Friday, March 8, 2013

TIME VIBE: March 2013 - 9

MARCH 2013

9 Global Month frequency:
[To Love without attachment,seeing the
ONE in All That Is; (Release, renewal,

Altruistic Love, Peace, FORGIVENESS, Compassion]

6 Global Year frequency

This month is actively ushering forth opportunities for the collective to change direction by changing your MIND, and consciously releasing those ideas, beliefs, and out-lived rules and structures of relationships, partnerships, body/earth/environment/socio-political issues, onto more Loving, and Healing pathways.  

Individually, as Creators BEing, it's Time to OPEN YOUR MIND, AND RELEASE YOUR FEARS TO LOVE.   As You participate in your Now Presence this month, you will see many situations, break down, and people dissolve out of your realm of focus.  New influences and ideas will begin to bubble under the surface, lining up for manifestation and implementation later in the annual collective cycle.  
This month is a VERY important step for the whole of the collective, as it will show the OBVIOUS end and removal of things that are in the immediate way of the collective shift and the collective conscious expansion into the Next awareness of our Sovereignty and way of BEing with each other.  
Layers of things to be removed will be replaced by layers of expanded opportunities and relief from prior constricting situations.  This is a Time to dream BIG.  Imagine what you are wanting as being SO, without worrying how it will happen.  If you aren't involved with those changes directly, undestand that your expertise will assist in other ways.  Be a keeper of faith and Knowing that NOW is your point o power and creativity.

                                                              FREE the Love that is You!
LOVE, in NOW, WILL STEER YOU IN THE DIRECTION OF THE NEW PLATFORMS OF FOCUS that you are wanting.  Be patient with this step and the process of release and closure, as some of the things and situations that need to be dissolved may not always feel comfortable in the immediate sense.  Hold fast to the Knowing that everything will work out perfectly for EVERYONE, somehow.  (and the rest of the 4 things we Know for sure, on the left of the page.)

After February's dynamic (but, preliminary) re-positioning of Global leadership "personnel", and materials and resources, the releases that are "scheduled" to come are required.  There is no choice in this at this Time.  You can expect that some of of our Beloved play partners, and long held beliefs will go away.  Sometimes this is a gentle shifting, but if we are in resistance these partings, or changes of beliefs, can be abrupt and painful.   COMPASSION is one of the keywords for this months opportunities to release and make room for expansion into the Next phase of opportunities.   Holding the Love in You up HIGH as a Light and guide for others who are watching you or within your sphere of influence will soften the changes that are occurring for others around you who are just awakening from 3-4D reality constraints and habits.  

It's all pretty black and white this month.  When we are in the release mode, we are preparing for the new opportunities and Gifts that are lining up in the background.  There are no shades of gray.  You're either in, or not.  This is not a judgment- there can be none of that in this process- evermore.  It just IS.  Do NOT expend any out-of-Now focus on those whom you see as still operating in resistance- they have their own Timing and choices to grow into-  ALL is Well.  WE are One. 

As the collective comes to terms with the new perspectives and data that is just beginning to travel around the globe, we will see disappointment mixed with elation.  Many awakening Creator BEings will be in confusion and may be wanting to fall back into the illusion of blame, and shame.  At this point the uplift is in looking forward.  As the annual Global 6 frequencies continue to address the wounds, and continue the plans and course of remedy for these initial layers of the collective healing and RE-ALIGNMENT toward BALANCE, we will notice an upsurge of compassion amongst leadership, as well as those who are just stepping into leadership roles.  Those in the illusory leadership of the 3D control platforms who continue to hold resistance will be taken down abruptly.  We have already seen evidence of this dissolution of illusory power mongers beginning- but, we can expect many more to come in a wave this 9 global month, and this will continue on toward global balance through the annual frequencies (in Time) for the next 7 years (Gregorian count) in Time.   

I'm using the term "leadership" instead of "healer", because from Now on personal accountability will become much more actively present.  Individuals will begin to accept their own Presence focus and responsibilities more readily by the end of March more, and will be strengthened in their Knowing of their own Power to assist in this Now Presence as leaders of their own (reality) creativity.  The endings that will come this month will come with mixed emotions initially, but by the 24th-ish, there will be a more cohesive intention of Unity and fairness for ALL building energy within the collective.  And, as April's frequencies rise, we will see a cohesive preponderance of a new alignment of Being and cooperating.

In April (1 Global Month), we will see a global excitement building up through May along with new partnerships of cooperative intentions and activities beginning to realign up everywhere- and for everyone- without exception.  And, i'll stick my neck out to further include the image of the main-stream lines of mass communications will begin to open up to Truth more readily by the end of the month of May.  And by September the investigations of Truth will be more clearly in the public view via  mainstream news and networks.  That is to say - that the masses will begin to demand the Truth-  OUT LOUD, with more united power-  and it will Be so.   From then, there will be a collective energy swell that will begin to sweep away anything that clouds the Truth which will bring forth the initiation of resource and material balance, and lead to the GLOBAL acknowledgement of our Sovereign BEingness.  Our Natural birthrights won't be as hidden in the outer realms of the mass public's attention and language- it will become clearly evident, and the new buzz in mainstream reality; that Being our individual Soveregn rights are actually undeniable.  

As always, I ENCOURAGE and remind you that as a multi-dimensional Being, you can pull OUT of Time anytime you shift your focus back to your NOW Presence:   ALL OF YOUR POWER IS IN NOW.

While I serve as a touchstone and coach for your Now Presence, i refer you to   and to the sites on the side bar to the right
for the details and updates of specific Global activities and events and evidence of our collective ascension OUT of Time.   
LOOK FOR evidence of the positive changes!

My deepest Gratitude for YOUR participation in this Spiral Journey with Me!

..and, Until the Next-
I will hold the image that-

No matter where you go, or what you are doing, or who you are with- may it be your dominant intention to LOOK for and ALLOW the Joy and Expansion that you are wanting in your Life, AND may you attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that ARE in Harmony with your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance. 

In Love, NOW- 
as Ever,