Master Numbers are the quantum expansion of the base number meanings and opportunities, and are supreme gifts to work with and talents to have.

We are slowly entering the realm of the Master Number consciousness and abilities, and working with these Higher Octave frequencies are a challenge to an individual's perception and ability to translate the intentions of these frequencies.  Each individual deals with Master Numbers through the lens of their own personal Core and Timing numbers and their harmonics.  They come around for all of us regularly.  Check calculate Your personal Core numbers and Timing ( here)

(1) : (11) - Master Illuminator
While a base (1) frequency brings forth an awareness of I AM, independence, autonomy, ideas and beginnings- the (11) Master Number brings evidence of other realities of awareness beyond the mundane Time life, and requires that all information and data gleaned via powerful internal visual imagery and spontaneous verbal transmissions is passed to others without any manipulations or Self centered intentions.  (11) also expresses itself via (2) : (11= 1+1 + 2) .  
(2) is focused on partnerships and communications between all reflections of Self.  Duality, and contrast are observed in 2 frequency and the Creator Being recognizes that what is observed in the "outer world" mirror, is merely a reflection of Self.  With an (11) Master Number/(2) the focus is on Service through Self acknowledgement ( I AM THAT I AM) gracefully offering expanded information IN cooperative opportunities and intentions with inclusion.  (11) is highly intuitive, and "channeling" is a common gift when this frequency is involved.   

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Use the gifts of (11)- and All of the Master Number frequencies wisely, In Love and NOW Presence- or, the results of your intentions, if Self serving above all others, will be like spitting into the wind.  Manipulations do not pay off in this frequency, altho it's easy to do with the power of Inner Visions that they  

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(4) : (22) - Master Builder

Wile a base (4) frequency brings activities and the need for working with the structures of Time, rules and agreements, systems and order, plans and designs, and putting the foundations of something into place, (22) brings a dynamic influence of intentions and cooperation in founding projects that are in service to the general populace, and in high level communications for and on behalf of the larger reflection of co-creeators in the Mirror of the Time experience.  As with all Master Number frequencies, the utmost focus on fairness and balance is what will bring the results in ways that will profoundly benefit the recipients of the resulting project intentions.  Again, Self serving intentions will implode in ways that would never be expected, and evidence of the diminishment of the potentials can reduce down to extreme rigidity and social compulsiveness beyond reason.  Prison's are an example of (22) gone awry.  The internet and other mass communications systems, and Healing and educational centers are examples productive use of this energy.  


(6): (33)  Master Teacher

While (6) brings opportunities to mediate with Love to achieve balance, (33) brings the essences of the (11) and the (22) together - a triangle of "enlightenment" to focus on the sharing of upliftment through communications and the validation of both position and stance in the data shared for the benefit of any and All who can hear these perspectives.  (33) is a quite verbally persuasive frequency when it remains in the Joy and Love of the moment, with a primary focus on humanitarian visions in unlimited perspective that intends to open Hearts and show the unconditional Love of the ALL for the All in the teachings and methodologies offered forth.   High Master teachers of NOW are the best examples of this (33) in balance.   When (33) is used for self-serving intentions it is easy to see by the expressions of rationalization of the Self-serving behavior, irresponsibility, and negligence, and I don't think i need to elucidate on global examples of abuse of this energy here.  

(8): (44)   Master (Time) Creator

While (8) brings opportunities to administrate within the Time reality, (44) brings the gifts of Master design and the ability to tend to both the comprehensive details of a project or intention, as well at maintaining the over-seeing eye of the expansion of material resources, structure, and agreements of cooperation within the intended Vision.  This energy works to build large structures of participation in the Time reality, and can be quite Artful - as in grand scale community and architecture designs in the Earth-time material sense; and, designing technology to uplift and enhance the Time experience via social networks, and outer-space and inter-dimensional "bridges"- like space stations.  
When (44) is used for self-serving intentions it can be seen as extremely constrictive belief systems, and with restricted or closed circles of participants, such as prisons, mass belief constrictions that inhibit societal expansion by way of physical confinement, and systems that .  

(10:1): 55   Master Innovator

The (1) frequency is amplified by Zero, as a background of a quantum 5 frequency behaves as a huge wave of inspired innovation and creative directives of rebirth, new perspectives that play out as sudden and complete shifts of direction of focus that directly feeds the Self and I AM presence.  
In the collective arena, this frequency is power stimulation for moving into powerful new possibilities of idealistic Vision and environmental changes that must accompany the new Visions.  This frequency brings long range results, after a nuclear thought pulse that is based on freedom in it's most Self aware confidence, and the desire practical idealism, invention, and high curiosity.