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BEYOND The Time Vibe: JUNE-JULY 2017 The Emerging Mastery Cycle (11) of 2018 Begins

7 Frequency Collage; C. Migliore; hand cut paper/ 
JUNE (6) + 201(7)/( 10:1) 
= (7) Collective Frequency
Opportunity Wave: 

Analysis, RE-View, ReView, Increased Psychic/Intuitive activity, 
sorting incoming DATA, mental preparations for pending decisions regarding [I AM] Expansion, with a dollop of (6) humming in the background for Balance, Humility, Grace, and Love as (flavoring) or enhancements to opportunities presented in the  Mastery Objectives of the predominant frequency numbers.  (6) is frequency the "Worthiness" classroom frequency.  

Just learn to roll with that IDEA as the fertilizer of your Dreams and Visions... which You are Here to HAVE and Play with. 

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The ONE Mastery Objective is amping Up the stakes and the Opportunitites to FLY with it.  For those who have (1's) and (11's) In and around them Now, or in the coming 18 months, in Time, the IDEA of I AM is about to get REAL Through You with High-Frequency options to choose from.  
A chance to Play in Time with the "Big Boys" for a Game or two of Who Do You THINK  You Are? 

 (11) Illuminations for All of the Collective Participants to Gather for Unified Intention began by the end of April, echoed by all of the astrological retro's, trine's, square's and node positions in Planetary symbols speak. 
Relationships and the activities between them must Align with Unified purpose, or, why bother to engage at all?  
This cycle indicates Opportunities to stand Your ground on New Time IDEAS of Presence and Participation (Life). It is a month to ponder CHOICES by gathering and comparing preferences amongst the DATA. 

As JULY (7) + 201(7)/(10:1) = ( 8 ) CFOW bubbles up by the end of June's Productive PHASE (+/- 6/20), the (11:2) becomes Harmonious with INSPIRED ACTION that (8) Expresses.
This is an AUSPICIOUS frequency combination.  
Opportunities to make sweeping Life administrative decisions clear the tables and slap down the New Time Plan for a (Life) Lived in Authenticity.  
This means CONSCIOUS and ACTIVE rearrangement of all structures that you hold Dear as Identity, fueled by the push and pull of Your New Time "Birth", or "Choice" to Commit. 
Others that do not want what You want, (reviewed in May-June translation) can be Released with Gratitude through AUGUST's (9) cycle of Closures. 
But, July (8) indicates material empowerment through [I AM] Value.  all resources are under scrutiny, including Abundance Flow, Environmental, financial, and Others as Partners in CoCreative efforts.  So, some of the "people" on scene will be moved around deftly, according to New Preferences and directions; and New Friends to CoCreate WITH can show up in some form just as quickly.

ADD to this dynamic Flow of movement and change, the Emerging Master Number Frequency (11) surfacing into the mix of Gifts and Talents that is You to STIMULATE a more decisive Presence Factor into high-gear, this PHASE of Expansion will SEEM to fly by with "things" moving around fast and intensly.  
The Harmonics of this Annua Productive PHASE  , (April-September), is vibrationally INdicitive of a profound IDENTITY Awakening and INTERNAL alterations for Those that are paying Focus to Presence and CONSCIOUS choices, contracts, commitments, and outcome Projections and the Beliefs that keep them vibrationally "to-gather".   BIG change is afoot.
DISPERSIONS are coming.  A good and thorough "House-cleaning" in inevitable IF you stick to Your Heart Knowing in Authenticity.  A New Time Reality of Your Creation begins to appear and Grow in this PHASE through Presence, as (11) brings ILLUMINATING, and INSPIRING Data meant to be passed along, (11:2) to SHARE for a Unified Vision.

This massive SHIFT of Consciousness and CoCreativity is offered to All Participants Playing in the Time platform, as well.  Ultra-Dimensional Conversations are more spontaneous and comforting when (11) is vibrating.  Use this Power for Expressing Heart and High Intentions remembering that (11) has no Space for malicious Intentions, as it is immediately and HIGHLY Re-Flective of the Intentions.  
Any Internal chatter will most likely flow as VISUAL imagery, poking symbolic messages, but Translations via any form and device of communication will send a Flow of synchronicities, signs, signals, Epiphanies, Illuminations.  The general color of the events that come up include unexpected Events, sometimes "shocking", but every once in a while, we ask for that "poke" of Assistance because our Heart is set on something that we just can't "figure out" HOW to attract. 
This whole summer to Fall Season of Vital expansion activity and re-configuring of the New Time rules of Engagement, and, ADD the new Friends and Love that will magnetize to Bring the desired shifting INto the Next "Life" of Authenticity in Participation.

As 2018/ (11) Collective Time Frequency Wave ripens, so will the Flow of IDEAS, Intentions, Illuminations, and fantastic Expansion Experiences that will spin from out of You for the duration of that Cycle, in Time.  
More on this as we go, but, keep your (I) on the lookout for the  Amazing and Miraculous as the Conversation between Presence and That Which Is BEYOND the Time Vibe nurtures SELF Qualifying, vs submission, or subversion of Presence.  
Learn NOW to take the High Road, as a NORM. 

THINK [IT]. SPEAK [IT]. ALLOW [IT]. (11): http://thenumbersintime.blogspot.com/p/11-illumination-insight-intuition-also.html

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