Friday, January 26, 2018

Beyond the Time Vibe: (2018: 11:2) A Collective Moving Into Higher Consciousness Together

Time is a very slippery CONCEPT....

(11) vibrational focus KEYWORDS are: 
Illumination, Epiphany, REalization, Re-cognition, INSight, INtuitive, INternal Communications with That Which Is BEYOND Time.  

A good grasp of 2017's  (1) Collective Mastery Objective of the Power of re-cognizing (I AM) Self Response-ability is beginning to sweep the Collective Experience perspective with much more Conscious awareness. Each Participant, NONE-Excluded, is bringing Unique and Timely bits of  Collective Co-Creative Intention into the Next Collective Time opportunity and UPgraded level of Self Awareness.    

The bouquet of frequencies 2018=11:2 will continue to provoke and stimulate an upgrade of Innate Skills of Source I AM Presence, for All, ... INcluding the "naughty" Ones... 
It IS Time to reconcille the "books" and the VALUE beyond that which appears in Time. 

 Multi-Dimensional Creator Being skills practices, INCLUDING: TELEPATHY, Higher HeartVision, Clarity, INtentional Focus prowess, and MUCH better I AM listening skills to use for the UPliftment of Self, and the sensorial Time experience.

REJOICE!  LOVE is INfinitely Now, as Ever. 
The (11)  Collective Frequency is bearing a Blossom for All Participants, and an INtimate New Reality Game is quickly BEcoming more INteresting than lower frequency focus levels of Expansion fixated in conflict, hard contrasts, and control..... (gotta watch out for those "con" prefixes when scanning for the most Preferred Opportunities for Self Creative Expansion.)  

Things are to Flow quickly and with a much larger scope of effect/affect in the Collective Game Platform.  Rewards are GREAT in this frequency, and so are the retributions for Self-Denial as Source.  
Be careful what You wish for- payback is a beotch. 
FORGIVE, and stand in Presence- Source Frequency will smooth things out for All to SEE in an (11) long-term cycle, and a degree of Patience is required.

All of this is for YOUR edification and Amusement as an awakening Multi-Dimensional Creator Being, focused in the Time Game- and Beyond, from whence you came. 
If you don't know what that means, you are about to learn things you never wanted to bother your sleeping parts with.
Until Now. 
WAKEY WAKEY, Love-ly's.  
It IS the dawning of a New Time of Playing nicely- in Co-Cretive HARMONY with Others.

In terms of the most basic Gift's of this bloom of HIGH POWERED Collective (11) frequency wave, any and All shifts, voluntary or otherwise, can be Viewed as the Ace in the hole opportunity to wipe the Spells of a deep (Identity) Sleep from the Intimate Perspectives of the Collective Mind.
YOUR part in holding the Focus of win-win for All Participants in your DAILY "life" affects the Collective.  
[YOU] are an INdividualized Aspect of the Creative force focused into whatever Timeline you are fascinated by, and absorbed into. 
When you daydream- pop! another reality; when you sleep- pop! into another reality, from scene to scene in your daytime Timeline- POP-POP-POP..!  
It's much more obvious to MANY MORE Participants in the IDEA of Humanity in Harmonious Time Games that Each NOW along a linear perception of "life" is a NEW opportunity to Create someTHING different and more preferentially PLEASING to Heart. 
IF [IT] FEELS CRAPPY TO even THINK ABOUT, Focus on the IDEA of Peaceful Resolution.  The details AND OPPORTUNITY FOR RESOLUTION will come appropriately.  
ANY force will bring esstoppages-  

(11) Teaches us how to SLOW DOWN and not trip over our own Visions, by listening better to Heart Guidance.  There is ample "Time"/Focus opportunities to re-view and choose the preferences of your desired "life" and to learn to control your own Vibrational set-point for what you are Creating. 

With (11), TIME can SEEM like a fun-house mirror with exaggerations and distorted perceptions amplified and the quickly shifting emotional options to choose from.
... and the word is:

If you find DIScomfort in the Truth of You then the Self-Denial will scream at you in sudden, life-altering- but, profound experiences. 
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN in General Terms?
Sudden, impactful, change of Ideas, beliefs/prejudices, body functionality, institutional systems and functionality, electrical systems and functionality, ... the Idea and how it SERVES, comes into plain View. 

(11) is the point where Dorothy REALIZES she isn't in "Kansas" anymore, (Illumination) and an entirely NEW PERSPECTIVE is BEing shown to All of I/YOU/WE to CHOOSE FROM with Full Authenticity of Self- or, as Lovingly close to it as possible. 
PART OF THIS THIS Feels like Spirit ON FIRE!
(11 = IN Uni-Son) 

11:2 = The CLEANSING of (Reflective/Collective, 2) IDEAS of False Identity by Fire; Purification through REalization; Illumination of Universal Truths; 
and, Dynamic-ally bringing Forth Intentions Heart's aFire Visions, 
WITH OtherSelves. 

(2) = I AM AnOther yOurSelf.  
n (2018:11) Frequency Wave, HUMANITY PUTS ON IT'S BIG BEING PANTIES.... and begins a "clean up" of the infectious negativity and Self-Denial programs that have been PREVIOUSLY Hosted as the rightful and Normal [way] to Be and Do.  

If Universal Balance is born of Universal Compassion, then,  
We KNOW that INside our Own Primal Now observation point is where the Power really IS. 
It's TIME to USE IT, with confidence, and EF'em if they cant take a joke, or, FORGIVE. 

With (11) in the mix, the observation of great strides can be SEEN as a Collective (UNIFIED) Image-point of INtention is growing.  
INtention with (11) is a BIG Thing when you're attempting a new level of access to the Helm-seat of Your Own Time Travel "Machine"- your BODY as a replicator or projection of the Mulit-dimensional Presence that IS the You as Source.  
OWN IT, with Joyous relief in Knowing that Now. 

BAD BODY CARE HABITS that MUST be realigned to fit the New Time frequency composition that is being witnessed, as a neuron-response attachment.  Beliefs about what the Body is and how it functions have been obscurred. 
It is the Ultimate tech, when all of it's innate functions are ALLOWED to turn on.  
This can be achieved Peacefully and SWIFTLY with (11) as a Gift of INSIGHT, INSpiration, and INner HEARING of the Heart led choices.   
But, first, THOUGHT ADDICTIONS WILL be Presented for CLEARING.  IF belief constructs reality, then ALL of them are mental ideas of Self denial and emotionally charged for manifestation and perpetualtion of Self sabotage that express out into the Mirror as physical addictions.  
We Know this mechanism intimately.  
Make notes when noticing discomforting results of CHOICES, and then Forgive Self so that the Next, in Balance, can be committed to and slowly adapted into a new set of (Self Creative protocols) of PREFERENCE, gently and Naturally.
This will take some "Time" in the Collective reality to clear up enough to make the jump to Light Body.  But, it's coming- so just Do NOW, and you WILL rectify with compassion and Presence, and changes will "stick" because (11) brings a full-on IDENTITY Perception RESET Point. 

(11) brings A Profound CHOICE POINT for carrying a new IDEA of SELF INto Your PREFERRED reality experience.  YOU will have to Trust the signals, and LISTEN carefully to your Heart. 

Based on Quantum & Neuro Sciences and Research, and Universal Laws of Physical Perceptions, our Bio-Electric Plasmic Reality and the BODY INstrument that INtegrates Consciousness into an IDEA of Time experience, thoughts are ignited by EMOTIONAL pulses.  Humanity is learning to identify and better Self regulate and control the vast spectrum of our Emotional Gifts.
HOW to use them to OUR advantage, and not for our enslavement/disctraction a by the testing platform of "contrast", is being quickly realized and Practiced by a growing Majority of Participants.    

The Body-Electric is not a mutant mis-take from any logical angle.  What is difficult for some Participants in this GAME-UP Phase of the New Time Collective Epi-Cycle, is the willingness to take Self response-ability... "blame" and "shame" is appearing to be the first layer that must be healed by each Participant as 2018 segways with more bravado, COLOR, excitement, ACTION, and INter-Action. 

As the (8) Frequency engages High-Road choice points more clearly, a Collective Wave of Participants are urged to pro-ceed with InSpired, Hands- ON manipulations of THEIR OWN participations in the Time-reality with a decisiveness that isn't asking for PERMISSION anymore, but rather, is DECLARING Preferences with Self-Creative Author-ity.
New Perspectives of possiblity in daily INter-Actions and manipulations of the Environment, and the Beings that you attract to assist your Visions of Expansion, in a Collective IDEA and direction-change of the "bottom-line" of personal Motivation and participation in every layer of "normalcy" of the social reflection. 

To MAINTAIN that level of Self-CReative Self-Empowerment, and IDENTITY INTEGRITY, the major electrical glithches are about to massage OPEN Internal technology, so that Energetic Capacity is Self-REALIZED and accepted as the new norm in Self assurity that will grow in the Mirror activities WITH You.   
This means less personal sabotage, more Flow in your "day".  You can tweak fearful Emotions using Visual Imagery to "change the subject" long enough to re-gain the Clarity and Balance. 
Which is the POINT of this  kind of Perceptual Amplification and PRACTICE.  

As ADDICTIONS to any FALSE IDENTITY LOOPS that hold you BACK, emotional pain and manifestational impediments will CONTINUE to come to the surface for brief examination and then RELEASE. These "episodes" of dozing off again for a moment will occur with less frequency and emotional Self REsponse-ability is slowly mastered.  (SEE: Your Personal Life Path frequency overview for more clues) 

The success of focus mastery will be evidenced in the enhancement of the Bio-Electric Frequency Flow in increased Perception (discernment) skills, physical stamina increases in ways you can explain, even tho you may be requiring more sleep to regenerate or to do "work" in other dimensional arenas to EXPIDITE Self expansion.  
Addictions are Electrical repetative signals of each Participants REality projector .... the Time reality Holodeck has Flow and Focus glitches and gets STUCK when the BIO-ELECTRIC BODY IS ABUSED, or there are Unconscious programs running in the background of the Mental Mainframe that need RE-SETTING. 
If you want to BEGIN a new habit- PRACTICE it for 27 days. 
And then another 27 days.  
For harder addictions, Smaller, committed bites of success in sets of 9 days can quickly step up to 27 day Self RE-Creative commitments. 
Begin simply,...but, BEGIN. 
Whether the "story" is blame on implant, EMP/EMF tech, or whatnot- YOUR FOCUS and Frequency ALLOWS those stories to dictate your processes and experiences.  

This year it will be much easier to identify with it, and USE IT to Your own CHOSEN set-point and stick with it- 
this is final exam Time on the Will of Presence, exclusively, altho the Mirror may SEEM to be projecting in parables and hypothesis of low frequency ideologies which are being dismantled piece by piece.    Independent studies on Ancient Human Body Meridians begins with Frequency "Maps" of the layers of electrical points.  Images of these can be found in unlimited accountings of Individual and Collective Earth Human Timeline Histories.  
Kundalini Yoga, No-Thing-ness of Tao, etc... are Self Preparatory tools for the Integrations that are HAPPENING  NOW in contemporary terms.
Your PERCEPTION is accessing particular electrical patterns based on VIBRATORY impressions Emotionalized INto Time experience.  
...therefore, more than ever to this point of Now- 
(see: Dr. Joe Dispenza's works for a helpful, pragmatic, nuts and bolts View and assist by clicking here 

When (11) opportunity wave is encapsulated as a Window for Creativity, and INcrease of Presence, in Time- and Beyond, AS a Self-Realizing Multi-dimensional Creator BEing the BIGGER the Dream/Vision and the further you can IMAGINE it, the MORE will transpire in the reflective reality experience....
The High-Road Piloting suggestions for this Creator Practice wave is to:
Just BE. 
JUST  Be. 
 AND, RELAX- as Universal "Laws" are beginning to Glean how to come to full focus of Creatorship in each anOther YourSelf in your Time Game experience.  

We Know NOW that the temptation's of lower vibrational Focus are but a REflection of that which I/YOU/WE BE-lieve.  INFORMATION regarding the deeper Electrical (11) Emotional signals that anchor those beliefs flow freely from every "where" in the reflective feedback platform that is known as Time.
These Translations are but ONE of INFINTE ways before You NOW to get to the Next PREFERENTIAL experience. 
The stronger You are- the stronger the "testing" will SEEM until the hidden garden of fear triggers are Loved and Released more readily by All- (2019). 
PEACE in Equity and LOVE is the ONLY View that will act as a "broad spectrum cure" for that which is distracting from the Knowing of the SIMPLICITY  of Now Presence. 

  The "signs", "omens" and outright in-your-face evidence(s) of I AM NOW Focus power will quickly be adapted and Balanced by those who are bored with All IDEAS of constriction, and have been searching for the leaping point to Present itSelf, and the relief that means.
That Time is NOW. 
Active, long-term reverberation of (11) through 2018 brings Each a VERY up-close and personal experience with CoCreative opportunities that are successful when the Collaborators are standing in Peace in Equity, as Love in Presence and Collectively INTENDING a win-win foundational platform of Grace and Inclusiveness.
The Collective Focus wave for actively clearing and resetting Vibrational direction in a 9-year collective epi-cycle (2017-2015), will bring a stream of validation of the evolution of social re-alignment to match the Higher Frequencies that each is operating with, from Now forward. 

Humanity is coming to "realize" that That Which Pleases the Experiencer is All in the Head,  and simply as an IDEA that can be sculpted into some Thing tangibly expansive with a sustaining Uplifting Intentionality. 
The Time Game Frequency platform of Collective Participation Perception is shifting INto Self Re-Creation, with a widening wave of High-Frequency InSights.  This expansion step CONSISTENTLY challenges inhibiting Memory habits that are dissolving with New Time Identity INhancements to further stimulate preferential CHOICE POINTS.  
So, All can expect to CHALLENGED by the deconstruction processes.  Team Contrast HAS to step up their attempts to rattle you so that you can Practice your own FOCUS skills with larger and more satisfying rewards- in immediate terms. 
DATA FLOW is going to increase, but the 'wounds" of Humanity must be cleaned out before they can heal.  

(11) makes things QUITE clear, so- relax, you'll SEE them coming clearly in plenty of Time to get a grip on WHO You really are and then Vibrate with the confidence that it will require to assist the clearing.... 
The REAL QUESTION and challenge of this (11) Collective Mastery Objective cycle is ARE YOU UP FOR Who and What YOU ARE?  
YES, You ARE. 

? CAN You ALLOW YourSelf to just BE?  
? CAN You Dance (and DO) to Your own Rhythm?
CAN You FEEL Your own Heart Song?

WILL You ALLOW Your Heart to Illuminate a pathWay of Perfection for You, in Joyful Ease and FLOW? 

Or, not.   

The ages and stages of Seeking the Consiousness of 
Human Perfection through classroom Time cycles of 
Value diminishment and Hipocracy and Self-Denial is OVER. CONGRATULATE yOur Self with GRATTITUDE and Heart. 

and have Re-Borne in 
RENewed Strength and Knowing better That Which 
I AM. 
WELCOME to Your Higher Frequency Reality PLAYTIME 
POWERFUL, You are, AS a Self-REalized
Presence in Perfection, NOW. 

What Ever WILL I/You/WE
DO, NOW, with yOur newly realized Self-Empowerment?

What WILL You participate in and WITH, INtentionally, into the feedback Time reality?  THINK: ETERNAL reverberations, and All IS SO.

How GLORIOUS I AM BE-Come In the REal-izing of: 
I AM the One (i) have been WANTING. 

(11): I AM That I AM. 

With MASTERY LEVEL opportunities at hand, in the Opportunity window of
 Master Number Frequencies (11,22,33,111,222,333,...,etc.), SENSITIVITY is heightened, and IMPULSIVITY increases in the Collective Mirror reflection.   BREATHE as you "see" that which you have attracted to your experience.  
There is no-thing "outside" of You.  

Master Number Frequencies mean High Frequency DOing is full-time FOCUS PRACTICE. 
Because, NOW that Self Response-ability HAS BEEN TAKEN, The WORD is the BOND. 

Ther are not ANY further exemptions to this frequency opportunity and Mastery requirement.
UNIVERSAL MIND is calling the shots, and You have put to put ON yOur Supersuit.  

Edna says - NO CAPES!

For those who Focus and DO play consistently withIN IDEAS of Peaceful, Infinite Flow with Creative Ease, there will be steady access to feedback that reinforces the GOOD FEELING choices and the stupendous results they quickly manifest in unusual, unexpected, and powerful opportunity windows, ...often like a Lightening bolt of Insight.  
Once you See it- you can't UN-see it... if it FEEELS GOOD, nurture it.  If it FEELS BAD, reframe the context of (it) immediatly.  

The term "synchronicity" will simply BeCome the norm and each "step" of your Time experience will smooth out and smooth out, and beging to move far from the fumbling, unintelligent, out-lived, habitual, Self-DENIAL responses that were once the norm for You.
Make Time to acknowledge the Blessings of Gratitude for the "education" and practice that has brought Your Self Awareness to Now, and then be WILLING to RELEASE with New Time Self Love and Compassion as your Sheild of Truth that will walk before you in all things, and clear a path of JOYFUL Ease and FLOW.  

Humanity IS Releasing the reflections of I AM Identity that are of Self-deprecating set in the victim mentality, Be-coming to realize that a Hand in Self PRESENCE, NOW, holds the magic wand of re-aligning our Mirrored Creative Experience.  That's not woo-woo.  
IT'S FACT, ...IF you persist in the Image of Peace in Love without feeling like YOU, PERSONALLY, have to arrange the parts and particles of the reflective Collective reality all by yourself....
HOW it happens is none of your business, the QUANTUM FIELD is responsible for the arrangements and magnetizing the "personnel" that are InSpired to DO in Frequency Unison.  
So, BE PATIENT... ALL IS in Perfection NOW, as Ever.  

If ready, this is the PERFECT window for calling in new Time Playmates and CoCreative Companions.  When you perceive conflict, there is ALSO an immediate opportunity in front of You to SLOW DOWN and take a good look at what is before you with full Truth.  
A COLLECTIVE Frequency of  (11) is all about ILLUMINATIONS.  Bringing down Houses and Institutions of Ill-repute via Focused VISIONS of preferential Collective Time Games. This clearing includes the exposures of inconsistencies and imbalances with a VAST and CLEAR IN-Flow of DATA coming from many directions -seemingly at once.  USE that discernment talent. 
MUCH of that DATA is going to be telepathic and psychic, which also clearS MUCH MORE MOBILITY between choices and the Timelines and Realities that are Created by them FOR YOU to Expand.
Your neighbors, friends, family are Safe within their own Life Path Intentions and objectives.  NOBODY and EVERY BODY saves the World, so get a grip on any Saviour OR domination tendencies, will backfire OUT LOUD. 
BE the Love. 

ALL of reality is shifting according to Your perception.  When that is taken to Heart, with Gratitude and Integrity, Grace is bestowed FOR You, and your Dreams of Expansion on every "topic" of focus are DELIVERED much Grander than you Imagined BEfore. 

Until the Next-

There is MUCH GRATITUDE for Your Focus and Participation in the Expansion Flow FOR ALL, Now, as Ever-

I AM, In Service-  

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                                  And the Honor to Participate With ALL. 
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