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TIME Participation Is The Dance of All Dances With SELF.

ADMIN. COMMENTARY, 11-20-2019:  
Hey, Time-Walkers!
InSpired Input:

Many of Us are MOVING meditators. 
We cannot always SIT to "Hear" ALL of the DATA that Flows through Mind/Body.  
Time Participation is the Dance of All Dances, With Self.  

I AM InSpired to share these video suggestions on Sacred Healing and Private MOVEMENT for tempering, and Activating Frequencies that are reflecting in the Collective of Time Participants head-On Into 2020:4 objective Mastery.
(4) Frequency is where the Collective will Meet and Integrate IDEAS for establishing a more Balanced, Respectful, and PREFERRED foundational platform of Social Participation.
The (4) Frequency compels the design, form and function, of all moving Parts and Particles to Be IDEALIZED and then REALIZED, as a Group consciousness.

As the Time/ Polarity limits stretch, so does Bio-Electric form and function.
Bodily Symptomology of shifting Timelines CAN be soothed, along with Mental stresses of long-term rationalizations, falling apart. And, New Time Reality realizations finally anchoring. Here's an example: merlina.marcan
Sentient Beings from Other parts of the Galaxy...

If you LIKE the sensorial reality, still, and you don't want to get rolled over, physically, by the InComing frequencies of Truth exposure and CHOICE, it is advised to GRease up the Participation "machine", body-electric, by Way of increasing Movement, increasing PURE water intake, and, definitely increasing FOCUS on Participation in yOur tasks, and their "PRIORITY".  

In the Higher frequency Realities, Love is really the only Way OUT of the distraction traps of REflective Time realities, in general terms.
HOW You execute this Love, is quite PRIVATE. 
Frequency UpGrades are requiring some bolstering of Body, as well as RESources that Flow the Path, effortlessly. FAIR and Intelligent arrangements can be made for sharing resouce more efficiently, and equitably by the Group, once the Bullies in the sandbox are IDENTIfied and removed by Way of Focus shift away from conflict and constriction of Flow.
(4) Frequency enters to HELP the Collective rectify the books, take INventory of assets and liabilities, re-organize materials for Best foundational Service to All (2).
The GREED GAMES ARE OVER. It's just that it will take a little Time for the whole of the Collective to move on to the New Time Agreement for Conscious and Honorable Equity for All Involved.

Taking Egoic stances of authority and witholding reSources will be less and less tolerated, and will BE taken to Heart, Privately, by Way of Authentic and Honorable Participation.  
Underhanded DE-lusions will continue to BE exposed, everyWhere.
PRIVATE Participation could not be MORE important to Focus upon this Collective cycle, no matter where you might Be standing in your own Private TimeWave Cycle.

No-Thing is broken.
Especially when in the process of finishing up the release of a layer of FALSE IDENTITY doctrines for the rest of the year.  The Next step is on it's Way, and that's all fun and stuff, but,...
NOW is the Point of Creative Power.
Any Way you can get NOW back in Hand feels Good.  
Finding Strength of Focus to hang on to and hone new CO-Creative skills as they develop, FEELS Supremely Good. 

Most of Us are just learning to really HEAR yOurSelves, and, just Trusting the tiny Voice of Heart.  The proabilities of yOur successful turning of the Collective Vibration to That of Heart-Centered. The (2) symbol of the Millennial Time signature decrees PARTNERSHIPS, groups, Collective agreements of IN-tension.
WE wants to BE a Part of something INTELLIGENT, now that we can See enough of the 3D reality dogmas dying daily in fron tof our eyes.

We are clamoring our Way to an Image of Collective Stability, via Private re-Alignments...
---the (9,) of 2019 collective frequency cycle continues it's Gifts and Opportunities for bringing further shifts, colosures, endings to Things and IDEAS that have definitely been outgrown, through the last day of this year, and just a short cycle into 2020.  
The Gift that is yOurs to return Into the Mirror, at this juncture, is COMPASSION. 

PERCEPTIONS of Self, and, IDEATIONS OF Creative Authority have shifted so greatly through the Collective Reflection, that we are catching glimpses, here and there, of skirmishes of damaged Pride, misdirected Authority, and presumed IDENTITY and PROPERTY.

Guidance and direction comes thick from external "Sources", so there is a necessity with (2) to Seek Companionship and Balance in Reflective Partnerships with great discernment.  
And, Every Thing in Time is about REflection.  So, new Partnerships and OLD will be tried and tested for it's appropriateness, and, strength. 

Inner Balance is the Goal and the Material Mastery Point. 
There aren't any Other's standards to live Up to, save yOurs. 
 And, WE Time-Walkers are ready to move on Up in the Game, Now, but there is still a little more to come in the Natural unfoldment of a magnetized Vision of Peaceful Adventures ahead.

Rigidity will not work so well with (4), unless it is also WELL INFORMED, with proofs of design Intelligence.  
When in doubt about Self-Creative direction, and you have no proof,- DANCE.
WHEN in doubt of purpose, or, Self-Responsibility, and there is fear,- DANCE. 
When making "comparisons and judgements" about what you Think YOU are EXperiencing in the Time Games that are reflected in a dis-integrating reality that is exposing yOur fear-based IDENTITY, and constriction,... DANCE. 

WIGGLE, WALK, STRETCH, just MOVE, and watch what happens to yOur Mind and PERSPECTIVE of more preferrable processual pathways of Co-Creative fascination.

DANCE to Meditate on yOur Highest Joy.
DANCE for yOur most expediant form of Spirutually driven Physical Self-Healing, and Creative Attitude adjustment.
The most consistent reported results include exactly what you are after in this Practice: More Presence, Less emotional reactivity;  
More Physical Balance, less down-Time needed, in general, naturally more productive and satisfied.

These videos show a rationale for movement as a necessity for Human Emotional Health and Development, and Private Emotional stability. 
But, never forget one thing that we Know for sure:
NoOne's insanity is more superior to anyOne else's.  

[It] All BEgins with You. 

Go IN, where NOW IS, and ask With Heart, and, then- 
add a bit of MOVEMENT to Celebrate CoCreation In Perfection; HeartBeat leads;
listen for answers to Flow along with the endorphins.  
(Oh,....The endorphines will never hurt. :)

As WE re-Align foundational Frequency platforms together, and FOCUS of One Heart of Love, May I/YOU/WE DREAM BIG, as such Auspicious Opportunities to RE-Cognize, NOW- more Consciously, My Time-Walker Family!
Humans are AWESOME!
WE Know HOW to move to Celibrate, and stimulate Connection and Meaning.

Until the Next,-
May You Explore Happy Stories, ....
May Your Dancing Bring Joy and Clarity!

5Rhythms Philosophy:

5Rhythms Practices: 
As the Wave: (9 min. movement cycle)

As a Collective Healing Celebration (Church of Practice)

As a Private Experience/Meditation shared: 

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

REALITY Seen and UN-Seen....

WORDS are sound waves with specific Intention-- 
I AM LOVE. I IMAGINE PEACE. I PARTICIPATE with Heart, and Matter will adjust from there....
Thank You for Your JOYOUS Focus and Participation in the Expansion with Me!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Collective Prepares for A Widespread IDENTITY Value Perception Shift;

This interview and Practice case study is for the Seers and Leaders, by example, of Participation and Focus:

the Collective CoCreative Game rules/Beliefs are shifting,,, as Polarity is BEing used with more Intension and Creative Will is steadily tested and tempered for the inevitable graduation Upon which Human Time Reality experience with Align more suitably for each Vision contrbutor and Participant.
You THINK you are ready for a Value "re-Set"?
The (11) frequncy Collective opprtunity window for August suggests that the ILLUMINATION of All to All, based on Vibrational Capacity and with Full Self-Creative REsponsibility, as an establishing harmonics UpGrade.  
I AM, am quite Capable; (2020:4), Cycle of Re-Clamation-and-Thank You-Very Much, but WE Got This, Now- kind of Collective 2020 Co-Creative Time Game Cycle. 
2020:4 is a VERY hands-on approach to setting a FOUNDATION upon which the New STORY of IDENTITY can BE sampled, in full sensorial expression more Preferentially, be-Cause Collective FOCUS and Frequency is rising INto the Next Self-Creative Practice in Peaceful Balance and Flow.

WHAT Do We settle for, and How is that working out for You, Privately.
If we want a Fair and Balanced Value Transition platform upon which we weave our Dreams and Pathways to Center, THERE MUST BE A HARMONIC RECEIVERSHIP.
An Open cup.
..., an Open cup doesn't struggle with Acceptance of new InSight. 
Space/open-ness is the only Way to RECIEVE/ALLOW.
The (2) frequency is IN TUNE with Focus and active CO_CREATIVE Participation, 
as I AM An Other yOurSelf... the more persistent the poke, the more urgent the desire for clearing the Path for REQUESTED Flow.

The Collective Heart is SATURATED with the Knowledge gained in preception provocation. So Humanity Vibes indication that there is a Collective FEELING of BEing bored and fed up with the IDEA of Collective Lack Now that We Know what We Know about Private IDENTITY shifts, and have Actively entered the Upgrade Cycle of (Current Private Time Activities & Fascinations aligning with the immediate Focus Mastery Objectives, as described by the current 2019 Time Wave. 
This topic is the HOT button for testing in the currents of a Reaility based on CHOICE.
Why is the IDEA of Lack such a challenge? It All may seem like a standoff with Ego on Acceptance of Eternal Value.....

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

BEYOND The Time Vibe: Re-visitng with Inter-Dimensional Interlopers

RE-Examining some images in my Orbs collection...

I took this one some years ago... you figure it out for yourSelf.  

Friday, September 23, 2016

PSA: 9-23-2016- Words of Willingess

To BE a Willing Witness To Our Own Creativity, with Wonderment as the Ease

THIS audio was recorded as Paul began to share some of his own stabilizing tricks.  This focus script was Pauls current pick. 

I thought to share it with others who are practicing in their own Time Mastery games.  

I Will add more recordings of various spoken Intention declarations [Pre-paving], as Inspired, for our edification and amusement. 


Monday, February 2, 2015

DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/3/2015

2/3/2015= 13 = 4

Today's skill-building opportunities come with double 1's in a (1) Global Month cycle, double 2 and double 3 frequencies, plus 5 - in the window of 4 flavored short term opportunity and practice. 
(see all of the basic # meanings here)
Today, Minding your own business and commitments, and projecting forth only what is Uplifting to you as the frequencies are doubling up in this initiatory phase of our Collective  opportunities [in Time] to bring out a point and direction of a collaborative Vision. 

Today's opportunities include seeing a broad view of the initial steps of RE-ALIGNING with the Love pulse that IS the trajectory of the Collective Intention as Source.  
"Others" will be prominent in the view of All throughout this monthly cycle, but Self is always where to focus- (see this month's overview here)

But, today's (4) opportunity window indicates an investigation and the re-tooling of our Time perceptions, and the alleged material reality that it is synonymous with. 
Today is a day to keep your own nose to your Now focus and the minutia of the personal Time reality as the Collective decides to clean house on other levels of Consciousness, and make SOME new "rules" and "protocols"- however preliminary, for more socially evident shifts toward Alignment withIN SELF, and in the Mirror. 
These global shifts are unfolding very quickly and decisively this whole year and through 2016.  

Yes, we Know that Time is an Illusion and that the "reality" experiences are simply neuro-impulses of Source energy.  So, why does it feel so "real"?  Because of our pinpointed FOCUS on the minutia of the parts and particles that we are collecting to our scope of our  own Time experience classroom.   

This (8) global year is a classroom skills test for manipulating what is "seen" and experienced for the purpose of stepping into and accepting our I AM Self  Creative preferences and talents.  
If you WANT hard angled contrast- then, by All means and beliefs - you can expect obstacles and pain.  Which are only in your Mind.... .

If you WANT Creative freedom in Love- then you can expect ease and flow.  

In the general Collective Today, things that We might not have been able to piece together can be glimpsed or seen as a very real "process" toward EXPANSION.  
The idea of pacing the steps of our Collective cooperation regarding RE-organizing the re-Sources, and cleaning out those things that do not serve the Ultimate Collective imagery of Balance and Peace, will be "put aside" until we can decide how to move things out of the way with a graceful allowance.  
But, today those things might seem imposing, annoying, obstructing, and even challenging to think about, and can kidnap your attention.  
So, then, don't go there- by personal CHOICE and personal Intention: hold your NOW focus to break the attachement to those indoctrinated, lower Time frequency responses. 
Sing a song of I AM.

(4) Highlights "mechanics", like Time and the Illusory space that is the Morphogenic field of manifestation - so, it's a good day to study things like Neuro-plasticity (Joe Dispenza) so that you can SEE and practice a preliminary and intelligent way to re-align Self, and your participation in the Collective experience.  

This month, continue to practice a form of "patience" with the Collective processes of the (8) Global objective of material manifestation and manipulation for the re-alignment of Love-based administration within the Collective Time reality classroom.  
Those who can't read and understand this type of Translation are getting closer to their own doorway of Self Awareness in other Illuminating events.  
You, who CAN, can assist passively, yet pro-actively...  Simply, LOVE All as it IS , NOW.  And, act ONLY as Inspired.  

Fret not!  It's All working out PERFECTLY for everyone- somehow!  

Tomorrow brings a bit of fresh air, more flexibility, and something unexpected into the mix. A pulse of excitement will be popping all around for a break in the "work" that was experienced today.  

[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR contact me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 
NOTICE :  I'll be broadcasting LIVE on 2 shows  (2/5/2015) evening for you to call in and share, or to gather more data on how this wonderfully SIMPLE language of Time can work FOR You in your personal Time journey!  
So, please....Save, and SHARE the links below!  :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

DAILY PULSE: Time Vibe 2015 - 2/2/2015

2/2/2015 = 12 = 3

Expressions in the form of written and spoken words are how the messages will flow today.  Emails, declarations, ideas, projected Dreams will fill the air today.  
Speak and LISTEN with your deeper directives to stay on track. 
(see all of those 2's?! ) **Play nicely with your Self and others today without Being submissive, or contributing to what is NOT in balance. 

(see all of the basic # meanings here)

The expressions of the Collective process will contain the imagery of gathering together ideas, people, and  "project" planning into a more expanded position.  Groups, and gatherings are also highlighted.
Contribute your own perspectives and positions for the sake of the larger Vision with respect for All who are contributing to the collective experience. 

(3) = BE of Joy, and optimistic- and tell your happy story out loud, cooperate with those projects that are worthy of your attention.  
Your focus and words DO morph the Collective experience.  TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT.

We continue in the current Self Aware (1) Global Month frequency cycle, under the dynamic and decisive (8) Global year objective.  
 Tomorrow will bring more dynamic opportunities to get busy sorting and moving things around a bit in that general direction.

The ideal "song" of the day should contain lyrics like: 
"Everything's working out Perfectly for Me- and You!  "  
[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR contact me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 
NOTICE :  I'll be broadcasting LIVE on 2 shows  (2/5/2015) evening for you to call in and share, or to gather more data on how this wonderfully SIMPLE language of Time can work FOR You in your personal Time journey!  
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DAILY PULSE: Time Vibe 2015 - 2/1/2015

2/1/2015 = 11:2 

Considering the (1) frequency that is the over-arching opportunity ride for this month's classroom [in Time], 
(see February 2015 Time Vibe), ;and under the annual collective Global frequency in (8)....

.....The frequencies today are definitely NOT messing' around.... there will be an opening - or increase of energetic frequencies to bathe in and HEAR as the ongoing vibratory [downloaded UPgrades] unfold the I AM presence in All.  
(see all of the basic # meanings here)

Communications will be plentiful today- and CO-Creativity and streamlining the Higher Ideals of a project or Vision is the hot topic....so keep your words HIGH and Present.  
Any inclinations to manipulate Other Selves or situations in an attempt to hide, deceive, or AVOID the inevitable Truth from coming forward will not succeed. 

DO the right thing today, speak your Truth--  [THAT which is Love-based]- in All things today, or you will see a whiplash that will remind you not to do that again in ways that are publicly and personally embarrassing--- (11) opportunities are not to be trifled with - and today's cycle  in (11)  is a powerful ally in the process of honing your Multi-dimensional Presence and skill-pack.  TRUST your Truth, BE Kind and in consideration of your personal connection to All, and powerful events will roll out in Perfection.  

With Master Numbers influencing- It is not uncommon to experience episodes of hyper-dimensionality, or interact with "information" from Out of Time Sources of Insight, Inspiration, Illuminations.  Today CAN BE an amazing and uplifting  "Ahh-HA!" day!  

[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR contact me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

NOTICE :  I'll be broadcasting LIVE on 2 shows  (2/5/2015) evening for you to call in and share, or to gather more data on how this wonderfully SIMPLE language of Time can work FOR You in your personal Time journey!  
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Saturday, January 31, 2015

DAILY PULSE: Time Vibe 2015- 1/31/2015

1/31/2015 = 13 = 4
the FIRST thing to mind today--is your own business...literally.  
(see all of the basic # meanings here)

All of the (1) energy bouncing around in today's (4) global frequency indicates that Self is high on the priority list- and getting to rearrange some to the details of the resources, and/or re-aligning personal preferences of the reality that you are focusing withIn.
The active (3) sub-elements also indicate a flow of personal expressions- so keep your speech on the sweet side, or talking your Self into frustration, or a challenging "lack" topic can become more "real" to you than it really is.  
To avoid frustration, worry, and other useless emotions: 
Stick to the tasks at hand, and sing your Happy song as you float through today- by tonite, you will notice and feel an opening in the air indicating new and sudden opportunities and meetings of tomorrow that will Be the Next step in the materialization of the ideals that you are pondering out loud, today.  
PAY ATTENTION to the details in front of you in a Zen way...
Take responsibility, do [it] yourSelf, and work with the materials at hand without complaining. 
Rewards for sticking to the point WILL flow from that vibrational point in which you will hold today, BUT remember that (4) indicates an awareness of details, (joyfully) utilizing resources that are present NOW, steps, protocol, rules, order, in the Creative process.   

[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR contact me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


2/2015= 10 = 1 + 0 = 1


Let's begin with ......

A review of the basic frequencies in the Harmonics of the Time reflection:

ONE: To KNOWI AM. (Self recognitionSelf reliance, Whole-istic awareness, beginnings, ideas, planning)

EIGHT: To CREATE with FOCUS: ( Inspired Action, dynamism, material manipulation and administration) 

ZERO:  THE energetic amplifier of the frequencies it accompanies (before and after it)- indicating that the frequency opportunity objective WILL be done.  

TWO: To recognize Self in All. (connection, communication, Self reflection, partnerships, contracts, co-creating, community) 

FIVE: To EXPAND. (exploration, adventurous urges, exciting and unexpected events, new, and unusual, connections) 

Now,.... let's look at that flow of these frequencies as a general view of the activities that are appearing in the Mirror [in time]. 

The (2 ) of the (February, 2015 (8 annual cycle) will appear to Us in the frequency opportunity and the gifts of the (1).  
The bottom line for our Global focus and activities under the (8) of the collective annual objective will focus on the shifting of the material reality by the shifting IDEAS and BELIEFS that uphold manifestation.  Those of Us who have been practicing personal focus in groups of OtherSelves that are more in alignment with the Truth of Love as THE basis for All that ease and flow that we are asking for -for the benefit of personal Joy, first because You ARE the Creator of your experience here in the Time classroom.   

As more and more individuals accept this personal responsibility to steer their attention (which is the ONLY thing that our BeLoved  Team Contrast wants from us, as a personal TEST of our own resolve and commitment to FOCUS in Love. NOW ), the more you will notice that decisions to act with personal energetic authority will be seen and collaborated with in the morphogenic field of our Time experience.  
Material matter will take on a changing composition as the engines rev up for the last few years in a decade of I AM discovery: (2010-2019 -remember what was said about the work and gift of Zero- the AMPLIFIER of Intention?) If you've ever surfed or body-surfed- it's that point where you can just BEGIN TO feel the swell of the wave building around you- just at the beginning where it lifts you up...!

HUmanity WILL roll into the awareness that reality IS changing- and, IF we are taking our responsibility and I AM authority to Heart- then NO-Thing can deter the process that has already been decided upon in Higher realms of existence as Source, anyway.  

What you will notice this year will be a dynamic moving about of personnel, structures, systems, and Intentional directives - all heading in the direction of Balance.  We will also be deterred from the Millenial objective of (2) Harmony, Community, Co-Creative intentions, Patience, Communications- including Interspecies communications, Balance, Partnerships and agreements in the direction of a UNITED Vision.  

Imagination is a vital Key in the re-arrangement of the material parts and particles that make up the world you see.  when You IMAGINE it, and FEEL something about whatever image you are holding- a Be-lief is created.  
Those BE-liefs that no longer serve the Millennial objective of Unity and Co-Creative Visions ARE dying rapidly, and this dissolution of the lower frequency ideals and process, as a training step, will be more fully released at the end of 2016 into 2020.  LOVE will be the basis for those releases - not retaliation and revenge.  This year it will be more effortless to just step over the illusory "obstructions" and move on with our own Alignment.  It IS a very auspicious and DYNAMIC cycle for moving FORWARD.  

As this year unfolds, in the shorter term and more chewable practice cycles of the Global month frequencies- we began in January- a Global (9) month,  with participants of Expansion "ripping off a band-aid" of some sort.  Review your experiences in January and you may find that a long held personal situation based on a personal idea/belief had to be released suddenly with not much Time to think about it and decide.  But, then, you also noticed that - BAM! suddenly there was expansion in your world- and some relief from an idea/belief that you can see was actually holding you back was released.  Something VITAL that held you from your own personal Authority regarding what you are personally wanting in your Time experience.
(please review your personal Timing cycles for more specific validation or data on the details for you, or, contact Me to assist you in this by sending me a message on The Empress of Time, FaceBook page- or - better yet, go here to schedule a personal session with me, directly.) 

In February -(1) Global opportunity frequency, WE in the Collective Mirror will be taking everything personally, and be more able to relate our personal connection more directly to the echoes of activity in the Global arena.  
(1) = I AM.  So, WE, as fractal aspects of Prime/Source reflecting back to Self will become quite at ease with deciding and then demanding that the Time experience activities become more in  tune- in alignment- with our Heart Intention and in Love with All. 

WE aren't done with this "tweaking" yet- not by a long shot- (est: 2019-2040, to refine and stabilize) - but we HAVE begun our 5D experience already, and our 5D reality experience demands a certain adeptness of Self control.  
If you can't - no, WON'T- control your own focus and emotional gifts- then, no worries, you WILL cycle around again until you DO get it down.  But, really- how long do you want to hang around in this silliness???  Hmmmm?

If you think that you can just climb in to your Multi-Dimensional Presence as an Eternal Essence Creator Being- NOW, then- by All means- PLEASE DO!  It will just make the scenery change, for you and the Mirror you are playing in- that much faster.  
And, WHEN you do, All that you Love in Truth comes WITH You.  It CAN BE win-win, for All in your world, NOW.  Many participants have already noticed their companions of Destiny already offering a different vibration and relation-ship to co-create with.  Those Beings that brought You to this moment of Now and your current position of Expanded experience must be Loved and Thanked as January (9) ends, so that the Next level of practice can be in MORE of the ease and flow that you are wanting.  

This is why there is no-one, and no-thing else to "save" but You in the Grand scheme of this.   After all- you are in your own personal holographic classroom reality- practice, practice , practice standing up to SHINE ON, You Crazy Diamond!  
(a Pink Floyd musical interlude for you... xo)

This month will be - for the most part- a bit quieter emotionally, and in the Mirror- but with more emphasis on autonomy, ideas and Insights, planning.  Self sufficiency is on the minds of the Time participants, along with their pending Higher (Love) intended agenda's.  

As the month of February's frequency cycle gifts begin to give way to our Next level of Collective practice [inTime], our Voice and personal expressions will become important and more potent, and involuntarily uncontrollable.   (11:2), March 2015 Global Monthly frequency, brings Dynamic Self Expression and Translation of the Higher frequencies into All of those who are seeking this Self alignment with the Time experience classroom.  Those with 11's and 2's in their personal Number In Time will be affected by this more emphatically.  This is an opportunity frequency cycle where "special" and VERY clear directives from Insights, Illuminations, Inspiration will come mostly from withIN, but will be provoked by a show of bumps and bangs in the Mirror as absolutely  preposterous.     These Higher frequency induced events and evidences will be percieved and graspable beginning the last week of February and continue until the last of March- in full "view" of the Collective Imagination and events in the Mirror.  

Again- check your own personal Timing for how this auspicious cycle will play out for you.  But, it WILL bring a series of life defining Insights that move the Collective Voice to Sing of the shift that is PREFERRED AND being  undertaken at this point of the Time experience cycle.  It IS happening, folks!  BE the Love you wish to SEE in the Mirror.  

As the dGlobal (8) of material manifestation and ADMINISTRATION unfolds, our personal Mastery skills will be practiced out-loud and in Harmony with the Collective Heart's Millennial (2) objective of "together", not separation....so, a smoothing the experience contrasts a bit further will be the result of a Unified Song of Love- NOT - not ever, combat and force.  
It's ALL about YOUR vibrational INTENTION.  

So, Do the World you live in (your reality) a huge favor, will you?....
MOVE Your world with your own FOCUSED (NOW) INTENTIONS, and take responsibility for what you have Created, with Love.   

YOU are Creator having a vast and WONDROUS adventure. 

And,  All-Ways DANCE through it! 

THANK YOU for Your participation in this Journey WITH Me!

Until the Next,
I hold All in the image of Love NOW.....

The Empress of Time:  Carmelle

...for more information, or to contact Me- click here

AND- You can find me LIVE on EXPANDING U . TV , and JUST US RADIO--every other Thursday night- beginning 2/5@ 6pm for live chat and call-in.  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

LIVE chat on the NUMBERS IN TIME on Conscious Consumer Network- Expanding U Radio



I'm back to radio and broadcasting insights on our personal EXPANSION.  This video has the advantage of camera and conversation.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

It's ALL about FREQUENCY in the Time Reality....

PLAY Your way into NOW...... !


Monday, December 29, 2014

TIME VIBE: 2015: THE Year of DYNAMIC Action Toward Alignment

HAPPY New-Time Reality: 2015 !!
I know i posted that i would have the videos up by December- but WOW!!! Things are moving FAST here in Carm-land, so I'm posting an intitial overview of 2015 here until i return back to my computer at the end of the week.  Thank You for your contnued focus and participation in this  amazing Journey WITH Me, and I'm wishing You ALL an amazing New Time cycle 2015!  See you soon!  


This year's opportunities (in Time), for those of us focused on EXPANSION, will be a  very active and wildly successful ride.  

As the (8) of our Global Timing opportunities roll out in the 3 phases of: initiation, productivity, and resolution - the global Mirror focus will be packed with more positive insights and windows of DOing opportunities than has been available to us in the past as a "civilized" collective.  
HUmans are getting their act together regarding the collective direction of Unity Consciousness in deliberate EXPANSION, and clear indicators of the work of Team Contrast's diminishing influence is everywhere you look these days.  

The (8) Time vibe opportunities indicate re-organization and more deliberate administration of the Self in the direction of the desired result of the base-line directive of Unity and Creative Collaboration that is represented by the (2) of this millennium (IN Time).  
The directives of (2) is of cooperation, collaboration, partnerships, balance, working for the Whole, sharing, connecting with other aspects of SELF for the purpose of Uniting.  Well, that is, for the EXPANSIVE PERSPECTIVE, anyway.   But, as we- who are still focused in the Physical Time adventure, continue to recognize and accept our Eternal Nature of Presence as the actual "controllers" of the Collective Time experience- and we Know it NOW.   So, for these responsible Galactic Members there will be plenty for us to DO as we continue to stand in this Truth that: I AM.
For those aspects of Self in the Collective Mirror of the Time classroom- Self responsibility will be THE key for moving forward with the re-alignment of the Time adventure toward the ideals that I/YOU/WE have been pushing for as the result of being jacked-up against a wall of contraction by our co-partners in this Prime directive of Eternal Self Expansion.
With more Self Knowledge under our belt Now, it's Time to move around the scenery to something more to our liking.  Fear issues are diminishing quickly and more aspects of Self are standing up in the solidarity of ENERGETIC PRESENCE as a spark of PRIME Source manifest in the skills-practice classroom we know as Time.  Hence, we ARE moving forward in the direction of Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness, and the Release of All that does NOT uphold the Love that IS the foundation of everything in ALL dimensional realities.  These developing practices of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Release are the prime objective and opportunity of the approaching 2016  (9), the Next step in the Time experience cycle.  

As 2015 unfolds for us in the smaller steps of the MONTHS )IN Time), we will observe and PARTICIPATE with much more gusto and confidence in our own personal re-arrangement of our environment, the personnel that are collaborating with us, and the intensity with which we make our PARTICIPATION choices.  Be aware that those individuals playing with you in your personal Mirror of experience will begin to awaken to their own participation and some may even be exclaiming  their own decisions to adjust their own focus and intentions regarding what "Life" means to them.  
In this, we will see a falling away of the "business as usual" models, and more individual aspects of Presence seeking balance and some SANITY regarding the structures of their own lives in balance with available resources including the resource of other-Selves as New Time co-creative partners.  Working for a "living" is dissolving by the minute and the expedient re-organizations will be done with a Knowing that makes MOST of these personal decisions easier to move toward as this cycle unfolds.  We expect many shifts in the "work" and "career" realms as the old monetary slave system dissolves.   

HOWEVER, because Team Contrasts "work" to assist our acknowledgement of WHO I AM in the Whole continues to wake up the still-sleeping Giants withIN and amongst Us- there will still be the bumps and bangs that are required to achieve a full blossom of Awareness amongst our Brother and Sister Aspects of Self.  Solidarity of some groups of Karmic involvement will be required and a flow of  data will continue to be broken down so that the contrast can be dealt with.  Those masses of BEing and Creatures that have incarnated to DO this WITH Us will continue to Serve through their own re-cycling in and OUT of the Time classroom experience for the benefit of the process of our Multi-Dimensional Self discovery.    

We can expect a continuous show of Peaceful re-direction of our focus with INTENTION, and also a heightened sense of pointed outrage and rebuking of the constrictive Time lines of belief that have set us up for our Personal success in this Evolution, which is the direct feed into our Collective Evolution toward Unity as Eternal Presence.    Impatience will bring some Inspired acts of forced attempts at re-direction on the part of the newly awakening Selves- but, will not last long as the  (9) of our Next step of Expansion for 2016 begins by mid-year  (around July, IN Time).  

Those who are prepared and ready to assist in the Peaceful re-alignments are moving into- if not already- in place, and are holding their own Presence and their own personal forcefield in Inspiration. 

 Soooo,....when we see the (8) Time frequency opportunity window show us the re-arranging of our "personnel" in the mirror window this doesn't just mean a change of "authority " figures- but this also means a change of physical Presence by those who have come here to magnify the "issues" of control by leaving - and this included enmasse.  Be aware that there are those Beings who have come here for short Time, as well as long Time cycles to assist.  There is not Death as it had been fed to us.  those who have shifted dimensional focus- by whatever means- have served the awakening an the honing of the Eternal Multi-Dimensional skills-pack of each of Us.  LOVE them , rejoice and Be in gratitude for their contribution of highlighting what I/WE/YOU want changed over to Love and expansion.  Ys' just cant see the Light without the Dark- so these events have ALL been necessary and REQUESTED from the Whole Self for the return to the I AM That I AM Knowing in All of Us.  BUT, we are aware Now of what is most desired by way of Love- so the Whole must be awakened and "cought up" to speed on these dissolving isuues of the lower dimensional paradigm ideal and it's Service to Our Eternal Expansion.   

Conscious re-direction into the Higher frequency reality continues until we return to Prime.  I AM Eternal.  Anyone who inhabits a Time Presence and/or body has an agenda.....ANYONE; because - as All quantum energy indicates [Everything is on it's way to somewhere, Eternally.] 
What is Your personal agenda?  What social reflections are battles within your Self, hmmmmm...?
Once again and ever- the question is:
Does it feel GOOD, or, does is feel bad.  The vast and powerful Emotions that we are gifted with must be befriended (Now, ideally), but by the end of this year as a Collective as the (9) frequency opportunity of Compassionate Emotional Release is the task for 2016. 
It's ALWAYS Time to BE more Truthful in your I AM Now Presence to expedite your Love/Joy-based preferences into your Time adventure.  
You ARE done with control and constriction, aren't you?
How 'bout that control and constriction from withIN? 
Self denial,.... Done with that, too?

If not- the evidences of these remaining Self denial issues will manifest in the Time classroom Mirror for you to sort through -and fairly quickly this year.  You WILL find that the decision to take your personal power and Presence back will be easier to DO. 
There is Life beyond Time- and You are trying to "get there" - when it's IS in actuality right NOW.  

When i return at the end of this week, i will be breaking down the sub-elemtal frequencies of 2015 for further digestion of the amazing opportunities that are before Us in each NOW of focus in this particular Time frequency cycle. 
But, this year you can expect to be able to move more freely into those objects PROVIDING they are based in the Love of All.  This continued Now FOCUS practice and re-alignment will continue in an "out-loud" kind of manner through 2015, and will find more stability in our own personal Time classroom experience a little further into the year, and even further as a collective surge into 2018.  BUT, there will be some discomfort as the old ideas and beliefs break down....Be patient, decisive, and in your Now Power Knowing to transmute this quickly, for your Self and for your Mirror reality experience to move more quickly into a reflection of your preferences. 

LOOK FOR THE EXPANSION !  Acknowledge it OUT LOUD, and then expect more of it to roll right behind it faster and faster and with more EASE, as you practice this.  

*For details on a closer look at what your Personal cycles will bring this year - see the links below to calculate your personal year number , and check back to the written blurbs on the basic Number frequency gifts and opportunities.  Those videos are on the table for publishing as well. 

Until the Next!