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9 Global Year

This is a bit late, and a bit long...but, for those who read this, and re-read it again later, there are bonus points by way of anticipation and advanced notice of the wave of advancement in their own perceptions and experiences.  

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MARCH 2016: (3) Frequency Global Month

The threshold of change is at hand this month, with a full view of ACTION by the beginning of the third week of March....around the 3/22-23. 
BUT, this this month's cycle can be considered a minor lull before we hit that doorway of high activity and action into the NewTime reality experience, we have a lovely pause to reflect on the Joys that we are preferring, and express our deeper intentions and dreams into the frequencies of the collective playground of Doings, together. 

If you wish to have more information regarding Your personal cycles,  go to this link for more information.  

While 3 represents the opportunity window to usher forth personal preferences by WORDS, songs, writing, and any form of VERBAL expressions, this is also an opportunity to DREAM OUT LOUD as the collective Time frequencies are pulsed with the higher Intentions of the (9) Global opportunity frequencies to perpetuate LOVE, COMPASSION, TRUTH, and  the RELEASES that are required to align with for the betterment of the whole of our Humanity as a United idea in expansion.  

This month may seem like there is not much happening for many, and a cycle where there may be many Dreams expressed into the Mirror for perusal and research- the the HEART of the matter of Creating is the BELIEFS and the re-cycling idea patterns that are being examined with a more Loving perspective, and with much more Truth coming to the surface for the sake of the Next cycle (4) of material realignment toward the goals, dreams, and imaginings of the Collective whole toward the Millennial objective of (2) of (2000-2999, in Time), in a phase of re-cognition and Mastery in Co-CREATIVITY, partnerships, and working in unison for the sake of the Eternal Expansion "project" as a United front.  

THERE IS LITTLE DOUBT a more focused DOING is about to commence regarding the objective of (9) frequency to clear out that which does NOT serve expansion any longer.  The next phase of this annual cycle of opportunity to grow and come closer to Self Awareness and material re-alignment in this Knowing of [I AM], is going to see MUCH MORE activity through the end of September, in terms of declarations of Truth in Love, and the releases of data and such that are already set up to be received, accepted, and then dealt with.
And, we can expect to see a noticeable SWELL in the activities regarding the re-founding of the NewTime Collective Vision on multiple levels of manifestation. 
The second phase of this annual cycle, the productive phase, is where the rocking' and rollin' is going to be loud and clear to all regarding what HAS to end, and what is to begin to become more fruitful regarding what is preferred, Now, by the whole of the Conscious Collective Intention.  
We are, after all, engaged in the Millennial (2) frequency of cooperative efforts and the Inclusion of All, 
 as a fractal of the Whole of Prime Source, ad INFINITUM

The bits and pieces of this include the awareness of Other Dimensional existences, and Beings who reside in Other realities, as reflections of our own Self in a Mirror: animals, plants, Off-worlders, and even Team Contrast.  

I AM.  

Pink Floyd/ MANDELBROT animation.... 

This month, there will appear a growing "dawning" of what has come before which has not worked out so happily for some of the Beings here (in Time).  
Now, we Focus on PREFERENCE which is the successful set-up for what is to begin to unfold in the second, productive phase, in the annual Time frequency cycle. 
Not all participants of the Time reality Mirror playground will be willing to do this dreaming out loud, while the ease of this step is available for all.  This month's opportunity will be to discover, and concentrate, new levels of [that which feels GOOD] and feed on THOSE ideas until mentally/ and emotionally "fat and Happy".

The advice here is: GET IT WHILE YOU CAN,... work with the quietude of this frequency, while it's easier to grasp some relief from mental pressure, with this ebbing of hard lined action.   Globally speaking, that urge to act will return by the end of this month, in the natural "respiration" of the even/odd frequencies which give us the cycle of focus and strength and then respite which supports the healthy birth of the BEing into the Next in all ways.  
Those who are still in mental lock down and in consistent resistance will find the ride will get much rougher for them by way of having that which no longer serves their own expansion and Spiritual evolution torn from them.  
This is NEVER a fun gift.  But, a GIFT, non-the-less.  
Existence in resistance is never a comfortable experience.

  If you wish to have more DETAILED information regarding Your personal cycles,  go to this link for more information. 

The tendency to hold on to that which is KNOWN, or, as habit- as the as yet UNEXAMINED processes, will have to be exposed and identified by each Presence as [LOVE, or FEAR based] beliefs. 
Guess which ones are going to be focused upon with frustrating intensity, and which will be reinforced by the relief of validating DATA?  
No fear--- BOTH are VALUABLE. 

Oh, YES--- You ARE expanding- like it, or not-  WILLING , OR , NOT....
You can go cheerfully into your Preferential reality experience- or you can be dragged.    
Yeah, DRAGGED.  As in, "life is a drag" because you refuse to get with your own program of expansion. 
So, be MINDFUL and PRESENT regarding what you are speaking out loud this month...the quantum field is listening intently AND ready at your vibrational command- as Ever.  

TIME is a reality of MEASURE.  
The collective Time cycles, in which we AGREE to participate in, (by focus), are reflected by the Bio-electric apparatus (your body), and low frequency magnetic fields of manifestational reflection.  
WHAT the heck does that have to do with this Translation of the Time frequency waves FOR THIS MONTH?????

 More than EVER, in this course of Mastery as [I AM] projecting  into a morphogenic reality, lies the opportunity to CHOOSE what you are wanting to experience, ......   

This month, you get to consider the following, before pushing forward into the clean up phase of the annual cycle we are in for 2016: 
How have you been squandering your own personal NOW'S ?
How have you been putting off your NOW PRESENCE FOCUS SKILLS practice in an ongoing stream of PARTICIPATION?
WHEN will you make a decision to move Gracefully into the NewTime higher frequencies, and ENJOY your [I AM-ness] as the Spiritual SUPERSTAR, that you ARE?  

This, I cannot glean without a personal session .... BUT- 
March brings the opportunity to realize HOW YOU FEEL about situations that are highly enjoyable, and expansive- as compared to those that have been forced, abusive, condemning, fearful, prejudiced, hateful, and judgmentally painful.  

If you aren't tuning your own NOW frequency, and toward that which you WANT, then, JUDGEMENT will fly into your mind and reflect into your face like a storm of winged insects approaching your personal "windshield" of perspective regarding WHAT the Time reality is, what you are DOING in it, and how we have been holding certain IDEAS that were only that---... IDEAS.  

IDEAS are NOT reality, ....In FACT, there is not an "OUT THERE", out there.  We talk about this continuously, and with so much proof that the "reality" is not any such "thing".  

[These a wonderful vids present the probabilities and possibilities this opportunity cycle plays out, and how to take yourSelf more respectfully, and your focus more to Heart in daily practice:

Nadia Shah, and Lada- Master Astrolgers/ on current Mars Retro cycle releases and activations.  Thinking about YOUR participation in the perspective and the changes that YOU are wanted and IS ripening to bring the first proofs, beginning around 3/21-25. 
These Translations are congruent to the perspective Numbers in Time....

This is LADA:  another devoted dialect of frequncy translations...

And, we KNOW that in order to get a good grasp on the creation of your own experience in deliberate creative flow, you really have to figure out how to stay focused on the Love, the Gratitude, the Compassion, with ALL of your Intentional focus.

So, this month's windows of perception will begin to soften those lines of belief hardness long enough to identify, and begin to really shake up, your own long held beliefs which were founded in FEAR.  
Topics of collective reality change include beliefs about: 
  • Off world events and disclosure
  • Money slavery systems
  • Religious or governmental authority 
  • Sexual identity
  • Social manipulations, persecutions
  • Geo-engineering and environmental manipulations
  • Data flow constrictions, inhibitions, and manipulations
  • etc, etc, etc.....  
ALL are subject to a reality baseline of SELF as Creator.  
Are you quite tired of all of the {Earth}Time drama/trauma and manipulations ?  

THEN, these IDEAS of lack, constriction, control, et al, really need to be tweaked ENERGETICALLY by personal perceptual adjustment, which will usher in the ACTION that is going to begin an intensive housecleaning that HAS to take place for Your enrichment and Joy-based expansion in a sensorial reality, which you seek so intently

ALL of your experience is in YOUR HANDS... NOW. 
You wouldn't even be reading this if this were not the Truth of your Higher frequency Presence focus.

To get things rolling, 
This month, Sing your Joyful songs and Dream your dream OUT LOUD to get the momentum rolling.  
If you are cheap with YourSElf, the shortchanging you are setting up to experience will be SELF DRIVEN, and absolutely NOT at the hands of anything outside of your own focus and Experience in this classroom of Multi-Dimensional Creator Being skills Mastery. 

It's TIME to GROW UP,  end the BLAME GAME of Self Denial, and TAKE FULL RESPONSE-ABILITY.  If you resist the opportunity this month to identify your Joys, and CHOOSE TO flow in that direction, next month is going to be frustrating, and present obstacles and perception of lack with more intensity.    

This is just another step in the Expansive discovery of Who You ARE, and what that means to [you] in the ETERNAL increments of Self realiz-ation.  
Time is a Blessed GIFT of cycling opportunities to try out ideas in a reflective reality of perception and sensorial experience.  
You are in no danger, and not in harms way- EVER. 

WHENEVER YOU ARE REALLY READY TO ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE, and just let that FLY FROM WITHIN- the path ahead of you will clear of any major obstacles, leaving you to happily tweak and fine tune the Next layer of Self Becoming with more ease and flow.  
AND- all of that will shift FAST WHEN you simply focus NOW.  

Within (3) frequency, there is another glimpse that there is not a boogey-man to obstruct you UNLESS you believe and CONSENT to playing small.  This annual (9) is not a frequency that will permit deception from within with easy interactions, but rather, any Self deception, once spoken aloud this month- will reverberate with an unmistakable sourness of tonality, and everyone in the room will look up and notice the bullsh, AS SUCH. 
Those that you have lined up to trigger your resolve are at the ready-all ways.   
SO, if you need assistance holding that HAPPY THOUGHT, or singing your Expansive song, then you need to FIND that assistance asap.  

Always Look At The Bright Side of Life:

The 30 day challenge is to secure SOME WAY plug into it for the next few weeks to ramp up your momentum while you are in the wave of Joyful expressions in preparation for the Inspired but detailed DOing that will be upon you by the last week of March through April, that will bring in the click - click- click of the tumblers unlocking the resources and intelligent flow of opportunities to lay a new FOUNDATION of reality for yourSelf.   

The question is: 

Begin with the comprehension that DUALITY/CONTRAST is a tool for navigation.  ALL THINGS OF TIME ARE THE GIFTS of Expansion.   It is not inherently evil, nor an ally to be ignored.  That's usually where people get lost, confused, and frustrated, and then shift into BLAME and victimization.  
Tsk, tsk.
WHERE is your Self authority>  Where is Your Self responsibility? 
Once again:  STOP IT. 

I would suggest creating a music playlist, or a support system to rely on for companionship and as a reflection of that which you ARE wanting to Become.  LOOK FOR the data which validates your Self realization and declaration of that which you are in Light. 
This is not a month to savor the injustices and imbalances that you perceive from without, or within.  
When you don't know WHAT to say- say no-thing.  OR, hit the play button on expressions of UPliftment....
Maybe you can start with this: 

Steve Winwood 

Or, this:  

Projections and Expressions of your Higher Truth in Joy as the target focus, is best held up to the Light this month so that the choice-s which are about to come about- can be clear and distinctly visible, as you walk your own path of participation,... because if you keep picking at the wound IT WILL NEVER HEAL. 

Right NOW, THERE ARE Bridges are being built around and over ALL of those inequalities and atrocities against LOVE and Compassion, but you have to SEE them first to step onto them to move UP into the arenas of the NewTime frequency of participations in Unison,....just like stepping onto the people-mover at the airport, or an escalator.  

This month, the more validation of the Higher Vision, the MERRIER.  The more ideas based in Love and Inclusiveness, with a bottom line of sharing, CIRCUlating, and ALL that which is founded in Love, Compassion, and, FORGIVENESS- the faster your personal Time experiences will FLOW in GRACE, with ease- like MAGIC. 

When we can't yet take responsibility for shifting and holding our own magnetic frequency because of some worthiness issues still in tow, it SEEMS like [magic] as the Morphogenic field of our Time classroom quickly adjusts [people/things] into our newly preferred thoughts and imagery.   
Some participants view these as synchronisity, luck, or miracles, and this month gives us the window to adjust our IMAGERY and vocalize our preferences into the Mirror with some FANTASTIC reflective results to follow into the next cycle.  

It's Time to begin to take responsibility for the Magic that is increasing in your own life, as well as the disturbances in your own flow which teach YOU what you DO want by comparison. 
While February gave us a BIG push in the way of Inspiration and opportunities, this month, continue to SPEAK as if you ARE in control of your own experience---WORDS, and vocal vibratory expressions ARE the initiation of the actions of change.

This is OLD news, and a tool previously used to test our resolve to awaken, by way of the delusions/illusions of Team Contrast.
LOVE THEM, and let them go.  
FORGIVE YOURSELF for needing to test the theories, and for falling out of focus so that you can re-align your preferences.  

This is the ONLY way to completely move on to where you have been squawking you want to "go", and a confirmed pre-requisite of the frequency cycle of this years (9), (READ IT AGAIN, if you need to.)
 TIME TO let it go, let it go, LET IT GO.
As this month's (3) gives us a little space WITHIN to feel our way around our own ideas of Reality and SELF, the (4) of April will sing to coalesce the parts and particles into FORM AND FUNCTION within the Time classroom again, and situations and "stuff" will begin to be tossed out,  or re-aligned with a fervor and FOCUS on what is going to FIT into the New Vision of Self responsibility, and what is going to be deleted as constrictive and no longer needed for this Next level of experience.  

 The GAME this month is to LOOK FOR AND ALLOW that which is preferred to float into your VIEW, and to cherish it for how it makes you FEEL when just thinking about it, or seeing it- even if it is not yet in your own hot little hands at this moment of Now.  

BECAUSE it CAN BE, ... it already IS.  
With (3), you get to IMAGINE and share what you see... you get to express your delight at the possibilitites, and broaden your own perspective of SELF as the attractor of such delight. 

Not to worry about those things which are being systematically dismantled, ( in any realm of desire... including Team Contrasts alleged plans to "dismantle" further the Human focus) , ONLY THAT WHICH SERVES LOVE is going to be able to make it through the eye of the needle.   You don't have to figure it all out this red hot minute.   Inspiration will see to it that it WILL be done with an EASE you may haven't quite "figured out" at this point, because BELIEVING is SEEING...not the other way around

The game this month is to TEST THAT THEORY, and do it with a song in your Heart, and a smile upon your rosey lips.  

BE the Loving Heart.
BE the Grateful Heart.
BE the Compassionate Heart. 
IMAGINE the ease and flow AS IF it is NOW.
IMAGINE the expansion AS IF it is NOW.

IMAGINE the possibilities, and hold those very expansive, happy thoughts, NOW, because they ARE "where" you are heading Next, or, you couldn't want them in the first place. 

Use NOW as your ally and collaborator on your own Journey of expansion, and work with the materials and data at hand to reinforce your dreams, and Higher Inspiration. 

This is a Time to learn to be BE FORGIVING that you NEED to sample contrast so that you can tweak your preferences further.   

I cannot emphasize this enough.....

This month is an amplified vibratory window to USE YOUR WORDS to CREATE that which you are WANTING..... 

The vid below is of Dr. Emoto's work with Intention, the vibratory expression (words) of those Intentions, and the manifestation of this process in water molecules....  

As April's (4) opportunity window for action gets a bit closer toward the 23rd and beyond, the items on your list for clearing, as well as those things that you are envisioning to move into with Joy, will become more clear, and so will the inclinations- the Inspiration- to take action.   HOWEVER, keep in mind that FORCING anything into your IDEAS is counterproductive to your goals, our goals, for getting in to our new practices and functions as a collaborative unit of Upliftment, and reAlignment.  

If you have no clue how to clean up some of the messes this month-  You aren't supposed to.  This month (an ODD NUMBERED frequency opportunity window) is more for internalizing the imagery and the Joy, with expressions of potentiality and possibility, regarding YOUR Joyful expansion.  As April comes closer into the frequency mix, the clearing and sorting of MANY issues that are holding you back will be more dynamically handled and with a little help from your Higher Self.  
IF you feel like you have to FORCE something to stop, or someONE to stop, you will find frustrations, confusions, and the perspective of lack of resources, and obstruction of processes.  HOLD TIGHT,  and be patient.  REMEMBER, the (9) objective of RELEASE, for the annual cycle, is still the overarching frequency of activitiy, while the monthly cycles are to ease the processes of that overarching objective, step by step.  

This month we INTERNALLY declare our own Glory and potentiality as I AM, and next month we get busy cleaning out the cupboards, the workspaces, the relationships, the rules, the process protocols, and our relationship to the material reality as a TOOL for our Self RE-Cognition.  There will be plenty of satisfactory decision making and decisive action to be had.  
As ever, BE PATIENT, the moment to act will be unmistakable- and VERY effective.  

With MUCH Gratitude for Your Participation and FOCUS in this 
with Me, 
I continue to hold the Image of All in Perfection , NOW!

AKA- The Empress of Time
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