Tuesday, January 1, 2013

TIME VIBE: 2013 Frequencies PRIMER


The GIFTS of 6: 

Six [6]: To mirror Beauty; (Balance, Responsibility, Nurturance, Truth in Love).

The Gift of Linear Perception (IN TIME)

In order to take advantage of the Time mechanism for practice and mastery of your awakening Divine Creative Presence (in Time) as a MULITi-DIMENSIONAL BEING,  the PERCEPTION of Linear experience allows examination of the processes of Divine Presence and Creativity in sequential cycles.


The OPPORTUNITIES (in Time) serve to support and develop your Multi-dimensional skills and talents, and mastery of Your personal objectives as a Divinely Sovereign Multi-dimensional Creator Being. 

The numerological descriptors are based in the collective Timing cycles of the most commonly used calendar system of linear perception currently in use here in Earth 3-4D focus (in Time).  They describe the tone of the evolutionary intentions and activities of the frequencies involved.  

The Global Day, Month, and Year  cycles describe the general objectives of the collective consciousness (in Time), to which all individuals contribute from within their own personal year cycle focus.    


2013: 6 Global Year 
(6) Global Year is an annual cycle that brings a sequence of opportunities for us to  seek balance between the relationship of projected collective ideals of Connection and Cooperation within the outer co-created reality; to reflect the Truth of Love, and the Beauty that IS present; and to develop healthy boundaries regarding responsibility based on inclusion of All community members, and fairness.   Balance through LOVE and NURTURANCE is the deepest directive of this frequency.  

2013 (in Time) is an opportunity for clarifying desires and intentions of the collective toward Harmony in the direction of the Millennial Vision of (2ooo), and collectively move toward the re-setting of the rules of engagement in Peaceful balance, free from constriction based on false identities and beliefs, and centered in accountability.   TRUTHS WILL BE REVEALED, and DEALT WITH via Divine Right Action.   

Altho the mechanical activities will process more quickly than they did in 3D Time, it will be obvious that the healing (in Time) for both the Mother and the collective will continue to be perceived as sequential and orderly as we engage in the uptake of the higher frequencies and their natural influence upon the Divine Sovereigns in training.   

This Year will primarily be the year of the Teacher, Translator, Nurturer, Mediator,  as we sift and sort through what is healthy and what is not in activities to rectify the imbalances- materially and Spiritually.  This view is supported by the sub-elements underlying the annual collective objective emphasizing cooperation and acceptance, 
(2 Gift: Two [2]: To recognize that we are not alone; (connection, cooperation, patience, communication, community, relationship);  (long term cycle/millenium)

 (1 Gift:  One [1]: To Know that I AM;(Beginnings; ideas;independence; Self Centered; Self Aware; Self Contained); (medium term cycle/decade)  
(3 Gift:  Three [3]: To Express Awareness and JOY of Experience and Self with Gratitude; (words, song, taste, sharing, free-flow & ease).  (annual cycle)

The MAIN tool for the projected Vision, for the expanding Divine individuals will come from MULTI-MEDIA venues.   The main stream of information will certainly be audio/visual- yet, this year the emphasis will be on VISUAL cues as the collective begins to not only view activities and intentions with MUCH more clarity of Truth, but also begin to interact with extra-dimensional energies in more accepting ways after witnessing the presence of  them in their own experiences with much more Trust and Knowing beyond the limited scope of vision in the outer space reality that was the accepted norm.  
OTHER MULTI-DIMENSIONALS will walk amongst us- and people will be able to pick up on their presence, and,begin to SEE them as a normal aspect of their new presence.   

6 themed tunes of Truth in Love....

NO- This isn't the false, "i only love you when you please me, do for me, fix me "- kind of Love.  Those days are over, so this habit will be broken through the new naturally occurring transparency  that the collective heightened intuition brings, and the more substantially founded, and LASTING, big "L" Love will replace that game of delusion in the Illusion. 

Some folks may have to dig DEEP for this kind of Love to appear in their realities initially, but it's where we are going none-the-less.   Release of the past pain and suffering the injured psyche's of the masses must be transcended, and will be tended to with deliberate focus In order to get to this point of BIG L kind of Love humming as the norm of nurturance.  
We will need to remove boundaries and limiting beliefs and transparency from WITHIN first, so that we can ALLOW the healing force of FORGIVENESS to work it's miracles.  Once we are freed to Love our Selves, we automatically view the outer space reality with this same lens.  CHOOSE Love, Now, and watch the world right itself with ease and flow for All who will participate in the Love opportunities- beginning with YOU, and your world.  
Seeking JOY NOW will break the spell.....and to do that you can just recall the 4 Things that WE KNOW for SURE!


"give me your hand and i will hold it- nothing will drag you down."

so, look for it!   Here comes the Sun!


PERSONAL Accountability will be established.
this means YOU!
Absolute Right Action will become more of a normal response to the changing ideals of the masses and individuals will begin to cease looking for Love in all the wrong places, if you get my meaning here.  And those who ARE heading up collective projects regarding the New Nurturance will be vetted out and cooperation toward the ideal of the New Vision will clip along with much initial restoration work contributed to by more and more of the "arm chair travelers" participating with not only action, but from the launch-point of THOUGHT. 

Since the collective pathway is defined by the INDIVIDUAL's participation in the illusion, please check your personal Time map for the opportunities that YOU will be presented with, as YOUR part of this grand direction shift (in Time) as you view the Global frequencies overview.  

Don't worry, you'll get the hang of the rhythm of the respiration of opportunities (in Time) as described by the numbers and cycles (in Time), as you begin to grasp their Gifts - posted in the right column.

( ?have a question about your personal Timing? email me.  carm33m@gmail.com- put "personal timing question" in the title or you get spam-dumped.)   

The indicators are:  Joy, OR,  Pain. 
NOW, that's not so hard to discern, is it?



Thank YOU for your participation with ME in this Spiral Journey!

Until the Next- 
See YOU in the Mirror!

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