Tuesday, January 16, 2018

BEYOND the Time Vibe: February 2018 Collective Frequency Wave + Personal Year fly-by!

The Collective & 

PERSONAL MONTH Frequency Translations for 

FEBRUARY 2018.  
This posting is formatted for following along with this video: 

We recorded it in 3 segments, Numbers Overview/ February Overview/Personal Year Overview--look for the time stamp in the discriptor... :)


2018= 2+0+1+8 = (11:2) Global Year cycle

February (2) + 11:2 = 4 Global Month Cycle

11= Expanded Perceptions and the Visions and ILLUMINATIONS that Guide the Recollection processes of Presence:  

I AM THAT I AM - anOther layer Realized.  

(You can review (1) Jan: 3 Global Month Frequency Cycle;  and find other Beyond the Time Vibe conversations (here), and (here )--

Let's begin with a little foundational data for what you are about to embark on in this conversation.  

How to use the Frequencies via Odds & Evens : click here
The "cheat sheet" for the number frequency descriptors are on the left side bar... and, you can use the hyper links through this posting for quick reference access to thenumbersintime.bogspot.com. 

Phase I = (#’s 1,2,3, 11, 22, 33) first 10 days of monthly cycle, or, first third of day, month, annual cycle, first 3 years of Epicycle, first 300 years of Century cycle, etc.
= INITIATORY phase of beginnings, planning, gathering, projection of a New IDEAL direction of Focus and Participation in Expansion.

Phase II = (4,5,6, 22, 33, 44) Productive phase of active rearrangements of reality particles with Intentional movements into the Mirror reality experience.

Phase III: (7,8,9, 44, 55, 66)  Resolution phase of Focus and Participation toward the Next level of reality Focus and Participation bringing closures, endings, culminations, and Upgrades of Initiatory Ideals (conscious and unconscious) that includes the releases of ideas, beliefs, systems, operations, activities that no longer Serve the Next level of Expansion.

(2) Feb: 4 Global Frequency Cycle…

“Outward” Creative activity focusing on intentional alignment of reSources which bring opportunities to sort and pitch- to cut the wheat from the chaffe for stabilizing and securing a collective idea by Intelligent Design.  

This cycle intensifies Focus and activities on the parts and particles of Time/Space perceptions.  Putting new Foundations on new projections and intentions into the Mirror reality activities. 
+Sorting, organizing, clearing out non-useful items, ideas, belief systems, personnel, and the Tools, that no longer serve Expansion. 
+INSPIRED Acting with determination to accomplish new footing; to stabilize, format/re-format, design/re-design for Balance in Participatory Creative pursuits.

Keywords** work, order, process, procedure, balanced and Intelligent alignments of material resources- which include- tools such as internet, Value exchange systems, Bio-Electric Body and it’s maintenance support systems, …

Integrating Collective 2 frequency- cooperation, communication, connection, partnerships establishing directed focus in Harmonious BALANCE, Interspecies communications and coordination of Ideals of Flow. 
I AM AnOther yOurSelf…. !

ZERO= Amplification of the digit frequency following it:
 (2018); 1= I AM; repeating = quantification of Intentionality in full throttle realization;
11= I AM THAT I AM/…and So are (You) 1+1=2

Regardless of Perceptions of “inhibition”, Each Presence IS in Participation with Expansion awakening to Self Response-ability;
 CLAIMING FULL RESPONSIBILITY for Perceptions, Expressions of IDENTITY as Value as aspect of Prime/Source in participation with Expansion….

11= GAME ON!  High frequency opportunities, and CHOICES made in Flow with direct communications and access to That Which Is Beyond TIME. 
NON-physical Presence detected and “heard” and/or “Seen”, as Unified Guidance, Spiritual Collaborations in the forefront of participations: Visions, Dreams, Claire-anything amplified for All; Telepathic skills honed and utilized for more DYNAMIC activity with (8) opportunities;
(2018) : the (8) frequency wave: sub-Elemental influences and urgings to CLEAN HOUSE, re-Align all resources and design features of Operating and Participating in the Mirror reality; including Value scales and platforms of ADMINISTRATION. 
Material reSources, Personnel, objectives rearranged to suit Higher Levels of Creative Intentionality. 
*4= Stabilizing new Foundations of Creativity
*8= High level Administrative shifts in DYNAMIC SWEEPS of High Frequency Intention (11)  ….
We have a WINNING combination of Frequencies for establishing a platform of Collective BALANCE.

February- 2+11= 13= 4…. Continuation of COLLECTIVE Expressions that Create and facilitate a shift toward DISCOVERY, Clarifications of muddy Ideals and the Participants that perpetuate control through De-Valuation; Amplification of the New INdividual ASSERTIONs of Expanded IDENTITY that compels a DYNAMIC move toward en masse…..

yOUR individual realizations of IDENTITY matter in the Collective Mind push to clear the Way for Harmonious Participations as newbies of the Galactic community, …..
WE will not be “saved” by (off-world)—Human Time Collective Intentions are amplified/ new set-points are initiated, and I AM Presence will direct the parts and particles AND the personnel that will assist into place in Perfection. 

**Dis-Illusions are breaking down, Truth is ramping Up; Dis-Harmony is coming into clarity, DYNAMIC Action is INSPIRED….
Potus (22)… Collective (11) = Harmonious clearings, High-Road Illuminations eagerly taken, by ALL. 

(2,4,8) frequency opportunities require PATIENCE; with Self , first, and then Others….

HOW YOU ASSIST…. (see personal Year translations below)

As long as Individuals are in Presence focus Participation , Collective Harmonious Flow opportunities and clearings will quickly appear into the Collective Time experience and WILL hold the door open for All in the energetic periphery –
Across All Time, Dimension, Space, and Reality….

This annual cycle is a Wave of putting the peddle to the metal in terms of re-alignment;
The Mirror will amplify that which you Feel, Think, Express, “be-lie-ve” for you to See and respond to with more clarity….

February 2018 Collective Wave for 
by the Personal Year Cycles:  

[Add digits of Birth Month, plus Birth Day, to the Collective Year (2018:11) ]  to calculate where you are in your Time Game trajectory…

*example: 12-14-2018= 1+2+1+4= 10= 
1+ 11:2 = 
3 personal year cycle. 

If you are in a: 

Feb. (2) + Personal Year (1) = 3 Per. Mo. Cycle:
Go with the Flow of Self Expression in re-discovery and re-alignment; the Best Service you can offer in February 2018 TIME WAVE, for Self and the Collective Time Game- is to write, sing, SPEAK only that which you Feel and See, and WANT;  Learn to identify and re-translate negative language; You MUST tweak Language to suit Heart’s desires toward more gentle and PREFERRED experience Perspectives; accept that which indicates low frequency ideas, inhibitions, and experiences as a necessary reflection to sort out PREFERENCES only. 
If you MUST communicate- TELL Uplifting STORIES
If you are having a low-frequency day- REST your expressions until you have stabilized.

If you are in a (2) Personal Year:
February is a 4 personal month for you. Expect waves of urges to clean out literally and figuratively.  Only DO as Inspired, as Ever, but this month brings intensity to re-designing personal objectives and goals; processes and procedures will sharpen and move with an obviously dynamic flow.  Hard to be deterred in this cycle--- but be mindful of stubbornness, rigidity, or, censure from withIN.  If frustration has set in, stop.  Take a breath, and DO something else until the perceived obstacle is softened up enough to HEAR the Next logical step…. That FEELING serves.  Learn to Love it for it’s usefulness, instead of bitching about what you DON’T have right in front of you to move forward…. The perfect move will appear, even if so later in the monthly cycle… (see Frequency Phases)- by the last week of this month surprising solutions will appear- suddenly.

If you are in a 3) personal Year:
This monthly cycle is a 5Frequency cycle, which brings fast and unexpected opportunities to seek and participate in expansive, new, unusual, and exciting activities, with sudden, new, and unusual friends and companions; both, physical and non-physical interactions.  Opportunities will open Up because PERCEPTIONS are opening Up…take responsibility for that which you are vibrating into your own reality, with Gratitude.  
There are not victims- only enhanced Perceptions of IAM Creativity in practice in New Ways--- OPEN YOUR MIND.  EASE your anxieties with healthy activities and Self Care.  Overstimulation can occur, so have a Self-Loving plan for when overwhelm comes.  

If you are in a 4 personal year , February 2018 is a 6 month for you:

Balance is the hot-topic in your Time experience.  This focus can be on Health, Body-care, community participation and your perceived place in it.  This frequency with 11 Gl. Yr, and the 4 personal focus cycle will bring Illuminations on Relationships, how they fit into your New level of Perceptions, and how to Be the Love as they are realigned with your new IDENTITY in the Grand scheme of It All…. You don’t have to bring anyone else along with you- especially by force or habitual indoctrinated prejudices; those are shifting quickly to Inclusion for everyOne currently. 
Learn to release your fears, and nurture yOur Love for All in new ways and with new Language when interacting with Other Selves in your Mirror Games.  The Gift of Translation surfaces for you to mediate you own perceptions- NOT for controlling anything or anyOne else.   Forceful manipulation devices abilities dissolve, and space is re-cognized withIN.   You can look toward quicker uptake on High Road opportunities as your annual 4 cycle wanes later in the year.  BE the Love that You are, even if you have to draw hard lines in the sand regarding clearing and resetting boundaries.

If you are in a 5 personal year cycle:

Expect to be surprised and stimulated to Greater Knowledge for this entire year in unusual ways, from unusual new counter-parts in Creative Flow. 
February 2018 is a 7 monthly frequency cycle which brings hyper awareness in directions that seem to appear suddenly.  Internal processes and re-considerations enhance the possibilities of New views and vistas that Flow quickly and stimulate withIN you a craving for an expansively DIFFERENT perspective of Self and your own Creative abilities.  This cycle brings focus withIn to analyze your past, present experiences to lock in a new experience direction that may differ greatly from your dissolving false Identity.  You will be assisted more readily if you can HEAR the Guidance from within that is being offered to all Time Wave Game Players in this current Collective 11 wave.  LISTEN to your Heart, first, then- Trust that SOME of the pieces will sort themselves out by the resolution phase of Feb.

If you are in a 6 Personal year cycle:

Emphasis ison REALTIONSHIP, all relationship that you PARTICIPATE with and the dynamics between You and that which you perceive and project into the Mirror as responsibility in fair and balanced interchanges. 
February is a personal (8) month cycle, which indicates that you WILL make shifts in who you interact and co-create with in determined and dynamic ways. There will be no second guessing when it comes to how you treat your Body, and Others, and what you expect from Now forward from both… but, Self Responsibility is what it will take.  Some shifts will be easy-flowy, and some will be abrupt.  Trust that you will Know exactly how and when to make these inevitable changes with Graceful confidence. 

If you are in  7personal year:

This year the Internal Technology will be humming and active in obvious ways.  LISTEN, OBSERVE, and re-consider all that has come before- DEEP Self CHANGE is about to happen because of new incoming DATA and a clearing to new perspectives on almost everything. 
February brings (9) frequency opportunities to release and reconcile past grievances, inhibitions, and all things that are Self-obstructive.  Compassion for Self MUST come first- and guided with Patience as a New Self-View and reality perceptions are Being introduced and seeded withIn.  Graceful interactions are needed to keep it flowing as limiting Identity perceptions are assuaged out of the Mirror experience through more Loving Self Care, and tenderness with those with whom you are acting all of this out WITH.  The cloudiness that comes with Internal analysis WILL clear as this annual cycle turns, so if YOU, or, some of the BEings that you are attached to simple walk away or slam doors without explanation, TRUST these events as necessary.  You will SEE the results in much more preferable situations and relationships develop as you just BE with the process.

If you are in an (8) personal year cycle:

Activity levels are high, and large material shifts are the main focus as YOU take the helm in your own Life Experiences. BE fair in your rearrangements, and as DO this new, confident administrating with as much kindness as possible- although you will have to just tear things away from Time to Time. 
February 2018 is a (1) opportunity cycle to LOOK WITHIN for your footing as a whole new SELF-IDEA, and a new IDENTITY that you will take to Heart.  Ideas will come: take notes and Know that Inspired action will flow—WAIT FOR IT.  Forcing anything will not bring satisfaction in these changes that you will Now InVision and want.  DO make notes on that which you prefer, and keep your I on point this month, and expect to be catapulted into a new perception of All to engage WITH by the closing of February.

If you are in a (9) personal Year:

Illuminations of Great and Glorious new possibilities will open AFTER you learn to go with the Flow in all things consistently.  Compassion is the Key to what you are after, and that always begins with SELF. 
February is an (11) short term cycle of opportunity that is Harmonious with the collective (11) in the Mirror of your personal Time experiences.  This is a POWERFUL window to meditate- or spend Time with Natural elements to HEAR, and See things that will bring you up to speed and ALLOW You to Participate in the most profound ways, in spreading Love by example.  (11) empowerment is a window into That Which Is Beyond Time, and an ongoing conversation can be expected.  The DATA will come in the form of Visions, pictures, and spoken messages in “synchronistic” events for this whole year for All of us, but in most exaggerated ways for you until this month cycle closes.  Your “job”, should you choose to accept it, is to Translate what you are Seeing and Hearing in a relaxed fashion--- writing, speaking softly the GIANT imagery that will be guiding you through your Service this month.  And, make no mist-take on this idea- YOU are in Service this month ad are having high level connectivity to assist your push into Self Realization as you Do the sharing of the profound DATA that you will have access to, this month especially, and again later in this annual cycle.