Sunday, April 13, 2014


Today's NUT'S & BOLTS session for Deliberate Creator-ship skill pack and practice ... (link below)......
THIS Year, a (7) frequency cycle in Collective Time awareness) is an opportunity cycle to experience our Self Awareness, and our Relation between our deeper Truth, and our participational practices (in Time)- the world of Creating and Manipulating "things & stuff" manifestations skills, and Compassionately release our own Self inhibitions....

I AM THAT I AM, ....Now that I Know this, learning to take responsibility as a spark of Possibility puts Me (the Observer) in an experience immediate flow of preferential CHOICES to hold focus on.
It has been my experience that Lectures such as this, clear the imagery to make it All as simple as it really IS to INTEGRATE with the expanding Self Image and sail where you would prefer to go.

MENTAL STRESS is currently High with this (11) Master Number, and the (11) Global Month opportunity frequency that cuts the crap and gets right to the business of BEing and DOING Alignment- by choice with a Knowing Trust- which is a point of true Self confidence and more DELIBERATE creative focus. 

This lecture link below helps to de-Mystify the physical/bio-electric manifestation processes (in Time). The bottom line of the Time game is to learn how to master your own perception in NOW as THE Creator of your reality.  YOU get to call the shots- the details, the ease of flow in focus - FREELY...NOW.
RELAX a little more into ALLOWING things to BE right where they are, without attachment- the Mirror reality tension will also RELAX and the manifestations with morph right before you in immediate terms.
Yes. ...OH, yes,!
All of this is REAL and happening withIN You.
Hello, Sweetness! Good Morning, Bright Eyes!
Welcome to New Time Earth, a Transition Reality that furthers your INNATE Self Creative Skills via a New Time vibrational, magnetic, holographic Dream matrix.

There are 4 Things that we Know for Sure ...
1) Everything will works our PERFECTLY for Every One- somehow.  
2) Nobody's insanity is more superior to anyone else's.  
3) An obstacle isn't always what you THINK it looks like. 
4) The cure for ANY THING that vexes Thee (in Time) is immediately remedied by finding your most immediate NOW. 

I Know that You already Know this.

If there is anything that We can do to make your adventure experience here more pleasant for You-
just..... ASK OUT LOUD.


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