Sunday, January 6, 2013

TIME VIBE: 1/7/2013 - 5



6 Global Year(link)
7 Global Month(link)

5 Global Day

Five [5]: To explore & play with Time, Body, & Spirit; (Constructive freedom; Stimulation to expand, colorful, unusual & exciting change unfolding).

Today's opportunities bring spontaneous connections, ideas, information, and insights for balancing and harmonizing the idea of Self in the collective experience.  Joy is always the optimal path of the collective awakening, but, whatever is presented can be responded to by NOT responding until more information is taken in.  New and unusual acquaintances and sudden opportunities to view styles of participation in the collective expansion offer the impetus to optimistically push through obstacles that are based in the beliefs/thoughts of the masses.  Sometimes this awareness occurs AFTER knee jerk reactions, so some leaders of global communities might pop off in reactivity, and some will be excited to see and welcome new harmonizing influences- and have the Knowing to wait and observe while holding a level of optimism up for others to see.
In 5 frequency influence, the Gift is to see that there is always more to [it], and to stimulate  expanding possibilities beyond that which is thought to be "known" ; limitation is a BELIEF,  alternatives and infinite expansion abound.  

(links to videos herein are supportive of the ideas and expressions included in today's translations)

Since the collective pathway is defined by the INDIVIDUAL's participation in the illusion, please check your personal Time map for the opportunities that YOU will be presented with as this global day unfolds withYOUR specific participation in the current global objectives  (in Time). 

Don't worry, you'll get the hang of the rhythm of the respiration of opportunities as described by the numbers and cycles (in Time), as you begin to grasp their Gifts - posted in the right column.


Have a delightfully surprising adventure of expansion today!

View A:                                                             The physical Galaxy

View B:  
What WAS, and what is now: Views from SoHo

View C: 
Holographic Universe

View D:
Holgraphic Human

View E:                                        

alan watts : see through the game:  Transcendence

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