Monday, March 5, 2018

BEYOND The TIME Vibe: In Familia-rity, HUMANITY CHOOSES To STAND in Honor.

There is no-Thing new under the Sun.
dont' let "them" reattle yOur cage...

The (8) of 2018 Reverberates of Ancient IDEAS of Public/PRIVATE DOMINION in a CLANGING cloud of decptions, manipulations, and molestations of Original Presence.

Control by "DIS- Honor" that had once been the founding "mechanisms" for domination, is reverting to the Wisdom of Balance IN THE COLLECTIVE Time Games.

BE the Love
New, I AM Presence...

Once A-ware of the "process", "tactical" project administration and re-A-lignments are INitiated.
DYNAMIC moves toward ALLOWING Truth and Transparency arrive in surprising events and situations.

HOW will it All "turn out"?
That depends on yOur STANDING.
IN HONOR, or, Dis- Honor?

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