Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TIME VIBE: May 2013- PART 2

Does IT Look Like what You THOUGHT it would Look like? 

May: (11:2 Global Month) 

The New Time is taking me by surprise here and there along The Way  in my own journey.  But, i'm hanging in there with You- and, most of the Time, delightfully so.   

As i presented a base translations of the opportunities offered us in (May 2013: PART ONE)at Mid month, we see much upliftment and evidence of the New Self Identity growing in the individual consciousnesses everywhere.  What comes before this for All participants in this shift, is the necessary DATA that unlocks the door to the hamster wheel that was once life in the lower frequencies of Time. 

The within my own circle of Co-Creator Beings, including the most recent postings and online connections- the newly chosen Now Presence is ON FIRE with a more stable sense of Self confidence and a long awaited KNOWING that is flooding in to flip the switches ON  that have been constricting this data and energy.   Validation that we are embarking the New Time reality is all around us.  LOOK for it- it's even in mainstream news sources lately- maybe on page 3- but there none-the-less.

Transparency is beginning to root, and the higher frequency news is spreading far and wide that taking responsibility for SELF beliefs and issuing forth personal intention for expansion above and beyond the old social "norms" of deception of control through - making evidence of choices more clear and exacting. 

Throughout this year (6),  (2013:6), and , in particular, this (11) global month, we are in a peak position for gaining new information and further reaching insights on all of that we thought we knew via high frequency communications.  
THIS MONTH- all psychic antennae are up, and One only need to stick out your tongue to taste the changes in the ethers and Beyond. 
One the more prominent gifts of our (6) year is the resolution of key relationship issues.  As a lens magnifies, the (11:2) global month frequency  amplifies all interactions regarding relationship issues- which are highlighted for All Time travelers in due course of CHANGE.  Clear, concise communications can be had, relationships can heal overnight, and Truths can tumble out suddenly causing the blow-out that clears the air and brings the true identity solidification:  YOURS. 
This includes ALL creative relationships: between project partners, co-workers, comrades, intimate relationships, familial & authority figures;  And, also- personal health related issues born of Self relationship beliefs.  

BE Love in all that you are experiencing because thoughts are quite audible in this months lessons in etheric conductivity.  
ALL are coming to a new understanding of their own responsibly to stand in their Truth, NOW.  Clearly, more and more individuals are willing to make the necessary releases that encourage natural ease and flow of experience.  We're much SMARTER this month, due to freshly opened channels of energy FLOW in the expansion of Now Creativity.    The word "constriction", and any of its synonyms, are being used less and less in the current "speak".  More and more i am hearing the new language syntax of the New Time ,where the tone of language has become 
 focused  on verbal expression which is fused with creative power- intentionally, and with MUCH more optimism, and inclusion. 

This month meditations, dreams, and interactions are harmonizing the alternate perspectives on our plates, and the feast is feeding our hunger for change and balance - and bringing it in ways we only thought were in our dreams.    When taking in the (11) frequency opportunities, we often find them manifesting in the lower (2) frequency gifts and opportunities concurrently.   
These (2) opportunity gifts include new partnerships, collective projects, travel, residence changes, and re-initiating previous relationships on new footing, or concluding them-and, for recognizing ongoing connection for purpose of maintaining focus on a co-creative project's objective- for the project's sake.....

New understandings of and between the co-creative participants in our personal journey is underway.  The powerful frequencies are showing themselves in many forms and from many directions so they are not easily missed.   This particular avenue of translation validates these via the  transmuting (11) Time frequency opportunities which are bringing expanded insights on old issues, and makes way for the transitioning process that is ONGOING for the whole of One, based in the individual consciousness experiences of the I AM, Self, that is beginning the deliberate Creative processes of Human Multi-dimensionality-in the New Time reality. 

Not all of the other Beings you have been interacting with will walk the same path as your Self, or follow where you are heading ....but this frequency wave brings openings in maintaining the Love connection while releasing the old rules of engagement within the 3 concentric circles of awareness (in Time).  
With the (6) opportunities for grasping personal accountability to Love and BE Loved, (in Time) we use the reflection of our Selves in relationship between , circle (1) Me and Me; circle (2) Me and the close community of family, work, mates, and earth Time social engagements; and, then, circle (3) between Me and the Grand Scheme of it All- If we are PRESENT it is through the lenses of Love, Beauty, and Balance, within each circle's experience.

You can go to any number of postings here in this for quick Now Presence reminder resources- or, tune in to your favorite Masters of Now for DATA that you were not able to absorb previously- while the doors and windows are open and flowing with high frequencies directed right at You- FOR You!

As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will be influenced by the over-arching global Time, and you should check your own Timing position for the details of your personal opportunities within the Global view by calculating your personal numbersHERE.   

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In Love, NOW-

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