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TIME VIBE: SEPTEMBER - Part 2 / OCTOBER 2013 - Part 1 - ReVisioning YOUR Energy and Focus

September  (6) / October (7) / 2013 (6) 

Before we get into the main translation at this point of moving into the Next monthly frequency opportunities and gifts of expansion, i want to point out the Master number frequencies that are taking hold- that is to say- they are being UTILIZED more widely by individuals with intention in our New Time reality.

Here's a broad view of the Master Number 22 that is coming right up and will bring opportunities to kick in deliberate focus for us for the next couple of months as we continue to work out our collective (6) lessons and opportunities regarding our intentions in RELATIONSHIPS, and finding BALANCE by taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for our focus on our beliefs, our preferences, and our worthiness to BE the Eternal Multi-dimensional Creators that we truly ARE.  
* As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will influence the over-arching Global Time experience, so- you should check your own Timing position for the details of your personal opportunities within the Global view- by calculating and reviewing your personal number frequenciesHERE. 

(4) : (22) - Opportunities for the Master builder:
While a base (4) frequency brings activities and the need for working with the structures of Time, rules and agreements, systems and order, plans and designs, and putting the foundations of something into place, (22) brings a dynamic influence of intentions and cooperation in founding projects that are in service to the general populace; ALL peoples, creatures and resources...and in high level communications for and on behalf of the larger reflection of co-creeators in the Mirror of the Time experience.  

As with all Master Number frequencies, the utmost focus on fairness and balance is what will bring the results in ways that will profoundly benefit the recipients of the resulting project intentions.  Again, Self serving intentions will implode in ways that would never be expected, and evidence of the diminishment of the potentials can reduce down to extreme rigidity and social compulsiveness beyond reason.  Prison's are an example of (22) gone awry.  The internet and other mass communications systems, and Healing and educational centers are examples productive use of this energy.

We also have September, 9/22 & 9/23 (11 global day ), 9/27 (22 global day) - with more master numbers beginning to reverberate more loudly within the "higher" Gaia frequqencies as the New Time intention is taking over.  (Watch these Master Number days for evidence of the things that the Gaia Portal website issues out as the  "frequency watch" point report.)  We are All definitely heading into the Time and opportunities and AWARENESS of the quantum frequencies that the Master Numbers bump us up into....    our MINDS- via thoughts and beliefs are getting MUCH more powerfully productive- or destructive, depending on which side of the New Time line you choose to focus on.  It's best to keep focus only on what we are wanting- those who are here to disassemble the Old Time are in their places and stepping up Now more each day.
Let them.  
They have the energy and the know-how, and they have NO fear.  Each are responding to the signals to step up and DO their parts.  Others are working on re-building the New Time foundations , and some are assisting with Bridges for a smoother TRANSITION, such as we are in in this "Birthing" of our New Time Presence and intentions in the current (6) frequencies.  2014 will be comprised of 201 + ( 4) : which harmonizes as a Global (7) opportunity frequency and there will be much more data incoming to the individual Presences participating in the collective holodeck experience.  As the data is absorbed throughout 2014 by the daily increasing wave of awakening participants, it will be appropriately sorted thru- with Absolute Knowing, and with that no-nonsense (4) frequency of DOing things that is truly part of Intelligent design for the PURPOSE of the Millennial intention of (2) : communion, cooperation, connection, partnership, sharing (inclusion), and truly taking to Heart:  "I AM Another YourSelf".  However, that free-wheeling feeling of having access to ALL that you need will still not be available to the  awakening masses until closer to 2015, but this means that WE get to redifine the resources that we already have on hand and give them more expanded PURPOSE as TOOLS for getting to the Next.   And there will ALWAYS be a "Next".  Baby-steppin' OUT of Time into the Next is becoming more clear- and more FUN, for the most part.  
That is, as long as we are CHOOSING to remain in our powerful Now Presence and Love focus.
As you move through your own Time Map- which directly influences the collective (Global ) frequencies activities, try to remember that this ALL is about YOU!   If you ever forget your Self accountability- the collective "clock" will remind you because that IS what the (1) of this decade is about- YOUR Self identity and Presence as the Eternal Multi-dimensional Creator BEing: 
I AM THAT I AM.   If you don't figure anything else out about the "outer reality" int he Time holodeck- you WILL and DO have each and every NOW to figure out who YOU are, and what you are really capable of as an Eternal Essence, and Sparkle of PRIME Creator, little ANGEL, You!  FLAP those wing buds!  Get used to the BEing that you truly ARE.   NO-body stands between YOU and Prime Source now that You KNOW that You EXIST.    Take that to Heart and FLY.  
November (8) WILL bring more opportunities for DYNAMIC ADMINISTRATION of the shared resources and the positioning of the appropriate personnel who will assist these events into the awareness of the general populace of participants in this Time Cycle experience shift.   As October (7) comes closer- and more specifically by the 21st of September, through the end of  October new information will be brought forth into public view.  New opportunities via tools, resources, and personnel will surface.  Take Time to ponder what you are wanting to create in your reality, and be willing to work with the materials, etc at hand FOR NOW...remember that this is a TRANSITION period of experience.  And it's COMPLETELY based on the choices YOU are making in any given NOW.  Your thoughts will become more transparent to everyone- but especially to You.  What are you believing is TRUTH?  IS IT something that feels GOOD?  Are you finding that your mindLESS internal mutterings are presenting themselves and manifesting faster?  By the Spring of 2014, what you think and create will be undeniably YOUR choice, and you will be continuing the mental/rational/intuitive research until the summer of 2014, when the Time and urges will come to begin to initiate some serious ACTION and rearrangement of the resouces and personnel that you/WE have gathered into position for some DYNAMIC changes and New Time administration of experience in a New Time reality and New Time body.
It's still too "early" in this active Birth process to sing in the collective reality- but you can sing to your Self each and every NOW, as YOUR focus IS the energy and intention that is bringing forth this "New Child" OF PRESENCE into the New Time frequencies with Love, and Balance.
You must KNOW that 
"Everything Is coming Our Way"!  


September's double  ( 6) opportunities bring opportunities to see the imbalances on a wider scale- by a wider viewing audience of Participants.  Many are poised to take new postions of particiaption to find the BALANCE that is needed to move forward.  We must remember, as individual sparks of Eternal Essence that there are new friends and lovers and fresh opportunites unfolding each day in Time - within each NOW that is OUT of Time.  Our "healing" of our old, and inhibiting beliefs and ways of relating will need to be practiced  MORE consciously as we continue to re-negotiate our way into the Next level of participation with each reflectional SELF in the mirror, and with our own Visions that are unfolding one Now at a Time.

I'll be back with more Numbers In Time frequency insight in OCTOBER'S translation.  

TIME VIBE:  OCTOBER 2013 - (part 2)

Until the Next-
I will hold the image that..... 

*No matter where you go, or what you are doing, 
or whom you are with, May it BE Your dominant intentions- 

*to have immediate and unending access to Your ABSOLUTE Value, in ease and flow

 * to look for and allow 
the JOYFUL Expansion that You are wanting;

to attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that are in Harmony with Your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance! 

In Love NOW, as ever- 

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