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BEYOND The Time Vibe: Second PHASE 4/2017-9/2017 Frequency Wave- Inspiration and Advancement Into The Next

MAY (5) + 2017 (10:1) = (6) Collective Frequency Opportunity Wave

JUNE (6) + 2017 (1) = (7) CFOW

JULY (7) + 2017 (1) = (8) CFOW

AUGUST (8) + 2017 (1) = (9) CFOW

SEPTEMBER (10:1) BEGINS the Next PHASE (Resolution/Renewal) in the Collective Annual Frequency Wave....but, more on those Opportunities on that later.  
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As 2017 (1), we are experiencing Self Awareness and Actualization gaining footing in the Collective Reflection.
BE Advised, that Your personal ride in All of this is COMPLETELY dependent upon WHO You THINK You Are.  

This, will determine the REASONs and impetus for the [Time Stories: relationships, jobs, health issues, etc..] you CHOOSE to Participate withIN, as a Time dweller. 
The (6) IDEA that is BEing presented, to  Each in their own story, is the deeper questioning of WHO, [INDeed], is responsible for YOU, your Perceptions, Your sensorial Time adventure, and Your Presence?  It pushes to experiment with HOW can you position Self Expression as Service to All- IN YOUR OWN AUTHENTIC Style, and with respect for All?
This ACTIVE Phase of examination and realigning and reorganizing the bits and pieces of the Illusion playground, as if New Love is Present and New Self-Expression is already showing InSpired potentialities in Bloom.  
Since You Live That Which You [THINK/BELIEVE/ADOPT/IDENTIFY With by CHOICE], 
it is BeComing clear that Self Focus is NOT the negative projection of NARCISSISM that is bubbling about currently, but rather, a healthy wave of Self-Awareness in the process of I AM Creator BEing clearing the Vision and Intentional Focus.  
And, in the past couple of monthly cycles, You may have pointedly noticed that standing in Authenticity can piss off Others who depend on You to maintain a particular position of participation for them in their Time Classroom games.
EVery One is right about having what they want to have,...but it's not the having that is Sweet, it HOW you got there- the Process. 
Going about it with prickles and grunts is a sign.

We KNOW that Every Thing Is Working out in Perfection for Every-One, SOMEHOW.  You aren't in charge of the details, per se... the Morphogenic field/Unified Filed of reality is.   
Now, Try to RE-MEMBER,.....
NOBODY'S peculiarity/insanity/preferences is more superior to anyone else's.  

So, blame is to be re-cognized as the pointless and opportunity wasting, Self Denial issue that it is.  
Dis-engagements will occur, in Time, but, not from Heart.  If there are situations surround You that need releasing, DO SO with Compassion and Empathy.  Offer Silent Gratitude for the education and New awareness [IT] brought to the forefront.  Source Love is All-Ways available in the comfort of Your own Presence in NOW.

Give and Receive LOVE, in FLOW.  

(6) FEELINGS light up Imagination on this IDEA of Love, and more specifically SELF Love, and are most readily Expressed via Audio/Visual Expressions, Healing Services, Counseling, Negotiating, Nurturing, Pleasuring and will Float Dreams until boundary lines can be adjusted into Win Win commitments.  

Unified Intentions are beginning to sort out relational details so that manifestations of Preference appear for All Participants in the Engagements, in Time.  So, sometimes, when you want to Be Clear with anOther, you just have to draw a PICTURE to get the [Vision] across to satisfaction.  But, WAIT for the opportunity to do that Gracefully.  When it shows up- TAKE IT. 
All urges are Sacred, so FLOW with those, and don't be shy about sharing Vision confidently when the topic is opened, or the Inspiration strikes to Speak Heart, but sit with it briefly before Projecting, as discernment practice.  
RE-actionary impulses need to be examined, sussing out habitual Highly-Emotionalized reactions that come from an aspect of fear/lack/unworthiness addiction.  Those are subtle little buggers, and have been nurtured for a long while in the Psyche.  
Self Care means cooing and soothing your Way out of the reaction loop.  Having a sad/bad FEELING.... once again! YOU control the scenery with Mind, so YOU have to have some sorptive Self RE-Training signal in place that you can rely on to Initiate the Focus SHIFT required to jump OUT of THAT fearful Timeline potentiality.   

(6) represents layering New RELATIONAL INTERACTIONS- with Others and through Others- and Re-Aligning Self-Love in the more solid Knowing of Worthiness as Infinitely Valuable.
In Six frequency, we set Balance in the boundary lines that are necessary to clarify intentional Participation, in full Authenticity.  Receiving Love is the Other half of the equation, and non-negotiable in the Universal Law kind of Way.  You have to hold the frequency of Love or Above for Self. 
Just tell the Truth to Your SELF, and See what Grows in the stream of opportunities that will show up to help you take the Next step through this whole PHASE.   You won't comprehend how FAR it can bring you till you DO THE EXPERIMENT. 

Where APRIL'S (5) frequency raucously rocked loose things that you would have preferred to have put off, in sudden and unexpected ways, May's (6) reminds us to PLAY NICELY WITH OTHERS, as Self. ...But, Observe the interchanges taking place regarding positioning, commitments, and Self Respect in (re?)negotiation of relationships and your IDEA of what Compassion and FAIRNESS (Balance) is to you NOW.
 BE CONFIDENT in Who You ARE, NOW, and Love how you got "here". 

This frequency REQUIRES that You take Care of Self, FIRST. Martyrdom or Victimization won't work so well to get you to the Next place.  But, rather- offer Up Your Highest Intentions and Will to Be the Love, and SHARE the Love in Intelligent and Respectful Ways for All Participants in the Mix. 
Put Your Highest Fascination and Love "OUT THERE". 
Listen for the New Cues and Signals that reward Focus and Loving Responses to propositions, or new data relating to Balance or stabilization objectives, in all Time activities. 

This includes Body Balancing AND Relational boundary goals from WithIN the BIO-ELECTRIC vehicle of Time experience
It IS the Time of developing the Multi-Dimensional BEing skill of Telepathy, with Balance.  And that means- Discernment practice is in FULL play.  All Ways, and in All Nows. 

EACH Now, is an Opportunity for ALL Ultra-Dimensional Beings, now that there is a crack in the Illusion of Earth as low-frequency density.
So, BE PICKY with Who You Engage with, as All Others interacting within the Time reality - with You, and around You- have an agenda of their Own.  But, BE of Grace. (6) is the REFLECTION of Beauty, Love, Balance, and Responsibility. 
That's the Mantra ...Love, or Above. 

LISTEN to the Options and the Possibilities, and list the assets and liabilities of the Objective before leaping. Yet, BE of Open Heart and InSpired toward [Expansion in Cooperation With All] when listening and engaging;  This short cycle brings opportunities to quickly clear the table, clear up inconsistencies and effectively re-negotiate Your Time Reality positioning in day-Time engagements.
ASK for that which You WANT, - OUT LOUD.    
Even the word Opportunity starts with the CIRCLE of Infinite Possibility; [O], which happens to Vibrate (6) frequency opportunity focus of Self Balancing Adventures that Teach
TIME to Take Responsibility for Optimizing the Opportunities in Now, and then let the chips float Up to the Next FOR You. 

THE perfect song for this juncture, In Time. 
Sometimes Life is a Jagged Little Pill, but YOU LEARN, no shame, no blame... 
Alanis Morrissette........ You Love, You Learn.

Imagine and Express fairness, balance, cooperation, balance, Harmony, Well-Being, Full Support of RESources in Flow.
(6), inside a (1) indicates discovering that YOU ARE WORTHY of All that You Dream of.... so, it's TIME for declarations, and the stabilizing of commitments to Authenticity in All things that make you FEEL Empowered, not necessarily "safe" according to old Identity perspectives.  
The Truth is not necessarily "safe" for keeping the status quo.  
In fact, once Intellectual boredom comes. no-thing is "safe" until a New level of (domestic/health/Service/Flow) PREFERENCE stability is established.  Instead of knocking down your entire World, try to 
Start FEELING withIN from the broadView, and milk it from there.
Practice. Practice. Practice....

* "I AM the VALUE, therefore Innately WORTHY, and, SOMEHOW- always "have" Plenty to SHARE and Spare."

* " I AM the Source of Love,  and, SOMEHOW, All-Ways have Plenty to share and spare. "

* "I AM Source Presence, and, I AM Perfect NOW, IN Plenty, to Give and Receive at Will

So,.... WILL IT, already!        It IS Time. 

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Thank You for Your Focus and Participation in this EXPANSION With Me!

I AM, as Ever. 


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