8 is a wave of PROductive opportunities to Participate in the Collective Sensorial Time Games that YOU Imagine NOW.    

JANUARY (1) + 2024(8) = (9) ,  

Full Green light to LET [IT] GO.  Clean UP, clean out outgrown attitudes and vengeful Ego-Driven ideals.   You Know Who You are.   Resentment never floats for very long.  And, then, you have to go back and clean up an UNnecessary re-Do.  Or, DID you need a whack to wake up to the silliness?  Hmmm?

This (9)# cycle of January is a mid-term cycle that provides opportunities to clean Up Vibrational structures, recalibrate Visual Imagery of Projects and Intentions, and IF Seeking (9) Mastery objectives, then Keywords are the WatchWords of this classroom level of Practice.  

The Time-Games of Private Experience, which are Projected on a Macro-level into any "waking day" are the cues of the "lesson ofjectives of a Master syllabus of the "day"/"month"/"year".

The specifics of this for Y OU will require an overview of your own Personal Harmonics and Time cycles.  

  (you can do that fo yourSelf HERE, or, you can schedule Translation assistance from Me, HERE. )

This year is a Time to decisively SHIFT to a NEW IMAGE, IDEA, VISION BASED ON : 

Heart FEELs of Joy, Gratitude, Grace, Compassion, Charity/SHARING, Love- (Now!)

You Know- FEELING SATISFIED, Secure, Aware, Dignified. And, if that is foreign to You, THIS is the opportunity window to get Real about Your Self, as well as See that I AM ANOTHER yOurSelf, everyWhere you Look.  

Humanity is poised to enter a larger Galactic Community, that is Ever-in-the-Making.  There is NOT "out there", Love.   

It's ALL IN yOur Mind. 


A Big Hello!! and, THANKS To All of my returning readers!  EveryOne is In a different "place", and, Perfectly So.

AND, a Big Welcome to New readers!  


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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

TIME Participation Is The Dance of All Dances With SELF.

ADMIN. COMMENTARY, 11-20-2019:  
Hey, Time-Walkers!
InSpired Input:

Many of Us are MOVING meditators. 
We cannot always SIT to "Hear" ALL of the DATA that Flows through Mind/Body.  
Time Participation is the Dance of All Dances, With Self.  

I AM InSpired to share these video suggestions on Sacred Healing and Private MOVEMENT for tempering, and Activating Frequencies that are reflecting in the Collective of Time Participants head-On Into 2020:4 objective Mastery.
(4) Frequency is where the Collective will Meet and Integrate IDEAS for establishing a more Balanced, Respectful, and PREFERRED foundational platform of Social Participation.
The (4) Frequency compels the design, form and function, of all moving Parts and Particles to Be IDEALIZED and then REALIZED, as a Group consciousness.

As the Time/ Polarity limits stretch, so does Bio-Electric form and function.
Bodily Symptomology of shifting Timelines CAN be soothed, along with Mental stresses of long-term rationalizations, falling apart. And, New Time Reality realizations finally anchoring. Here's an example: merlina.marcan
Sentient Beings from Other parts of the Galaxy...

If you LIKE the sensorial reality, still, and you don't want to get rolled over, physically, by the InComing frequencies of Truth exposure and CHOICE, it is advised to GRease up the Participation "machine", body-electric, by Way of increasing Movement, increasing PURE water intake, and, definitely increasing FOCUS on Participation in yOur tasks, and their "PRIORITY".  

In the Higher frequency Realities, Love is really the only Way OUT of the distraction traps of REflective Time realities, in general terms.
HOW You execute this Love, is quite PRIVATE. 
Frequency UpGrades are requiring some bolstering of Body, as well as RESources that Flow the Path, effortlessly. FAIR and Intelligent arrangements can be made for sharing resouce more efficiently, and equitably by the Group, once the Bullies in the sandbox are IDENTIfied and removed by Way of Focus shift away from conflict and constriction of Flow.
(4) Frequency enters to HELP the Collective rectify the books, take INventory of assets and liabilities, re-organize materials for Best foundational Service to All (2).
The GREED GAMES ARE OVER. It's just that it will take a little Time for the whole of the Collective to move on to the New Time Agreement for Conscious and Honorable Equity for All Involved.

Taking Egoic stances of authority and witholding reSources will be less and less tolerated, and will BE taken to Heart, Privately, by Way of Authentic and Honorable Participation.  
Underhanded DE-lusions will continue to BE exposed, everyWhere.
PRIVATE Participation could not be MORE important to Focus upon this Collective cycle, no matter where you might Be standing in your own Private TimeWave Cycle.

No-Thing is broken.
Especially when in the process of finishing up the release of a layer of FALSE IDENTITY doctrines for the rest of the year.  The Next step is on it's Way, and that's all fun and stuff, but,...
NOW is the Point of Creative Power.
Any Way you can get NOW back in Hand feels Good.  
Finding Strength of Focus to hang on to and hone new CO-Creative skills as they develop, FEELS Supremely Good. 

Most of Us are just learning to really HEAR yOurSelves, and, just Trusting the tiny Voice of Heart.  The proabilities of yOur successful turning of the Collective Vibration to That of Heart-Centered. The (2) symbol of the Millennial Time signature decrees PARTNERSHIPS, groups, Collective agreements of IN-tension.
WE wants to BE a Part of something INTELLIGENT, now that we can See enough of the 3D reality dogmas dying daily in fron tof our eyes.

We are clamoring our Way to an Image of Collective Stability, via Private re-Alignments...
---the (9,) of 2019 collective frequency cycle continues it's Gifts and Opportunities for bringing further shifts, colosures, endings to Things and IDEAS that have definitely been outgrown, through the last day of this year, and just a short cycle into 2020.  
The Gift that is yOurs to return Into the Mirror, at this juncture, is COMPASSION. 

PERCEPTIONS of Self, and, IDEATIONS OF Creative Authority have shifted so greatly through the Collective Reflection, that we are catching glimpses, here and there, of skirmishes of damaged Pride, misdirected Authority, and presumed IDENTITY and PROPERTY.

Guidance and direction comes thick from external "Sources", so there is a necessity with (2) to Seek Companionship and Balance in Reflective Partnerships with great discernment.  
And, Every Thing in Time is about REflection.  So, new Partnerships and OLD will be tried and tested for it's appropriateness, and, strength. 

Inner Balance is the Goal and the Material Mastery Point. 
There aren't any Other's standards to live Up to, save yOurs. 
 And, WE Time-Walkers are ready to move on Up in the Game, Now, but there is still a little more to come in the Natural unfoldment of a magnetized Vision of Peaceful Adventures ahead.

Rigidity will not work so well with (4), unless it is also WELL INFORMED, with proofs of design Intelligence.  
When in doubt about Self-Creative direction, and you have no proof,- DANCE.
WHEN in doubt of purpose, or, Self-Responsibility, and there is fear,- DANCE. 
When making "comparisons and judgements" about what you Think YOU are EXperiencing in the Time Games that are reflected in a dis-integrating reality that is exposing yOur fear-based IDENTITY, and constriction,... DANCE. 

WIGGLE, WALK, STRETCH, just MOVE, and watch what happens to yOur Mind and PERSPECTIVE of more preferrable processual pathways of Co-Creative fascination.

DANCE to Meditate on yOur Highest Joy.
DANCE for yOur most expediant form of Spirutually driven Physical Self-Healing, and Creative Attitude adjustment.
The most consistent reported results include exactly what you are after in this Practice: More Presence, Less emotional reactivity;  
More Physical Balance, less down-Time needed, in general, naturally more productive and satisfied.

These videos show a rationale for movement as a necessity for Human Emotional Health and Development, and Private Emotional stability. 
But, never forget one thing that we Know for sure:
NoOne's insanity is more superior to anyOne else's.  

[It] All BEgins with You. 

Go IN, where NOW IS, and ask With Heart, and, then- 
add a bit of MOVEMENT to Celebrate CoCreation In Perfection; HeartBeat leads;
listen for answers to Flow along with the endorphins.  
(Oh,....The endorphines will never hurt. :)

As WE re-Align foundational Frequency platforms together, and FOCUS of One Heart of Love, May I/YOU/WE DREAM BIG, as such Auspicious Opportunities to RE-Cognize, NOW- more Consciously, My Time-Walker Family!
Humans are AWESOME!
WE Know HOW to move to Celibrate, and stimulate Connection and Meaning.

Until the Next,-
May You Explore Happy Stories, ....
May Your Dancing Bring Joy and Clarity!

5Rhythms Philosophy:

5Rhythms Practices: 
As the Wave: (9 min. movement cycle)

As a Collective Healing Celebration (Church of Practice)

As a Private Experience/Meditation shared: 

Thursday, June 4, 2020


YOU KNOW this reality is pure Vibrational feedback system, RIGHT?
YOU KNOW there ARE some Laws of Universal existence, RIGHT?
And, about NOW, In yOur Private Time experiences, 
YOU may Be asking:
What can I DO about all of this manipulation of MY reality experience?
There a 3 THREE basic things that come to Mind pretty regularly- BUT, they actually take ALOT of Focus Practice AWAY from the Mirror (which is the Point), and, RETURNS ALL CREATIVE Responsibility BACK TO yOur "hands", so to speak. 
This takes ALOT of Focus Practice to master sufficiently so that UNpreffered things STOP showing up in your frequency experience. You have to BE Committed PRIVATELY, not, Publicly.
THE FIRST, and foremost Participation Perspective for RELIEF, and reAlignment of Conscious Creative Time experience, (and, AWAY from danger/fear), is to:
BE Love.
Ugly feelings, fears, are ALWAYS the result of wanting Others to Be You, and to Do things the Way YOU want them to, and, often enough, by some form of ASSERTION on that IDEA of Beingness.
The BIG CLUE here in getting beyond "socialized love", like it, or, Not, is:
The EVENTS in the Time Games are a reflection of That which is CHANGING In I/YOU/WE, PRIVATELY.
The closer the experience, the more specific it is to You.
Love soothes and multiplies faster than fear.
The Next Self-Creative Practice it to:
There are OTHER Ways of BEing, for Vibrational Beings, such as Humanity IS. THINKING. IMAGINING, Is the Creative birth Place. This is why FEAR PROGRAMING and stimulation is SO important to keep in the View of the Collective Emotional-Mind.
UNPLUG from the electronics, take off your shoes and find a patch of Earth that feels Welcoming and GROUND to YourSelf. Nature has a Way of showing you the Beauty that reminds of more Peaceful Things.
If the "news" is freaking you out- go outside and watch the bugs Do their thing, and BREATHE, for YOUR sake.
Just Trust Your Heart, and DO THE RIGHT THING. NOT for MONEY, or, superficial "safety", but, 
Be-Cause it PROMOTES the possibilities of BETTER things (than fearful stagnation, AND, Violence against anOther yOurSelf...), and, INSPIRES MORE CREATIVE PLEASURE TO MATERIALIZE, in Your Private Time journey.

When anyWhere, Doing anyThing, with anyONE "else" ( I AM ANOTHER YOURSELF), listen a little deeper TO HEART, BEYOND the constant surface/Illusory Fear waves that is DELIBERATELY agitated into the Collective Time platform, to TEST, and, to control. It's a Creator FOCUS Game.

The REAL POWER of Control, is found in PRIVATE "daily" experienceS. 
TIME, is a Moment to Moment Game of Emotional CHOICES.

Everything that is BOUGHT with yOur Creative Focus, and the Value YOU place upon it, has to be RE-SOLVED at this juncture of Our Collective Growth, AS PARTICIPANTS of it's very Creation, Privately.

Once there Is TRUST in yOur {Inner Guidance system}, the Clarity comes, and the VIEW is SPECTACULAR with New possibilities and opportunities, In Peace.
The Collective is about to change it's Mind about a Great MANY Things, regarding Participation.

(2020:4) Frequency, Now, Means IT'S TIME TO CHOOSE WHICH EMOTIONAL STATE FEELS BETTER, "works" better, and provides the most satisfaction, and JUST RUN WITH IT, each Now. 
It's TIME to BETA-TEST the New, and, widening energetic parameters of preferrable SELF-CREATIVE options that were always before I/YOU/WE. 

BIG NEWS! The Wizard has been dis-covered, The Witch is DEAD.  

June 2020 Frequency Wave BRIEF:
Because of the appropriate Growth Urges, Privately, What YOU See, and HOW YOU FEEL regarding the MEANING YOU have assigned to (it), WILL "Matter" (manifest), FASTER, and more Vividly, in Smoke and Mirror mechanisms of the Magnetized, Plasmic reality, Time-Games.  
"THINGS" ARE "HAPPENING" faster and faster, to test yOur resilience to the LOUD and UGLY, BANG'S AND BOOM'S in the Collective Time Games.
ARE YOU STILL "giving away" yOur Value in EMOTIONAL FOCUS and forgetting the Lesson At-Hand?
FOCUS + EMOTION = Manifestation. I/YOU/WE KNOW this, Privately, first-hand, in COUNTLESS Self-experiential examples, by Now. 

BE Love. IMAGINE Peace. PARTICIPATE With HEART, to achieve All, with Great satisfaction and endless InSpiration. 
Thank You for Your Focus and Participation in the EXPANSION OF LOVE in Peace.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

REALITY Seen and UN-Seen....

WORDS are sound waves with specific Intention-- 
I AM LOVE. I IMAGINE PEACE. I PARTICIPATE with Heart, and, then,  Matter will adjust from there....
Thank You for Your JOYOUS Focus and Participation in the Expansion with Me!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Collective Prepares for A Widespread IDENTITY Value Perception Shift;

This interview and Practice case study is for the Seers and Leaders, by example, of Participation and Focus:

the Collective CoCreative Game rules/Beliefs are shifting,,, as Polarity is BEing used with more Intension and Creative Will is steadily tested and tempered for the inevitable graduation Upon which Human Time Reality experience with Align more suitably for each Vision contrbutor and Participant.
You THINK you are ready for a Value "re-Set"?
The (11) frequncy Collective opprtunity window for August suggests that the ILLUMINATION of All to All, based on Vibrational Capacity and with Full Self-Creative REsponsibility, as an establishing harmonics UpGrade.  
I AM, am quite Capable; (2020:4), Cycle of Re-Clamation-and-Thank You-Very Much, but WE Got This, Now- kind of Collective 2020 Co-Creative Time Game Cycle. 
2020:4 is a VERY hands-on approach to setting a FOUNDATION upon which the New STORY of IDENTITY can BE sampled, in full sensorial expression more Preferentially, be-Cause Collective FOCUS and Frequency is rising INto the Next Self-Creative Practice in Peaceful Balance and Flow.

WHAT Do We settle for, and How is that working out for You, Privately.
If we want a Fair and Balanced Value Transition platform upon which we weave our Dreams and Pathways to Center, THERE MUST BE A HARMONIC RECEIVERSHIP.
An Open cup.
..., an Open cup doesn't struggle with Acceptance of new InSight. 
Space/open-ness is the only Way to RECIEVE/ALLOW.
The (2) frequency is IN TUNE with Focus and active CO_CREATIVE Participation, 
as I AM An Other yOurSelf... the more persistent the poke, the more urgent the desire for clearing the Path for REQUESTED Flow.

The Collective Heart is SATURATED with the Knowledge gained in preception provocation. So Humanity Vibes indication that there is a Collective FEELING of BEing bored and fed up with the IDEA of Collective Lack Now that We Know what We Know about Private IDENTITY shifts, and have Actively entered the Upgrade Cycle of (Current Private Time Activities & Fascinations aligning with the immediate Focus Mastery Objectives, as described by the current 2019 Time Wave. 
This topic is the HOT button for testing in the currents of a Reaility based on CHOICE.
Why is the IDEA of Lack such a challenge? It All may seem like a standoff with Ego on Acceptance of Eternal Value.....

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

BEYOND The Time Vibe: Re-visitng with Inter-Dimensional Interlopers

RE-Examining some images in my Orbs collection...

I took this one some years ago... you figure it out for yourSelf.  

Friday, September 23, 2016

PSA: 9-23-2016- Words of Willingess

To BE a Willing Witness To Our Own Creativity, with Wonderment as the Ease

THIS audio was recorded as Paul began to share some of his own stabilizing tricks.  This focus script was Pauls current pick. 

I thought to share it with others who are practicing in their own Time Mastery games.  

I Will add more recordings of various spoken Intention declarations [Pre-paving], as Inspired, for our edification and amusement. 


Monday, February 2, 2015

DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/3/2015

2/3/2015= 13 = 4

Today's skill-building opportunities come with double 1's in a (1) Global Month cycle, double 2 and double 3 frequencies, plus 5 - in the window of 4 flavored short term opportunity and practice. 
(see all of the basic # meanings here)
Today, Minding your own business and commitments, and projecting forth only what is Uplifting to you as the frequencies are doubling up in this initiatory phase of our Collective  opportunities [in Time] to bring out a point and direction of a collaborative Vision. 

Today's opportunities include seeing a broad view of the initial steps of RE-ALIGNING with the Love pulse that IS the trajectory of the Collective Intention as Source.  
"Others" will be prominent in the view of All throughout this monthly cycle, but Self is always where to focus- (see this month's overview here)

But, today's (4) opportunity window indicates an investigation and the re-tooling of our Time perceptions, and the alleged material reality that it is synonymous with. 
Today is a day to keep your own nose to your Now focus and the minutia of the personal Time reality as the Collective decides to clean house on other levels of Consciousness, and make SOME new "rules" and "protocols"- however preliminary, for more socially evident shifts toward Alignment withIN SELF, and in the Mirror. 
These global shifts are unfolding very quickly and decisively this whole year and through 2016.  

Yes, we Know that Time is an Illusion and that the "reality" experiences are simply neuro-impulses of Source energy.  So, why does it feel so "real"?  Because of our pinpointed FOCUS on the minutia of the parts and particles that we are collecting to our scope of our  own Time experience classroom.   

This (8) global year is a classroom skills test for manipulating what is "seen" and experienced for the purpose of stepping into and accepting our I AM Self  Creative preferences and talents.  
If you WANT hard angled contrast- then, by All means and beliefs - you can expect obstacles and pain.  Which are only in your Mind.... .

If you WANT Creative freedom in Love- then you can expect ease and flow.  

In the general Collective Today, things that We might not have been able to piece together can be glimpsed or seen as a very real "process" toward EXPANSION.  
The idea of pacing the steps of our Collective cooperation regarding RE-organizing the re-Sources, and cleaning out those things that do not serve the Ultimate Collective imagery of Balance and Peace, will be "put aside" until we can decide how to move things out of the way with a graceful allowance.  
But, today those things might seem imposing, annoying, obstructing, and even challenging to think about, and can kidnap your attention.  
So, then, don't go there- by personal CHOICE and personal Intention: hold your NOW focus to break the attachement to those indoctrinated, lower Time frequency responses. 
Sing a song of I AM.

(4) Highlights "mechanics", like Time and the Illusory space that is the Morphogenic field of manifestation - so, it's a good day to study things like Neuro-plasticity (Joe Dispenza) so that you can SEE and practice a preliminary and intelligent way to re-align Self, and your participation in the Collective experience.  

This month, continue to practice a form of "patience" with the Collective processes of the (8) Global objective of material manifestation and manipulation for the re-alignment of Love-based administration within the Collective Time reality classroom.  
Those who can't read and understand this type of Translation are getting closer to their own doorway of Self Awareness in other Illuminating events.  
You, who CAN, can assist passively, yet pro-actively...  Simply, LOVE All as it IS , NOW.  And, act ONLY as Inspired.  

Fret not!  It's All working out PERFECTLY for everyone- somehow!  

Tomorrow brings a bit of fresh air, more flexibility, and something unexpected into the mix. A pulse of excitement will be popping all around for a break in the "work" that was experienced today.  

[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR contact me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 
NOTICE :  I'll be broadcasting LIVE on 2 shows  (2/5/2015) evening for you to call in and share, or to gather more data on how this wonderfully SIMPLE language of Time can work FOR You in your personal Time journey!  
So, please....Save, and SHARE the links below!  :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

DAILY PULSE: Time Vibe 2015 - 2/2/2015

2/2/2015 = 12 = 3

Expressions in the form of written and spoken words are how the messages will flow today.  Emails, declarations, ideas, projected Dreams will fill the air today.  
Speak and LISTEN with your deeper directives to stay on track. 
(see all of those 2's?! ) **Play nicely with your Self and others today without Being submissive, or contributing to what is NOT in balance. 

(see all of the basic # meanings here)

The expressions of the Collective process will contain the imagery of gathering together ideas, people, and  "project" planning into a more expanded position.  Groups, and gatherings are also highlighted.
Contribute your own perspectives and positions for the sake of the larger Vision with respect for All who are contributing to the collective experience. 

(3) = BE of Joy, and optimistic- and tell your happy story out loud, cooperate with those projects that are worthy of your attention.  
Your focus and words DO morph the Collective experience.  TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT.

We continue in the current Self Aware (1) Global Month frequency cycle, under the dynamic and decisive (8) Global year objective.  
 Tomorrow will bring more dynamic opportunities to get busy sorting and moving things around a bit in that general direction.

The ideal "song" of the day should contain lyrics like: 
"Everything's working out Perfectly for Me- and You!  "  
[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR contact me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 
NOTICE :  I'll be broadcasting LIVE on 2 shows  (2/5/2015) evening for you to call in and share, or to gather more data on how this wonderfully SIMPLE language of Time can work FOR You in your personal Time journey!  
So, please....Save, and SHARE the links below!  :)