Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BEYOND the TIME Vibe - AUGUST-September 2016: Our Successful TRANSMUTATION

8-2016 = (8) GLOBAL MONTH

Material shifts, and dynamic action toward Self Creative manifestational administration. 

ALL material resources, including the physical body, personnel and creative associates, business/finance platforms, domestic and global environments and resources, are up for review and decisive realignment.

Through August, it will be easier to make personal material changes, in preparation for the major dumping of constricting ideas and activities in September's (9), which will begin to bubble up by the end of the 3rd week of August.
There is opportunity ongoing for more expanded and uninhibited personal deciseiveness in terms of SEEING more expansive opportunities, and willful participation in co-creativity toward the Collective Vision, throughout august, but the things that you have been hoarded, hidden or denied, or manipulated with fear are set to be exposed and "handled" with focus and precision by the Higher Intentions of the Collective.

The CONSCIOUS CHOICES in Self Responsibility are beginning to actualize in the Time classroom training games that are loading in Perfect alignment FOR the [I AM] Focused Experience of
Self realized  Inter-Dimensionality.
As BOMBASTIC as the events and situations APPEAR in the Time reality experience, there is MUCH evidence of this leading to a profound and permanent Perceptual LENS adjustment, which will inspire immediate and clear terms of  responsibility, as opposed to blame and reactivity.

Issues you've been watching brew are ready to boil and about to bubble over as perception of SELF empowerment and contribution to personal reality experience is grasped more readily by a wider range of participants, in Time.
As the (9) frequency of 2016 culminates MANY loose ends in September will be tied off and ejected from the playground, and the clearing process sustained with the refinement of choices in Self Response-ability as a Creator Being.

Trusting Inspiration and the unique to you signs and signals that are pleasing or poking You along the New Time path of The CHOSEN Life Experience is essential to what is Next in the materialization of your PREFERRED reality experience.
The TIME is NOW.
Now that the Eternal Multi-Dimensional BEing is seated, in (sputtering) FOCUS at the base of the Source-Self, as Fractal I AM awareness, there is a very strange sense of RELIEF that comes with making certain DECISIONS with full authority as a Creative Essence in Time play.

If you can, think of TIME as a way to sort through your precious MOMENT TO MOMENT EXPERIENCES and select the most ATTRACTIVE thing in your "View", and hold that Joyous and Grateful gaze, things will falls away without further struggle , and re-align without the need to push and shove the items you simply cannot "figure out" how to resolve in Love, Peacefully.

If you can, think of TIME as a FOCUS AMPLIFIER, one moment at a Time, in a reality that has the most DELICIOUS sensorial aspect  to it, for gathering all sorts of tactical and strategic DATA, with an INFALLIBLE SYSTEM of Guidance from withIN, if you would only .

YOU are NOT your body, your job, your material accumulations, your domestic position, your pain, etc,....and, you are most DEFINITELY, not your Mother.
You are NOT even actually PHYSICAL.  This is fact, and can be easily researched on your own.

As July's (7) frequency brought forth the urge to look within and beyond what is obvious, opportunities and insights setting up behind the scenes of the MENTAL ACTIVITY OF rethinking, Introspecting, and reanalyzing that new data brought forth during this investigative July frequency phase will be dealt with during the August (8) frequency amplification of DYNAMIC decisions and the ACTION of actively clearing out, and realigning personnel, resources, and physical reality in general, from the end of august through the end of this annual cycle.

Body will need some attention.  Adjustments to the physical form are continuous, but this month there is high potential for specific symptomologies to exacerbate.  Tools for physical Balance are made available, and opportunities to to step OUT of the body come per deeper choices from beyond conscious awareness.  No judgement in this regarding the ways and means for this to transpire.
But the good news is that those who are trudging on into the Next, are also finding ways to amp up their physical Presence, along with the increasing frequencies of the magnetic reality, in general terms.
Some liken this to "ascension symptoms" and DNA upgrades.

The annual frequency cycle of this collective (2016:9)  is continuing to clear out a huge chunk of that which does not Serve YOUR PERSONAL EXPANSION, in alignment with the Collective sensorial play reality, in Time.  Because Humanity is so diligently holding the frequency of [United in LOVE],
there are more obvious openings for more harmonious interactions, and the pursuance of Peaceful ideals regarding negotiating and agreeing to shift as a collective experience.

There IS not "Out there", out there- and the experience cycles of TIME are providing more  opportunities to INTEGRATE this Knowing as TOOL for more powerfully Self aware Time experiences that will close gaps between that which you perceive as I/YOU/We focus play, THAT IS Eternal and BEYOND TIME.
Be quite aware of what You are identifying with as this ANNUAL PRODUCTIVE PHASE (May-August, and into September) heightens ALL of our senses,and urges forth the release of restrictive ideas, protocols, institutions, social platforms and pockets of separation.

(For an assist with your PERSONAL Time cycles and opportunity perspective,  you can click (here) to calculate your own Number frequencies for yourself, OR,  schedule a personal session with Carmelle (here).

In August, the high activity cycle is in favor these releases, and will be more obvious to a greater swath of Time participants to simply NOT participate in focus on issues of diminishment and denial/lack, yet find a new clarity for ushering in resolutions and releases via Grace.
Personal responsibility and Behaviors are identified in a flood of thinking, pondering, and experimenting with expansive and inclusive changes which are WANTED in a vast variety of Conscious and Sub-conscious requests for Eternal Expansion.
Humanity IS actively developing New Dimensional skills to implement Free-will, and begin to show their Mighty focus at hand from August 2016 through 2017.

It is becoming effortless to SURPASS, the ongoing FOCUS pop-quizzes of the Polarized Testing Platform, you might view as "the Elite", "authority", "controllers", etc, etc.,. but, if your are reading THIS Translation, things are becoming quite SPECTACULAR in terms of shifting Projections and more dynamic Self Response-Ability as synchronicity and Grace is offered up in more clarity of what is Truth, in Love, and that which is not with more assuredness.

But, as August opportunities brings up our frequency band in Time participation,
INNER Resolve is in the absolute first step of the process of reformation.

The reflections of this Identity reformation can also be noticed in large Earth events, and further ACTIVE REARRANGEMENT of material resources, and the relationships and personnel within those groups of resources, of material Time pursuits.
Others Beings are but reflections of thoughts that dominate your deeper intentions to stop the madness, and step aside of the collapsing debris, during this current cycle of dynamic decisions, actions, declarations, which are the foundations of re-negotiation of identity, may choose NOT to follow your Truth.
Love them enough to let them be free to move in their own cycles and in their own TIME.

With (8), Material/physical concerns come to the front in terms of Health, Wealth, Geographical shifts.
What looks like upheaval and destruction, is necessary to pry the tight grip held on certain beliefs and
while August's active material movements are clacking and clanking away, the (6) sub-frequency of 2016, brings precious moments of Self Awareness with a new personal strength that is pushing forward the need for Balancing non-productive reactive predispositions by way of a new awareness of CHOICE IN PARTICIPATION, and the gumption to administrate your Time reality with more FLOW.

For some, new responses in interactions and new language for negotiations, will flow into the mix to be adapted as useful, and more importantly in alignment with an expanded view of what Love means.
Those items and topics of resistance which vibrate in frequencies lower than preferred are shown in Self denial, Love withholding, blame, shame, assault, rage, retaliation, greed, manipulation, et al-
 are going to taste very bitter, but will present in ways that will make it clear that things are going to progress toward Peace, with or without your permission.   And, Resistance bring the perception of isolation, frustration, condemnation, rejection, and breakdown as if it were a bad thing.
Those descriptors are simply emotional signals that you pointing in the uphill direction in thought and belief.

Opportunities to make a deliberate directional shift are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, NOW,  and will continue through the end of 2016, and continue through 2017 (1) with deeper, more empowered,  personal identity perceptions that resembles the unfolding of a flowers petals.

The New YOU, is to be shared more collectively beginning 2018 (11), as we approach the next predominant frequency wave cycle 2020-2029, where (2) is the Mastery objective of the collective.
We're getting ready to be welcomed into a NEW TIME collective reality that is beyond most imaginations at this level of perceptions... but, let me just remind you that (2) indicates communication, connection, co-creativity, cooperation.... and this ALSO includes
INTERSPECIES COMMUNICATIONS, which we have already noticed int he increase of animal and elemental communications that are only just beginning.
Not all of our new Friends and Colleagues will LOOK like us, but this doesn't discount their contributions to Humanity's awakening, nor their capacity for Love.
Better get used to it now, because reality simply IS transcending short-sightedness of separation.

The next 9 year Epicycle is setting up a bi-furcation of collective Earth Time experience.  The High road is Love, and a new form of Universal Humanity is preparing to explore beyond this Universe and Dimensionality.  
If you can't keep you hands to yourself and continue to bother others, there is a place where that IS allowed and You are fair game, too, and this is where the bi-furcation of Intentional realities is forming in the vibrational Time cycles, in the next 20 Earth years.

For the most part - MOST people ARE, indeed, sliding into the Next Level of Frequency experience, in their own Inspiration to share, and receive this precious life force of Love.
What is being witness across the planetary alignments are indications of this choice point, this bi-furcation of in Time, where exaggerations of all thing Love or Fear are openly confronted and dispatched according to a wave of Life too large to fathom as a surface dweller.

Those who are developing a comprehension of of how to BE more consistently NOW and PRESENT  in Self Response-Ability, are bumping into more JOYFUL Self Creative streams of Conscious attraction into the Sensorial Time experience;  MULTIPLE Time-lines, AND in MULTIPLE dimensions are ever available where the lust for "things" no longer holds fascination, or satisfaction.
In an (8) frequency, where there is NOT satisfaction, there is rearrangement and then RELEASE.
Beginning this month, the releases will be quite clear and decisive.

  YOU can feel it, can't you?

People are fading from your life, or being booted out without much resistance on your part. Your personal Time administration objectives are shifting in the form of diet changes, physical changes, environmental changes, priority changes, and, etc.
Do you find yourSelf muttering, "How is it that i'm feeling so much stronger in some ways, and so much more feeble in others?!"   Examine what feelings and strengths and weaknesses are attached. August will make it easier to see these, and go with the flow in making the preferred administrative changes.
Other issues may take a while longer to play out, but patience in this process is an absolute must through 2029, especially for those who are actively forward thinking and vitally invested in the desired shift toward Balance for ALL, in Service.
Impatience stirs the pot, and this is a good thing in terms of establishing and holding the Image of Balance, but working with the materials at hand is the developmental opportunity to usher in the successes in achieving the Peace in Balance that is the Source of Eternal Love.
It IS done.  Things are leaning in that direction, perhaps not as far as you might prefer, but the WORK is to in Joy the process, anyway, and taking a breath gives your Self a chance to observe and celebrate the steps you HAVE taken so far.
TIME is going to assist you to graduate and move on Beyond the Time Vibe, and,
The Time is NOW, and NOW is the most powerful point of attraction in a magnetic reality.

So, chew on that, while you "wait".


The most obvious CLUE in this Transitional EPI-CYCLE of the TIME Reality Co Creative practice game, is to follow the MECHANICAL TRAILS, and to make the choices that are ATTRACTED and CHOSEN, by your own participation with DELIBERACY.
Choosing to pursue relationships that are clearly not built on mutual respect because of guilt, or habit, or simply fear of what could be without those relationships is no longer going to be hidden, or tolerated. The whole of 2016 is about establishing more Love (9) in all of your relationships.... this is a juncture for you to take the hint if you are dissatisfied in ANY of your relationships.  Otherwise, the endings can feel ruptured, and regretful; and the new companions will be duplicates of those you are bitching about.

August will make things at the top of the list for release, rearrangement, or fortification, move, and/or shake.  The indicators will be clear, and will have a certain vibrational FEEL to them.
New Time Responses will be more decisive and dynamic in the rearranging of materials and resources, and those required releases at hand will not seem quite as arduous for the many. who are addressing the INNER work with sincerity.
In general, the primary work this month is to accept what is obviously not in harmony with your own Loving Heart, love it for where it has brought you in this moment of Now, and to add to it, or, let it go altogether.

Are you STILL hanging out with other people who do not respect your gifts, or Contributions?
Or, are you catering to the emotional dis-ease of denial of Self Love in others?
Try to remember that the Time platform is  REFLECTIVE reality....
Perhaps it is YOU who does not accept yourSelf, and are inflicting this reflective perception onto others?
The rest of this year will assist in the releases that must occur for personal re-alignments on all levels, and every Being with which you hold a relationship will be evaluated from the Inside perspective of Self Love, or Self loathing.

Once again, Personal Time maps will show cycles of opportunities specific to your own reality activities, to address these issues successfully, and with Love.
Global day frequencies depict the flavor of the environment in which these activities will play out in your "day-time" practice arena.
You can find and follow the Global day frequency translation shorts (here), and (HERE)

This current annual Productive Phase is the TIME to consider, and decide to accept and ALLOW that which DOES SERVE your personal JOYFUL Ease and Flow.  But, first a grasp on what JOY actually is to you has to be fished out of the puddle of old emotional habits.
Contrast exists in a magnetic reality platform, in clear and sometimes bombastic ways, to get your attention regarding things that you have been "putting up with", consciously or unconsciously, and that which definitely FEELS GOOD.

When will you ALLOW your Self to BE Happy?
Howz about NOW?

The collective awareness of the  EXACERBATIONS of violence and fear tactics such as, false flags, terror-ism, toxicity, confinement, bogus "leadership" and "authority",  and damage and destruction of the Earth Time playground, may appear as but a reflection of the battles within the Being observing , on a quantum level.
No matter WHO you think is the "man behind the curtain" is, or what "they" are doing to "keep Us down", ...
THERE IS NO KEEPING ETERNAL CONSCIOUSNESS DOWN, ....there are only distraction and temptation (for the purpose of innate EMCB skills building practice).

In Numerological terms, this cyclic Time classroom is a CONTROLLED evolution, slowed down into a vibratory rate that allows material density, and sensorial experience.  And it is quite simple to learn the language of the patterns of frequency waves into which your FOCUS is woven. If you have a body, you ARE focused in the training platform.  And, if you are interacting into the Time reality, you HAVE an agenda regarding Eternal Source Expansion.
The specific Mastery skills that are before you in this adventure are pointed out in your personal Time map, and Time talents.
You can learn more about this practical Self guidance tool for yourself (here).  Or, you can have a personal Time Translations session with Me to get you started, (here)

 But, for all of the apparent disharmony, damage, and Global assaults that is observed, it is also the cleansing (9) of the old paradigm and the uplifting lessons of Brotherly Love in which we will now bring forward into the New Time.

Team Contrast is actually accelerating the shenanigans for the purpose of EXAGGERATION, which is violently shaking awake those who are still shy about Who they are and Where they are, and What they are really Doing here.

And, the whole project is in perfect Timing to meet and greet our genetic donors and our Galactic and Ultra-Dimensional families, without submission, or domination.
Humanity is about to find it's way to BALANCE.

So, do consider that ALL of the antics and in-your-face and double-dare-ya's that are being projected into the Illusion of the morphogenic field of the Time reality, are, in realistic terms,  forcing Beings to wake up, and take responsibility in their own real-time activities.
Beings are currently provoked to PARTICIPATE in any way they are Inspired to uphold  the collective objective for  LOVE, BALANCE, AND RESPONSIBILITY in CO-CREATIVE reality experiences, which is making it's way in the early forms of De-construction for the re-alignment of Higher ideals and Practices as Eternal Multi-dimentional Creator Beings.

Those in the early stages of awakening are in found in a state of panic, anger, outrage, revolt, who have the inspiration to scream out  and warn everyone who would listen about the dangers and doom of it all, when SELF DENIAL is the true enemy of the Love that is Source All.  Those in this general category will probably not be reading this type of Translation, or other Presence stabilizing tools just yet.

The next apparent level of awakening is less reactive, and there is a softening of the panic and anger, altho it has not been completely resolved,  and is exemplified when the Being makes a decision to actually participate in the considerations of SOLUTIONS, instead of the continual emotional upheavals that provoked awakening earlier.
At this place of awareness,  a clear sign that there IS something else that is WANTED, is identified, and collaborations for stepping up are more readily attracted,  remaining contrast focus serves to test and strengthen focus and discernment skills to the next level of awakening.
Most of the processual Translators are just now moving  from this phase into the Next, as they hone their communications skills in anticipation of expressive Service in Love, and are still dealing with bouts of Self denial experiences.   These can be frustrating, and puzzling to the sincerely focused practitioners, altho these final clearings and "reviews" still serve to fortify FOCUS skills necessary for participation in the sweep into the New Time as a co-Creator of the Next adventure- in , or, out of Time.

The Next stage, and this is where a whole bunch of Beings have found themSelves recently.  This New Time frequency BEing, in practice, brings more satisfaction in the sustained en-Visioning of the resolutions and possibilities for further expansion, BECAUSE of the previous trials and tribulations that have been traversed through RELEASE of Fear and Self denial as a Creator Being more frequently in alignment with Presence, AS Source personified, into an illusory Time classroom reality.

If ALL is Source, then ALL is in Grace and Perfection, Now.

There is a Natural process to this Birth of the Universal Mankind underway Now.  The Time platform is a gracious gift toward the success of this version of Humanity to achieve Vision, ONE NOW AT A [TIME].
Those who are quick to point and scream "EVIL!!" are, then, the perpetrators of this "evil", in Source/Self Denial, and hold fear, as Truth, in resistance to this Knowing.
 It's ok, ....it WILL pass, and quickly IF you turn your attention to things that are wanted asap... :)

This month's frequency wave is going to coalesce disjointed Visions, and allow the deliberate address and release of fear based ideals and projections.  Which will not likely go quietly into the night, overnight.
The remnants of false distractions, and Human manipulations will continue until the wave of Awakening reaches that tipping point, and boy, is that ever getting CLOSE!

To sum it all up:

In this (9) Global frequency cycle, August (8) into September (9) opportunities, will see activities and changes which bring much more clarity in actual DOING, along with iNSPIRED alternative choices that were previously hidden, or denied, {by Self and the supporting testing platforms), for Co-Creatoive developments toward Balance in the Time classroom.
This is only the beginning of the clearing phase, as 2017 (1) will be the exclamation point for  [I AM] identity awareness and Self re-cognition.  All are Now encouraged to engage and to come much closer to stepping into the Collective Millennial intention to-gather.
The Invitation is open for unified intention to Co-Create the New Time reality experience in collaborative and willingness toward expansion in Universal Love by CONSENT.

In terms of the Human Experiment on this plane of reality known as Earth life...it's FINAL EXAM TIME, for the participants who WANT to live their Dreams of sensorial abundance, and exploration in Harmonious Co-Creativity of all things EXPANSIVE.
And, it IS known, Now, that there IS NOT FAILURE in these evolutionary provocation trials, this Time.  IT IS DONE.

I KNOW That I AM, and that there is NOT hierarchy beyond Self in Harmony with Balance, NOW.