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UPDATE Time Vibe: Mid-March - APRIL 2016

Just getting caught up with the Translations...

There are new projects on everyones mind.  For those who want more DETAILS that are available in the Timing Translations, aside from he general Global Translation,  i'm currently setting up subscriptions to the TIME VIBE - WEEKLY.   The nitty gritty of the energetic low-down is about to launch.  
I have posted a link to that private issue Translation portal at the bottom,   It's a treat for those readers who go there, and who are beginning to comprehend the lingo and concepts enough to seek further descriptors of the Time classroom opportunities, in USEFUL, and practical terms.  
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3 Global Month Frequency ::::   Expressing Gratitude/ Grace - stating preferences, experession, projections, perspectives;
preparing to lay a New foundation of IDENTITY IDEA [I AM].   
:::: CLEARINGS, for making space- accelerating shifts of perspective, preparing for cleansing , material re-tooling for New awarenesses and commitments. *** this includes health symptoms, and physical changes on all levels of awareness and import of Time participations and projects/Visions. 

Follow up from March :

THINGS are going to begin to move much faster this last half of March, and into April.....
(4) frequency for April 2016, prepares us via the IDEAS behind the Mechanics of the material reality involved: working with the materials AT HAND; gathering the fundamentals, such as: food- water, VALUE EXCHANGES, health, Time, space, social and material protocols/ rules, hand-on process focus on IDEAS that are  at entry level planning,  and/or, gathering the details and necessities regarding the changes and the materials at hand; 
All activity is focused in Light of a New Time Vision of Creativity and participation.  

Whatever you're burbling on about in March will begin to manifest  in April, or frustrate you with constrictions and resistance, if you are refusing to release a component of your Dream that does not serve where you are immediately heading.  That's the signal to pay attention to WHAT, exactly, feels dis-harmonious, or blocked- and to prepare or facilitate release.    LET [IT ] GO, in full cooperation with the overarching personal objective as a part of the Collective process for the annual cycle (9) frequency that is assisting to turn the adventure into an amazing new perspective of Expansion, in MAY. 

The goal this year is to peel off as much laden as a more Intelligent level of experiential maturity is chosen, and commenced.  
The opportunities for Mastery in which All fratacls are pin participation is to Illuminate the Identity of SELF, as ALL.  
Not an easy concept for those burden down with unecessary frillies, and falsities, and contrived, unconscious consent and contracts that are supportive of personal diminishment in ANY form.
This is a window that supports the physical Release all those parts, materials, IDEAS, which hold you back, or hold the reality in stasis (repeating the paths to known and undesired results). March makes the obvious choices more pronounced and approached with some streamlined plan for imminent launch, no later than August. 
This (01) decade is projecting great and Timely success in the introduction to the Multi-Dimensional skills that require a clear Presence and Willful consent to participate, while releasing any fear based concerns regarding  the Next, without hesitation.    

With (4) There is realization that CHANGE is about to occur and SO wanted, that even though the Next is not quite here, the belief that it IS inspires pitching and packing for the move.   
There may be a sense of urgency, but this is not so.   There is a certain clarity in this frequency that promotes the ease of picking and choosing amongst the many details, layers, or material resources at your disposal. the sorting and organizing can be a very determined, purposeful, with particular mechanical process in mind, and according to what you WANT if you  are ready to let it in through your Joyful anticipation.  

All of the vivid and intense direction focus can be materially satisfying in progress, and can be as delightful as picking he materials for your Next art project, or sumptuous meal, or organizing your lifestyle into a New direction by clearing out old tools and materials, relationships and Creative alliances. 
Whatever you DO, make sure to insert plenty of JOYFUL Preferences and sweetness.  

This month of (4) action is NOT a month to pass the buck, or
sweep things under the rug.  That simply will NOT work out.
Instead, dig in and examine what you HAVE and make adjustments:  
Organizing, planning, sorting, filing, clean up and out of environment- work space, living space, and practical or relative space in relationship dynamics.  
The old social states and references of measure and judgment are becoming more inconsequential by the day, the month, the year.... and Now, .....New gauging tools and materials and references are to be used to their fullest possible potential.  Sometime you have to dig for them, but at this point, they are closer than you think.  
Remain of Grateful Heart through this cycle of opportunity, the rewards are in the flow.

What lags behind in frustration, resentment, fear- will be amplified through March, as exacerbations of the struggle, or unwillingness, to choose and COMMIT to what is wanted.   This opportunity nears the final straw decision to commit to something more intelligent and in FLOW with what feels better when you think of it.

 THERE IS realization that CLUTTER can be so confining to process.  And this includes the CLUTTER of AUTHORITY, and the collective artificial and arbitrary rules and protocols that are just oh-SO,  DONE.  
So, it feels like the Time to vigorously clean up this mess and get re-organized to free up some creative space for NEW TIME IDENTITY IDEAS.  

MARCH- APRIL 2016 ....Is the onset of the PARTICIPATION cycle of action, activity, engagements, exchanges, and tending to the immediate details of experience on the move to the Next. 

Provocation is present, because decisions must be made to secure the foundational elements  further into surety.  When there is some form of pressure to produce, competition, and other such fear based ideas, PAUSE.  There are pulses of Inspiration regarding design and process in motion in ease and flow, you may just need to give consideration to a momentary, and Honorable, retreat. 
This does NOT have to be a hard journey anymore.  
And, Inspiration comes in cycles like everyTHING else (in Time). 
EVERYTHING that we are experiencing becomes a part of Us- the All, and Infinite, fractal reflection, of I AM.
WHEN THE RELEASE opportunities are presented, ...
BE of Grateful Heart.  

Until the Next- 
AKA- The Empress of Time  

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