Friday, August 23, 2013


(6) Global Month
(6) Global Year

*note: i'm finding that the translation for the coming month seems to come easier to bring forth around the (Time) of the incoming numbers' entry of influence.... in the monthly cycle, it begins the last week of the current month.  I also have been finding a mid-month re-visit to be helpful for some who are deep in the experience of the opportunities [of the undulating frequencies which found the Time experience platform].  When that mid-month re-visit translation is done and posted i will be including a link to it at the bottom of the initial broad-view translation of the month.  Thanks to All who send me notes and nods - :) !   LOVE You, too!  Namaste'!


You will always find more precisely pertinent data for you in your PERSONAL Timing in the opportunities within your own Time map cycles.  Your personal opportunities affect your experiences within the Mirror.  

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There is a saying: "What you resist, you eventually become."  This month I would have to take this opportunity in our expanded understanding of our personal accountability in Now Presence, to remind that what we resist is already a part of us by the mere persistence of thoughts and belief(s) about our own Selves, and our reflections in the outer world "reality" in the Mirror of the Time/Space platform.

There is a story from an incident that occurred during a battle in the vietnam war - where the Americans were on one side of a rice field, and the Vietnamese opposition was on the other side as they engaged in active fire upon the other across this field.....  A small group of Buddhist Monks approached the sideline of one side to cross the center of the field... as they filed out into the field in their bright saffron colored robes.  They focused on the path immediately before their feet...never looking either right or left. Both sides stopped firing their weapons and they spritely made their way across the field unharmed, leaving behind permanent imprints of those magical moments within the individuals of both sides regarding their participation in the battle. 
And This is what is in store for our own Selves in Septembers' frequencies of concentrated (6) opportunities.  This story is a window for reflecting on the key opportunities and gifts of the current Time frequencies which are still engaging us in our testing of our FOCUS on our individual and "outer world" reflections and experiences.  This whole year of (6) gifts and expansion opportunities is leading us on a path of healing through re-alignment- or, Balance in relationship, questioning the rules of engagement, and drawing lines in the sand.   Full transparency- or TRUTH is demanding to be "seen"because we, the individuals, are ready to take responsibility for our Eternal Multi-dimensionality Presence.  

As an experiential translator, The Numbers (IN Time) have been insightful indicators of the rising frequencies of our growth opportunities, bringing us to this point of demanding balance in Love, and fairness in ALL RELATIONSHIPS for 2013.  You might want to go back and review the previous Time Vibe posts and think back to your own process and adventures in Self Knowledge and Love so far this year.  It's not quite "over" and Septembers (6) only emphasizes the intention of the collective experience (as individuals FIRST) in this re-alignment of intentions.  We are actively sorting out the next level of negotiations regarding personal preferences based on the NEW Time ideals in the direction of Peace and healthy personal boundaries in all the glorious colors of Eternal Love.  
While some opportunities and responses are in ease and flow, know that ALL challenges and discomfort is coming from within YOU.   Sometimes we have to run a high fever before the doorway to true Well-ness can be entered again.  Be willing to change your mind and some unhealthy and unproductive beliefs this month... as you negotiate your path with Love.  Healing through balance is imminent.  YOU are the Creator coming into your I AM Knowing. 

Gather and nurture your own Now Presence in the balance of your Truth.  Let the chips fall where they may, because YOU are the Creator of the reality that you are living, despite what you may be observing in the mirror.   This bears repeating constantly.  You have observed that those relationships and connections that do NOT serve your expansion are breaking apart and falling away.  New connections- or the re-negotiations of the old relationships will be more uplifting for your Next level of awareness, and suit you much better.  
If YOU are resisting the changes from within your Self- which are being reflected to you from the Mirror IN Time as struggle, conflict, and dis-ease, these will appear much more pronounced based on the Old Time beliefs and fear programs.
YOUR choice, your trip- no judgement here- but don't expect some  "otherSelves" to wait for you anymore.  The Time of Love NOW has arrived.  If you already have Knowing of this and have manifested evidence in your own  Time experience- your consistent NOW focus will smooth the way for you during the changing of the scenery before you in your New TIME playground- just like the story of the Monks.  It may look disconcerting, but you'll get through it with Knowing that in Now Presence ALL is very well.  

If you're reading this, then you have noticed this in both the Global arena, as well as in your personal experiences. 
The other shoe is dropping - and there is no stopping the expansion that we have been asking for - no, DEMANDING- of our Selves and the world that we observe in the Mirror.   
The active frequencies of August (IN Time) pretty much hammered us with vibrations that instigated further the widening cracks in our realities that urge us to expand- to BE the CHANGE and primary influence of our own "worlds", and to Know that We are much more than what we once believed we were- or could DO.   In September, the tempo is changing again to a more objective tone... you'll find that it may be a bit easier to BE the Love this month no matter what is happening around you.  

As we "watch" others in the Mirror and take it all in- feelings of preferences surface.  Often at first these feelings are undefinable and we can re-act out of habit, or we can stop and listen to the urgings of Higher Self and maintain a calm and cool response that upholds our deeper Knowing that All is well.  In my personal case- my body was speaking- LOUDLY, and it was impossible to ignore the message it was vibrating.  
I Know, personally, from where i speak on this.  Like You, I AM the one i have to watch out for when it comes to clearing the remaining mental Old Time loops in the trap of the revolving door beliefs of "out there".   There is no falling asleep again at this point.  We recognize the false belief after some unwanted manifestations appear- and then we make a CHOICE as to what feels BETTER to believe and participate in. 
Act "as if" you are in well-BEing, and then LOOK FOR the plentiful opportunities in ease and flow to balance out and re-align with the New beliefs- and it will be SO.  
If you persist to tussle with others about who's "right" and "wrong" - you'll find yourself back two steps and talking about the same ole' "schtuff" with much more dis-comfort and dis-ease manifesting immediately for  both you- and any others who participate with you in the periphery.  

The Time for living Love IS NOW. 

This month, You'll be assisted by visual cues, body language and other messages of intention, from "mediators" and other such "healing " tools, and personnel.  Love them, even if they propose bittersweet pills for the cure.  Review the options with your Heart- NOT fear- before you and choose with Love for Self first.   Loving Self does NOT include intrusion upon another's wishes or preferences- so back off.   Instead, open your own way to establish an agreement as to what you will or won't participate with in your Heart and body, and what is Next for you to create with these New options unfolding before you as you hold your In Love, Now balance.    You won't have a choice in this new level of Self respect that is forming all around the Time, Hold the thought that there IS no assertion - there is ONLY attraction, remembering that YOU are accountable-   NOW....and that- 
There IS no "out there" out there!
Fred Alan Wolf: (full)

This month (IN Time) brings opportunities to secure the Love and respect that is the foundation between individuals which will be deliberately and emphatically brought forth in conversations and engagements with your "otherSelves" in the Time platform. 
Pull your Self into NOW more consistently- and observe what is really happening in your own "Time" playground.  You'll have more balanced objectivity, and hear your own preferences more clearly, and participate more comfortably within your Hearts directives.  (6) always indicates that opportunities are available for Fear patterns to heal and dissipate with conscious awareness of the internal shifts toward Self Love and accountability.  
What was once "Righteous indignation" will take an INTERNAL stand regarding "who's the boss over Me and what I create" - and revolutionary movements will begin to gather real clout and movement toward stabilization from talks and counter-offers that uphold the healing and balance of resources.  Peace talks will have farther reaching reverberations.  Fairness and inclusion are taking root this month.  Agreeing to disagree is just the beginning though.  
So, instead of : 

... the relationship and preferences of engagement, and atmosphere, is evolving into : 

This month, Intelligent and respectful DIALOG will open doors to the release of resentment, victimization, and looking for Love in ALL the wrong places.   Mass communications WILL take a noticable turn toward Truth.   Some issues in the mix are still undecided due to insufficient DATA- which will begin to flow next month (7).   With strong lines being drawn in relationships and new and unwavering intentions making changes in many physical manifestations and reflections, there will be more "space" for gathering further personal preference data beginning the last week of September and in the whole of OCTOBER (7), which will continue for a year there on actively through 2014, ... but more  on this later- 
If you find that you are unable to mediate a Peaceful interchange and resolution, then the Loving thing to DO might just be to LET IT GO.  To cease and desist in the idea of control, manipulation, and/or "hanging on" via martyrdom.  You know who you are.  

Many individuals have been experiencing a physical cleansing phase this year in preparation for the Next level of expansion.  Cellular memories are clearing, and some old wounds have festered in the battle between Love and Fear within.  This month clearing opportunities present themselves in gentle nudges- or by slamming you with Self implosions which may manifest quickly if you are demanding - or bullying- that you get your own way [over someone else] right this minute and stubbornly resisting the changes from within.   Just LET GO-and see what it brings you instead of what you thought you wanted which was based on the rigidity of fear.  This is a Time of flexibility.  BE flexible, obstacles morph into opportunities.   
Frustrated? ... Then refer to The 4 Things That We Know For Sure on the side-bar here for quick reassurance of what is really happening-...that being the introduction to the Love frequency expressed by YOU.   

 Each of us in this process are flip-flopping back and forth in and OUT  of Time.  Be patient with others as they process their own changes.  Sometimes it can take a few days to get your Self together and balanced again after a bout of uncertainty or disruption of your Now groove.  This is usually due to your own  growth pains and residual resistance to the emotional healing and reality shift.   Just consider these momentary "issues" to be the little "weeds" in the garden of your Life.  We Love them- and they have value in other environments.  They teach about preferences in the contrast- but NOT in your New garden. 
Love All... and relax back into NOW - where you are ALWAYS safe, Loved- and never alone- for YOU are a sparkle of Prime Creator.   

I AM THAT I AM.... and so are YOU.      The simplicity of the transcendental/expansion objective is ALWAYS to practice NOW Presence in Love for as long as you can.  This month will show you this with no guessing as to what is happening to you and your New view in your  "out there" Mirror.   I wish you clear Vision and Inspired action in your naturally Loving Now Presence.  

Until the Next- i will hold the image of 
All in Love in NOW

Namaste' !