Monday, May 27, 2013


Oh,... things are changing for us- 
from the INSIDE - out....

Recently, my dreams of flying have returned.  I haven't flown for a while in dream Life.  I've been "busy" DO-ing goodness Knows WHAT most nights.   I can only bring back an obscured image of some sort of "training".  this must be the "night school" that others speak of.   In the meantime, my day-life is changing directions completely, and i find myself attracting the sometimes uncomfortable - and even embarrassing- support for the dismantling/dissolving of the old Time Self.   I'm learning new skills and meanings for the New Time Self that i (apparently) a'm finding i like MUCH better.  

Yep...i'm cleaning out the closets- and oh, frick!.. the things forgotten in my Mind files that were shoved into little boxes long ago are flying out at me from all over the place.   Pulling out of the illusion it's easy to see that I'm NOT who i was representing for the longest part of my own life experience- I AM something much more powerful.  This isn't a pretty thing to see- but, it is apparently so very necessary to get a real GOOD look at my Self while I remember that my thoughts and beliefs create what  I AM projecting and experiencing.  And, i'm needing to remember that All is Forgiven in Now Presence.   
The NOW  of the New Time demands a new WAY of DO-ing EVERYTHING.  I think that i'm getting the hang of it.   And, in my flying dream i was practicing sitting in the Seat of my own Eternal Essence, free from all judgment and playing like a child on a Carnival ride.  

Now, this recent dream that i had about flying,  the sensations that i was experiencing as i moved "upward" is demonstrated in this short film below - (more specifically around the 5-6 min area)- but, i did not leave the old Time attachments completely, or reach other world destinations in this flying exercise.   I kept coming to a soft, but unyielding "ceiling" that repelled me gently back to the ground to experience another try- over and over again- before i exclaimed , "Hey!  What's the deal with this?!".  The sensation of being pulled along, once i was in alignment, was so exhilarating- and all too brief for my liking.  I wanted to see where it was taking me, and i remember tucking in my arms and thinking in my mind 
"OH, GOODY!!!  He-e-e-e-e-re we GO!  Ooo! I wonder where this will take me!" , only to be gently deflected and slowing sinking back down to the starting place moments later. 
I've had a dream "companion" with me for quite a while now.  This "companion" is ever present just over and behind my shoulder is a familiar one, altho i cannot tell you what my dream-time companion looks like exactly, except that he/she/it is of human shape and size.  But my minds eye memory reveals only Light essence without detailed features in my day-life remembering.     My companion coaches me through these training sessions regularly, and gently- until i come to feel like i've had enough of whatever we are doing that night- or it is ended for me with  a "That's enough for Now ", kind of message.   
In this flyng session,  my companion offered no other energetic message other than- "Well, when you release and allow- the boundary will not be there."   For whatever the resolutions details are for Me in this- i assure you that I AM Another YourSelf- relationships are changing and i'm having to let go of old identity particles that i never even knew i held so tightly.    Once again i'm reminded that I create and uphold my own limitations that bind me to the Old Time, and I need to Forgive my Self.   
It feels like i'm flying when i DO get around to letting go.  

This whole month has been intense for the most folks i know, and each are manifesting their own brand of crazy and New Time Love seemingly all at once.
You'll probably be able to see the parallelism of this story as you think of your own experiences of late.  It sure is a very interesting ride, and I'm Grateful for Your participation in this Spiral Journey out of Time!

Reverso: by ArtFx 


Until the Next- 
I hold you in the image of Love, NOW....
as ever, 

A Poem of Time and Perception

2011 BAFT Award Winning short animation film by Artist,
Mike Please.

"I realized, it's all about how your spend your Time, not where you sit on the graph."

The Eagleman Staff: (9 min.)

The making of Eagleman Staff: ( i would also suggest watching "the making of" video of this video.  )

Until the Next-

I wish You the BEST of Now!

In Love, 
as Ever-


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TIME VIBE; MAY 2013- PART 3: The Choice

Made up your mind, yet?

Choices that are being made regarding personal (Sovereignty) preferences are Now appearing in more expansive experiential terms in the Global reflection, where all frequencies are honing in on personal ambiguity.


  1. Uncertainty or inexactness of meaning in language.
  2. A lack of decisiveness or commitment resulting from a failure to make achoice between alternatives.

WE are in the New Time- the Next Time platform which will continue to support expansion, and remain ATTRACTIVE in Nature for our training as Multi-dimensional Creator Beings.  The gap between the planes of existence that are moving into different directions is widening.  We have one foot on one side- and one foot on the other side.  Some of us are stepping out with vigor and enthusiasm and falling down on occasion, like toddlers.  And for many, it's getting uncomfortable to hold the same-old-same old in place, like a Twister game gone on too long. 

WE can feel that our daily practices are ABOUT to become more interesting, chomping at the bit to FLY in the awareness of the Infinite CHOICES available- not just the confining two of the dissolving duality.  But you don't/won't even SEE them if your face is still looking to the past.  All that you think you knew about your Self is in question right now and, instead of trying to "figure it out", we are now stepping over it and saying- "I don't want that on me anymore- soooo,...what's Next?!" 
Well, YOU'RE the cruise director!  What IS next?!

Bashar: Infinite Parallel realities 

Fresh DATA brings fresh perspectives- but it's the intimate translation of the data that inspires the wind into your sails on this journey. If something of direct experiential affect is not clear to you- you do some investigating- don't you?  And then, after that investigation you make a decision as to what you are wanting and maybe even how you think you want to approach it.  But, the activities between the ethers and the material world are coalescing and clustering into sub-groups that will join focus and intention into more expanded systems of material support for All engaged (in Time), by 2015-16 (in Time).

As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will be influenced by the over-arching global Time, and you should check your own Timing position for the details of your personal opportunities within the Global view by calculating your personal numbersHERE.   

Some of Us will not remain (in Time) for much longer, yet we must remember that this Eternal expansion is NOT a just IS.  So, (fear-based) ego flapping is being seen  for what it is quite quickly as the source of personal resistance.  

ALL BEings are DOing.  What and HOW they DO is being evaluated more closely, and lately. When we complain about something the feedback we are getting is quick, clear, and definitely no-nonsense in the language of New Time-ese, because ACCOUNTABILITY is being brought to the foreground of view more frequently, and more consistent with the expanded collective intention.  

The declaration: "I AM Absolute Eternal Essence" is clearly one of absolute accountability as a Creator BEing.  So, if you're thinking you can put this personal responsibility off, you will find - over and over- that escape routes via victimization, and Self denial, will NOT support your Joy and comfort in Ease and Flow.  Contrast will remain hard and constant until you realize that it's "safe" to claim your Eternal BEing-ness.  

NEXT Month, there will be a cycle of opportunities to PLAY with some of the ideas that you have had regarding your personal sovereignty, and your participation in the expansion of experience in the New Time platform that is manifesting before us. 
There will be another installment on this shortly, but here is a brief view of the flow of the coming New Time cycles of our expanding collective Creative expertise, and the opportunities unfolding in the bigger picture of the collective Millennial objective of (2), being realized and brought forth in the ILLUMINATIONS  of the current (May:11 Global month) collective awareness.  Although it may be old news to many of you reading this, we are looking at the gifts and opportunities for the general MASSES of Beings who are on the edge of this soon to crest wave of expanded consciousness.  I know...  Some days, you just want all this to move FORWARD already, and to shove the old to the side instantaneously!!!  
It IS moving forward.  (2) frequency also brings the awareness of the need to remember how things manifest (in Time), and the commitment to the collective "projects" intention.  You can always practice BEing NOW more consistently to allay those impatient spells- and the bigger "side-affect" of that is that when you are NOW, you don't even notice what you are not looking at.  Get it?

In June, (3 Global Month/6 Global Year)...You get to try on some new and wondrous perspectives, to find your own "feels good" relax, loosen up a bit.   As you are going about your day-Time/dream-Time experiences, invite the wonder and Joy of a child to be your perspective.  LOOK for the Joy and the BEAUTY (6 Global Year), that is already around you...
DO Play with the options before you: (wink-left/wink-right)- while expressing your experiences in your chosen language platform more freely, without pressure. July (4 global month) there will be urges to organize and establish preliminary details of the New foundations of these early designs and agreements in the New Time. Material healing and some headway in the restoration of energetic Balance (6 global year) can begin to be sorted out on a Global scale in regards to appropriate pathways toward All inclusion, collective resources, and respectful resolutions of the old machinery/mechanisms/laws, and all constructs that attempt to direct pathways of energy flow too narrowly.  
INCLUSION = expansion;  we Create better together.  
August, (5 global month frequency) brings promises of sudden New breakthrough events and connections that will bring the demand for DATA and more DATA, until the end of 2014.  It will take that long (in Time) for the planetary participants to get up to speed on all of the data that will flow forward for the leap into balance of movement of personnel, and assets/resources bringing the material satisfaction that some of us wish was already settled- today.  

Our personal AND collective training wheels in the New Time will be adjusted up a bit.  Material manipulation and mastery will be easier for all present, but, keep your own eye on point to engage in the lively stepping, and clear discernment that will be necessary as a flood of opportunities will come before us.  The first TEST and trick of Illusion is to confuse.        

Currently (in Time) We're getting to see into the dark crevices and even enjoying disturbing the status quo within the cracks that have been forming via our outgrown perspective of our Selves.  

[Ascension] - or, whatever you want to call this process, is a frequency acceleration point upon a particle.  It is synonymous with transformation.  
In this happy scenario in New Time: WE are (Eternal Essence Particles).  
11:2 ( In Time): THIS position on the frequency wave (in Time) is the "CHOICE" point wave that earlier emanations of the Wisdom Keepers of the Eternal Self Realization process were whispering to us in the periphery-  and symbolizing in the Occult languages.
...again, Also see: The TOWER
The breezes that are increasing around the globe are announcing a great storm that will clean and rearrange things as it sweeps by.  The disturbance of the status quo, by which they are called "storms", are composed of the Time manifestation elementals of Wind (thought;words) /Water (emotion) /Earth (material resources)/ and Fire (purification).....each  stirred up and altered by the Spark of electro-magnetic impulses of Light-ening (Inspiration/Knowledge/Data).

Knowing is hidden by our Selves until our Selves are mature enough (a demitasse cannot hold a quart) and able to sustain the energetic capacity to grasp the depth and breadth of our New Knowing.  Once we are at that point of expansion where the environment no longer nourishes- BOOM! it expels us into the Next platform of reality- whether we like it, or understand what is happening immediately, or, not.  But, most of the Time we experience this shove out of our habitual comfort zones by the appearance of sudden data and events that preclude the change of long held beliefs.

May's relations, with a big "I see Now!" download of DATA, via imagery, and opened telepathic Presence is a GIFT that you can't give back.  You can't UN Know something, but you can change your mind about how you FEEL about anything.  Illumination and Release go hand in hand, and your Joy is in the Love you vibrate and Allow to Flow.       

What we experience is OUR CHOICE, and nobody else's.....

THRIVE until your last day!

Abraham Hicks  - Platinum

If you are just beginning to follow the TIME VIBE translations, you'll probably find it fun to back track a few installments, and maybe even become familiar with the "Gifts of The Numbers" posted on the side bar to quickly catch the rhythm of the Time cycles in play, and by watching them in your own daily Timing Map.  

I tend to translate the Time frequencies in terms of a mechanical process, because i understand [Time] as a training platform.  The details of HOW this is all falling into place fascinates me unendingly.  And, I want to share a personified perspective through these two beautifully expressive posts....

By Sophia Love:

and, By Denise LeFay:

Until the Next, 


IN LOVE, as Ever,


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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The NATURAL Language of Imagery.....


The balance point of deliberate creativity doesn't allow for much wiggle room. 
Everything within your scope of Time reality experience is there because you put it there. 

YOU are the Creator- I AM THAT I AM. 
You ARE in an ALL Attractive, ever changing physical Time reality. 
As your perception changes - so does the view in your outer reality- so, Know that all that is wanted is within reach in any given NOW. 


The IDEA of "broken" in the first place is immediately divided, polar, indicating no belief in the perfection of NOW .  The belief that something needs to be "fixed/repaired" is the belief systems that will always have you spinning round and round in the rotating glass doorway.   
You're IN the chamber of transition, but you haven't quite stepped off into "the other side". 
Only YOU can choose to go through it, and once IN, only YOU can choose to hold your focus and stay there.  

It"s YOUR turn to jump into the other side; 
the New Time that is NOW.  

Some folks look at my quizzically when they hear me going off on the Art and imageries and processes of other Creative Beings.   I'm in awe of those who have no other inspirational choice but to BE the SELF Expresser   (Artist ) that they are- and the FUN that they have while doing what they LOVE, and only what they Love.  
And, i'm always shocked that they don't see what i see.  I admit that i get so excited to share what i have found that excites me, i forget that you have not - and will not - experience what I AM.  
I'm learning to listen for the optimistic and inclusive aspects, and to breathe as i wait 4 more seconds for a bit more DATA before responding, but when i'm having FUN it's hard to not share.  

As our Higher Being Selves are rising up into the seat of our Creative Helm, the DATA is coming forth  as imagery, and is laced with the Truth of how we are FEELING about a particular situation.  
I'm noticing that most conversation is happening in exaggerated imagery- via multi-sensory enhancement- telepathy. 
When i maintain more consistent Now presence, I'm feeling what others are going to say - just before they say it.   And, i actually can sense what is coming.  But, i'm still clearing out old stuff and i'm still getting a few obsolete [old Time default] beliefs out of my own garden of Creativity.  i provoke my own demands for things that are not FUN via lingering bits of Self denial.  Parts of Me that i have not come to Love, yet, are surfacing one by one.  Some surface gently and privately; and some, not so gently- but, necessary. 

Because we already have everything we need poised and ready for the ASKING (OUT LOUD)
ALL imagery within view can stimulate the Knowing that IS the Natural State of BEing.  

This is where being honest and Loving with your OWN IMAGERY is so important.  It pays to question any and all constriction, or fear of Self.  It pays BIGGER when we Allow the Beauty that is there already to be the focus that we are wanting to expand. 

You are who you THINK You are; but, you may also still be keeping company with those who don't support expansion of your own image of Self.
Oh,... You are SOOOO not alone in this-  most Beings are in a state of re-invention. 

If you can and DO have what you want by thinking about it enough, and yet -you are still surrounded by things/people and situations that are far over the line from FUN,  ....
WHAT do you need to "DO" NEXT?

You DO no-thing
You stop right where you are and make your Self take a breath; to disengage from any and all negative beliefs and ALLOW All to reveal their gifts to you with Presence - AND with detachment from outcome.
YOU made [it, them] appear before you- and YOU can change the scenery and the players ANY Time you are in your Now Presence in Love. 
So, just for NOW- LET IT GO

You can find a way to retreat immediately from any present conflict in a Loving, respectful, and hopefully Jovial way, and watch the unseen forces bend to the will of your True Will of Intention.  

What you think you Are, or HAVE, Now, You BE in your  Mind.
If you are experiencing lack- it's because you still believe in lack.  You make the rules, and you can change the rules CAN!  
Change your mind- change your WORLD. 
Perhaps it's TIME to  wrap those individuals in your reality that are really moving in another circle of direction into their own unfolding adventure and Well Being.   It may take a few tries to achieve this release place with the beliefs about All that bothers and binds your Self , and what - and whom- you have called to yourSelf to experience as a Creator Being practicing (in Time).  

You may be noticing that TIME itself is the very issue of constriction.  
Holding NOW Presence is the doorway, and YOU  have to find out what that is and learn how to PLAY with it.  All struggle is of the Old Time and is no longer a working model of expansion for the New Time of You in Now. 

There is no rush, there is ONLY ever NOW, and ANYONE who tells you otherwise is attempting to control and dominate you by fear.   But, Are you still into that?  
No?  Then, feel free - in ANY given Now- to shift and hold your focus onto something 
that brings your Heart it's immediate freedom to express it's deeper Joy- no matter HOW ridiculous it may seem to any current onlookers.
BE You!  Let the chips fall where they may!   If you seem silly and they can't Love silly- then let them have their own constriction and dis-ease.  It's theirs.  But, YOU , on the other hand are just absolutely Peachy right NOW, and have no attachments to their experience.   You are free to BE.  

You don't HAVE TO AGREE with everyone!  You are allowed to have your own song.  
Those who have ears to Hear- by the Law of Attraction - and ALLOWING , will hear and come forth dancing with you in perfection- just for YOU.   The more of the "feels GOOD" imagery you can notice of around you and focus on- the more you will attract delightful and surprising "feels GOOD" experiences right TO you.  
YOU - AND ONLY YOU can steer yourSelf into that portal of possibility.   
And NO ONE but YOU is ever obstructing that door- armed with bogus beliefs. 

The drawing (below), in my mind and as i brought it forth, was born of the image of 
"A life of Light, and Leisure"- but, i titled it "Returning" because as i backed up from what is happening there- it was definitely SO.     [ ] was/AM returning.    NOT looking backward is tricky in the early beginnings of this New Time, but, the really jazzy Gift in All of this Now practice is that ...
 in Now- ALL begins anew, SO- All is forgiven. 
Your freedom is Now.  

The Focus of the subject in this drawing is Sun-ward- walking with ease in the Light, 
with only a small shadow around my own immediate presence,  a bit more Knowing to expand into, but- the storms of the past are in the distance.  The rest of the world is lush, vast, elementally pure, and wondrous still.   There is much more of Life Eternally expanding all around my View- available to Be experienced.

For some personal examples of the Human Expansion Experience check YOUR Personal Timing Numbers (here)

and, SEE: 


The Masters of Now tell us: 
Hold your focus on the deeper intentions of Self, without any inhibition, and a clear path will be laid before your very feet.    

Look at Me!  I'm BARE-FOOTED!  That's how gently i DO choose my Way from NOW onward. 

"Returning"; c. migliore 1992

                 I AM  CREATOR BEing. 
 Thank You for Your participation in this Journey with Me!
until the Next, I will hold the image that-

No matter where you go, or what you are doing, or who you are with- may it be your dominant intention to LOOK for and ALLOW the Joy and Expansion that you are wanting in your Life, AND may you attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that ARE in Harmony with your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance. 

In Love, NOW- 
as Ever,

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TIME VIBE: May 2013- PART 2

Does IT Look Like what You THOUGHT it would Look like? 

May: (11:2 Global Month) 

The New Time is taking me by surprise here and there along The Way  in my own journey.  But, i'm hanging in there with You- and, most of the Time, delightfully so.   

As i presented a base translations of the opportunities offered us in (May 2013: PART ONE)at Mid month, we see much upliftment and evidence of the New Self Identity growing in the individual consciousnesses everywhere.  What comes before this for All participants in this shift, is the necessary DATA that unlocks the door to the hamster wheel that was once life in the lower frequencies of Time. 

The within my own circle of Co-Creator Beings, including the most recent postings and online connections- the newly chosen Now Presence is ON FIRE with a more stable sense of Self confidence and a long awaited KNOWING that is flooding in to flip the switches ON  that have been constricting this data and energy.   Validation that we are embarking the New Time reality is all around us.  LOOK for it- it's even in mainstream news sources lately- maybe on page 3- but there none-the-less.

Transparency is beginning to root, and the higher frequency news is spreading far and wide that taking responsibility for SELF beliefs and issuing forth personal intention for expansion above and beyond the old social "norms" of deception of control through - making evidence of choices more clear and exacting. 

Throughout this year (6),  (2013:6), and , in particular, this (11) global month, we are in a peak position for gaining new information and further reaching insights on all of that we thought we knew via high frequency communications.  
THIS MONTH- all psychic antennae are up, and One only need to stick out your tongue to taste the changes in the ethers and Beyond. 
One the more prominent gifts of our (6) year is the resolution of key relationship issues.  As a lens magnifies, the (11:2) global month frequency  amplifies all interactions regarding relationship issues- which are highlighted for All Time travelers in due course of CHANGE.  Clear, concise communications can be had, relationships can heal overnight, and Truths can tumble out suddenly causing the blow-out that clears the air and brings the true identity solidification:  YOURS. 
This includes ALL creative relationships: between project partners, co-workers, comrades, intimate relationships, familial & authority figures;  And, also- personal health related issues born of Self relationship beliefs.  

BE Love in all that you are experiencing because thoughts are quite audible in this months lessons in etheric conductivity.  
ALL are coming to a new understanding of their own responsibly to stand in their Truth, NOW.  Clearly, more and more individuals are willing to make the necessary releases that encourage natural ease and flow of experience.  We're much SMARTER this month, due to freshly opened channels of energy FLOW in the expansion of Now Creativity.    The word "constriction", and any of its synonyms, are being used less and less in the current "speak".  More and more i am hearing the new language syntax of the New Time ,where the tone of language has become 
 focused  on verbal expression which is fused with creative power- intentionally, and with MUCH more optimism, and inclusion. 

This month meditations, dreams, and interactions are harmonizing the alternate perspectives on our plates, and the feast is feeding our hunger for change and balance - and bringing it in ways we only thought were in our dreams.    When taking in the (11) frequency opportunities, we often find them manifesting in the lower (2) frequency gifts and opportunities concurrently.   
These (2) opportunity gifts include new partnerships, collective projects, travel, residence changes, and re-initiating previous relationships on new footing, or concluding them-and, for recognizing ongoing connection for purpose of maintaining focus on a co-creative project's objective- for the project's sake.....

New understandings of and between the co-creative participants in our personal journey is underway.  The powerful frequencies are showing themselves in many forms and from many directions so they are not easily missed.   This particular avenue of translation validates these via the  transmuting (11) Time frequency opportunities which are bringing expanded insights on old issues, and makes way for the transitioning process that is ONGOING for the whole of One, based in the individual consciousness experiences of the I AM, Self, that is beginning the deliberate Creative processes of Human Multi-dimensionality-in the New Time reality. 

Not all of the other Beings you have been interacting with will walk the same path as your Self, or follow where you are heading ....but this frequency wave brings openings in maintaining the Love connection while releasing the old rules of engagement within the 3 concentric circles of awareness (in Time).  
With the (6) opportunities for grasping personal accountability to Love and BE Loved, (in Time) we use the reflection of our Selves in relationship between , circle (1) Me and Me; circle (2) Me and the close community of family, work, mates, and earth Time social engagements; and, then, circle (3) between Me and the Grand Scheme of it All- If we are PRESENT it is through the lenses of Love, Beauty, and Balance, within each circle's experience.

You can go to any number of postings here in this for quick Now Presence reminder resources- or, tune in to your favorite Masters of Now for DATA that you were not able to absorb previously- while the doors and windows are open and flowing with high frequencies directed right at You- FOR You!

As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will be influenced by the over-arching global Time, and you should check your own Timing position for the details of your personal opportunities within the Global view by calculating your personal numbersHERE.   

Here are a couple of recent favorites:  

Original link: 

2013 A message of realization to Humanity: 

Abraham: You Are source

In Love, NOW-

as Ever, 

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Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Time to Take the Leap!

The moment to let go and take the leap comes 

It's the exhilaration that comes with the suspension of attachments as you sail into the unknown that stays in your memory.  
And, when you "land", you Know you have expanded, are stronger, and more sure that you can- and will-
 do it again.  

No fear. 

 Now Presence is where you will always land softly.

"Faith", 1999; by artist, Carmelle Migliore

If you are inspired by this image, and would like to procure a signed, and matted print for yourself- or as a gift for someone you Love, 

please go (HERE)

 I AM in Gratitude for your support-

and for your participation on this Spiral Journey with Me!