Sunday, January 6, 2013

TIME VIBE: 1/7/2013 - 5



6 Global Year(link)
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5 Global Day

Five [5]: To explore & play with Time, Body, & Spirit; (Constructive freedom; Stimulation to expand, colorful, unusual & exciting change unfolding).

Today's opportunities bring spontaneous connections, ideas, information, and insights for balancing and harmonizing the idea of Self in the collective experience.  Joy is always the optimal path of the collective awakening, but, whatever is presented can be responded to by NOT responding until more information is taken in.  New and unusual acquaintances and sudden opportunities to view styles of participation in the collective expansion offer the impetus to optimistically push through obstacles that are based in the beliefs/thoughts of the masses.  Sometimes this awareness occurs AFTER knee jerk reactions, so some leaders of global communities might pop off in reactivity, and some will be excited to see and welcome new harmonizing influences- and have the Knowing to wait and observe while holding a level of optimism up for others to see.
In 5 frequency influence, the Gift is to see that there is always more to [it], and to stimulate  expanding possibilities beyond that which is thought to be "known" ; limitation is a BELIEF,  alternatives and infinite expansion abound.  

(links to videos herein are supportive of the ideas and expressions included in today's translations)

Since the collective pathway is defined by the INDIVIDUAL's participation in the illusion, please check your personal Time map for the opportunities that YOU will be presented with as this global day unfolds withYOUR specific participation in the current global objectives  (in Time). 

Don't worry, you'll get the hang of the rhythm of the respiration of opportunities as described by the numbers and cycles (in Time), as you begin to grasp their Gifts - posted in the right column.


Have a delightfully surprising adventure of expansion today!

View A:                                                             The physical Galaxy

View B:  
What WAS, and what is now: Views from SoHo

View C: 
Holographic Universe

View D:
Holgraphic Human

View E:                                        

alan watts : see through the game:  Transcendence

TIME VIBE: 1/6/2013 - 4



6 Global Year(link)
7 Global Month(link)

4 Global Day

Four [4]: To experience the Gifts of Time and Space; (Gathering, order, mechanics, form, function, beliefs and resources).

(links to videos herein are supportive of the ideas and expressions included in today's translations)

Today, (in Time) the collective is presented with [the illusion of] the physical mechanisms of the holo-deck within opportunities to clarify and navigate to a more empowering path of perception of experience and purpose.   Sorting through agreements regarding (intention) for more consistent and balanced Creativity, by re-evaluating the "rules" (beliefs),  and resources in place.   Individuals will be considering their own habitual perceptions, and their own participation and objectives for deliberate creativity and Divine creative power. 

Since the collective pathway is defined by the INDIVIDUAL's participation in the illusion, please check your personal Time map for the opportunities that YOU will be presented with as this global day unfolds withYOUR specific participation in the current global objectives  (in Time). 

Don't worry, you'll get the hang of the rhythm of the respiration of opportunities as described by the numbers and cycles (in Time), as you begin to grasp their Gifts - posted in the right column.

ok- let's talk about
the "mechanics" of TIME, and expectation: 

in case you have't noticed 

The perception of Time, and the mechanisms of the dualistic  holographic reality serves to teach, train, and reinforce the expansion of the Infinite and Eternal ONE.  How [it] got to be like this for us, immersed in this goo, is not the point of my own interests and activities here- there are otherSelves who enjoy the journey of the searching the details of the structure of the illusion.  My own interests and "pull" comes from beyond the physical reality, and i have no problem with this perspective, altho i admit to having some perception blocks remaining regarding my own focus here in Time.

What i KNOW about this illusion is difficult to explain to another Self who is being  tossed hither and yon by their own thoughts and beliefs regarding what and how this reality (in Time) works.  What you believe IS for you, and most of us do a very good job of beating the crap out of our own Selves and the reflections in the Mirror of the illusion on a moment to moment basis- looking for relief, and taking our Selves and our outer activities and focus so very seriously.
I'm only permitted to speak of my own experiences, and my intent is NOT to be one of the "Fates" and tell you your path, or promote your dependence in any way....altho given the right bits of information, I can very clearly "see" the activities and the options within a Time Map and can give you an idea of the "average reaction" of the individuals in question....But, it's NOT my favorite thing to do as a translator.

Giving YOU the tools to "see" for yourSelf is my intention.  My focus and energy here daily is my contribution to my own shifting reality by Being who I AM, and respecting the Divine awakening within my own spectrum of Light Presence.   I'm not going to hold tools for your expansion and empowerment hostage for money. And, altho i will gracefully accept heart directed donation gifts for any assistance you may find in my expressions and translations, or offer my art for self supportive exchange,  i am fully confident that All is Well, and will continue to be so as i retain my own Now presence and relish in my naturally Joyful fascinations.
I AM Loved, Safe and never alone...the proof is that I'm still Here and Now, and telling you about it.   Everyone within the Time platform in 3/4d reality experience has their story.  But that's all it is....a story.   If the prosperity packages came in this afternoon, i would still be doing this until it was no longer my Joy, and then i would move onto the Next.  This is the promise of most Beings who are of the Knowing of Light, and finding their own Dharma.  What ever brings you the most JOY is to be the focus for your transcendence.   What are you doing right now that is in alignment with your bliss?  Or, are you holding off until ...?  money, time, personnel, health, etc, etc allows you to Be in your Joy, doing your Joy?   By participating in whatever aspect of your Joyful participation is at hand is where to begin.   It's ALL Good, despite the dualistic nature of that word "good".  Good/bad is clearly a judgement of preference/desire in a dualistic belief system.  But, let's not forget that is a statement of a Being who is experiencing the Time platform with You in the Mirror.  So, perhaps it might be better to express this preference as Joy versus Pain- and you clearly will Know what that means to YOU.

In 4 frequency opportunities (in Time), you get to evaluate your beliefs regarding what you will and won't participate in and thereby manifest your PREFERENCES in your experience. 

If you think this has to be harder and more complicated than this, i would remind that YOUR reality is a reflection of the beliefs you hold, and nothing more.   The simplistic numbers descriptors are presented thus for a very good reason...but, YOU have to be able to see and test these things for yourSelf.  Once you do the road becomes less dark and threatening, and much smoother- before it gets to be more FUN.  Persistence in holding the NOW and trusting this story- this belief (the 1st thing we know for sure) is your re-assurance when you need it.
Knowing that the sky isn't going to fall in on your head right NOW, you always have Time to change your story NOW,  is your Grace.  So, buck up and take responsibility in the safety of Now- and hold it there , you will see the contrasting events disappear from your focus and be released into your Joy, and All will be revealed to you - and the Grace from that is that you will Know All IS Well with confidence and Peace.

Your JOY is your Dharma.  My own intentions behind the urges to talk about what i see and witness is to propose examples and options for CHOOSING to take responsibilities for Self experience,  and how to get out of the undertow of the Time and up onto the surfboard of your Divine Creativity.   And, as i restate over and over- it's NOT the only perspective- or tool-  that will assist this process for YOU- but, it's simple- and in this reality where illusion of LACK is the ball and chain-  anyone who uses a calendar and number values of 1-9, plus zero can use this system of Knowledge to train themselves back into consistent NOW comfort and confidence, gently- Now by Now, day by day.

Prime Creator has always, and will continue to provide everything that you need to return home...there aren't "breadcrumbs" that have been eaten by the birds of the Cabal to keep us lost.  But; as Divine Beings in training we must be able to walk the walk and understand Self as an aspect of One/Prime/Source to get OUT OF THE ILLUSION and into the driver's seat of our Multi-dimensional cockpit of Being-ness.  There is no "permanent", or "absolute", since All is change and expansion- ETERNALLY.

Man on Fire...come dance with me:

Let me assure you that i fall off the surfboard, as well.  I also have learned that there really are NO sharks in the water except the ones in my own head- and when i choose to look out into the outer space news and events for a triangulation of how "it is" (in Time), i, too, get a test or two that jolts my adrenals and messes with My groove.  Some of these were entrained by my early environment, and some i adopted along the way.  All are of the illusion, and without the fear of DEATH, the sharks are now edentulous (without teeth), and dissolve back into the deep- only to swim back to see if I'm holding my Now and Knowing that  I AM THAT I AM, Now and eternally.
When the ability to transcend out of 3/4D becomes more consistent- I'm outta' here, and You won't see my reflection within Time anymore- this is true for you as well.  From Now on- there are no excuses for NOT attaining presence, and holding that vibration.  And the security for this test is IN the reflection of the illusion that is becoming more threatening for those who won't open their eyes ( REMEMBER THAT THEY ARE A REFLECTION OF YOU) , and less and less for those who will.  We must always remember not to judge those who we perceive as "not"- because they , in our noticing of them- are our own little test.  So, try to remember that so you don't fall off the board for very long.

As i listened to the interview with Heather, and later read D's note regarding Heather not being able to speak "3D" very well, i observed the issues and resolutions that she was proposing regarding the change over of the mechanical systems of the collective reality- and the INDIVIDUAL's responsibility to remain Now in your Divine Presence.  I believe she spoke appropriately for those who are ready to rock their OWN world with their own Divine Presence, and i could hear the questions over and over again as to "how" to do this and move forward with the collective "balance" and securing the "coins to rub together " to survive and expand our Joy experience once again.  The answer - over and over again - was get back into your Now presence and Know that IT IS DONE.
Heather has been urged, via her own objectives and intentions in this game of I AM awakening to take on certain tasks and evidence the reflection of the awakening masses.   This spark of Light has maintained her mission and personal I AM objectives in her pursuance of the untangling of the web of deception that has been the environment  of the deception minutiae of the 3/4D reality for the human collective soul in training here (in Time).    I heard her very clearly when she got to the point more specifically about the issue of accountability to take your Presence back, and in a respectful manner.
She also emphasized treating the individual reflections that will be testing you (if you call to be tested in this way) as they are obliging to your very own expansion in this test of Divine Sovereignty, who will watch you and be Illuminated by your confidence and commitment.   Again, having compassion and Gratitude for the players in our own game of expansion is a vital part of the Knowing.

It's so simple that it's impossible for those who are still playing in the confusion of the illusion to grasp. But, when seeking the Truth,  we can see much echoing of this key to move into our expanded awareness and the freedom (in Time) that serves this very key understanding that I AM.
YOU are the change you are looking for here (in Time).  
What you think and believe is what you see in your reality.  So, ultimately, the utilization of this key is between YOU and YOU.

It's as simple as getting into your own humble NOW, with your deepest desire for Peace in your own life held securely within your own Heart- and the opportunities and actions within each Now as they come.  It's SO not about the money.  DO YOU GET THAT, YET?  IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY- but it's through the money and what it represents regarding your FREEDOM to Be in Well Being NOW.

And for those who are saying "that's sticking your head in the sand", i suggest that they do the experiment-  stop flailing about in the undertow of the goo of Time, and engage the scientific method PERSONALLY.   The details of the collective platform in the illusion will - and DOES- conform to your wishes....LOOK FOR THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT YOU ARE WANTING ACTIVELY.
That is another solution i heard her express.

Let me remind you of the 4 things that we KNOW for sure.
If you can't take these elementary points seriously, there will continue to be opposition in your outer reality focus.   You will feel responsible to take on the world with your bare- hands- and fight an imaginary fight--- and that is exactly what frightens most Beings within the focus of the Time classroom and pushes them back INTO the illusion of pain and constriction.
So, let's just have a look at them again so you can relax and Know that All IS Well, and right on schedule, before i get into showing you that we swing at shadows of no substance within duality and contrast that Time, itself) is in charge of projecting for us as we THINK of the illusion as REAL.  

As I AM , and happily flow with my own urges to DO  what i DO, here as a Time Map Translator, you will have to relax and DO what your own inner guidance leads you to do.   You don't have to be forced to DO, or participate with ANYTHING that frightens you NOW.   You DON'T have to react, altho you have noticed by Now that the Illusion is designed to do so to test your Now resolve.
And, That's the beauty of's ONE BITE AT A TIME.....not, "oh my God!  This too big , too much- too scary to swallow! " . Yes, you are guaranteed to choke and fall into the fear of "death" again and again without fail on that little cycle in the "goo" of duality.   You are ALWAYS Loved, and NEVER alone.  Ask OUT LOUD when you fall off, and remember the 1st thing that we Know for sure.

the nature of Time:

When i speak daily of the little waves of the daily influences, the information of these translations are descriptors of the global/collective steps first...but, the individuals' position within and under the influence of Time ABSOLUTELY has their own perspective of the tasks to be mastered for their own expansion into the Next.  But, let me advise that there are many many many cycles within cycles within cycles within cycles that are necessary to create what we think we are seeing and experiencing in 3/4D Time, and the "physical" reality.  The outer space reality that you think you see is but shadows.
Shine some Light (information) on the area of focus and you get to see the Truth.
But, NOBODYcan put your Truth into you- you have to seek it, and once you find it- deal with it.

The purpose of my own preoccupations with and within the illusion of Time has been to attempt to illuminate the doorway to Divine Presence and the experience of ONE- Logos, ....the One.  This has been a focus of mine long before i even knew about the numbers information in Time as i have come to understand them and translate them as a map of the experience,  which i sought out to promotes my connection to - and re-assured  my I AM place within the All.  ALL  are focused within their own journey.
I AM NOT A FORTUNE TELLER.... i simply have ONE kind of map of 3/4D Time.  And, as we are shifting OUT of Time at this point into 5th density- and beyond, i can only speak of what i have learned and experienced, personally,  using this map has been proving to be of great assistance to my own awakening and reaffirmation as a Human Angel.   My personal focus is not- and never has been to accumulate and seek prestige.  It has been distracted by survival and Self respect, like most caught in the web of duality.
The biggest benefit of having an understanding of this Time map is that i'm seeing the Angelic in All of YOU, and the image of You is morphing into something so Great and Wondrous that 3/4D words are hard to find.  This is why some could not hear and understand the "instruction" asked of Heather and her initial attempts to depict what her personal experiences have revealed to Her, and how she got there to effect the collective awakening and maturity to take back their own Now and their Divine Sovereign Rights to BE and thrive in Joy and Abundance within the All.    

Relax, please....the final release step is FORGIVENESS.  If you can Be in forgiveness without pointing to anything specific in the illusion you are well into your Divine Presence, and already Know what you need to know to transcend Illusion, Time, and secure in your Divine Sovereign Multi-dimensional Presence.  You need no external permission slip for this to Be so.  You already Know- IT IS DONE.

Some of the Human Angels that i see have pristine focus on our Divine Right to Be in Joy, as Sparks of the Divine All.  Some have chosen to smear themSelves with "dirt" and test our resolve to return to our full Divine Self.  Most- and i don't care how spiritual they think they are, or how popular they are int he collective illusion- still  have no idea what that means, and persist in bathing in the constriction of fear.
Each of Us wear both of those faces.  YOU wear both of those faces- check your beliefs if you are uncomfortable with events in your reality.
For those of  you who are looking for clues as to how to Balance within your own shifting and sliding of perceptions of Divine Self and Eternal nature from OUTSIDE of your Self within the TIME classroom experience- the awareness of the belief in DUALITY, where Self ( in Time) IS the illusion of all illusions, is where your accountability lies.

The illusion of Time, the physical body, work, purpose, the Cabal, constriction, money, revolution, etc.,  and the earlier sequence of events notated as "history" within this illusory ride of the collective Soul presence of ONE is providing an adventure of experience for LOGOS- PRIME CREATOR- SOURCE through your attention and fascinations.

Some of us are experiencing what we would call an enjoyable journey, and some are not.  When i spend "time" composing essays and gathering materials and examples for OtherSelves to look into for expansion, i sometimes empathize and sort (through my own thought attachments to duality).  But ultimately, what I offer you is nothing but an acknowledgement of your own NOW portal to that Presence of ONE, and in that a glimpse that ALL IS WELL, NOW, in your Divine Presence- which is the only thing that we EVER truly achieve.

I translate the illusion of SEQUENCE as the common perception of Time focused Humans- and it's NOT fortune telling, but it IS predictive based on the opportunities of the cycles of sequence in Time.  In doing so i try to provide the most ELEMENTARY TOOLS for gaining access to an exit of the perception of Time, duality, and Self.

SO, I ASK YOU....IF YOU were Logos- (and You ARE), and you had the power to experience EVERYTHING, (and you do)- would you hold the adventure of transcending DUALITY- and graduating into your fully conscious Divine Presence against yourSelf?    FORGIVE all that came before your awareness and prepare to move on.  We are One.

What is Self:

Now, getting back to the 4 opportunity within the Time classroom- more pointedly-
The "secret " to the "mechanics" of the time experience is to consider the results of your beliefs so far, and free your focus into Now so that you can reconstruct the "set" upon which your New story and play of Life can be experienced with more deliberate creative power.  Once you do that and sustain  it, great relief is experienced, and you are truly FREE.
Your Presence is your passport to every "where" in Creation, and lack and constriction become a fast fading memory.

I AM with You.

Thank YOU for Your participation in this Spiral Journey!

Until the Next-
See You in the Mirror!