Sunday, March 23, 2014

TIME VIBE: APRIL 2014 (11:2) Global Month Frequency OPPORTUNITIES (in Time)

SELF Illumination and the CONSISTENT increase of perfectly synchronistic manifestations rise during this Master number's frequency gifts and opportunities.   
As those who are ready to graduate into the New Time Presence reality holo-deck, of practice creative mastery becomes a game of Self RE-Creation and personal renaissance and a much better handle on how to direct the adventure in the direction that you PREFER in co-creative engagements and projects.  

If you would like to get a handle on the basic translation of the (11) frequency and others Number In Time, 
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"11" .  2001;  Hand built photographic collage by Artist/Translator, Carmelle Migliore;. 

You can also gain more base Knowledge on the emphasis of opportunity and Mastery that Master Numbers offer at the link below. 

Master Numbers: (11) :

Remembering that (11) is built, symbolically, by two 1's . which was the focus of March's opportunities.  Ponder that for a moment...  the image is of exponential opportunity for a POINTED Multi-Dimensional skills "quiz" regarding our Self perception and personal empowerment, and our Absolute intention in our Dreams and Visions.  The first layer of this opportunity asks you to COMMIT to yourSelf ALL-Ways, and then connect with the I AM in All things. 

Active implementation of the Self Knowing and [I AM THAT I AM] commitment is the point being driven to Mastery in this cycles opportunity.  (11) is a Time to practice it in the Mirror and use your New Time Love based response skills - and specific WORDS to steer your Time vessel and sensorial adventure TO-ward the Paradise of your own choosing.  

2014 is a Time cycle that fosters the opportunities to ponder the greatness of YOU [the (7) Global year frequency], and to play and explore the INFINITE possibilities in all opportunity and DATA for furthering your own Vision.  Re-valuation, re-vision, and re-thinking will  remain the focus  of activities this annual global frequency cycle of (7). 
With this global annual cycle opportunity, this month's (11) frequency influence tweaks our Self perceptions with MUCH more expanded view of possibility.  (11) means we are entering a very pro-creative, CO-creative cycle based in the Mastery of your Expression Number as your WAY, and your Life Path's commitment to achieve Creative Mastery in the shifting practice-reality of the Human over-soul, of which you are a particle of participation.  
If you have gotten to this point of this translation, then you will Now understand when i remind you that you Know WHO You ARE, which is the first big question on your plate.  And, You KNOW what You are preferring to experience and participate in- which is the second big question.   But, this month, even though there is more excitement and active anticipation, you will KNOW that- 
All will fall into place in perfection.  

This month also calls for the commitment to BE and DO your Truth if full acceptance and Trust that You would NEVER lead your Self UN-to-ward your Joyful least, not without a pile of pain for you and your reflections.  
Holding your Balance diplomatically in display of the power of Your Presence brings even more opportunities and playmates this month.  It's a powerful Manifestation game that will begin to build up around the Equinox of March- and will peak from the 9th through the 28th of April, as you engage with the Mirror reality with different lenses on.  And, you won't be able to UN-Know what is coming to you- change IS eternal.  Imagine what you will Know by May!
If your ratio of focus in [Now] is your mainstay, the natural result will bring rewards in ways that will involve otherSelves in your reality practice games.   This means inordinate group involvement, new, sudden, project partnerships, and other co-creative involvements. 
So, altho this month is HIGH intensity focus translated in forms of Intuitive Guidance and Telepathic amplification between ALL individuals- so, transparency is unavoidable.  This means that you'll be able to identify your preferences with much more deLight and gusto (gustatory: emphasizes WORDS, communication).  In this intensity, the NON-preferences and mis-takes will be dismissed quite quickly, so the flow of events and experiences will appear to be fast and furious at a stretch, off and on during this cycle. When the (11) intensity cannot be handled, the more simplistic (2) frequency is more accessible to our perception beliefs, and often manifests as pure and simple co-operation for the sake of keeping flow going without the need to "lead" or engage in any conflicts, to keep the Peace in the partnerships you have going on in your realit- ...for Now.   Modify this imagery onto the Global pictures and "stories" you are looking at currently.   This more passive (2) position will be quite temporary, as this intensive (11) opportunity cycle represents a period of questioning our deep convictions and tightly held reality beliefs with unusual ease of acceptance.  Choice is also represented by the  (2) symbology, and indicates a springboard opportunity in the direction of the Vision or project in question.    

With (11), the opportunity to quickly re-arrange your neuron connections come from the faster impulses of the frequency vibrations that are "scheduled" for you in your holo-deck games.  
Things appear to happen "fast" with (11), and (5).   In this, 
are you ready to commit to taking responsibility for what you are experiencing as a FULL TIME focus?   Say yes, and you've taken the Red pill.   Say no, and All is still Perfect- the opportunities that you DO create by default will lead you to address this question of Self accountability again, and again.  It's the ONLY way out of the lower frequency Matrix reality.  

This month, SPEAK THE STORIES THAT YOU PREFER to experience.  As the (11) influx of exacting INSIGHT and ILLUMINATION washes over you, the imagery and information within them for YOU can be shared with others with successful feedback immediately. 

With (11), immediate rewards are gained by taking the High Road, which comes at the "risk" of releasing aspects of False Personality-which translates as any experience of constriction, obstruction, or victimization, or assertions based in f/e/a/r. 

Robert Downey Jr & Sting: Driven To Tears
Avoidance, Misdirection or Manipulation others by deception or omission will create an immediate energetic whiplash.  YOU are charged this month with remaining vigilant of your expressions- and, as The 4 Agreements echoes
BE IMPECCABLE in Your WORDS.   Your (emotionalized) Truth is your manifestational launch pad.  Self Truth will allow you to move much closer to your Eternal Powers- much quicker.  

Those of you who are committed toward Misdirection and Manipulations in a historic sense, will be finding themSelves staring directly at themSELVES in the Mirror reality experience. 
Payback is a bitch, baby.  Unless, of course, you choose FORGIVENESS.   
Self Forgiveness and Retribution can come easily and quickly when there is a committed change of intention.  It's ok to change your mind about ANY thing!  It's YOUR REALITY, ISN'T IT??!!!
Just tell the Truth, and let the chips fall where they may. 

This month, you can have it your way.  But, be willing to take immediate responsibility for the reverberations of your "songs" and "stories" coming out of your own mouth.  
While "choosing" according to one's own maturity level is a given in all growth experience, this month is not about being "perfect". 
Know that we Love our hard contrasts as tools and skill-building exercises.  Let it go, and MOVE ON- or re-state your intentions with the necessary adjustments in more alignment with your own Creative Visions. 
Inspiration and Insight that comes so fast and suddenly, sometimes- can lead you to "see" the Light, and highlight or reveal your habitual choices which may not have lead in the direction of One Expanding.  

It's helpful for some to keep track of the Now focus experiences with an eye on the successes.   Perhaps making a note of your waking "wishes" for the day, and then make some time before retiring to take an accounting of your increasing experiential successes as you ponder your day.  Self confidence is the key to standing up to bat this lesson out of the park in regards to the REWARDS that standing in your absolute Truth brings.   

YOU will be the One who will decide what you prefer after a cycle of very clear and exacting engagements with your own words of manifestation in relation to SELF IDENTITY as a Creator BEing and what you are attracting to you to experience in personally powerful terms of accountability.   If you messed up, just admit it out loud, and don't repeat the experiment that brought you to that conclusion.  

Bruce Lipton proposed a rhetorical question, 
HOW DO YOU CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH?, in this segment of a recorded interview with Lilou Mace- 
  [   ]

He translates: 
When we're in LOVE, (NOW), the Conscious mind doesn't want to travel.... Because it's already getting everything it needs and wants right Here/ AND (NOW) so, why would it want to leave???
He then goes further to explain that when You stay absorbed and focused in the CONSCIOUS Mind-set (con-science Mind) in those moments of "bliss" - or, JOY Inspired ABSORPTION and FOCUS, then YOU're Creating everything that your expanding Self /PREFERS effortlessly.
And, when your Conscious mind-set and Joyful NOW focus is released  (for ANY reason/thing/thought ) your focus then drops back into SUB-CONSCIOUS mind-set (those habitual and unwanted reactions), removed from Self responsibility. 

With (11), IMAGERY is a primary form of data delivery.  
If you have glimpses of imagery that are telling you a story- your TRANSLATION of this imagery is for You, firstly.  But, as you speak or share data, translations of imagery or your experience "stories" , your language will predict the outcome exactly for You.  

So, you can see how keeping your "lenses" clear of judgement and f/e/a/r based perspectives can help your manifestation Mastery, and foster the ease and flow of the increments of Self expansion experience.  

If you are artistically inclined, April will open up a flood of Inspiration and drive to express what you are "seeing" in your internal landscape and in the Mirror.  Be prepared to make sketches, make design notes, or expand on any project that can include others in co-fascilitation or co-Creativity.  Teams, groups, partnerships are highlighted in this opportunity.  Mutual respect is a sign that the project can be nurtured through to fruition, but the personnel may change as it goes through its manifestational steps.  

"Magical Properties of Mac and Cheese" by Barbara Karnes 2014
Share your insights and flashes of Creative brilliance with Joyful innocence, and respect for your audience and your Creative partnerships.  
The resulting INSPIRATION that you stimulate will come back exponentially, in (11) frequency opportunity cycles. 

Instructions for this month's (11) expansion opportunity reads: 

"USE YOUR Loving FRIENDS and partnerships WISELY!   Listen withIn, and Play Truthfully and intelligently with the reflections in the Mirror.  For best results, Repeat as needed. "

Until the Next-
I hold the image of ALL in Well BEing NOW, as ever.  


ps:  this link brings you to a WONDERFUL Translation and further imagery on the opportunities that are available for All in April.