Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Now That You have Your Freedom, WHO Do You Think YOU Are, Anyway?

Feeling a bit like Alice in the Looking Glass lately? 

Things moving around in your mind?  Perspectives changing suddenly with re-alignment slightly different, and almost indescribable from what you used to believe was True- but no longer do?

Things are not what they seem when it comes to awareness of Presence and projection.  Releasing personal  habitual rules of Self projection will heal the past, with Gratitude and Forgiveness.   Be the burning Phoenix rising in your own new Now reality.  It's but a CHOICE  in each Now.  

So,.... WHO do you think you are?

WHO Are "YOU"?

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds - Part 4 - Beyond Thinking

And Now that you are freeing your Self from the constraints of Time, and If you can handle one more point of perspective regarding the shifting and sliding "reality"-OUT OF TIME... you might want to enter this portal to brush off ALL of the imaginings that hold your attention in the TIME "worlds", and become aware of the All Creative Observer Within.