Friday, April 15, 2016


April 4/2016 (9) = 4 Global Month

May 5/2016 (9) = 5 Global Month

This month's Time Harmonics provide the perusal of the materials at hand, and how to re-Align the Heart's trajectory.

Those ongoing conversations with more like-minded co-Creaters are sorting out the next layer of the minutae of Time ILLUSIONS agreements and CONTRACTS, MANIFESTATIONAL MECHANICS, DESIGN, PROTOCOL, and shifts of long held PERSONAL BELIEFS.  
This is a HANDS ON kind of cycle that begins the productive phase of our current "annual" Time cycle.

The Millennial expansion objective centers around the Harmonics of (2).... and since this particular frequency wave within the holographic field (of Time) is about [I AM Another YourSelf], and the RE-Cognition of Self as ALL- , the IDEA of Connection, comes with communications, Co-Creative focus, and remembering that when we are "out" and about in our Time activities, there is the opportunity for INSPIRED action to flow freely, in a more deliberate way.  It's Time to Speak the Truth, and let All Things fall where they may in perfect Harmony with what you are PREFERRING, and then SPEAKING.
It's a window to quickly, determinedly, and with Love- begin to sort out and RELEASE that which is not supporting your own personal journey in EASE and FLOW.
(For more specific data regarding your personal opportunities in all of this, per your personal Time Map, go HERE to schedule a private session with Carmelle. )
This month's (4) is a chance to clear up, and clean out preliminary obstacles, quickly, within the annual (9) cycle of RELEASE, FORGIVENESS, and RE-FOUNDING Vision.  
We are having ample of opportunities to finally move out of some long held beliefs that are the triggers for your Internal responses, and DOING it through focus on LOVE, NOW.

If you are reading this, you already have a personal perspective of this process in terms of Relationships that support whatever you are THINKING AND SPEAKING in immediate terms. The flow of synchronicity's are becoming a norm as such Heartfelt conversations regarding material process and flow are spoken with openness and compassion. The organizing processes and protocols that feel good, or don't, can be quickly identified, and relations that are intertwined with a newly adapted mindset are moving into place, with more interesting and surprising new connections to appear in May. 

General material desires, and the sequencing required to bring these Visions into Presence- (TIME based), are becoming more clear to each participant. What will be tolerated, and that which does not serve personal EXPANSION must be sorted. 
And, so it will.
When we think of (4) frequency being a "hands on" opportunity window, this means that YOU get to focus on moving around the bits and pieces of your own material environment in more purposeful order, according to your own Visions. 
If you THINK ABOUT, and READ ABOUT, and TALK ABOUT topics of experience that you do NOT prefer, just watch how fast it shows up at your own door in some form of reflection.  
The preferential manifestations of NOW focus are about "DOING" only that which is fueled by Inspiration.  
It's simply a GAME of [How LONG can your hold that HAPPY Thought].  

THIS MONTH and into Next (5), we are setting ourSelves up for the URGE to Expand.  
And PAIN is NOT expansive, but is sure points the way, doesn't it?
Try to remember that your personal discomfort is an indicator. SOME of your Neuro-connections are up for re-negotiation and re-assignment from withIN, firstly, and then that which will replace those releases will synchronistically manifest into your own FULLY SELF REFLECTIVE Time classroom experience, (in Time). 

Don't take yourSelf and all of your big ideas too seriously this month if they are focused below the Love frequency level. These are things that are scaring the crap out of You, or those things which you are chronically complaining about. In the vibrational reality, where YOU are Creator of the adventure, this is the juncture where you begin to see HOW to really take Self Re-sponsibility.  
The hardest aspect of this is making the DECISION TO DO SO.

With this current Collective 2016 (9) long term cycle of opportunity to clear, and Transmute our own relationship to SELF, there is no need to rush to be cleansed and perfect, because- first of all, there is only Presence Eternal, and secondly- Holographic Time is, by Nature, about using the contrasting, Magnetic reality of Measure, to absorb the skills lessons of I AM, for Self Creative Balance.

As MAY's (5) frequency cycle approaches, we expect the Unexpected.
New and different perspectives and beliefs are on the way.  
This will unfold as Self Stimulation for the purpose of reaching for a new "footing" in our manifestational skill-pack, in a new leg of the Time focused practice adventure.  

May will be the window to a perusal of new and different Next level of events that shift personal perceptions, and a New perspective of Self Creativity and a view of exciting ideas and connections.  
Critical THINKING is REQUIRED for April and into the first week of May.  From there, a flow of rapid activities, unexpected invitations, new and unusual connections will come forward. There will be SO many opportunities to change and grow in surprising ways and means. CHOOSE wisely amongst those opportunities without spreading your attention and participation too thin, and thus, avoiding overwhelm.

The reference link below is a fine example of the pre-ponderances of the Self in relation to NOW TIME Presence, personal Creativity, and the examination of perception and participation in the Time reality. All of which is becoming more attainable and achievable for All.  As just one example of participation with determination toward Flow, and Paul Conant shares this process with All at:

At this vibrational harmonics point, We are in a [decide and design] phase regarding allowing more ALIGNMENT in our personal Journey's. And, it may not all seem like fun and games because there are some emotional habits that are currently being identified and immediately weeded out, by way of (temporarily) exaggerated focus that CAN come by way of conflict, confusion, and struggle, arguments, but it doesn't HAVE to.  
Within each Now, lies the tools for sorting through and smoothing out personal preferences, and for attracting the company/reflections you prefer to keep, in practicing BEING your preferences.

Blow off steam doing mundane clearings, and then setting up your newly expanding focus fascinations, by cleaning out your environment of the "things" that don't fit the new focus projects. This will include sorting out the New rules of your relationships which support Peaceful Presence and the preferred pleasures, abidance's, and Joys of your personal sensorial (Time) reality.
If YOUR REALITY is going to change, YOU have to actually step up to the plate, and sort out that which feels GOOD in your current experiences and circles of thought and participation, and just not give a care what "anyone else" thinks about it.
NOW is the TIME to "DO" your own Truth, and your own re-alignment process, au natural.

RELAX, and putter about (in Time) in Joy, and test the theory. YES, it takes ALOT of focus to get these changes in place. YES, it feels uncomfortably different at first. 
YES, "it's easier said than done", especially when it coms to addressing our own personal insanity based in fear and Self denial..... but, SO WHAT?!!!  
IF You want the "change", you HAVE to BE the change.
It is Universal Law in a vibratory reality.  

It's Time to RE-Member Who You ARE, and what you are doing "here", in Time.
The abridged version of this task is:
BE in NOW and the frequency of LOVE, and COMPASSION, with GRACE, 
and All will flow in ease.
Those sychronicity's, however you are experiencing them, are your signal this is ABSOLUTELY so.

You are ALL WAYS Loved and are NEVER ALONE.

I AM. 

Until the Next-
I wish You the Best of NOW, All Ways.

(For more specific data regarding your personal opportunities in all of this, per your personal Time Map, go HERE to schedule a private session with Carmelle. )