Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TIME VIBE: AUGUST 2013 - Acceleration of Expansion


August 2013: Part 1 

(5) Global month 
(6) Global year


I completely respect that there are many other translations of these same evolutionary Time perspectives using different translation tools. The following is the perspective on the activities (in the Time Mirror) from my little perch using what i use - the Numbers of Time, once again.   I always advocate Self responsibility in the perusal of a broad spectrum of perspectives, and then observing the events and opportunities of your own experiences in the Mirror.   

You can review the previous TIME VIBE postings leading to this Time frequency translation installment on the right side bar : 2013 TIME TRANSLATIONS. 

You will always find more precisely pertinent data for you in your PERSONAL Timing in the opportunities within your own Time map cycles.  Your personal opportunities affect your experiences within the Mirror.  

You can go HERE to calculate your own personal positioning and opportunities.  
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Beginning the last week of July- and through August, a palpable acceleration in the unfolding of New Time opportunities for personal Now focus will be unmistakeable to anyone who dares to look up from the illusory perspective of "anchorage" to the Time platform.  

The activities and events in the outer space Mirror reality are beginning to manifest the glorious buds of New Time determination and focus jutting out of the first layers of the new agreements and procedures that are the bridgework of this transition for All participants within the Time classroom platform.

As you might relate, in astrological terms, within the planetary alignments on July 29th....and again in the latter half of August-   

personal balance is necessary as the ride is going to be fast and exciting, yet still not quite clear for much of the participating population- as a massive influx of data, the appearance of new connections and harmonious allies, rapid communications, will stimulate the undeniable urge to break free from constricting beliefs and mechanisms that are pointedly obsolete for those poised to leap - and stay - in the New Time reality. 

Rhysa translates:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AI0l_YyKoo

Those participants who are feeling their own personal solidarity building in the past few months are standing up to the gusts and blusters of the [testing] platform, and are gaining both strength and momentum in the manifestational realignments of the collective intention to move toward a cooperative, inclusive, Love-based New Time reality.   Inclusion means that bridges are quite necessary for All participants to shift.  Those that are not quite awake to this option will be stimulated this month as well.  Watch for signs of this in your individual circles of co-creative experience.  Those that you have not expected to come along for the fun and excitement of free-willed expansion in New Time will begin to surprise you.  Unexpected events will usher the way for All
Like the archetype of The Fool, this little image is carrying in his satchel the ABSOLUTE and un-revoke-able  DATA (Knowledge) that I AM/ YOU are the Value.  Your focus on what you are WANTING, NOW,  is all that you need- and, your focus in your NOW Presence as a Multi-dimensional Creator BEing is your Source of power.  
In (6) frequency cycles, ALL Self expressions are being examined- so, USE YOUR RIGHT WORDS.  Stick to speaking of what you WANT, and avoid any expression of the unwanted in all Now moments.  

I AM THAT I AM is the Ultimate mantra, and handy in any moment of confusion or imbalance, as well as a precursor to any spoken or unspoken intention.  
But, it never hurts to be a little more specific to clear the path ahead, so here ya' go:  
Pre-Paving 101:  

(5) frequency opportunities often appear very colorful and exciting because (5) is about breaking free from dogma and all things constrictive to explore ideas and pathways of Eternal expansion into the Next.   Often these opportunities will seem to come very quickly and from all directions at once, and all of them bringing a new and exciting OPTION - direction for you to flow.   

Remember PERCEPTION is exaggerated in this expansive stimulation in a (5) frequency cycle, and all sensorial experiences are enhanced.   Perception can be far askew if using a fear lens. 

(Value) WINDFALLS are a common Gift of this frequency because of the intense (5) desire to expand which attracts them.  Therefore, August will show you just how fast you can manifest what you are thinking and believing - like nobody's business!  

That said, ...sometimes, our eyes are bigger than our capacity to digest what has been suddenly set before us on the banquet table.   Picking and choosing your opportunities from a point of BALANCE is necessary in this flurry of activity, or YOU will attract and open your own Self to confusion and a diffusion of efficacy of any actions undertaken via (5) hyper-stimulation of the senses and perceptions (in Time).   
Your natural power and BALANCE is always in the NOW.  

In this months (5) opportunities, New relationships may look very enticing, and may be quite stimulating to you - for a while.  
But, by the end of August, we will once again return to the Knowing of our Personal interests, and re-set the boundaries in clear but Loving ways.  Only those partnerships that are in harmony with intentions for balance and fairness will be able to weather the ride.  Partings will either be mutually desired (and quick) because intelligent recognition and respect of the Other is upheld;    Or, they can become obsessive and very painful, because of resistance to Self awareness and acceptance of healthy balanced boundaries are not understood or respected.  
It just depends on which side of the Time platform you are choosing to focus: the Old Time belief habits of LACK and struggle; or,- the New Time opportunities of Loving, expansive, INCLUSION.   

Your trip - Your choice, always
If you're reading this, you already Know that
YOU are the One you have been waiting for.  
Are you ready to Rock n' Roll?!!

The global (6) frequency will continue to hold space for you to step back often and re-align into Now for better digestion of the deeper intentions of the presenting opportunities as best you can within the perception of the high velocity of their arrival and the excitement of their appearance.  

In (5) frequency there comes an urge to play with your Self in ways you might not have thought about before.   New sensations of Presence can be titillating.   Expect to be tested in this cycle of hyper-stimulation for your own proof of diligence and commitment to participating in the New Time reality wearing your Now Presence to see through any deceptions and distractions that will also be within the mix of this flood of options, new friends and connections and the opportunities they will offer.  
The Trojan horse comes to mind here.  
Any misunderstandings will be sorted out in September (6), and by October (7) the New colors of Life will be pondered and sorted, analyzed and introspected upon by individual Presence for the furthering of deliberate design within Time experience.  
October will be a harbinger of the focus and events of 2014 (in Time), and I intend to discuss this more fully in that month's TIME VIBE installment. 

The appearance of the forward 2, and back 1- of this Birth of the New Humanity fully into the New Time will continue for a while longer (in Time), as transitional bridges are fortified and tended to with New beliefs and means to manifest and solidify the desires of the collective intention more Holistically in 2015: (8) global Year, (in Time).  This includes the declarations of the re-alignment of shared resources, as well as the re-alignment of the appropriate personnel in the appropriate positions for design assistance and nurturance of this process.  

But, back to the present- A sense of adventure also comes with August's (5) frequency.  So, while the desire to explore new avenues and exciting and new Beings to play with appear, there is an ever deepening ability to remember your deeper intentions and directives to stick to the point of NOW as you navigate these new friendships and connections with an eye on your own balance and boundaries, and your capacity to Love and Forgive in the Now Moment.  
Again, and Again- REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, and with whom the true power lies. 

YOU exist as a Spark of the Eternal All- and the ultimate OBSERVER of your Time classroom experience.  If things are rolling too fast for you to remain balanced- remember that you are only running a "training program" from which you can emotionally disengage in any given moment of NOW.  

The ongoing gifts of the current (6) global frequency (in Time) are still teaching us accountability and respect throughout the rest of this annual cycle of 2013.  All present and participating within the Time reality are subject to these gifts and lessons, no matter how "high" a perch they think they are participating from, who they hang with, or, what they believe they possess materially, over any other BEing.   
NObody who diddles within Time is above it All.  And, those who pop in and around the Time dimensions simply have certain Knowledge, and have honed certain focus skills.  

Everything you NEED to master these skills and perspectives of Multi-Dimensional Creator-ship is withIN You already- and ready to GO!  
Once again: YOU are the only one who believes and ALLOWS what you are seeing in the Mirror reality of lower frequencies of Time.   Ignore the blustering of the Illusory testing platform of Time.   Anticipate and ALLOW what you are really wanting to come directly TO you.  

Make your experiences this month be a game of 
"Know, and LOVE, Thy Self in each and every NOW" !  
AUGUST 2013- PART 2:  

Until the Next-
I will hold the image that..... 

No matter where you go, or what you are doing, 
or whom you are with, it is Your dominant intention- 

*to have immediate and unending access to Your ABSOLUTE Value in ease and flow

 * to look for and allow 
the JOYFUL Expansion that You are wanting;

to attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that are in Harmony with Your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance! 

In Love, as ever- 

(Numbers In Time : the simple language of Numbers - Part 1)