Friday, August 5, 2016

MID-August - SEPTEMBER 2016: DOING Promotes Collective GET BUSY TIME!

August's (8) Global frequency, into September's (9) Global frequency, within the REDUNDANT and emphatic (9) Global YEAR  frequency brings BIG moves toward Self Awareness and [I AM] empowerment with a New set of "eyes" and a New determination.  
...It's definitely collective "GET BUSY TIME". 
Crystal Method: Busy Child:

This music link, is posted for you for some FUN, but it will help you feel the beat of the COLLECTIVE THRUST into the August (8) Frequency, and the intensity of DYNAMIC Personal CHOICES regarding the active PARTICIPATION in creating and directing your own Time experience, in more deliberate and conscious ways. 

It's a good example of how the TEMPO of life can to APPEAR to be feeling to those BEings who are actively finishing up the (9) annual frequency opportunity through BELIEF transformations and RELEASES, from this month forward. 
The Collective is in high gear in terms of making decisive commitments to what is and is NOT going to be accepted, tolerated, and/or participated with, with much more emphatic Knowing that DOING the Right thing in each NOW  MATTERS.
We are reminded that NOW is the most expedient Way into the Next level of preferred co-creative experience, in Time.  

Do not fool yourSelf into thinking that the immediate "outcome" will be hearts and rose's for everyone...the keyword here is PERCEPTION within a Free-Will reality platform of experience. 

You are so free, you can choose pain, strain, and trauma.    
Your Life experience is Designed by you, for you, according to your personally sustained and dominant Thoughts.   
The morphogenic Time reality is designed to assist you to Self ACTUALIZE by showing you and giving you what you FOCUS ON, in close up and personal ways. 
For more on Neuro-Science, there are reference links included here from Dr. Joe Dispenza:
 (tutorial video referenced below)
Dr. Joe Dispenza                      Part 1:

Part 2: 

NOW, in the NEW TIME reality game, the focus is on Compassion, Forgiveness, and Self Responsibility, as the opportunities to clear out the obstructive IDEAS is taken to Heart by the Observer. 

This does NOT mean that those who are still twisting and flailing in the Illusion will not catch on.... ALL are part of this transition.  There will be parallel observations of OUTER events, and INNER releases.  Have compassion for the process , itself.  
There IS evidence, ON THE WHOLE, that Earth Time Life is actually getting better, as the c-r-a-p that has been ALLOWED to be perpetrated, is cleared as it is exposed.  

Remember that [it] begins with You.  

Self-forgiveness, and the courage to admit that constrictive belief was adopted and held by CHOICE, even tho there was a real campaign by CONTRAST to push and test your focus skills.  
And, "they" sure are GOOD at distracting you, aren't "they".
At this Time, the opportunity to Forgive (release) to stand fully in your New Time Body and Reality has come to include "THEM" in your prayers of Blessings, in Love. 
"They" agreed to take the shitty end of the stick in this Evolutionary push.  
Now, you comprehend better that you can participate with what FEELS good to you, and forgive the testing platform of the lower frequency experience, as a WHOLE. 
DOing so, with Gratitude for what can be chosen NOW, makes you the New Time participant, in Truth.   


Welcome to the New Time adventure of the ongoing practice of Presence, and response-able, free-willed, CHOICE by vibratory Mastery.
The physical reality is shifting along with the discontent and the urges of our Eternal Nature of our Spirit Molecule to move into something MORE.  
We CAN expect Earth shifts, Planetary alignments which affect magnetic fields, that are the reflective reality experience in the process changing to suit the Next adventure AS Galactic Humans. 
Whether or not you View the Shift from the In-side, or OUT-side, matter not; it's happening Every"where", and All at Once.  

There will be a long cycle to ponder the Greatness of [IT] All, through 2017's (1) Global Year Frequency Cycle.  
But, this Next level of skills practice has already begun, and in July the Collective Time Participants entered the warm up initiation, and the FINAL exam Mastery phase of the 2[01]6, decade focus Mastery Lesson of ONE;
As a Group/Collective of Beings, SHARING a Collective "story", in the Day TIME reality.  The recommendation at this point might well be to OBSERVE SELF, ACCEPT SELF, FORGIVE SELF in order to utilize September's (9) RELEASE cycle.  

It's Time to really DO what you Love. 
It's Time to SAY what you REALLY Feel. 
The Time to Analyze and Introspect.
IDEAS of Identity are going to undergo a nice, long, mental Holiday from [outside emotional reactivity), and has already impacted the Collective arena in the HUGE Validations on display, around the "World".....

2017, which is THE Self-Exploratory & Mastery objectives within the Time decade 2010-2019
 Many who are reading this will not have to participate in the EXPECTATION of "fall-out" through this epicycle.  
All Great Storms of Change enter as a gentle breeze.  It's Time to develop INternal senses to address the breezes while they are still easy to deal with.  
 If there is still some engagement with the lower Time frequencies in your own experience, through the proof of drama, illness, strained relations, pinched off Resources, victimization.
No matter WHAT, the Path is fully and Wholey Perfect.  
The Beings, Creatures, etc that you Love and want to "come with you" into the New Time experience, may or may not choose to do so.  
Relax... ! 
 EveyTHING has it's Perfect TIME.  
First Source and Center, Prime Source,  continues to provide for All equally, in Love. 
Any dis-tortions Be-yond That, are strictly personal.  

Beyond Time, we ARE Galactic Humans, without question or hesitation.  
From 1900's, in Time, Self IDENTITY has to be settled, so that ?? INTER-DIMENSIONAL, INTER-SPECIES COMMUNICATIONS become the norm.

 As I/YOU/WE step into our destiny as Eternal, Ultra-Dimensional Beings, in training, we find OurSelves in the company of Other Creator Beings of like-vibrational Intention.  
It's CHOICE TIME for All reflections in shifting Time classroom reality. 

It's natural to be a bit impatient, ...and, even Healthy, because it signals a dissatisfaction with stagnant IDEAS, and fosters Inspiration and momentum into the Next level of your experience.   
This month into September, and through the rest of this annual cycle brings the specifics into view.  This month emphasizes the urge toward vibratory shift,  and decisiveness flows into dynamic action on an individual level of participation.  

YOU are going to KNOW better by the end of September, what the specifics on this topic of [release/forgiveness/closure] are for You,  ***you can check in on your own Personal Time map opportunities for yourSelf (here).  If you would like to have a personal consult with this Translator, go (here).

In the collective (Time) mirror of [Ultra-dimensional Skills Mastery games] which continue to flow in the opportunities of (9) frequency to FINISH. END. RELEASE. COMPLETE. DETACH. DIS-ASSOCIATE. RESOLVE. CHOOSE. 
And, all other IDEAS of CHANGE are making a clear path for the oncoming RENEWAL that is the collective objective of 2017's [I AM] identity Renaissance.  

It is, in general, easier to perceive the collective  practice reality in the process of Material DE-CONSTRUCTION and CLEARING of the IDEAS which held FOCUS of [I AM]  in constrictive loops of thoughts/beliefs.  
The accelerating belief DEBUNKING will go on until 2029.
Those who CHOOSE to remain in the lower frequencies, while you continue to hold your NOW focus, will fade from the scenery appropriately. 

The recent Global Monthly Cycle of July's (7) frequency opportunities induced further intuitive inquiry, 
A perception SWITCH was hit, and Now, there is NOT any way to UNKNOW, or UNSEE that data which flipped that switch.  
The general focus of this practice lesson has been seen in the arena of personal relationships.  
Into September, that which is NOT serving Joy, is going to go away.
It's ALL working out in Perfection for Everyone, somehow. 
If there is a break-up, LOVE them enough to let them GO. 
Gratitude that [it] has brought You to this moment of NOW.

FROM AUGUST, until the rest of this (9) 2016 cycle, there is a thrust of ACTIVITY that  feels more vibrant, more empowering, with more Self-determined.  There IS a NEW TIME Knowing that fear is but a paper tiger.
This leaves a BEing to ponder with more authenticity, new IDEAS about:
WHO [I AM]. 
And, WHAT  IS IT THAT  I WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN, going forward on the Life adventured, BEing and living in INTEGRITY, NOW?
And, that all depends on the depth of Self-awareness, and commitment to  testing out the theories of your own Quantum Realization. 
And, TEST THEM, you must- as a preliminary NEW TIME orientation practice.    

As August's (8) frequency blooms into personal Time experiences, the clamor of [re-administrating perception] releases NEW possibilities, NEW ideas, NEW directions of PERSPECTIVE, NEW Imagery, and NEW LANGUAGE. 

The budding NEW TIME 2017 (1) frequency cycle is beginning to present its opportunities in the form of  New THOUGHT,  New IDEAS, BEGINNINGS of New IDENTITY, ACHIEVEMENT, and NEW Self LEADERSHIP, in CO-CREATIVE efforts.

THIS Time around  annual cycle "clock", PERCEPTION and New Time reality acclimation begin to manifest at the new level of Internal fortitude and Confidence, that is  NOT to be confused with belligerence, which is a fear reaction.

If you are observing the shake up/ shakedown of Illusions taunting and challenges, the most productive perspective of the (9) Global Month (September) and Year of 2016, is to continue to put that OLD TIME stuff out with the trash as the annual cycle CULMINATES loose ends and false Identity iDEAS, as it was indoctrinated into Being-ness by the participants of the Time classroom. Release TIME, and replace it with NOW. 
   As Abe says: "Present tense it up!"

Any current challenges regarding PERSONAL releases are, by design, WANTED by You to aid and fully support the FINAL draft  of your own DECLARATION of INTENTION into the NEW TIME  5D FREQUENCY reality game.

 This is the dawning of the  NEW TIME [I AM] IDENTITY.
Release obstructions, EMBRACE the INFINITE NATURE of You. 
Have a good long look into the personally customized NEW TIME Mirror, .....  
LOVE what you see and feel, Now, in Gratitude for the DATA that it is bringing you, NOW.  
Yes, that determination to move into more holistic projects grows- with less resistance, in the companionship of Harmonious Other-Selves, who are in vibrational alignment with similar Dreams and projections of preferential participation.

 ONGOING RELEASES, through the end of the annual (9) frequency cycle, have been forming and reforming IDEAS of judgment and victimization, topped with a huge dollop of SELF PITY, and spoonfuls of helplessness.  These useless IDEAS are NOT going to be a problem for much longer.  IF any of that is still bubbling up for YOU, in personal relationships and situations, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for how YOU feel, and make those farewells, Loving-ly. 
The frequency cycle indicates that Forgiveness will wave in by November so that the bulk of the "issues", and those Hero's and  antagonists of the most recent PAST Earth Human evolutionary storyline, will have to Transcend into resolution through COMPASSION, by the end of the incoming 9-year Epicycle. 
The velocity at which events are transpiring, and bringing forward things that some have been knowing and working on for some decades are popping up into the collective awareness. As we watch social platforms and institutions twist and turn with these Personal Identity shifts,  We also can see that frustration and pain are being replaced with determination and ACTIVITIES that mean business in terms of withdrawing CONSENT in certain misunderstandings and misleadings about IDENTITY, and WHO is the VALUE and the Power.   
I AM.  There is NOT hierarchy BEYOND Me.
With many proofs of this, and  an ongoing practice of standing in Presence as the OLD IDENTITY is disassembled, the New Time Graduation into the inevitable paradigm shift is dissolving the need for extreme, hard-angled, contrast. 

And, BE-HOLD,  with your focus and participation, there is real and uplifting evidence that the spooge fest that was our final exam upon exiting the lower frequency platforms is coming forth with HIGHER wave frequency patterns.

The manifesting Ultra-Dimensional skills within Human activity HAS reached that level of  HARMONICS,  when observed synchronicites are the rewards of personal focus and practice of I AM re-cognition on a more CONSISTENT basis by more and more Beings, each day.

In terms of TIME,  IT IS DONE.... 
You are Now a NEW TIME participant. 

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Until the Next, 
I CONTINUE to hold the image of All in Perfection, NOW