Friday, December 28, 2012

TIME VIBE: December 29, 2012 - 1

12/29/2012:   1

( 5 ) Global Year
(constructive freedom)

(8 ) Global Month
(material manipulation and manifestation)

( 1 ) Global Day
( Beginnings, Ideas, Self/ I AM )


Since the collective pathway is defined by the INDIVIDUAL's participation in the illusion, please check your personal Time map for the opportunities that YOU will be presented with, as YOUR part of this grand direction shift (in Time) as you view the Global frequencies overview.  

Don't worry, you'll get the hang of the rhythm of the respiration of opportunities (in Time) as described by the numbers and cycles (in Time), as you begin to grasp their (Gifts) - posted in the right column.


As things in the outer space reality continue to burble and bubble with change through collective stimulation and cooperation, today's frequency will have an air of Self awareness for the individuals within the collective THOUGHT.   (1) is a Time that brings forth ideas, and new insights regarding individual participation as a WHOLE and complete consciousness.   Keep track of new and sudden insights and opportunities- write them down, record them even though they may not come to fruition right away- they are valuable perspectives that will contribute to your expansion.  Beginning something new today- or making a sudden decision regarding something,  may present itself because of an outer provocation that reflects something from within your I AM presence.  You can expect new data to assist you to reconsider your own participation and commitments.

Allow the Truth of Self to make the decisions to act- or, not.   As of yesterday- (in Time), we recognized something that was no longer useful and needed releasing (9).  Today, there is a new thought or aspect of the Vision that will replace what was released that makes for more fluid movement into a greater awareness and presence.
If you are in resistance- there will be fear, anxiety, disappointment, and paranoia regarding how you are seen and contribute.  ouch.

Here,... have a NOW, you'll feel much better immediately.  Use ANY trick you have to return back into your I AM presence- your NOW- where you are safe, Loved, and in balance.

u2-  one: 

Are you still worried about the bogus reality that is kicking and screaming as it is being systematically disassembled and discarded- boy- they sure are throwing the kitchen sink at us these days!  Gotta laugh tho- because WE Know that Prime Creator has his eye on the Sparrow!  We are ONE.  

Activities regarding the re-direction of the collective Vision will continue to turn -without question - in the direction of Love, Balance and this means inclusion of the whole of the participants focused within Time.  Bt, remember we are only observing the events (in Time)-  so you get to choose what you want to look at.....and focus on.  How about returning to your Divine point of power-  NOW - to reset your emotions regarding what you are thinking, see, and attracting into your own experience.

The IDEA of slavery,  Controllers or Monarchs, are just about done here on the planet we call Gaia in a dimensional classroom that we call TIME.

Today you can say:  I AM the essence of the ALL That Is, and somewhere in your Higher Self you may feel a resounding-   Yes,  I AM!

All that is being "exposed" FROM WITHIN YOU, and in the outer space reality (in Time), is doing so because we no longer want to be constricted or continue to play with the dark pony's.   Period.  We are about to exit the mines and play in the Sunshine again- we are demanding it, because it is the Way- and since 2012 woke up a whole BUNCH of sleeping participants, bringing forth much information regarding our true IDENTITY- we can't UN-Know what we Know, Now.

AND, BESIDES!  There are 4 Things that WE Know for SURE to keep us from completely giving in to the FEAR that distracts us from our accepting our Divinely Sovereign Human Creator-ship:
Say them OUT LOUD. 

Can WE Love them into Oblivion?   Hey, there's an idea that's so CRAZY, it just might work!  Some are compelled to get into the fray and make the physical changes- and we All Love them for their Dharma of Truth; and there are some who are compelled to be the observers/translators of the issues and events (in Time)- and we Love them for their Dharma of Truth;  and some just BE- and we Love them for their Dharma of Truth.  
I'd like to be of the latter ilk ALL of the Time, but I'm expanding, too....and i practice, practice, practice along side of YOU in- and out- of the Mirror of the Time illusion.   I have my own Life Path, my own challenges, and my own Time in the illusion to strengthen my resolve to acclimate to my Divine MultiDimensional Presence.  I AM with You.
As an observer/Translator, i endeavor to express to whomever is bothering to read these writings and such- that  I KNOW that Time is an illusion that requires practice of Presence in order to have any fun at all .     TIME , and calendars matter less and less to Me the more i work with mySelf into Now.
The purpose of Life is JOY.    The more JOY you experience, the less stuck you feel....hence, the more FREE you are.  
So, i humbly suggest that your power and happiness lies in your determination to focus your Divine presence and Be NOW, and NOT in the struggles of managing yourSelf in Time.
The more Beings focus in their NOW Joy, the "faster" the ride will go.  Time flies when you're having fun!

Give Me just a little more Time:   

Thank YOU for Your participation in this Spiral Journey!  

Until the Next-

See You in the Mirror!

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