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TIME VIBE: OCTOBER 2013 - Part 2

(HEART) Filtering the DATA

October 2013:  (7) Global Month cycle 
                  (6) Global Year Cycle

As in the standard observation within the longer termed Timing cycle of the ANNUAL frequency, the very first evidences of the surfacing of this oncoming annual frequency cycle can be felt by many as early as July of the current year.  You may want to go back to review July's Time Vibe, or re-read any journaling you may have done there to pic up on the hints of what was gearing up for your experience regarding the Next level of expansion on this Spiral Journey of experience in Time.  

* As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will influence the over-arching Global Time experience, so- you should check your own Timing position for the details of your personal opportunities within the Global view- by calculating and reviewing your personal number frequenciesHERE.  

But, October is the monthly opportunity cycle that is a more subtle sampling of what is coming in the Next Yearly cycle that will begin on January 1st in this calendar/Time translation system, and the (7) opportunity cycle will build up to a crescendo by the productive phase of June/July/august/September of 2014.   

This month, October 2013, is going to gently usher in the atmosphere of opportunities that will be flowing and waving within our co-created Time reality focus and activities within the "Mirror" of the world around you in 2014, but yet still focused on the objectives of the current (6) that has is not done giving the gifts it holds for us until then.  You can always check in with the Gaia Portal translations for a very succinct view of the frequency processes and the gifts and opportunities that the frequencies are stimulating in our vibrational reality.  

The focus is still mainly on the objectives of the current annual opportunity Time cycle of (6), as i have been describing in the monthly translations this year.  So, while there is a taste of what is coming Next year and the October (7) frequency will be introduced, this particular (7) opportunity cycle will be focused on the analysis and introspection of what has unfolded for us individually first, and then globally in this year.  New and incoming information that has to be dealt with appropriately; then, pondering where we want to go next as we secure our Balance, our Self accountability, and the Love that we want founding ALL of our relationships from Now and forward in this approaching phase of personal and global renaissance.  
"Self" work will become more the Inner work, and introspection is the mode of the month.  Those of you in a (2,4,6, 8 or 11:2) personal year cycle, will find a quieter atmosphere for really digesting what you have been through so far this year in light of what you are wanting.  And, those who are in a (1,3,5,7,or 9) personal year will find decisions and inspired action on those decisions to flow smoothly and without much reservation, ALLOWing the opportunities to come by way of clarity, and without tugging or pushing for control.  

October brings less brouhaha into the picture, and MUCH more analyzing of the data gathered so far from the Time experience and in accordance with our own Inner clearings.  Response time is slower in (7), as there is more information to gather and disseminate- so decisions may not be easy- a "way" or clear directive may not be evident just Now regarding specifics.  But, specifics are being thought through, and when another bit of data enters the scene- more thinking and analysis will come.  It will seem as if there is no intelligent action being taken in a sensible direction until the last week of October - somewhere around the 21-22nd- when the urge to DO something to rearrange the situation and environment will become much more clear.  Until then, confusion may be plentiful because of all of the information that will come from many directions, and sources.  BE very discerning this month, and throughout 2014 with this wave of information that serves to upgrade intelligence (via data discernment) as you integrate Higher Self with Time Self more harmoniously.  This approaching re-education cycle is necessary for the reclamation of your preferences that have been overviewed in 2013, and will be more materially implemented by the end of 2015, (in Time).   

As November approaches, the frequency cycle of (8) will bring us into a more active mind-set.  There will be more decisive action taken on the part of those who are harmonious with the (2) Millennial objective and the closing events of the current cycle of opportunity in (6) this year cycle.  
Now that we Know what it is we are wanting, we can begin to EFFECTIVELY make headway into the New Time collective Vision regarding balance, partnership, inclusion, and putting forth focus and action toward our more expanded, more confidently able Eternally Now Selves who are actually steering the direction of our experiences with our Planetary energetics (in Time).  

October will have us re-thinking our motives, and introspecting on what we hold to be TRUTH much more closely and carefully.  We won't be so quick to jump at any old "story" that blows by.  And LOTS of stories will be blowing by.  Much of it will be FEAR based, so you will need to be on BS alert more than usual.   
As this process unfolds within the clusters of the BEings who are leading the expansion process by NOW PRESENCE AND FOCUS, there will be harmonic telepathic communications that will depict "visual" resolution solutions, continuing to seek out pathways of least resistance for the re-alignment of participants and solutions for balancing the shared resources. 

The Next step of the process is changing the Time reality experience into more of what we are wanting to play in with more ease and flow of the materials and tools to DO so.   This is exciting, but we're still baby-stepping for the next 2 -4 years (in Time) for the masses to awaken to the New Time activities and intentions. 

However, if you're one of those BEings who can step OUT of the linear TIME focus, you'll be seeing things flowing with no Time drag upon your experience.  
But, there are MANY participants who haven't even looked up to see what you can see right now- so this process is gradually unfolding into the Mirror of the collective Time experience so that there is no shattering of our reality platforms, or implosions within the awakening participants who also want to BE with the New Time intentions and activities of our Eternal Expansion.  Every particle and sparkle of Eternal Essence is contributing to this experience of expansion of Source - PRIME Creator Sparkle - YOU, right where they are NOW.  

As this month has entered the release and resolution phase of this annual cycle, you will notice that this approaching (7) opportunity cycle won't be quite as reactive as the other number cycles we experience.  You can see from recent past global events- the populace isn't jumping with every bang and twitch that Team Contrast is putting out there anymore.  
October is a Time to go back with a fine toothed comb for a few weeks and examine where the Truth is, and discover the Truth versus the Illusion more deeply and with more data.  But, this is just the tip of the iceberg, regarding the flood of information- and much of it initially will be released to confuse and test your Heart's Knowing against your fears. 
The gift of your Heart is TRUTH, ...discernment.  Tap into it - and stay there, if you don't want to be lead into confusion or more dis-info and mis-directions that the contrast of illusion likes to test you with. 
ARE YOU in Knowing when someone is Bulshing you, or NOT?!  Feel it with your Heart, not your fear-gut. 
DO the research required to get to your Truth. Then,  Call it- and Trust it.  

This month brings just a small dose of the DATA that will be coming our way for all of next year.  By New Year's the floodgate of information will open- and it will stay open for the rest of the year 2014.  

As we close up this year's opportunity (6) cycle, November's (8) indicates opportunities to make dynamic administrative moves in resources, personnel, and environmental areas, and we won't be as patient in this as we have been this year, sifting through the personal and collective preferences regarding our participation in ALL relationships.  This year you've seen many a relationship come under scrutiny or fall apart - permanently - because they were not joined together in the deeper sense of Love and Compassion, or are not holding a mutual agreement of intention.  Many participants have decided to part company and go their own ways because they are preferring different things, and they are wanting to find, or regain, their Balance by expressing their own Truth in these declared preferences.  
All parties that were willing to sit at the mediation table (of sorts) for long enough to finally speak their Truth, will walk away intact BECAUSE they were willing to speak their Truth- finally.  Not that they will be immediately happy with what transpired just yet.  But at least the Truth is out there, and there is a certain Knowing that it WAS for the best.  All of it was.  Gratitude for the participation of others in the expansion experience is required, however uncomfortable it may have been, and this is necessary for a healthy release and renewal of the Life Path's re-alignment in the Time Journey by the arrival of December's (9) opportunity cycle.  

All final closure agreements and arrangements in these relations will solidify in the mind by the end of November as the (9) of December will make way for these transitions to finalize.  Those relations and "issues" that are farther reaching and are more deeply complicated with layers and layers of participating individuals in the mix (as in the dissolution or redirection of global structures and institutions) will take a little longer (in Time)- and will make final changes in this early phase of our 
Eternal Self awakening and material transitions into 2015 and through 2018. 

So, those of you who are waiting for certain global "divorces" to be finalized  won't have much longer to wait to see the evidence of these endings of those bonds that tie, so to speak.  But, SOME of the larger entanglements may take a little longer to conclude the final arrangements and separation activities to set the new rules and agreements of engagement, and for the resetting of protocols for the emergence of the New Time intentions and activities into play.  

example link, added: 10/7/2013: )

example link, added 10/9/2013:}

example link: added 10/20/2013

Your personal commitment to your individual Now Presence will be on the side of expediting the New Time Freedom and the newly forming Self authority to CHOOSE your New Time preferences with much more clarity as each Now passes.  Make it SO!  

Self Love IS Self accountability, and vice versa.  You Know this Now, and you will Know this Eternally.  
You can't UN-Know these kinds of things, really.  
But, you can still choose to wimp out on yourSelf, and delay the goodies that await you when you stand in your full Now Presence as an Eternal Essence embodied in the sensorial playground (in Time). 

Those relationships that are still stalling a decision and teetering in the hope that the "other" will come around to see or DO your way will find situations and events will clear this state of denial up by the end of October and through November.  You may not see actual movement of separation, or, come to mutually desired intentions in physical terms until November's (8) frequency urges these more dynamic moves toward those intentions.  
Until then, there is something to learn in October- about yourSelf, especially.  Actually, there will be ALOT to sort through. There is data coming by the 21st of September, that you will need to absorb and assimilate that is for benefit of the collective intention toward Expansion.  So step outside of your box to "see" what's going on with a different perspective.   
The digestion of the incoming information, in October and in all of 2014, will be based on Who you THINK  you ARE.  

.....and WHO are You??? 
Are you an Eternal Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing?
Or, are you NOT? 

(This link, posted here 10/10/2013):

Contraction, control, submission, and subjugation has come to the end of it teaching effectiveness.  WE are moving on to the Next stage of our training and "lessons" of expansion.   Humanity's New Time intentions have rooted themselves in the Love that IS the Universal Way of Expansion, and the demand for change is growing.  There are challenges specifically designed to push our growth edges- and as individuals, the challenge is to find and retain our personal Power in our Now Presence by any means available to us.  

Look for and ALLOW the answers to come to you in ease and flow.  Look for and ALLOW your Self guidance to steer you in the direction of what you are wanting without struggle.  When you can't make head or tails of information that comes by- GO WITHIN and  listen. Or, ask OUT LOUD for help- and expect that it will come in perfection. 

There are many tender's of this Garden Universe of Wonder and Delight...and Your Presence is ABSOLUTELY part of this very interesting and exciting Spiral Journey!  
You are Eternally invited to BE within the magic of Love, NOW- and then you BE the receiver of All that you are wanting and Dreaming of, in ease and flow.  

"A Dream Goes On Forever"
Todd Rundgren

Until the Next- 

  I hold you in the image of Love NOW, with Much Gratitude for Your Presence and participation in this Spiral Journey with Me! 

PS- you can now follow the daily global frequencies on the button up on the left side bar.  

TIME VIBE: SEPTEMBER - Part 2 / OCTOBER 2013 - Part 1 - ReVisioning YOUR Energy and Focus

September  (6) / October (7) / 2013 (6) 

Before we get into the main translation at this point of moving into the Next monthly frequency opportunities and gifts of expansion, i want to point out the Master number frequencies that are taking hold- that is to say- they are being UTILIZED more widely by individuals with intention in our New Time reality.

Here's a broad view of the Master Number 22 that is coming right up and will bring opportunities to kick in deliberate focus for us for the next couple of months as we continue to work out our collective (6) lessons and opportunities regarding our intentions in RELATIONSHIPS, and finding BALANCE by taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for our focus on our beliefs, our preferences, and our worthiness to BE the Eternal Multi-dimensional Creators that we truly ARE.  
* As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will influence the over-arching Global Time experience, so- you should check your own Timing position for the details of your personal opportunities within the Global view- by calculating and reviewing your personal number frequenciesHERE. 

(4) : (22) - Opportunities for the Master builder:
While a base (4) frequency brings activities and the need for working with the structures of Time, rules and agreements, systems and order, plans and designs, and putting the foundations of something into place, (22) brings a dynamic influence of intentions and cooperation in founding projects that are in service to the general populace; ALL peoples, creatures and resources...and in high level communications for and on behalf of the larger reflection of co-creeators in the Mirror of the Time experience.  

As with all Master Number frequencies, the utmost focus on fairness and balance is what will bring the results in ways that will profoundly benefit the recipients of the resulting project intentions.  Again, Self serving intentions will implode in ways that would never be expected, and evidence of the diminishment of the potentials can reduce down to extreme rigidity and social compulsiveness beyond reason.  Prison's are an example of (22) gone awry.  The internet and other mass communications systems, and Healing and educational centers are examples productive use of this energy.

We also have September, 9/22 & 9/23 (11 global day ), 9/27 (22 global day) - with more master numbers beginning to reverberate more loudly within the "higher" Gaia frequqencies as the New Time intention is taking over.  (Watch these Master Number days for evidence of the things that the Gaia Portal website issues out as the  "frequency watch" point report.)  We are All definitely heading into the Time and opportunities and AWARENESS of the quantum frequencies that the Master Numbers bump us up into....    our MINDS- via thoughts and beliefs are getting MUCH more powerfully productive- or destructive, depending on which side of the New Time line you choose to focus on.  It's best to keep focus only on what we are wanting- those who are here to disassemble the Old Time are in their places and stepping up Now more each day.
Let them.  
They have the energy and the know-how, and they have NO fear.  Each are responding to the signals to step up and DO their parts.  Others are working on re-building the New Time foundations , and some are assisting with Bridges for a smoother TRANSITION, such as we are in in this "Birthing" of our New Time Presence and intentions in the current (6) frequencies.  2014 will be comprised of 201 + ( 4) : which harmonizes as a Global (7) opportunity frequency and there will be much more data incoming to the individual Presences participating in the collective holodeck experience.  As the data is absorbed throughout 2014 by the daily increasing wave of awakening participants, it will be appropriately sorted thru- with Absolute Knowing, and with that no-nonsense (4) frequency of DOing things that is truly part of Intelligent design for the PURPOSE of the Millennial intention of (2) : communion, cooperation, connection, partnership, sharing (inclusion), and truly taking to Heart:  "I AM Another YourSelf".  However, that free-wheeling feeling of having access to ALL that you need will still not be available to the  awakening masses until closer to 2015, but this means that WE get to redifine the resources that we already have on hand and give them more expanded PURPOSE as TOOLS for getting to the Next.   And there will ALWAYS be a "Next".  Baby-steppin' OUT of Time into the Next is becoming more clear- and more FUN, for the most part.  
That is, as long as we are CHOOSING to remain in our powerful Now Presence and Love focus.
As you move through your own Time Map- which directly influences the collective (Global ) frequencies activities, try to remember that this ALL is about YOU!   If you ever forget your Self accountability- the collective "clock" will remind you because that IS what the (1) of this decade is about- YOUR Self identity and Presence as the Eternal Multi-dimensional Creator BEing: 
I AM THAT I AM.   If you don't figure anything else out about the "outer reality" int he Time holodeck- you WILL and DO have each and every NOW to figure out who YOU are, and what you are really capable of as an Eternal Essence, and Sparkle of PRIME Creator, little ANGEL, You!  FLAP those wing buds!  Get used to the BEing that you truly ARE.   NO-body stands between YOU and Prime Source now that You KNOW that You EXIST.    Take that to Heart and FLY.  
November (8) WILL bring more opportunities for DYNAMIC ADMINISTRATION of the shared resources and the positioning of the appropriate personnel who will assist these events into the awareness of the general populace of participants in this Time Cycle experience shift.   As October (7) comes closer- and more specifically by the 21st of September, through the end of  October new information will be brought forth into public view.  New opportunities via tools, resources, and personnel will surface.  Take Time to ponder what you are wanting to create in your reality, and be willing to work with the materials, etc at hand FOR NOW...remember that this is a TRANSITION period of experience.  And it's COMPLETELY based on the choices YOU are making in any given NOW.  Your thoughts will become more transparent to everyone- but especially to You.  What are you believing is TRUTH?  IS IT something that feels GOOD?  Are you finding that your mindLESS internal mutterings are presenting themselves and manifesting faster?  By the Spring of 2014, what you think and create will be undeniably YOUR choice, and you will be continuing the mental/rational/intuitive research until the summer of 2014, when the Time and urges will come to begin to initiate some serious ACTION and rearrangement of the resouces and personnel that you/WE have gathered into position for some DYNAMIC changes and New Time administration of experience in a New Time reality and New Time body.
It's still too "early" in this active Birth process to sing in the collective reality- but you can sing to your Self each and every NOW, as YOUR focus IS the energy and intention that is bringing forth this "New Child" OF PRESENCE into the New Time frequencies with Love, and Balance.
You must KNOW that 
"Everything Is coming Our Way"!  


September's double  ( 6) opportunities bring opportunities to see the imbalances on a wider scale- by a wider viewing audience of Participants.  Many are poised to take new postions of particiaption to find the BALANCE that is needed to move forward.  We must remember, as individual sparks of Eternal Essence that there are new friends and lovers and fresh opportunites unfolding each day in Time - within each NOW that is OUT of Time.  Our "healing" of our old, and inhibiting beliefs and ways of relating will need to be practiced  MORE consciously as we continue to re-negotiate our way into the Next level of participation with each reflectional SELF in the mirror, and with our own Visions that are unfolding one Now at a Time.

I'll be back with more Numbers In Time frequency insight in OCTOBER'S translation.  

TIME VIBE:  OCTOBER 2013 - (part 2)

Until the Next-
I will hold the image that..... 

*No matter where you go, or what you are doing, 
or whom you are with, May it BE Your dominant intentions- 

*to have immediate and unending access to Your ABSOLUTE Value, in ease and flow

 * to look for and allow 
the JOYFUL Expansion that You are wanting;

to attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that are in Harmony with Your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance! 

In Love NOW, as ever- 

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