Thursday, June 4, 2020


YOU KNOW this reality is pure Vibrational feedback system, RIGHT?
YOU KNOW there ARE some Laws of Universal existence, RIGHT?
And, about NOW, In yOur Private Time experiences, 
YOU may Be asking:
What can I DO about all of this manipulation of MY reality experience?
There a 3 THREE basic things that come to Mind pretty regularly- BUT, they actually take ALOT of Focus Practice AWAY from the Mirror (which is the Point), and, RETURNS ALL CREATIVE Responsibility BACK TO yOur "hands", so to speak. 
This takes ALOT of Focus Practice to master sufficiently so that UNpreffered things STOP showing up in your frequency experience. You have to BE Committed PRIVATELY, not, Publicly.
THE FIRST, and foremost Participation Perspective for RELIEF, and reAlignment of Conscious Creative Time experience, (and, AWAY from danger/fear), is to:
BE Love.
Ugly feelings, fears, are ALWAYS the result of wanting Others to Be You, and to Do things the Way YOU want them to, and, often enough, by some form of ASSERTION on that IDEA of Beingness.
The BIG CLUE here in getting beyond "socialized love", like it, or, Not, is:
The EVENTS in the Time Games are a reflection of That which is CHANGING In I/YOU/WE, PRIVATELY.
The closer the experience, the more specific it is to You.
Love soothes and multiplies faster than fear.
The Next Self-Creative Practice it to:
There are OTHER Ways of BEing, for Vibrational Beings, such as Humanity IS. THINKING. IMAGINING, Is the Creative birth Place. This is why FEAR PROGRAMING and stimulation is SO important to keep in the View of the Collective Emotional-Mind.
UNPLUG from the electronics, take off your shoes and find a patch of Earth that feels Welcoming and GROUND to YourSelf. Nature has a Way of showing you the Beauty that reminds of more Peaceful Things.
If the "news" is freaking you out- go outside and watch the bugs Do their thing, and BREATHE, for YOUR sake.
Just Trust Your Heart, and DO THE RIGHT THING. NOT for MONEY, or, superficial "safety", but, 
Be-Cause it PROMOTES the possibilities of BETTER things (than fearful stagnation, AND, Violence against anOther yOurSelf...), and, INSPIRES MORE CREATIVE PLEASURE TO MATERIALIZE, in Your Private Time journey.

When anyWhere, Doing anyThing, with anyONE "else" ( I AM ANOTHER YOURSELF), listen a little deeper TO HEART, BEYOND the constant surface/Illusory Fear waves that is DELIBERATELY agitated into the Collective Time platform, to TEST, and, to control. It's a Creator FOCUS Game.

The REAL POWER of Control, is found in PRIVATE "daily" experienceS. 
TIME, is a Moment to Moment Game of Emotional CHOICES.

Everything that is BOUGHT with yOur Creative Focus, and the Value YOU place upon it, has to be RE-SOLVED at this juncture of Our Collective Growth, AS PARTICIPANTS of it's very Creation, Privately.

Once there Is TRUST in yOur {Inner Guidance system}, the Clarity comes, and the VIEW is SPECTACULAR with New possibilities and opportunities, In Peace.
The Collective is about to change it's Mind about a Great MANY Things, regarding Participation.

(2020:4) Frequency, Now, Means IT'S TIME TO CHOOSE WHICH EMOTIONAL STATE FEELS BETTER, "works" better, and provides the most satisfaction, and JUST RUN WITH IT, each Now. 
It's TIME to BETA-TEST the New, and, widening energetic parameters of preferrable SELF-CREATIVE options that were always before I/YOU/WE. 

BIG NEWS! The Wizard has been dis-covered, The Witch is DEAD.  

June 2020 Frequency Wave BRIEF:
Because of the appropriate Growth Urges, Privately, What YOU See, and HOW YOU FEEL regarding the MEANING YOU have assigned to (it), WILL "Matter" (manifest), FASTER, and more Vividly, in Smoke and Mirror mechanisms of the Magnetized, Plasmic reality, Time-Games.  
"THINGS" ARE "HAPPENING" faster and faster, to test yOur resilience to the LOUD and UGLY, BANG'S AND BOOM'S in the Collective Time Games.
ARE YOU STILL "giving away" yOur Value in EMOTIONAL FOCUS and forgetting the Lesson At-Hand?
FOCUS + EMOTION = Manifestation. I/YOU/WE KNOW this, Privately, first-hand, in COUNTLESS Self-experiential examples, by Now. 

BE Love. IMAGINE Peace. PARTICIPATE With HEART, to achieve All, with Great satisfaction and endless InSpiration. 
Thank You for Your Focus and Participation in the EXPANSION OF LOVE in Peace.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

REALITY Seen and UN-Seen....

WORDS are sound waves with specific Intention-- 
I AM LOVE. I IMAGINE PEACE. I PARTICIPATE with Heart, and Matter will adjust from there....
Thank You for Your JOYOUS Focus and Participation in the Expansion with Me!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

TIME VIBE: 2020- Part 1/ Frequency Focus Points Make for New Partnerships Toward New Foundation of Balance

Note to readers: Usually, the process for these Translations are spontaneous, and are typed with eyes closed, as i listen. Then, i drop them into public view -just to get it out there. If you notice errors, or incomplete sentences- please don't let that stop you from grasping the point of the messages. And, regarding the formatting- i have NO IDEA why it does what it does regarding spacing, on the public page, when it doesn't look like that at all in the draft view.
When you gaze at this wonder-full imagery, are you NOT InSpired again, Time-Walker?  EveryThing that is experienced is IMAGINED, first, and then, FELT, and then, released to move onto the Next Experience. So, here comes 2020:4. Who's DONE FEELing crappy in Time? You are?! Great! The opportunities that are presenting Into the Collective Time games show all indications that Private and Collective Human HAS to stop BEing a dog chasing its own tail in circles of lower Time platform of SELF-educational Focus games. If you are interested in these particular kinds of Translations, then, You Know, first hand about Universal and Natural Law. 
So, stand strong, Time-Walker, as the Collective 2020:4 Time Cycle of physical experience is bringing a whole BUNCH of opportunities to STAND IN FULL (I-AM) Creative Authority, and contribute to the Design (4) of a more BALANCED Way to BE and Co-Create.  Now that there are been some LOUD Collective preponderances regarding Authentic Human IDENTITY and actual Private Authority, the audacity of the IDEA of an Exterior "force" dictating Life, or, death (the BIG dis-info), is stirring the rumblings of the Collective Heart that has other IDEAS about what it "deserves" and is Unifying to Create. I AM The VALUE, and the Creator, BEing.I AM (X)(fill in your favorite preferable image of experience here). This IS what "happens" in a Causal mindset. Private FEELINGS will always dictate the direction of Experience. Focus on Heart for the Truth of your own Secrets, and desires for Self-Created Time experience, as, Heart is actually the Brains of this operation.

Welcome in 2020; It's Time to CHOOSE how, and, when, to Participate in the IDEAS of an IDEAL Time experience. Handing over power, decisions, and giving consent and authority away comes at a very "expensive" price to the experiencer. The Imagine-airy Creative Tools are ever at the ready, and they come in the form of reflections from the Time mirror which is merely SELF-Projection. Newly developing Visions bring newly developing Skills and tools to achieve in the direction of Private-to-Collective Interests. The stronger and more consistent the FOCUS, the more powerful and far-reaching the manifestation.  This is true for Team Contrast as well as Team Light. It is Universal Law. It's TIME to choose sides in the "battle" for yOur attention.
To reiterate, Time is a Private Experience. Each reflection Percieved is just similar enough and unique enough to keep it interesting, and, engaging for just long enough to-gather pertinent INcarnational data. Time experience is based on an INTERNAL landscape, because the Observer assigns MEANING to the All that it experiences, Privately, and then be-haves according to those beliefs and meanings into the Collective experience. You KNOW this, yet, there is a fascination with Self-Prescribed challenges of Self-Creative Authority. You are at the dawn of Self-REalization.

Inside Collective Time-Frequency cycles are the imaginary cogs of Organized chaos that is Wordless and Formless.
Time Games are a REFLECTION of a growth Path to Timelessness. The All just IS.  
Sitting in quietude, listening to Breath, ...but, WHO is doing the listening. You exist. Not as a Thing, nor a body. But, rather, as an Emissary of First Source and Center.
Each Observer/Participant is In, and Of, the ALL, whether they are Be-having badly, or, not. 
Ok, says Human Collective, but- How do I/YOU/WE get a momentum of achievement of these Collective Dreams and Visions of Unified Intention of Honorable and Equitable Peace going, in what may appear to be a mess of confusion, and smoke and mirrors?
Momentum is built by PRIVATE Participation. NO-Thing is "dire". That perspective is not aligned with the ever present connection with the One. That perspective is fear, not Truth of Heart, so talk to HEART, and, then, act.

Through 2025, RE-Visions of the foundations upon which Collective beliefs are sustained will gradually be amplified through Private IDENTITY inquisitions.  Social structures are about to be abruptly re-organized, but the Collective has been quietly pushing for what is coming Next in the Minds of Focused participants. 2020:4 Time-Frequency opportunities will usher forth an intensified WILL of each Participant. There will BE rapid, sequential, changes in the direction of sorting out percieved assets and liabilities.  
The Collective is keen on Participating with more Intelligent interchanges between One anOther, and in stabilizing Life once again, despite the efforts of Team Contrast to challenge this Graduation point of the Collective Time-Games.  
Once a Unified Vibrational MAJORITY point is reached, re-Solutions regarding INTELLIGENT UTILIZATION and sharing (2) of Collective RE-Sources will BE-Come what is acceptable and maintainable as a stepping point for joining a larger Galactic Community.

The secret privatization of such off-world endeavors will be deemed unLawful with respect for Planetary Harmonics on a multi-dimensional level. This Galactic project is Wholly based on focused, Private, readiness to take on a Standing of Honor as Participants of Earth-Time/Space evolution. Earth-Time being only one parameter of infinite physical existence opportunities. Time-Walking Participants that are affiliated with Celestial overView may opt to shed their physical endowments and return to Higher realms of Participation, beyond the constraints of sensorial Time Games altogether. Source provides a limitless menu of CHOICE within, and beyond Time.
The culling of un-intelligent Ideas and systems for this objective of physical Human existence, will include anything that inhibits the expansion of Light. Light=expansion; Dark=implosion. The CHOICE is Private and un-judged.
So, if you are wanting to continue in the sensorial Time Games,- RELAX, and THINK OF FUN THINGS to Explore and play with regarding establishing new foundations, new structures, new projects, new lifestyle, and ALLOW the Primary Re-Sources REQUIRED to manifest in Flow, not Force.
Conscious, or NOT, Participation in Time is an inescapable phenomenon. Figure out how to step OUT of Time for respite is actually required to maintain the perception of linear sensorial experience.
There isn't much remaining, but the rest of 201(9): 3 is really the final Grace Period for releasing, changing, any and all defunct IDENTITY patterns, and Integrating more AUTHENTIC Identity Perceptions.
YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY; not your house, your marriage, your kids, your pain, your JOB, or, the pile of MONEY that you may, or may not, have accumulated. Identity markers based on these things are dissolving for All Participants. 
BREATHE, and Gather yourSelf. There is always Time to BE, and, DO as InSpired by yOur Highest Joy and Fascination.
New Identity features are BEing RE-Cognized, sequentially, per the Gift of sensorial Time adventures and explorations in the Care of yOur United Reality.
Do NOW, and stop the worrying that muddles up the Flow of Source. The HOW's will come to the surface for Collective comparison through 2020:4 Collective cycle. RE-Solutions Will abound for Recovery of Stability of Primary RE-Sources, Privately, IF there is alignment with the Greater View of yOur own Spiritual connection, and then, Collectively. In this decade of multiple (2) Frequencies, SHARING is REQUIRED in any Time engagement with the DELIBERATE Intention for Harmonics, and Balance- NOT DOMINATION.
Humanity seems to have had to learn some things the UGLY Way that it's TIME to stop with the Social fetishisms that plaque the lower-frequency circles of engagement.
It's Time to put away that which is of no more use for EXPANSION, and the proof of this Truth is the current implosions of Self-Serving sectors of authority and control. 
So, the oncoming cycles of 2020-2030 you get to decide on HOW, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO to CHOOSE to engage with some FLEXIBILITY in the Company of Others who are wanting the same. These reflections of Others, are the Spiritual allies that must be approached with PATIENCE, and in the spirit of Harmonious CO-Creativity.
Time is not a go-it-alone kind of platform, in case you haven't noticed.
(2) = I AM AnOther yOurSelf. ALL reflections in Private Time-Walking experience is aspect of I AM. The two (2's) of this decade are NOT messing around with offering up an increased Flow of Others interacting with Others for some specific purpose. (2) always features GROUPS coalescing and collaborating for a common purpose. TWO (2's), and TWO ZERO's always means a plethora of CHOICES, and the Grace of the Founding (4) a new Balance and stability will help to update the Private, as well as Public, Participations in new, no-nonsense kinds of Ways. When the group-Mind focuses on Collective Harmony, new systems are formed, that cut through the crap and get the job done for the benefit of All.
Just remember that Team contrast has the same intention, but, with Self-Serving, dictatorial domination intentions.
The Team that has Truth on its side will be the new "norm". Which Truths makes your Heart sing with Joy, rather than fraught with deceptions and contention? Stick to the Truth of Love as rectification and Balance.
The test of the (4) Frequency ride includes awareness of beligerence, dogmatism, and hard-lined resistance, and, conflict. These will express with much Intensity, at Intervals.   (Protests against constriction also count.) Building anything of physical or revising social Structure, in Time, must be INclusive. This inclusiveness resets the Imagery of Earth-Time Laws that govern Foundational SOCIAL(20,20) Re-Structuring(4), and establishes the NEW Rules of Engagement. Again, be aware of giving tacit consent to those who do NOT share your Inner Visions of Self-Creative authority. When the People are Focused in Private balance, the Laws will begin to reflect such Self-Creative Self-Responsibility. Who decides when the Collective is ready for such advancement in social Trust? (2) frequency in multiplicity REQUIRES that All LEARN to work to-Gather (2), to share IDEAS and solutions to the needs, and to work cooperatively to express them into Manifestation.  There is a reminder that (2) means CHOICE, which can only be based on Moment to Moment Vibrational Positioning.  Maintaining dignity, spiritual integrity is how the sorting and pitching for establishing Balance will usher in fairness/balance according to UNIVERSAL LAWS, not select Human Participants preferences of SELF Serving objectives. 
The Negative manipulators of this reality are fading out of influence, and power.  
Restabilization of Primary existence, especially concerning Primary Life support resources and materials are on the table for re-organizing for the benefit of the All, NOT the few.
The manipulations are being exposed, and the machines of domination are being reViewed with an expanded Knowing of the connectivity of all things, as One. There is no way to UN-Know Truth.
The Gifts of the ZERO are expansion, openness, and Completion, as magnifier- or, amplified Intention of the frequency number symbol standing beside it. In this immediate case, it's (2)/ (2020): The COLLECTIVE WILL slowly UNITE intentions to bring back some semblance of Harmony into Collective creativity.
Infused with Source Essence, HUMANITY IS DESIGNED to BE AWESOME Creator BEings! The ZERO's will not mess around in bringing this to the forefront.  There is more Cooperation with Visions of Intelligent processes and protocols, that exemplify a Collective of stability, by UNIFIED CONSCIOUS consent and Participation toward the smooth workings of a Planetary body that flourishes WITH it's Natural inhabitants. HUMANS are NOT the only inhabitants of this particular Planetary body. Cruelty to animals will not exist for much longer, and the destruction of natural resources will be addressed as a Spiritual and moral issue by a growing constituency.  Try not to forget that (2) for the Millennium indicates the increase of Inter-Species communications and Co-Habitation, in general, will become a necessary educational point along this Collective vibrational wave objective.
(4) Frequency focus is about physical resources of Form and Intentional Function. Anything from Money to Replicators, shoes, food, to Air, and water, public energy, building materials, business tools and processes, scientific tools and resources will fold into the mix for sorting and FAIR dispensation.
The TOOLS of the coming RESolutions into the Next are already gathered and awaiting the Collective's Vibrational Word on the re-design of a unified Private-to-Collective Intention. (4) is Mindful of the DETAILS; Checking materials, tools, and body with levels of commitment and responsibility in the offerings to Co-Create with ANY Other.  Balance is always the goal.
Humans can "handle" the Next logical steps of Collective Harmonization. HARMONIZATION = BALANCE, STABILITY, in a what looks like static, someTimes.  
If the Unified IDEA is of Honorable Equity for All, then everything will be seen to by the attending Collective membership. If there is not a Vibrational consensus, then, there is surely is a dis-banding of Focus and progress. (2,4) make quick work of getting to the bottom of it; uncovering the premise of the new foundation.
Plainly, it's the residual Imagery of the past lessons, and fatalistic view of Humanity's future that are flickering out as the 2019 Time Opportunity cycle closes up, with the (9) Grace of Compassion. Learn that, solidly, with Self, before the close of 2019, because THAT will be the key to ALL successfully positive, future negotiations between Private-to-Collective, Creative sharing. 
Global Structures will be affected by the Collective CHOICE that will culminate with Clear and decisive ACTION on (re)building reality foundations as One Happy Group learning to Harmonize, and not abuse. At least, THAT will be the founding Intentions.  
The Feet on the Ground say that The Cagelings have picked the locks on their Minds and are realizing the Supreme VALUE of FOCUS. The "old-paradigm", parasitic infestation of DISTRACTION platforms and Spiritual de-famers, of such hyper-active Social confusion, are breaking down, and are SOON to be RESolved, quickly, in a SERIES of events pertaining to Basic Life on Earth Resources: Primary ReSources such as air and water, and the most Supreme Focus on IDENTITY VALUE.
It Will occur to a larger Mass of Collective Participants that ALL Life MATTERS. That's only a FIRST, eensy, step in the ongoing adventure of expansion if you are going remain focused in Time.
The collective is about to hash it OUT with the former Trustee's, directors, and authority figures, and a Collective demand to See the Books they have been keeping, and How THEY have been handling yOur Value affairs on yOur behalf, Without yOur even Knowing.  
Dis-closure events regarding any items and issues that have been Now deemed abusive, and constrictive to Life and Love, will be exposed and re-tooled, or, scrapped. 
This ISN'T politically based, it's Spiritually based, and 
Beyond Ideas of Material reality and the domination of One particular group.  It's not about material wealth control, it's about FOCUS.
It's the (2) Vibrational talent in communication skills that will keep [it] all to-gather. Those closures that were initiated, are being integrated and closed through the very end of 2019, and will continue to dissipate by the first Phase of February.  
Time-Walkers with lots of Natural (9) Frequency Harmonics will continue to help facilitate clearing and cleansings, as their Gift and Mastery Practice in Service to the Collective frequency wave experience.   
(You can Calculate Your Frequency Harmonics HERE, or, contact Carmelle for a private session HERE.)
The Team is not dumping this on the (9) dominant Frequency Walkers, it's just that Compassion in Graceful Acceptance is their Highest Gift of Love EXpression, in Time, and serve as the First Aid for shock, trauma, and re-solution at this pertinent Creative CHOICE juncture. Love, Compassion, and, ultimately, SELF Forgiveness are (9) keywords that pre-scribe the RE-Solutions required for adapting to the Higher Frequency opportunities that lay before each Time-Walking Participant.  
This is a repetitive message from the Cosmic messengers of the Ages of historical Humanity. HEART Will lead the Way through the details of the unfoldment of Private stability as the collective Games swerve and step around the falling bits and pieces of Social structures of the lower dimensional platform of Illusion.
Those Private and Public Items that are the stabilizing issues of con-tention will be opened up wider and examined for structural SOUNDNESS using Respectful PRIVATE Authenticity, and resulting Participatory Benefit of All. This partnering and gathering of new protocols process can be expected to continue through the end of the 2020's. When there are IDEAS of dependency, there will always be opportunistic interlopers to challenge Private FOCUS that will provoke Self-Creative constriction in the old-ways of Authority and Superiority.
NONE of this is about material control, or, gain.
ALL of this is about IDENTITY and Self-Creative Authority discovery with FOCUS.
Some might interpret that as: "Your Creative path MUST Go THIS Way, or you have failed", or, "'s too "late" and, Now there is nothing that you can Do about (it)", and, rationalized as a requirement because some relative, or, governmental agency, or, domination and control clown, say it HAS to BE So, based on an overly emphasized, and ill-fated, fear agenda.  There is enough evidence in theTime games to See that All Live MATTERS, literally, and quantum-ly.   
RE-Membering your Prime Source Origin, and that ALL Is ONE...not, physically, but Cosmically, and Eternally is a perfect tension breaker.
The Time Wave frequency of (4), provokes Images of Hard angled contrast so that CHOICES become more clear. Abrupt decisions can be based on immediate needs, vs, long-term security, and can be expressed as Ex-clusivity for Rightousness sake.

As Spiritual entities of Original Source, in Time focus, there is an opportunity to change the "rules" of the Earth-Time platform of 'experience". Time is a slow-mo observation of that which you THINK. There is much manifestational benefit for acknowledging Self-Creativity of that which is Percieved. It is NOT about Separation any longer. It's All about the GATHERING-TO of IDEAS and DESIGNS that are on the Collective Mind that is absolutely seeking Balance, more than anything else, initially. Altho, SOME Participants have mistaken this for control and domination, devoid of the Connection to Source, as One Mind. 
The Creative Images that the MAJORITY actually have Now will slowly make Way for further releases of Ideologies of old-paradigm domination as 2030 gets "closer", so the "work" of the Collective is to HARMONIZE Vibrationally before the action impulses will Flow forth for actual environmental stabilization.
Choose, Privately, with much greater care for All vs survival fears. There is NOT "death", and Physicality is purely subjective. With no-guilt, or, shame, the Collective is about to re-assert the Universal Intention for Love and UNITY as a new Galactic member, of Multi-dimensional Origin. Beware of the "stories" brought before You as choice points and persuasion tools.
Although TIME is illusory, and yet, a Focus training tool,
it still is a pretty exciting ride in the Co-Creative Collective cycles of re-Membering each Perspective of (I AM The VALUE).  
INTELLIGENT Peace and progress are accessible to the Collective as THE choosers of reality experience via Focus on that which is wanted. this is not a new concept, but, it's also not the end of the "story".
Dis-closures from all directions of previously set Private and Social belief structures are going to be the difficult tests of the TIME Games for All Participants. Those that are Willing to clear out the imbalanced, and dead, IDEAS of exclusivity by Way of Heart Participations, Privately, will ABSOLUTELY prove to be the leaders into the Next level of CONSCIOUS Collective co-Creativity.  Soon there WILL be less secrecy due to the upgraded Perceptions of I AM and all that such IDENTITY shifts are bringing.  This brings more Participation for the support and surety of better FEELING Time participation from a growing Collective Focus for such Spiritual Progress, and Multi-dimensional skills building.  
Authenticity, AS a Unified Participating Creator BEing is the Way to choose which PREFERRED reality plane to Walk in this reality bi-furcation decade.  SOME will fall back into the domination format, and SOME will choose to step Up for Peace and Harmonious cooperation in the Private standing of Honorable Equity for All, respectfully.  This is not the Time for dragging, or pushing "others" out of fear, or, egoic Savior Identity complex. 
BE Love.  It is That Which (IT) is, for Each, without judgement, and All are Source entitled to their own journey of Source-Self RE-alization.  
IMAGINE PEACE as the outcome for All interchanges IF evolution is that which you want to Participate in. 
PARTICIPATE With HEART as the True "brains" of operating with Integrity in yOur Highest Creative excitement.  

With Gratitude for Your Focus and Participation in the expansion,
I AM.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

'Tis the New Time Cycle Season

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The Spiral Journey: Episode 5, With Jessica Martin

The Empress of Time  YouTube channel; / 

This series of Translators Roundtable Interviews restarts a new stream of Collective and Private adventures in this series of interviews with other Focus and Presence Practioners in Service;  The Spiral Journey: Translators Roundtable 

THANK YOU,  JESSICA MARTIN!,... for your kind attention and Participation in the Expansion, and for sharing authentically! 


Saturday, October 12, 2019

THE SPIRAL JOURNEY: Episode- 4, With Rose St. Pierre

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This series of Translators Roundtable Interviews restarts a new stream of Collective and Private adventures in this series of interviews with other Focus and Presence Practioners in Service;  The Spiral Journey: Translators Roundtable 

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

THE SPIRAL JOURNEY: Translator's Roundtable- Episode 3, With Kelly Lapseritis

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This series of Translators Roundtable Interviews restarts a new stream of Collective and Private adventures in this series of interviews with other Focus and Presence Practioners in Service;  The Spiral Journey: Translators Roundtable 
(Be Patient--- I WILL get better at making these vids. ) 

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