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I AM a humble, but exuberant, Translator, in Service. 

What I think I Know about all of this crazy, weird, and, wonderful Time experience ends up in my Creative expressions.
This is probably all you really need to know about me, for NOW, aside from - I AM ANOTHER YourSelf. 

So, Be it Known: 

[My] experiences (in Time), and my personal expressions of them are, first and foremost, for my own edification and amusement, are brought forth with the intention of upliftment, 
and assumes no responsibility, or liability, for Your personal perceptions or interpretation of the IDEAS issued forth in my publications. 

I AM.  

This Translator assumes full copyright and Intellectual ownership of all Translations and other Creative works, upon publication in any format; all you need to do is ASK.  :)___
The Empress Of Time Esoteric Translator 

Dimensional Perspective Shifting for 
Personal Creative Mastery

(Overview of Team/Member Compatibility, Talents/Purpose, and Inspired Participation in Collective efforts. )

So many realities,....and ALL the TIME in the Universe to Explore them....

The Numbers In Time:

The broad definition of Numerology is: the study of cycles and patterns in Time through the symbols of Numbers
 It doesn't matter which calendar system you are using, the symbols 1-9, plus zero, describe frequencies, and will always indicate the same opportunities and traits in each cultural translation.
These commonly used frequency symbols- the Numbers in Time,  are descriptors of a very simple, LINEAR into NON-LINEAR coding system that provide the key to what is coming to you Next, and the probable outcomes based on knowing what Time is and how use it to your advantage, through your own personal Timing cycles.
It's NOT magic, it's a simple language of frequency.  And, understanding YOUR personal timing frequencies and cycles can save you from a lifetime of do-overs of Self limiting topics so you can finally make some headway in your own manifestational mastery.  

For those who are seeking simple, naturally occurring tools NOW for clarification of Self awareness and direction toward more pleasurable personal expansion,  Carmelle has an ever expanding bag of options and resources to share for connecting the dots along your Time experience as an awakening Multi-Dimensional Creator Being.

Carmelle has successfully assisted to Illuminate options and opportunities for personal expansion in all of her consultations, classes, workshops, and talks.   
As a profession educator and facillitator, Carmelle has received invitations to speak and lead workshops on NUMEROLOGY, and other topics of Self Awareness and Attainment  from Universities, and other community organizations.  She has also appeared as a guest on a variety of media programing.   She has hosted talk radio programs, appeared on access TV, focusing on sharing simple techniques for using frequency keys (1-9, plus zero) for practicing Now in  the Time classroom as a simple way of maintaining Joyful personal power and momentum in the direction of ease and flow.


 DESIGN and ART works:

 Numbers in Time resource and reference site, in relation to how I translate the Number frequencies.   This reference site includes supportive hyper-links within the posts and pages (and sidebars), which will open in a separate window for easy referencing, as you peruse the Translations provided, or calculate and watch your own Time cycles, as a Time participant.   
If you have read all the way to this point- let me express my delight , and much Gratitude for YOUR focus and participation in this Spiral Journey with Me!



(a.k.a., the Empress of Time )   
Artist  /  Translator  /  Consigliere' 

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