Sunday, December 23, 2012

Time Vibe: December 24, 2012

12/24/2012:  Global (5) Day, Global (5) year, global (8) Month

(You can refer to the basic Number descriptors to the column on the right)

As we finish up this Global (5) Year, we can expect a few more surprises that will provoke out desire to break free and expand toward a more Love based reality.   Yesterdays posting will give you a broad view of the quest at hand (in Time), aside from the gory details of our constrictive Time platform.  
There is no need for me to reiterate the problems and the broken aspects of Life as we knew it, but, the Number of Time clearly describe the transition that we are in, the events, and where the responsibility of change lies for us.  

YOUR participation, grounded in Divine Self Knowing- NOW- is what will shore up the collective awakening, and the re-directing of our focus on what we DO want.  As these (5) frequencies do their thing today, we can expect more surprises, sudden events and new acquaintances to enter the big picture today.   You will handle these energies through your own personal Timing frequencies, and the details for you will lie in that information.   
(Go to this link to calculate you personal Time, (here),  and evaluate what is waiting for you in the outer world events with your positioning in  mind.   Soon, i will add translations for the personal experience frequencies in the Time Vibe postings, to help with this.)  

The activities of today's Time platform will be fast moving, bring unexpected new, and events.  Over-reacting will not serve, but, the (8) frequency layer of December, is provoking a larger administrative change for us (in Time).  This can be read in both a positively (expansive) focused perspective, as well a negatively focused perspective, like being caught off-guard.   So, How full is your glass today?   Because if you want to see the change in the world-  you have to BE the change you want to see.  

With (5), unexpected new friends, meetings, opportunities will stimulate the idea of rearranging reality, and support the manifestation of directives and goals regarding administrative aspects of the collective arena- and your personal experience in it. 
What may shock you/us today, and for the rest of this global (5) year, is presenting itself to jolt you/us out of complacency and into action.  And with (5), it's usually something audacious and outrageously different than we are used to seeing, doing, Being.  
Ultimately, individual mindset will direct the outcome of this wave of opportunity.  

As January approaches, we can feel the need to collect more data, and give some effort to re-view of where we have been, where we are Now, and where we think we want to go Next.  January will seem quiet compared to this month and this past year of surprising (to most) exposures of the attitudes and  activities of the outmoded controlling forces of a dissolving paradigm of thought, and intention.  
As i suggested in yesterday's posting via a film clip, we are gearing up to take back our hill, and rebuild with clear intentions to meet the objectives of the coming (6) frequency of 2013 and beyond- under the (2) objective of [Communion, Community, Cooperation, Balance, Communication, Partnerships]:  Unity consciousness-  NOT slavery.  That would be going backwards (in Time).    

 NOW-  hold your Divine Self with dignity and LOOK FOR uplifting signs that, ultimately, All is Well without over-reacting to any unexpected news, or events.  Indulge in the joy of variety!  

Until the Next- 
See You in the Mirror!

ABRAHAM:  Creating positive EXPECTATIONS: 


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