Thursday, November 29, 2012

A visit with Masters of Time

Today's frequencies :
11/ 29(11) / 2012 (5)= 9 Global day frequency. 
This a good day to hear supportive demonstration of Loving and Living without attachment, NOW.  

Thank You for Your participation in the Spiral Journey!   See You in the mirror!
Until the Next, the Best of Now to You!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Have i told you today how much i adore You?

NAMASTE',  My Friend !
Have I told you today how much i adore You?!
Whatever We surround Self with, and which remains fascinating, becomes reality (in Time). Some are into the [exquisite pain of longing]. Some of us are not.
I AM the One i have been waiting for. YOU Are the One You have been waiting for.
Whay bother sitting "on the fence" about our SOVEREIGN Divinity, and waffling about in the illusory menutia of limitation and all of the ways in which we argue that it exists for us OUT LOUD.
Isn't that what the basic theme of the whole of the Global/Outer space reality illusion is mirroring to us like a bull-horn......the declaration of personal Self allowance - sovereignty? Then, TAKE IT. Take your sovereignty RIGHT NOW. Illusion is only a mirror of what is going on in your cute little 3D Time head. It's transition into Love Now Time for those who will go that way. Not all parts of "us" will be able to continue into the Next level of Divine expansion, and will fall away as we are brave enough to release from them via the beliefs that include them. I still contend to the well intended Beings in the Illusion that need to "fix" something that isn't broken- it's just outlived its usefulness for our Expansion. I can attest to witness that : the "cure" for ANYthing that vexes Thee, is NOW.
Re: [Living Light, Language of Light, Light Transitions and Transformation]...which reminds us of our direct creative responsibility, as we begin to exibit greater Creative control. We need to remember that telepathy already IS. There really ARE no secrets, especially when you access the portals of All, in Now. This is why many channels are Now urging us to purge [the old 3D house] built of Beliefs in [lack and limitation, and shame], and get to Forgiveness, because All will be Known- for All of us. Clean out our OWN closet so that we don't relfect into the mirror what we believe about ourSelves that is NOT fun. And, isn't FUN the best thing to have?!     
Love and Joy to You! Thank You for Your participation on this Spiral Journey- See You in the Mirror!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Coming December 2012!

    MAN KIND   


  Good Morning, Earth Angels!
For a wonderful translation of the Astrological indicators of December's energies and into 2013, Diana Garland is a master Translator. 
Here's the home page of her website; find your Astrological Sun sign, and Ascendent for a more expanded view of the details of your Spiral Journey (in
Time) for December 2012 translated with a Loving and uplifting dialect
See You in the Mirror! 

Monday, November 26, 2012


I think you'll like these!
Celebrate the Living Light Of YOU!


Details, details.....

The Numbers (in Time)

Numerology: November-December 2012
Translation by Carmelle Migliore
I'm one of billions of Time watchers. As the 3D Timeline dissolves into the Next level of our collective expansion, for a growing portion of the Global collective there is a widely palpable fanning out of energetic information spreading over and through the individual consciousnesses that are focused within the collective Timeline.
Within that dimension, we have our own little worlds spinning at the core of Creation. And just in case a thousand otherSelves haven't pointed this out to you today,
We are poised to reach a point of no-return to the "old ways". Suffice it to say, that even tho there may still be some persistent but futile and final pushings and shovings of the "control" mentality...It IS DONE! Now, Be of Joy! as you move into the Next place (in Time). It doesnt' look like what you think it looks like anyway. It's much much BETTER!
And,once we get our Harmony together in 2013, there will be no need to try to describe it to anyone else because we will all witness [it] at pretty much the same moment.

The 1'S AND 2'S ( in Time): notice anything interesting here?

12/12/2012, 12/10/2012, 12/11/2012, 12/12/2012, 12/20/2012(= 10:1), 12/21/2012= (11:2) , 12/22/2012
These daily cycles will mark short, but powerful pulses of energetic reinforcement for Divine Self acceptance, and our participation and connectivity in the collective.

Now, every Being on the planet can feel something magically unspoken going on all around the planet, and more importantly within themSelves.
ONE frequency depicts an image of the Divine Being and the awareness and acceptance of the Divine gifts and talents newly discovered, and eternally unfolding. and TWO frequency (in Time) depicts the connection/network of individuals which will reflect that Divinity back to the each individual in mutual and Harmonious endeavors.
Law of Attraction will become as evident as the intention in the connections will.
So we will see many more tongues and dialects endeavoring to interpret and depict the fantastic images and sensations of the changing energetic environment and Divine Identity. The collective is warming up for the jump, and excited with Hope for the successful adoption of new beliefs and a more balanced and fair mediation of a shared reality.
No longer an "owned and controlled" reality,  No one is completely wrong, and no one is completely right. And, most definitely- NO ones's insanity is more superior to anyone else's! Inclusion will be the litnus test for our individual ability to maintain our Individual Divine Sparks and Purpose when Creative collaboration find us mingling with a delightfully different and more expansive array of options and opportunities than we had previously. You'll see what that means if you pay attention to the events and patterns in those aforementioned dates. You may notice that as November closes, December will find us making some hard administrative decisions within our own lives. Not necessarily "hard" as in bad , or unpleasant- but, more of a necessary realignment for the coming collective focus shift toward the new objectives and intention of the conscious majority.

Do your own researching and discovering. ASK OUT LOUD, and you will gain access to your expansion in ways and avenues perfectly tailored for You. Mine is but one perspective of the Timeline shift. I have included wonderful links for you to peruse below, and would encourage All to venture further.

2013: 6 Global frequency (in Time)

As the Collective Dimensional Awareness of Humanity IS sliding OUT of the 3D Time platform, and expanding further into Time entering the age of practicing our INDIVIDUAL Now accountability, and seeking the restoration of the (individuals) Creative equilibrium. Remaining( in Time), to practice in a Mirror of "Otherselves" more deliberately will become a much easier moment to moment choice as more and more of Us realize that we have no barriers or constraints beyond our own Beliefs. Manifestation will be much more instantaneous because the BELIEF in obstacles will be diminished as we practice new beliefs within our Selves more consistently.
Although the outer space reflection may have you believing this is a political issue far removed to the capitol cities and headquarters around the globe. More are awakening to the idea that "It" is definitely NOT outside of Self, and this will become much more clear to the participating populous (in Time) as the opportunities to call forth our Truth in accountability. Fear not....the collective intention objective in 2013 is Balance and Love.

To this point of responsibility,... a musical interlude:
The "cure" for any thing or thought that vexes you is: Now.
(In Time), My/Yours/Our INDIVIDUAL attention will be drawn in the direction and focus of observing our own beliefs and responses, and "tweaking the sails " of our collective intentions toward balance, as we stabilize the Cosmic ballasts appropriately. Time is a wonderful gift. It gives us a little buffer between what we think we want and it's manifestation. This aspect of the function of the Time experience will quicken after December 21, 2012.
6 Frequency (in Time) indicates that there will be a great weigh and measure preoccupation in order to reset and establish the upgraded agreements and rules of participation and engagement. In this Love based Time frequency wave, inclusion and fairness set the stage, and the intentions of the collective awareness will begin to be sorted out with more expansive gentility. Nurturance versus Domination will play a a negotiation game for the first half of the year. The need for "permission" to exist and thrive will be as systematically dismantled.
(In Time) we practice the newly discovered, and ever unfolding Divinely Sovereign Creative skills and talents within each Sparkle of the Logos, as well as the responsibility that comes with this stage of Eternal Cosmic Being development. Paying it forward will be a norm that helps to reset the money based "economic" system that is rapidly dissolving for those of us who are turning into another Timeline with our new thought patterns. Your sustenance and support are guaranteed in that direction because deliberate manifestation will be more pointedly practiced by the energy of the collective.
As far as the eye can see in the global headlines, there are more and more reports of the successes and successions, and the reclamation of Sovereignty by planetary right and Divine Virtue. Little by bit, but certainly exponentially, there is more reflection of this new desire for Balance in Love in the outer space playground than not..... particularly if you are LOOKING for it.
We are just about done with the micro-managing lessons of 3D and Divine Identity confusion. And, every time i have this uncontrollable urge to share what I'm so delighted to be seeing through the Numbers of Time, i see at least a dozen other Translations that echo these same images and information (in Time). As these new collective intention waves roll around the planet, those who can see the Light, BE the Light. Together, we make 8 Billion Points of Light as Divine Earth Humans per Divine coding, currently manifest in Light bodies.
Freeing ourSelves of constricting beliefs and agreements, we embark our Expansion together (in Time) for a bit longer. And, prhaps some even longer than that, but we Know in our Oneness meditations and events that the Intention has been set. We have learned not to Love ourSelves to Death by over-control. We no longer are turning our personal control over to systems and institutions who Main objective IS control.
We have, in terms of years- not centuries- switched the direction of the flow of the collective reality.
How could the resolution of our denser reality experiences NOT be accomplished?
How can we believe in anything BUT expansion?
Knowing that is the tickle in my adrenals as i smell a fresh pot of Java brewing! Hang on! Keep on keeping on in your daily internal "Glad Games"...a New surge of Inspiration is brewing and about ready to be poured for us! And, SURPRISE! it doesn't looke like what you thought it would look like.

In Now, with your Divine Face Sun-ward there is no need to constrain your own Light, or search any further! You Be NOW. ...the ultimate access point of Your Human Divinity (in Time).
Saving Grace

and then, another Beautiful audio Translation of the Perfection of Now and You in Time and Beyond:

Thanks for Your participation in the spiral Journey!  
See You in the Mirror!  Love to You!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


The staples of Life: Art, Pizza, and Waters

I'm enjoying the day, and my activities involved in an art project.   I also had an urge to have some pizza for my main meal this afternoon, and as i eat this perfect spinach pizza and hover over the pieces of my project thinking and taking it in, i realize that this is the second time in about 10 days that i'm eating pizza and feeling like i might have made a different choice to nourish my luscious body through this wonderful transition that we are experiencing.  This must mean it's time to hear these once again. 

See you in the mirror!

Body Matters 1,2 &3...with Story Waters. 

Today's "cheat sheet" for Rememberance and Balance

Some folks are wary of Bashar and his messages and intentions.  I feel comfortable with his insights and advisement of technique and practice.  This is one of my favorites.  Rememberance of Self as a particle of the Whole, to me, is NOT athiesm at all. 
Our Free Will to BE the Divinely Sovereign Creator Being (that we already are) does not separate us from brings us closer.

Love to You!  See You in the Mirror!

The basic Blueprint of the Structure of Existence1 You exist. (I AM)
2 The All is one, and the One is all.
3 What you put out is what you get back.
4 The only constant in the universe is change -
except for the first 3 postulates, which never change.

1 You exist. (I AM)
If you exist now, your existence is eternal:
You have always existed and you always will exist. You may change form,
but you are existing always . So…..relax…’ll be around forever.
2 The All is one, and the One is all.
Just as each tiny section of a hologram contains the information for the entire
hologram, likewise we are all inter-connected.
Everything is truly just one totally-interconnected “thing”.
3 What you put out is what you get back.
Physical reality is actually a mirror: Your physical reality is just a reflection of
what you most strongly believe to be true. And like a mirror, physical reality
will not change unless you change first (change what you most strongly believe).
4 The only constant in the universe is change - except for the first 3 postulates, which never change.
So…..might as well get used to eternally-changing Creation.
Enjoy the ride! Surf the changes!

For the complete writing:

Or, view the video:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Seeds of Peace

Having Tea with G.W. Hardin

Sustaining NOW

I must say that I AM seeing so many pieces of the collective reality in active and accelerated change.  More positive than frightening.   Most folks that i chat with are finding themselves in the doorway of upliftment and optimism with wonderful opportunities surprising them more and more.   And, i think, we have liftoff...!

I have been asked to come out and share what i know about the Timeline shift as a long term Time watcher, and to share my resources as a practicing Multi-dimensional Creator Being.   It is becoming clear as i observe the kinds of opportunities that have been flowing toward me, that I AM  Doing it, *PETER!   I'm using my Happy thoughts!  My own Pixie dust!   (*reference to the film: "Hook". )
Recently, I'm finding that as i sit down to Translate, a response ping has arrived before i have even concluded writing it.  The Translations linked below, rang like the Bells of St.  Mary for me.  As i listened, they hit a few exceptional points for everyone who is participating in their  moment to moment accountability to their own Truth.  The question of Dharma is clearly the issue in sometimes NOT so subtle ways.   I feel this Translator has tapped into his Dharma, and is integrating it beautifully.  His website has much more.  These are longer videos but worthy of a listen or two.   
As an interested observer and participant in the Time reality, i have my own take on what i see as i play in the Numbers of Time.   The more i learn about the nature of Time and work with it, the less i need to Know in hard data, or feel that i have to "manage".   But, there are infinite ways to ascertain Insight and Wisdom if one is seeking. 
However, with the language of Numerology aside, i humbly offer you the culmination of a lifetime worth of work and experience,  in sharing with you 
the only 4 things that i Know for sure.....
1*everything will work out perfectly for everyone, somehow. 
2*It doesn't look like what you think it looks like. 
3*No one's insanity is more superior to anyone else's.
4*NOW is the most immediate portal to your Divine Multi-dimensional Gifts and Power.
So, allow me to Thank You for Your participation in the Spiral Journey! 
Love to You!  We'll ponder the greatness of it All again soon.
Until the Next-  See You in the Mirror!   

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Humanity! are You ready to fall in Love?!

I would highly reccommend, [after viewing the above video] ,a visit with Inelia Benz at:

See You in the Mirror!