Thursday, February 14, 2019

Time Vibe 2019 (3) : INTEGRATION of Expanded Identity

IN-Spired notations on
2 0 1 9 Frequency Flow...

BEHold a VIEW of True VIBRATIONAL Integration ..... 

2019, (3) Sharing "Stories" of Experiences that Speak the Cycles and Cosmic process.
This annual cycle brings MUCH talk and relaying of Experience to Be purged of the emotional debris that no longer can, nor WILL, Be useful for what you have planned for Next.
There is an INternal Method for yOur MADNESS.
In this Cycle of spilling your guts and ADMITTING, OUT LOUD, or in an in-your-face kind of Interchange brings forward the acceptance of Self Response-ability. the WHY for Emotional control is CLEARLY the Way to pro-duce into the Preferential Material Foundations of the oncoming Collective 2020 (4), of realized Self-Creative control Mastery, of Unique Private Design and specificity.
In Time, COLLECTIVE IDEAS and structure designs are BEing stretched and disasembled, and nudged ever closer to the edge of Full Authenticity.   But, there is no space in the Consciously Private Creator Being's Next for the fetid emotional history, soaked in Guilt.
Verbal Expressions press the point and push the necessary buttons to INvoke the issue to clear. Consider and follow through to the consequences of participation out loud. All may not yet be clear, but WILL BE by the end of summer with certainty in the coming (4) urge to organize and Set to Right a New IDEA of Who You THINK You are. 

(3) Frequency Opportunities also bring the 
EXPECT COMPANY of High Caliber INtention, IF that is Whom you wish to Co-Create and study with.
In (3) frequency Cycle there is a Flow of OPPORTUNITIES TO HEAR WHAT YOUR LIPS ARE REALLY SAYING...
Sing (it) to the Stars, if you want to- just BE in Grace that You ARE- "Here", Now, from Time to Time, INtentionally.  Take luxurious moments to APPRECIATE that which has been Created, BY YOU, so far.

With the (9) of 2019 radiating release opportunities through Forgiveness for All, accept the open windows to throw things out as they come up in smaller bites.
This sorting ability becomes more fluid as the Fall approaches, so NO WORRIES, let it FLOW.
But, oh, yes,  
Release WILL come.
There is a rising need to establish a New baseline of experience. In Order to DO so, this is a Time to learn to LISTEN sans default response actions and projections
Using Humor, voice, to set forth the VIBRATORY tone, expressed in Perfection.
Practice. Practice. Practice blameless responses so that any given situation Allows reSolution adjustments with much more Creative Self-Reliance in Flow.
KNOW the OUTCOME, and IT Will Be, as Ever.
EMOTIONAL CHARGES are the signal to LISTEN.  
You'll Know by how (it) VIBRATES in the Heart with Pleasure, or Not.
In (3) and (9:2019), WE learn to Be ForGiving of Our Private to Collective trespasses, by embracing our Private history. DREAD DISSOLVES into Compassion and Empathy in more cases than not...
the Collective CAN See that CONSENT to PARTICIPATION by (DEFAULT), is CLEARLY not in the best INterest of Flow, and, not worth the "trouble", all across the board.
Mind will want to Wander and peruse the file cabinets of previously Collected data of cyclic experience to display or presented in some form of Verbal expression, Collectively and Privately, (***check your own Timing cycles here, or contact me for a Private chat on Your specific Frequency cycles). The New REALizations of INtended Self-Creative material manifestation projects will develop details as 2020 comes closer.

Be Uplifting in the words (building blocks of the New Foundation of the (4) Next) when Translating of yOur Private Stories and Dreams.
You WANT ILLNESS, you gonna GET illness by speaking (IT). So, BE care-full with the Words that you are throwing around, and think are harm-less to your vibrational frequency Intentions to grow.
As the monthly cycle progressions prepare us for some manifestational TRACTION in 2020 (4), that is scheduled to be the setting of a MATERIAL Design Premise, and its FOUNDING in the Private physical experience.
THE WORDS I/YOU/WE SPEAK, NOW- AS EVER, are the Vibratory IDEAS/IMAGES of the oncoming COLLECTIVE Story experience. But, the Cosmos is listening to You with a Particular INTENSITY. when (3) is around... 
Consider that the Universal microphone is ON, and you DON'T want to have too many of those embarrassing moments when you say something revealing about a Secret Truth and everyone heard it and just stops and turns all attention toward you.
I hate it when that happens.  but, afterwards, there is relief that -
Now, it's ALL OUT THERE, and a piece of an INhibitive IDEA that is clutched so tightly is dropped like a hot potato.
But, it HAPPENS so that something can be revealed AND HEALED, or, reSolved.
It's TIME to simply BE Authentically at Peace with RELAXING INto yOur JOY because the RELIEF is much MORE INTICING and REWARDING than initially anticipated.
THIS is the TIME to Speak Truth with as MUCH Grace as possible, so clear the decks, and establish a New level of COMMITMENT to the Unified Dream of Peace in Equity for All.
(3) is Joyous Coalescing; Celebrations, (Inner, or outer); appreciating the Grace that IS, Now, and Ever-
IN full worthiness regarding the rewards of Expressive (3) MASTERY and Dreaming BIG-
VOCALIZE with INtension, and
:) ROCK ON With yOur Fine Self!
As Ever-
T.E.O.T. In Service.