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SPECIAL EDITION: Beyond the Time Vibe: 2017 ReSolution PHASE Overview

BEYond the Time Vibe: 
Mid-August - December; Phase 3 
of (2017:10:1) Collective Frequency Wave

A Peaceful Perspective of Collective, Consciously CHOSEN, Collective-Vision Lenses are,
 UP-Shifting in Frequency. 

This is SUCH Good News....
Imagined Layers that "appeared" to block Intntional Path Ways are cleared by taking Self Responsibility for any FURTHER continuance to CONSENT to false-Authority, and Access to You/I AM INFINITE VALUE.

From the langage built IN to the Time Game classroom as a TOOL for skills-building, YOUR PERSONAL Harmonics and Options are found in your personal Numbers In Time.  You can go (HERE) to calculate your personal Numbers for yourSelf,....
... OR, you can go (HERE) , if you would like some Personal attention and schedule a Private translation session with Me. 

 HOWEVER you choose to keep your FOCUS PRACTICE in consistent Flow, There is no stopping the Rock n' Roll Frequency wave that will flick off more and more bits and pieces of the dissolving lower frequency reality and RE-Align "the rules of Engagement" and shift the Focus of Participation in the [Time} Games, effortlessly.
That is, .... 
IF I/YOU/WE are Willing to continue on.  
As this final Phase, that spurs releases and closures,  leads to New Time Frequency Up-Grades.
IDENTITY vs VALUE RESET occurs through MOMENT TO MOMENT CHOICES, which - in turn, flip the mysterious Flow of Preferences ON from All directions.  

The CHOICES will BECome much more Joyfully plentiful and Fluid when ALLOWING All that which does not serve Your Sacred Expansion to dissolve GENTLY, and in Perfect Timing.

(9) brings opportunity to just LET GO of things and ideas that, in Truth, painful.  
We Trust that I AM Authentic. 
We Trust that I AM Inspired to Participate, perfectly. 
I/YOU/WE Trust that All needs are met without question and New IDEAS of I AM Expansion are ALLOWED to choose from AT WILL. 

TRUST that you are INSpired Perfectly through the On-Coming (11) Frequency cycle of 2018. 
(11) also brings a Knowing that, for the Presence to Self Navigate in FULL Authenticity and Self Responsibility, a FREQUENCY SHIFT must be requested and acclimated to with Greater FOCUS, at first.

IDENTITY is BEing Up-Graded. 

SELF is BEing Up-Graded.

PERCEPTION is BEing Up-Graded....

And,  I/YOU/WE Know
Every little THING and SITUATION in Your face is of YOUR design and upheld BY your CONSISTENT FOCUS on [it]. 

 Conscious participations and Action in the Mirror is, quite evidently, Shifting from FAITH and BELIEF into  Knowing and TRUST.
This has come up in so many recent chats with Others and Translated Reflective experiences regarding RE-Negotiations of IDEAS of Self and All that Being That brings to the Game in your Self Creative favor.
 Now that there is more Knowing of the Self with-In regulated IDEAS, opportunities and the New Time Vision and FOCUS are Flowing Into more PREFERRED Co-Creative experiences in Joy and Enthusiasm. 
 The FOCUS skill in QUESTION- and full-on Test-mode is ….

"Tears of Gaia"; Artist Lorraine Stormy Davis 2012

This has been the Hot Topic in the Ethers since the Millennial UpGrade began in the late 1700’s of the Collective experience… 
There are uncountable reflections of Experiential Expansion to this moment of Now.  

One (1) perspective of BE-Coming Self-Evident... is the BASIS of the New Time Frequency shift, in which I/YOU/WE are in the middle of AUTHENTICATING, and attributed via New Time Language Skills, as is Being practiced and used more FLUENTly in Self Aware Reflective Circles of Expressions and IDENTITY RE-Clarifications.

SELF Evidences appear via each Participant and Affect the trajectory of Time Games, IDEAS of Self Worth and Response-ability for Self Creative material agreements PROMOTE Participation with a more consistent rate Knowing. 
 Absorption and execution of State of Allowing by taking InSpired Action outside of regulated IDEAS of SELF that held an imagined “safety net” of “outside” Author-ity.   

I/YOU/WE Now KNOW there is not such a contract, bond, or Thing which separates the I AM from Source- any where or, place- across All Time, Dimension, Space, or Reality. 
All of the structured and institutionalized (IDENTITY IDEAS) of the dissolving lower frequency Time Reality are disengaging from “ports” of limitation, and Shifting with full Self-Authority Into the Self-Aware and Self-Accepting IDEAS that Create the Reality of Each Time Participant’s PREFERENCES, and engaging in the Stories running on in your own Face with Full Self Author-ity as such.
It's YOUR Time Adventure.... WHAT KIND OF GAME Do You WANT It To BE?

That's IT. 
That is WHY One must BE Clear on that By Which I/YOU/WE Will IDENTIFY "AS".   "AS" is All Ways an ALIAS for Original, as I AM.  
In the Corporeal Time reality, That which is SPOKEN validates reality agreements.  
I AM + (X-Y-Z identifier(s) = Feedback in the Mirror reality experience. 

THAT'S the "recipe" to getting your Own foot back in the DOORWAY of your Own I AM consciousness, Consciously- and IN Perfect Balance with the Flow- UNFETTERED. 

I/YOU/WE are stabilizing that Knowing into Moment to Moment CHOICES to Participate with anOther step IN to less Conceptually constrictive Time Lines and Into a New Dimensional Perspective of INtentional Coalescence of [ease and flow], ONE as a CO-Creative COLLECTIVE.

IN Self IN-powered Clarity, PREFFERED culminations of more DELIBERATELY Harmonious Co-Creative Beings toward
Organically IN-Clusive focus points are becoming much more easily discernable from Ex-Clusive IDEAS which no longer Serve Source Expansion via I/YOU/WE together as an IDEA in [Time] Focus.   
We just baby-stepping to-ward the Collective Expression (2) Millennial Vision of Peace in Loving and Harmonious Balance with All.  I/YOU/WE are only JUST beginning to Self-Realize with more Full Self-Responsibility. 

August's Collective (9) Frequency cycle warms up the Tide of releases that are preparing 8/2017:1 = 9 the 
As this Resolution Phase is entered, All of these False Identity IDEAS are surfacing for re-examination.  The Frequency Cycles bring probabilities for quick closure of long-held IDEAS of Identity that compelled repetitive BE-hav-iours to cycle round and round again, and re-CONSENTING to agreements of those false-Identity ideas that Now FEEL constrictive and pointless regarding YOUR expansion requirements.

Some of these contrived prejudices are rooted deep with-In Each participant, and reflected before them in the perceptual “mirror” of "daily Life".

 We Know up close and quite personally Now, that in a Time reality which is lower/slower vibratory focus, there is also an attachment to the carbon-based Body-Electric that puts Focus into the Time Game, and the Sensorial reality it En-Raptures Us with. 

I have Observed Other Translators expressing the term: "Things are going to get REAL!"  THE Mastery of the "mechanisms" of "Reality" and how to Create the one that you prefer,  have all ways- will all ways depends on the Frequency in which your Time Focused Self hangs out.  
And besides, All programmed prejudices aside,...
WHAT, DO Tell-

The answer to that lies in the Observer who has the Presence to ask:

NOT reverting "back" to retain a Projection mode and Identity that was forced albiet through unscrupulous means.... but, Hey!  
WOULD You have had it any other way?
new Time re-Spnses via Neuron attachments are requiring re-placement Into New ideas about the fabric of “reality” and what I AM capable of as a Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing.
Addictive THOUGHTS Create addictive BE-hav-iours.  Period.

This closing 2017:(1) frequency focus activity, through December 2017, brings closure to painful Self IDEAS and the many Mirror stories and situations that you are Co-Creating which have held you in various Spiritual “ruts”, but can Now Be clarified and cleared, in full, with each opportunity for Compassion and Gratitude instead of Judgement of Other reflections, who YOU  have called upon to play the Game WITH You.  
the Game to Re-Member. 

New Time Frequency levels of Love or Above is congruent with the New Time IDENTITY that is preferring an INClusive and Peaceful [Collective of Presence] in Flow Focus engaging in Harmoniously Co-Creative RE-Covery projects. 
 All - AS INSPIRED by Heart. 

As August’s (9) Frequency cycle ripens and closes the door on a HUGE layer of false beliefs and false Identity markers, the Sensorial Time GAME changes with a burst of GUSTO, as the )11) opportunity wave of 2018 begins to pick up in pace.
And, you might have had the idea that you could not peddle any faster than you already are?! 
Nope!  NOPE! NOPE!!
Get used to the speed in which Experiences move Beyond the Time Vibe, 
"Where" All BE lifted UP a step or two to a New level of SELF-Actualization, along with Up-Graded Presence SKILLS.  
Telepathy is becoming more of a common mode of communications, as is "remote Viewing" in any "Claire" methodology you find most convenient to you. 
Claire' Audient
Claire' Sentient
Trans-Medium State
These are not "unique" skills, except the Style by which the Participant is InSpired to use them, in Authenticity.  
There is no "Invisibility or cloaking" device which can block the awareness of Presence or Intention withIn each Participants field of fascinations. 
Meditation is the most convenient Way to examine your Potentials and Innate Skills. 

It's easy to See that Transparency is coming to Be a "norm" for All.  
We can expect the shadowy echoes of past IDEAS of False IDENTITY that accompanies the Cultured Self-Denial programming of Guilt, Shame, Regret, Sorrow, Loss, Lack, Rejection, Disappointment, Helplessness, Vicitmization, Anger, Rage, etc, etc, etc, are scurrying around the periphery in an attempt to avoid discovery. 

This annual Cycle Closure Phase also INvites Us to BE Kind. RE-Cognition that
this step in Human Consciousness Evolution is happening to ALL of "You" in the Mirror reality.  
There is NOT assertion, there is ONLY ATTRACTION in a magnetic reality. 

In the dynamically active (9) Opportunities in August, I/YOU/We have Gratitude and Compassion for All that is deemed out-grown and FEEL too constrictive- for these lessons are also in search of Gratitude and Acceptance to ReCeive the Salvation in Forgiveness to the last moments of this 2017 annual Resolution Phase. 

A COMPASSIONATE HEART Allows Love to Be the Release Point.  

Throughout 2018: (11), which is blossoming as the [2017 (1)] cycle closes, and   consistent and continual discernment practice brings a Clarity of Self Truth that I/YOU/WE have been asking for in EACH MOMENT we have spent in dissatisfaction at the obvious constrictions of Our Earth-Time classroom syllabus.

I/YOU/WE can SEE Now that Time is a Reflective and Transitory/linear Perception Reality, and We are Becoming much more proficient at manipulating it with preferential and (Love, or Fear-based) Emotionalized THOUGHTS, WORDS, and Deeds, with CONCIOUS INVocations of INtention. 

The Joyous begets more Joy… And, the converse is also Truth: fear begets more to be fear-full of.  Every-One IS currently BEing put this to the test. And Every-One has RE-Collected this into the DATA files of each Participant’s experience.   What FEELS right for You, and that which FEELS Good to You are very icustomized expriences.
NOW is the Time to peruse the results of the data that you have ACTUALLY gathered for your Self.  Now is the Time to TRUST in the releases, and remain in Grace and Gratitude for All that IS.

I AM All, ….
I AM Source, Original, Infinite and Everlasting Value, across All Time, Dimension, and Reality.

 I KNOW That I AM. 
I TRUST Original INclusively. 

Thank You for Your Focus and Participation WITH Me! 

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