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TIME Participation Is The Dance of All Dances With SELF.

ADMIN. COMMENTARY, 11-20-2019:  
Hey, Time-Walkers!
InSpired Input:

Many of Us are MOVING meditators. 
We cannot always SIT to "Hear" ALL of the DATA that Flows through Mind/Body.  
Time Participation is the Dance of All Dances, With Self.  

I AM InSpired to share these video suggestions on Sacred Healing and Private MOVEMENT for tempering, and Activating Frequencies that are reflecting in the Collective of Time Participants head-On Into 2020:4 objective Mastery.
(4) Frequency is where the Collective will Meet and Integrate IDEAS for establishing a more Balanced, Respectful, and PREFERRED foundational platform of Social Participation.
The (4) Frequency compels the design, form and function, of all moving Parts and Particles to Be IDEALIZED and then REALIZED, as a Group consciousness.

As the Time/ Polarity limits stretch, so does Bio-Electric form and function.
Bodily Symptomology of shifting Timelines CAN be soothed, along with Mental stresses of long-term rationalizations, falling apart. And, New Time Reality realizations finally anchoring. Here's an example: merlina.marcan
Sentient Beings from Other parts of the Galaxy...

If you LIKE the sensorial reality, still, and you don't want to get rolled over, physically, by the InComing frequencies of Truth exposure and CHOICE, it is advised to GRease up the Participation "machine", body-electric, by Way of increasing Movement, increasing PURE water intake, and, definitely increasing FOCUS on Participation in yOur tasks, and their "PRIORITY".  

In the Higher frequency Realities, Love is really the only Way OUT of the distraction traps of REflective Time realities, in general terms.
HOW You execute this Love, is quite PRIVATE. 
Frequency UpGrades are requiring some bolstering of Body, as well as RESources that Flow the Path, effortlessly. FAIR and Intelligent arrangements can be made for sharing resouce more efficiently, and equitably by the Group, once the Bullies in the sandbox are IDENTIfied and removed by Way of Focus shift away from conflict and constriction of Flow.
(4) Frequency enters to HELP the Collective rectify the books, take INventory of assets and liabilities, re-organize materials for Best foundational Service to All (2).
The GREED GAMES ARE OVER. It's just that it will take a little Time for the whole of the Collective to move on to the New Time Agreement for Conscious and Honorable Equity for All Involved.

Taking Egoic stances of authority and witholding reSources will be less and less tolerated, and will BE taken to Heart, Privately, by Way of Authentic and Honorable Participation.  
Underhanded DE-lusions will continue to BE exposed, everyWhere.
PRIVATE Participation could not be MORE important to Focus upon this Collective cycle, no matter where you might Be standing in your own Private TimeWave Cycle.

No-Thing is broken.
Especially when in the process of finishing up the release of a layer of FALSE IDENTITY doctrines for the rest of the year.  The Next step is on it's Way, and that's all fun and stuff, but,...
NOW is the Point of Creative Power.
Any Way you can get NOW back in Hand feels Good.  
Finding Strength of Focus to hang on to and hone new CO-Creative skills as they develop, FEELS Supremely Good. 

Most of Us are just learning to really HEAR yOurSelves, and, just Trusting the tiny Voice of Heart.  The proabilities of yOur successful turning of the Collective Vibration to That of Heart-Centered. The (2) symbol of the Millennial Time signature decrees PARTNERSHIPS, groups, Collective agreements of IN-tension.
WE wants to BE a Part of something INTELLIGENT, now that we can See enough of the 3D reality dogmas dying daily in fron tof our eyes.

We are clamoring our Way to an Image of Collective Stability, via Private re-Alignments...
---the (9,) of 2019 collective frequency cycle continues it's Gifts and Opportunities for bringing further shifts, colosures, endings to Things and IDEAS that have definitely been outgrown, through the last day of this year, and just a short cycle into 2020.  
The Gift that is yOurs to return Into the Mirror, at this juncture, is COMPASSION. 

PERCEPTIONS of Self, and, IDEATIONS OF Creative Authority have shifted so greatly through the Collective Reflection, that we are catching glimpses, here and there, of skirmishes of damaged Pride, misdirected Authority, and presumed IDENTITY and PROPERTY.

Guidance and direction comes thick from external "Sources", so there is a necessity with (2) to Seek Companionship and Balance in Reflective Partnerships with great discernment.  
And, Every Thing in Time is about REflection.  So, new Partnerships and OLD will be tried and tested for it's appropriateness, and, strength. 

Inner Balance is the Goal and the Material Mastery Point. 
There aren't any Other's standards to live Up to, save yOurs. 
 And, WE Time-Walkers are ready to move on Up in the Game, Now, but there is still a little more to come in the Natural unfoldment of a magnetized Vision of Peaceful Adventures ahead.

Rigidity will not work so well with (4), unless it is also WELL INFORMED, with proofs of design Intelligence.  
When in doubt about Self-Creative direction, and you have no proof,- DANCE.
WHEN in doubt of purpose, or, Self-Responsibility, and there is fear,- DANCE. 
When making "comparisons and judgements" about what you Think YOU are EXperiencing in the Time Games that are reflected in a dis-integrating reality that is exposing yOur fear-based IDENTITY, and constriction,... DANCE. 

WIGGLE, WALK, STRETCH, just MOVE, and watch what happens to yOur Mind and PERSPECTIVE of more preferrable processual pathways of Co-Creative fascination.

DANCE to Meditate on yOur Highest Joy.
DANCE for yOur most expediant form of Spirutually driven Physical Self-Healing, and Creative Attitude adjustment.
The most consistent reported results include exactly what you are after in this Practice: More Presence, Less emotional reactivity;  
More Physical Balance, less down-Time needed, in general, naturally more productive and satisfied.

These videos show a rationale for movement as a necessity for Human Emotional Health and Development, and Private Emotional stability. 
But, never forget one thing that we Know for sure:
NoOne's insanity is more superior to anyOne else's.  

[It] All BEgins with You. 

Go IN, where NOW IS, and ask With Heart, and, then- 
add a bit of MOVEMENT to Celebrate CoCreation In Perfection; HeartBeat leads;
listen for answers to Flow along with the endorphins.  
(Oh,....The endorphines will never hurt. :)

As WE re-Align foundational Frequency platforms together, and FOCUS of One Heart of Love, May I/YOU/WE DREAM BIG, as such Auspicious Opportunities to RE-Cognize, NOW- more Consciously, My Time-Walker Family!
Humans are AWESOME!
WE Know HOW to move to Celibrate, and stimulate Connection and Meaning.

Until the Next,-
May You Explore Happy Stories, ....
May Your Dancing Bring Joy and Clarity!

5Rhythms Philosophy:

5Rhythms Practices: 
As the Wave: (9 min. movement cycle)

As a Collective Healing Celebration (Church of Practice)

As a Private Experience/Meditation shared: 

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