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BEYOND The TIME Vibe: Mid June-July 2016 - Establishing YOUR New Relationship With TIME:

2016: (9) GLOBAL YEAR



The Shifting of Gears in a Closing (Nine-Year) Epi-Cycle,  ...and, with this, the rewards of LETTING GO with Grace.  

A NOTE from Carmelle:  (as the end of the page) 
THIS TRANSLATION WAS INTERRUPTED ON AND OFF FOR ABOUT 2 WEEKS....because of that, you will probably want to take a few days to read it in it's entirety.  

The conversations about the frequencies and not as redundant as they are about showing us the SUBTLETIES that add to the vital NEW data TO BE USED for responding with Integrity in Truth, or CHOOSING not to.  

Go slowly this month.  Act thoughtfully, and try not to get impatient with the Time you will be spending behind the scenes contemplating your own existence and WHAT You are wanting to move into Next.  (7) can feel like a state of limbo, confusion, overwhelm, or checking out to rest and let things gestate. 
There may be few immediately clear directives to ACT till the second half of July and into August, but,...

New Horizons are fast approaching the general wave of Human Consciousness, with the incoming (1) of 2(017)  entering the field of affect by the productive phase of July.  IDEAS are going to be on the uptake as early as mid-joy for some; and as late as October, for others.  Imagery will come forward to reflect the New directions that are calling to you, personally.   The ACTION on these new (larger) IDEAS for Self to occupy Self, may not manifest any traction until as late as late February and March, for the first practical signs and activities.  
(For more SPECIFIC details to You, click here for more info)

BECAUSE of the (6) frequency inceptors of both the current Global frequency (6), and the current 2[016] Mastery objective, The emphasis of the current June (6) Global Month is winding down the INTERNAL negotiations regarding perspectives of all RELATIONSHIPS at hand.   
THE SHIFT is afoot, folks, and ALL are in the process of setting new boundary lines, AND releasing that which perpetuates [same].    
In case you may have not noticed, the personal realities of All Participants, there are increasingly more consistently focused on Self RESPONSE-ability in ACTION and Participation.  
The practicing FOCUSERS are moving into a more Inspired Truth and Transparency IN ACTION (participation/consent), built on personal accountability in all  contributions to personal and Co-Crative Intentions.  

From the Time frequency Opportunity perspective, the processes toward these inner declarations and resolutions are bringing much PROjection, in terms of Vision, and equal amounts of CONjecture in terms of Self realignment, and/or re-aligning personal Beliefs, which are held in place by Absolute and Perfect Free Will.  
Humanity is slowly remembering: 
NOW  is the most powerful personal Creativity point. You Now KNOW Be-live-ing is what forms the parts and particles of the sensorial Time experience. 

IF you LIKE eating and sex and Adventures on the Mother, and have a Life Force fostered sense of curiosity and eagerness, tenderness, Beauty, laughter and Joyful expression in All form, then, ...IT'S TIME to GET BUSY BEing the Change that YOU want to See. 

The PRACTICE is to BE in NOW, in order to satisfy the most EXPEDIENT path of most expansion. 
 BE in EASE AND FLOW-  While things that no longer serve Expansion's Next, are continuing to dissolve and dismantle before your eyes, there is respite in JULY's (7) frequency to THINK, analyze, assess, introspect about.

WHAT IS [it] THAT YOU ARE WANTING, and to inVISION a Natural FLEXIBILITY if you just aren't able to make any conscious decisions about details. Then keep it GENERAL. 

Abraham gives a fine example of this opportunity window to put Knowing into Gear and GO! IN THE DIRECTION OF THAT WHICH YOU PREFER. 
But you have to figure out in pretty clear, but at least GENERAL imagery of that Vision to contain Self Direction by way of Self Responsibility- NOW.  

The back up data for this IDEA of Self Creative Mastery in our Vibratory/Quantum Reality is found all over the place, when you are looking for it.  
This is Truth for any focus point, or fascination.
The LAW of ATTRACTION, in a magnetic reality, does NOT sleep- EVER.  
YOU are the Attractor, by thought, and then by thinking that thought, ALOT, create BE-LIVE, which, held in FOCUS long enough, Creates manifests, what you THINK [IS].  
WHOOP! There it is!  And ALL are getting a little better at directing our Visions each day. 
  Time hasn't shifted, CONSCIOUSNESS of I AM has. 

YOU have chosen to read this Translation, least, so far.  
Something within it, is an assist toward Your OWN Expansion, whether through provocation, or validation - You had a question about topical item(s) focused upon in this particular Translation.   
Nobody will make any assumptions that this is the only Translation that is available which reflects the Imagery messages from withIN,  reflected into the Time experience as a "relationship" , "job", "goal"....or, whatever.  
These spontaneous moments of re-connectivity are experienced in episodes of De' JaVu , Synesthesia, OOB's, REMOTE VIEWING episodes, and personal relationships with Other Dimensionals.  
Many are noticing an increase in these, as well as the observation of other Kingdoms and realities as frequency bearers of Consciousness.  

So, for however this Translation and Validation supports You is absolutely none of the Translators concern, and is but one piece of support for the inevitable Source RE-Cognition that IS You in All Ways. 
 ASK, and IT is given.  You, who are reading this, are also in KNOWING that FULL support from the Prime energy Source is constant and in all Time, dimension, space, and realities. 
You are SEEing the glimpses of where you already stand.  
LOOK FOR THINGS THAT YOU PREFER, and hold on to that particular topic of Joy when SPEAKING.  There are references and other dialects to seek out, but, with all of the Science that is correlating what Spirituality has always Known, this year's (9) Time frequency gift is the power to RELEASE and, in July, the Mirror reality, that most Know as Gaia, are entering the coming 2017:(1)  CYCLE opportunity to reset to (1) Time frequency, and begin again.
  This Time, as a more clarified Self Vision is forming a New Time Reality Practice Game Experience, those choices that are up for   
manifesting FAST must be dealt with on the Emotional level and FORGIVEN with COMPASSION for Self, as a witness to the reflection of what you used to tolerate, or prefer.    
If you think that the organizing of [ventures resembling RESISTANCE] from within the Mirror, you WILL get your War. 
Think it; SPEAK IT, Create [IT].  
The current frequencies of the annual cycle suggest that you look IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION, Now, AND HOLD THAT HAPPY New Time Thought, TALK that Happy New Time talk,  and EXPECT that Happy New Time [Image] to advance in your direction- but BETTER than you even imagined it!  If it feels CRAPPY - just DON'T Do it]. .....otherwise you'll need to confront [it] again, and again, until you BE in full Transparency and Truth, as a natural Way. 
....Instant Karma, John Lennon 
On the Whole, the overlaying frequencies indicate that ALL is proceeding according to Universal Law, and the Collective [WE] are learning that: 
According to New Time Art of Science, in Quantum Perspectives, in order to have this delicious and amazing SENSORIAL Time experience in the company of ongoing, Varied, and Beauty-full Sensorial Reflections of Other Selves in the BODY of a percieved physicality of the Morphogenic Field of Experience, TIME, itself, is the perceptual platform on which we build what we THINK is "real", to enact "out", feel it "out", and thrash, or, swim in current mental facisnations till we BE saturated with personal feedback and pruney.
It's OK to let things that didn't necessarily FEEL Good to experience, but served to delIver, up close and personally, the DATA regarding what is Next and moving in the direction of that ever Present, Ease and Flow. 
LET SHIT GO, NOW, because it's about to roll on in a fast and furious motion of relinquishment, endings, partings, and sorting out
what you WANT,  and HOW that will actually come about.  

ASK (out loud)

July's (7) frequency brings the Time to Introspect, analyze, re-evalutate, re-think multiple layers of your Life and the Reaity it's playing out in.  
Internal chatter will be high and more noticeable. In (7), where you find yourSelf focusing on "trying to figure it out", will culminate with a profound IMAGE that will be acted upon later in Augusts' (8) Dynamically active frequency cycle.... 

All of our current experiences are literally SHOVING us into our OWN form of New Time expanded awareness of Self, and these expansion experiences that represent certain newly aligned perspectives on Love and Nurturance. All opportunities are lining up for perusal and selection,  and ALL-WAYS has, from moment to moment.  
The BOOGEY MAN (Team Contrast) has a very important J-O-B to DO for the developing Self-Hood.  The FOCUS TESTING Team that the awakening Collective currently recognize as "Authority", with their sticky, nasty, mean little fingers into everything you hold as Sacred in the "rightness" and wrongness" of the judgements you place within your own Time adventures.  

Your Shield and Armor IN ALL engagements are INNATE.  
Time to USE them, Super BEing.
The TIME is NOW to Get to Know Who YOU are.    
 CHOOSE Peace, and THAT is what you can expect to come right TO you, no matter what it looks like in that place of contrast.  

Obligation is not a pretty word....doesn't exactly feel good to even utter it. 
June's (6) window of addressing y/our IDEAS of relationship, and examining the contracts that hold them in place- written, spoken, or, not.   At the end of June, there will be a feeling of more personal steadfastness and Self assurance. Each Being is in Sacred Participation with You, and IS there for your benefit and expansion, and that can sometimes feel like You are closing in on your own Self.  There are things about your personal identity perceptions that are changing.  There are always lots of words with (6) opportunity windows, and the manifestational force, via :WORDS/SPEAKING/PUBLISHING/BROADCASTING/TEACHING/MEDIATION/NEGOTIATIONS/AESTHETICS/BALANCE, EMOTION, DECLARATION, Create the Healing/Balance with an empathetically Conscious eye on what Love means in the relationships between You and You; between You and your close community, friends, work-mates, family, environment, local politics,  AND, your relationship between You and the Grand scheme: the game of authority vs Self direction.  

How we CHOOSE to SEE what is before us is becoming less stressful. Reality is more malleable as interpretation and discernment skills broaden, in the synchronization cycle of [I AM] consciousness (The Prime), with the bio-electric apparatus (The Chid), and the Morphogenic Field/TIME environment (the Holy Ghost).  
In Perfection Triangulation, Spirit, Body, Mind agree BEcoming in Perfection of Expansion.  
(Artwork: Carmelle Migliore/ MasterMind Art & Design, I CHANNEL ME; 2008-10; Original Graphics collage.  Prints available.,)

Humanity, in general, appears to be reflecting on IDEAS, and are more confident, more SELF-Valued Minded, and thus TAKING 
any and all Inspired LIBERTIES to 
discern IDEAS of Love; vs fear based IDEAS of Self denial  (guilt, shame, blame, exclusion. victimization, etc, which is distinctly painful, and/or OUTRIGHT DEBILITATING, just in case you were trying to ignore the elephant in the middle of the room.  

The Path of Peace is much more clear and getting really easy to FEEL.  And FEELINGS are getting easier to TRUST. 
And Trust in NOW is becoming a natural KNOWING
Well, Goodness and Grace!! 

Anything that messes with your personal JOY factor, in any given moment of NOW experience HAS to be addressed, and released, WITH Gratitude for showing what no longer is preferred.  Drop it.  Turn your back.  Walk away.  Now,,....right NOW.
Take a breath. 
RELAX.... Negotiations into the Next are going swimmingly for All.  

 The bulk of the work in this task of Loving enough to LET GO, is found within the current month's opportunities, in general.  If you were to investigate your specific opportunities in the frequency patterns of your own personal Time Map, along side of the Global/Collective opportunities, as Translated here, and many other translations, there is much validation and detailed support regarding specifics of your personal focus activities and your growth objectives and Self Created challenges, or scrimmage games,  along the processual path.  
The Time frequencies, personal or collective, depict specific opportunities for the PRACTICE required for the Eternal MultiDimensional Creator Being in question, in, and BEYOND, the Time reality.  

This TIME Game is Absolutely NON-Competitive.   

The IDEA of competition for survival is slowly heading toward release into No-Thing-ness.  But stress tests had to be conducted.  And THIS version of Human Consciousness has achieved their expansion and Evo-lutionary Graduation Into the New Time frequency platform of experience.  
There IS a quiet Knowing taking root regarding the Value of All in the Game of Human Expansion into Inter-Dimensional Existence. 
So,....if you are reading this, Congratulations!  Nice focusing skills shaping up there!   

In JULY (7) we continue to release (through  2029, in Time), the [THOUGHT PROJECTED] reality anchors - those outlived beliefs and ideas, habits, obsolete institutions and protocols that support them- such as, LIFE DE-VALUATION by way of UNDISCLOSED CONSENT to WAR, POLITICS, MURDER, HOARDING, etc.
As the IDEA of the need for, or acceptance of  these things as "normal" diminishes further for the rest of this New Time Epicycle from 2[01]7: (1) - 2[02]5: (9),  our Personal and Collective task at hand is the realization of ATTAINMENT  AND COMPLETION in each Now as I AM. 
[2{01}6-2{01}9] is the final phase of this (1) Mastery. By 2019, the BEings who CHOOSE to move into the Next level of Expansion Experience, dimensionally speaking- will no longer be reading this blog. 
Because You KNOW-
It's DONE.  
You're there.   You can open your [I's] Now.  

AS Creator, your experiences are an INSIDE job, first. 
There IS NOT any "Out THERE" out there, nor any Hierarchy BEYOND YOU, in NOW.   
YOU CREATE the WHOLE Journey to suit your tastes and fascinations.  
It's ALL just YOU and the Morphogenic Field of Time Experience.  

While the remaining Gifts of the current monthly cycle (6) is holding the door open for re-setting RELATIONSHIPS, of all kinds, deeper preferences will prevail.   Choices are clear to resetting identity Beliefs that keep your Magnetic Time reality experience feeling constricted, and in a loop.  That's perceptual.  NOW is the Time to plant a more encompassing Vision of what the "best that you deserve" means.   

You CAN change the way you feel about anything.  This Love-ly window of opportunity gives us adequate Time and opportunity to address  boundary lines with Others, and to evaluate and TRANSMUTE any diminishing expectations quickly, elegantly, and Lovingly move on, so as not to dwell in the guilt, shame, rage, hate, resentment....whatever thorn is specific to you, and be DONE with that which does not serve Your Highest Knowing.... and,
Without looking back, or having to revisit (transmuted) mental habits, ever again. 
But, the most important thing to remember during these internal and external negotiations and transmutations, and the RESETTING of the New Time rules of engagement, 
is to DO only that which you are Inspired to DO, via Heart signals and other synchronistic opportunities on a moment by moment basis, and just BE Truthful about it, because-
ALL of the pertinent and appropriate anchor points are being released.
The lyrics of this song is a reflection of this PROCESS experience.  :)

CHANGE IS DEFINITE, Pleasure is optional.  
It takes ALOT of Trust to attempt this practice consistently...and the point of the exercise is to DEVELOP Self Trust for full Self Actualization. 
At that point, I AM, IS and BE's.  
You become an IS-BE, as Perfect as the Moment is Now. 
(See: The Law of One)

It is TIME to LET GO of the stoopid human tricks n'stuff- and LOVE, right this red hot moment of NOW, and let the Way reveal itSelf to You.    In terms of blending opportunities, (6) and (9) are auspicious partners in the stimulation of successful progress, in that-  the (9) opportunity Mastery is the long term objective for 2016, in practice, which is instigating the coming of the Time for making final cuts and changes before the New Time cycle of 2017 : (1 Global Year), sets the stage for digging and ATTAINING deeper Self Knowing, more empowered New Time [I AM] Declarations, and a more sensitive, Forgiving, Grateful, and Allowing introspective examination of WHO THE FrEaK YOU THINK YOU ARE, and WHERE and WHAT  are YOU FrEaK'N DOING "HERE"?.... 
(Artist:Carmelle Migliore;  Orbits; 2006, Master Mind Art & Design; Acrylic on Canvas; Prints available.)

In this current dance of frequencies, the multiple (6's) indicate that the WAY of Balance and Alignment in the direction of your own sanity, and forthcoming Joyous enthusiasm to JUST BE YOU, is going to be found in ALL levels of RELATIONSHIP.  
How do you relate to Others as a Projection of an IDEA of Who you THINK you are.  
How you communicate and/or broadcast your Expressions, by Eternal Birthright, is ripe for tweaking, and readying to begun using the New Time LANGUAGEwhich forms the New Time Reality. 
 The perfectly streaming, doubly enhancing (6) of June (6) in 2016, more than suggests, but, brings immediate and practical opportunities to GENTLY select that which is no longer preferred, and identify certain specific personal BELIEFS that keep bringing certain things into problematic patterns, or, repetitively demeaning conversations, or ongoing material frustrations, more clearly into view, by conversations in all forms (including this one), and in ALL up-close and personal interactions with Other SELVES in the dayTime play experience.  
:) This is an ONGOING and Eternal Ride that, apparently, is becoming much more Consciously Self directed. Evidence of this is Every "where" you choose to "see".  What is in the forefront of high activity and interchange, for those who are ready, is a real good look at your SELF through the eyes Source.  
Those freaky little things about your own personality- those little quirks, beliefs, fears, phobias, etc. are going to be challenged.  Listen to what your mouth is saying for the specifics on that which needs to be re-thunk. 
A new, and sometimes, not-so-pretty glimpse of the stooped stuff that we habitually, perpetually DO to step into our own way regarding the Attainment, that is the double down focus of this Collective decade: 2010-2019.  The [0] amplifies the focus on - [1] Mastery, and is the immediate skill practice in play, in Time
And, we are Being primed for Our first real test, as a Collective Presence, to stand on our own terms, and take our first attempts at walking the Universal Talk, autonomously adding to the Collective (2) Millennial objective, and BeYond, all at the same [Time].  

Through July's introspective (7), you may find yourSelf dealing with old inner demons, or perhaps- Others demanding your focus and attention, who may be pointedly acting out those issues and items of Self Denial that require acknowledgement, and then Forgiveness in order to actually take the next step.  
By the beginning of the Autumn Season, and the onset of the Resolution and competition phase of both the personal and the global annual cycle objective, there will be a wave of satisfaction, or the strong sense that Self Awareness, and Creative Mastery skills are very REAL and Infinitely useful in terms of experiencing the Sensorial Time Experience in new ways, and longer glimpses of what is BEYOND Time. 

The Global Year (9) frequency brings a softening of the Heart, and glimmers of Resolutions via (finally) finding the Love in, and of,  All events, people and Things that brought you to THIS Perfect Moment of NOW.   The  (6) of 2016, and the month of June brings opportunities to completely overhaul Our relationship with TIME. 
This shifts other perceptual Gifts (and Challenges) of the Sensorial Time Classroom, which stimulates us toward that ever-changing ILLUSIVE Vision, whose form and function undulates through perceptions of Time via the eyes of fascination. 
What shiney objects, or fears, catch YOUR eye?   
When they cross your path, examine them further.  What topics of fascination do not serve your Joy factor, and which ongoing conversations or commisserations distract you from your professed goals?  Inspired action = FEELS GOOD. 
Which friends and family members do you hide from, and why?  
This is the Time to Be Truthful, without brutality or blame. 
Just LOVE them, without tit-for-tat exchange requirements, or control contracts. 

There is no where to hide this year when it comes to cleaning house, or,  moving on.  It's Time to be quite open about what is really going on in all relationships, and owning up to personal participation and contribution regarding all facets of existence of hot-ticket items in your reality, so that the releases can be willingly completed by the end of 2016. 

 One of the 4 Things That I KNOW For Sure, comes to mind: 


You- and ONLY You, must consciously CHOOSE to BE of Grace and Gentility in Ease and Flow.  There IS success in all negotiations with skills like this.  
Developing a sense or desire for BALANCE also comes with this (6)  opportunity window inside the IDEA of the Collective Time, Millennial (2) objective, [2000-2999],  of INCLUSION, 
Co-Creativity, Connection, Communication, Partnerships and working toward the greatest advancement of the Co-Creative IDEA, with a WIN-WIN mentality.  
LOVE All as Self. 
Et, al....

How will you know what you really want?  Will you CHOOSE to express it Lovingly and with Balance and Grace when you are participating in an emotionally charged situation, or, conversation? 

The HOW-TO of Self Creator-ship is not a secret anymore.  And, the cry of victimization (at the hands of Other) is no longer a viable excuse.  
You're far enough along in the Consciousness Agenda, if you are reading this,...   
YOU already Know what to do.
You seek only VALIDATION and the experience of Ease and Flow as you enJoy your Time Journey.  
Most of us are plain tuckered out from the tussle and resistance from withIN.     
DOES [It: thought, feeling, talking, action] feel good to you? 
Does [IT] feel bad to you?
It's TIME to DECIDE, and CHOOSE, then, Be-Have AS IF. 

  It's TIME to WALK THE TALK much more consistently, with Balance.  
Joyful fascinations are a clear hint to your pathways into the Next.   But, if your fascinations are not of the Joyous ilk, then buckle up, Pumpkin, you're about to SEE and HEAR things that will point out your own internal and acute/chronic resistance IN YOUR FACE, because YOU are NOT in Flow with your own agenda for expansion.   

There is SOOOOO much DATA on how and why your reality is exactly as you Imagine it is.   You are certainly at Liberty to choose the same limiting beliefs of Self Denial and Supreme Victimization, by continuously chewing on your own remorse, guilt, shame, blame, lack, rejection, sense of injustice, resentment, etc etc, of any and all past events, and relationships in your experience up to Now.
Any of those feelings of FEAR that you are "wrong", or not enough in any way, shape, or form, are on the table for dispensation, and a Natural Inner strength has kicked in to assist you to clarify and sort out, literally, those things that you yearn to experience, and where and what you are no longer are willing to participate and engage in- no matter what.
This assessment process is going to continue to flow through July and into mid August.  More dynamic activity regarding these new choices can be planned for beginning as early as the middle of July  and through to early September when the most challenging releases,  will become outright evident to the larger Collective focus, and dissolved into "something else"  by October.
 The follow through on these new alignments will continue into the first half of the coming (1) Annual Time wave, and affect the direction of the unfolding nine-year Epicycle into 2025, when the Collective will have chosen, and then actively begin a massive wave of collective re-organizational processes, secure connections and erect bridges in the direction of the larger wave of THOUGHT of Unity in Love.

By the Next Translation, for July-August, passivity will begin to take a back seat to Heart Knowing, and [the Way] will be felt with much more Self assuredness.  All will feel unmistakably stronger, in new Awarenesses of Self.  
Much Gratitude for All in focus and participation WITH Me! 

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