Sunday, December 23, 2012

TIME VIBE: December 25, 2012...

12/25/2012:  Global (6) Day, Global (8) Month, Global (5) Year

Today's Global frequencies (in Time), are presenting a taste of our collective objective for 2013.  Altho still under the influence of the (5) global year frequency, which represents sudden and unusual opportunities for provocation of our expansion, the (6,8,5) frequencies today bring opportunities to make some moves and administrate our reality and relationships with more fairness and balance as the forefront of our daily activities and focus.  The issues at hand today will pertain to global health and well-being, and material issues- so there will be an energetically palpable collective deliberation on the balance of the material world presented.  Material balance and FAIRNESS is in focus.  

Since the collective pathway is defined by the INDIVIDUAL's participation in the illusion, please check your personal Time map for the opportunities that YOU will be presented with, as YOUR part of this grand direction shift (in Time).  

Keep in mind that the keywords for (6) : to Mirror Beauty; Balance, Responsibility, and LOVE.  
This is not the little"l" kind of love-, we're talkin' the BIG L kind of Love.  Right?!  The kind that feeds everyone, shelters everyone, nurtures everyone, respects everyone.   If YOU are wanting LOVE and Balance then you also need to give it from the ground level....don't bottleneck the goods!  Today is a day to SHARE.   Make a LOVE speech at dinner today- and describe what it is that you DO Love about your close community, AND the Grace that is with You, always.   Gratitude is key.

SO, to get in the mood- just sing along with Stevie!!!!

It is appropriate that this symbolic day of Peace, Love, and the Way of Light would be a 6.  
Today there will be opportunities to draw lines of responsibility and accountability, accords struck, and forgiveness will be unexpectedly issued forth from situations that have been inhibiting the FLOW to All who are participating.  So, EXPECT this.   Do your part by maintaing your Love NOW, and honing your skills to navigate/mediate any choppy waters that may come up with your sense of fairness.  Your participation is not only vital to the change of winds for the collective, but you are being monitored for such personal progress as a contributor in the Time platform/classroom, because we are never alone.
Notice what are you thinking/believing that needs to be released to help you balance and move forward and will allow you to SEE and have what it is that you DO want to experience in your own personal holo-deck?  Joy is the best indicator.
Guilt is not in the direction of Peace and Joy.  So just let [IT] GO.   Today is a good day to observe with Gratitude and relax your Heart into Love so that solutions for balance and healing can present themselves to you/us.   The change is within, so seeking to change "others" will only keep you on the wheel of yuk.   Remember that part of the gift of (5) is, this ease of flow can be assisted by unseen forces, as well as unexpected allies (in Time). 

Your Gift to the World today, might be to take responsibility for your Nows, and all else will flow in harmony to your own alignment NOW, which is the natural Love vibe.  This is a baby-steppin' kind of place, you know.  That's why we have the illusion of sequence in TIME.    Our individual diligence in remaining in the freedom of NOW effects the All  and brings you closer to your Joys and desires, effortlessly.  Yes, Now is the launchpad of miracles!   

Today can be a day of unexpected experiences in Love, nurturing, healing, and, compassion, and a rearrangement of the elements in the outer world to that effect.  What DO you want to see "out there"?
Speak of it OUT LOUD.   Mirror the Beauty that is all around you today- and you will contribute so very POSITIVELY to the healing and restructuring of the support systems of the collective (in Time), and your OWN experience with Joy.  

You are always Loved, and you are NEVER alone through the Grace that is yours as a Sparkle of the One in training, 
(in Time).  

I Wish YOU the Best of NOW,  Eternally!  

Until the Next-

See YOU in the Mirror!  Namaste'!

From being upset to being Peace:

Note :  Please address requests for personal Timing tips in the comments- i will respond via email for your privacy.

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