Sunday, January 31, 2016

BEYOND The TIME VIBE: February 2016

    FEBRUARY  2016:(2 + 9) = 11:2
February brings a HIGH frequency window that provides opportunity to SEE things that are needing to be released, as the (9) Global annual cycle rolls forward.  Remembering that the Global (9) objective to come to a point of closure through Compassion and Grace in the form of humanitarian mindset within a Universalist platform of progress in communications and cooperation.  
The ideal is to hold focus withIN the Self, and pay attention tot he internal dialogs, data downloads, and frequency increases in and around your your physical reality - the Mirror- which you are controlling with your Intention and your own willingness to resolve conflicting ideas and beliefs, which you KNOW , intellectually, do not mesh- and realizing your way out of the emotional conflict by PRACTICING that which you find Peaceful, and in alignment with the sense of relief and even Joy.  
RELATIONSHIPS- and this means ALL relationships, partnerships, for Love or business-  will undergo an interesting twist in PERCEPTION.  Those alignments that have been upheld and perpetuated and consistently sought out - for the same old reasons and rationales will become a bit peculiar in a way that will have you doing double-takes.  Old ways of mating, partnering, parenting, care-giving, relating/translating, mediating, and over-all engaging in collaborations of all sorts will be seen in a "different" kind of Light by mid month.  It may be something that has been not previously identified before, and now shifting into view for examination at a much closer and more personal level.  Personal accountability will become more apparent.  Participation examined and notations made.  contracts with all relations- written and unwritten, will be viewed from a shifting perspective, and yet may not bring any real hard answers or resolutions forth immediately, but there is a certain internal alarm going off, or, non-spoken conversations had, which will Illuminate a Truth regarding that which is holding "things" together.  Decisions as to the validity of the ideals that had been in place - that held these relations in place- are now up for re-negotiation, somehow.  This twisting of reality is to continue through the cycle until the approach of the Next (2017) frequency level of opportunity begins to raise up into our awareness and influences the options available to each participant in full view of that which is dissolving CURRENTLY.

What does that mean?  
It means, in terms of what you might see in your own experience, that stepping more FULLY into your own TRUTH with authenticity will quickly change the scenery for you.  
Since the Quantum field of manifestation inTime, brings exactly what you are vibrating - the personal vibratory waves of attraction will be LOUD and much more clear - for wanted, or Unwanted.  So, FOCUS this month, with delicacy and gentleness, on that which is coming to you via Visions and internal conversations that take the form of unmistakable urgings to act along the lines of willingness to LET IT BE, and/or release things to find their own equilibrium/balance in deeper, and unmistakable-  i Love You enough to let you go, Love....which begins with Self.  
When things appear to be getting really hard and hairy- stop, go within to listen AND observe the internal imagery that is provoking you to let go of those OtherSelves that may have kept you comfortably still in your own relationship patterns, communication patterns, Self care patterns.  
Think of the tarot key card (The TOWER), which symbolizes sudden, profound, Insights and Revelations in the same as the opportunities of the  (11) frequency window.  Sudden SELF awarenesses (because we're looking at two 1's quantified) , such as, addictive beliefs, addictive behaviors, addictive emotional cycles and unproductive emotional REACTIVITY which keeps us bound to live the same stories over and over, and over again.  These internal Self beliefs produce a kind of prison- a Tower, to which we banish ourSelves without awareness until the Time comes when we begin to crave Expansion.  Physical death is also seen as a release point into Expansion.  This  jump point this year with (9) frequency cycle, is usually dreaded, and rarely relished as the doorway into the Next great adventure.  And, this has been due to our own denial of so may layers of our Eternal Internal Knowing and Truth. There is NOT blame in the releases that are to take place for the betterment of the next level of experience, and so in this (9) cycle we are learning to FORGIVE ourSelves, and those that have played their parts so well to assist us to come to this point of expansion in Knowing.  And I KNOW, that YOU KNOW, that Once you KNOW it, see it... you can't UNknow it, you can't remove that image from your inner Vision.   BAM!! 
Illuminations, Insights, Revelations, Inspiration that urges  expansion must be preluded by RELEASES of that which simply has been un-mistakakably, UNDENIABLY, -OUTGROWN. 

TIME TO SNAP OUT OF IT,  and move along in your journey, Now.  (11) makes clear and obvious those things that need immediate attention, and are at the top of the release pile which ALL are going through together.  
SELF talk must be evaluated, once it is heard with these new "ears"of compassion, forgiveness, and the Knowing that in order to move forward in the Next level of Multi-dimensional skills training in the Time classroom, there must me the letting go of the former ideas of what the magnetic reality offers, and WHO, exactly, is in control of your particular perspective of the Earth holodeck experience. 
Once again, in (11),  there is a reminder that there is much MORE to You, and who you are, and what You are DOing with your Time reality focus.* (Your personal positioning and opportunities play into the collective field of participation.  If you would like more insight on the specifics of your opportunities in Time, click HERE to schedule a personal session, or HERE for a general overview.)
As the blending of the (9) Global Year and the (11) Global Month frequency objective open up a new page on the Self designed Time experience classroom syllabus,   that which is observed and can be viewed collaboration of EXPANSION can be identified more readily in terms of budding technology, protocols, social ideals, re-solutions, and with more personal empowerment as long as PERSONAL RESPONSE-ABILITY is being taken to Heart by the observer and participant.  
As ever, in a free-willed practice reality classroom- those that continue to focus on the painful, constrictive, and unwanted will continue to SEE and experience that which is unwanted in magnified ways.  It will APPEAR to get worse for the benefit of accelerating the impetus for developing further there focus skills of the observer/Creator, Multi-dimensional Presence in Love, BEing.  
The good news in this window of amplification of AWARENESS is that All will be seen in advance through wakeful or dream state: 
Higher SELF, PRIME SOURCE, calculated in an experiential  window (11 frequency cycle) for  having an ETERNAL/INTERNAL huddle and direct conversation.  That window can continually be accessed in the NOW Presence and focus.  But, this month EVERYONE is in huddle together.  And, if you are One who continuously sees (11) in your Mirror reality -- that IS specific feedback to your internal wondering, pondering, intentions, activities, etc. at the Time in which you are seeing it.  It's a big wet kiss on the forehead from Source/IAM, and validation that you are in Perfection Now and heading toward the Next in Grace.  
Global (11) frequency windows are a most effective cycle to utilize MEDITATION, as an Individual Presence in PRACTICE in the Mirror with otherSELVES.  
This month brings EXCELLENT windows for effecting collective focus group ideals into manifestation, and for those stepping into their own I AM practices to join in on intentional focus on specific topics of PREFERENCE.  
Personal and collective mediations can be held with the Knowing that That Which Is Beyond Time is on board with YOUR wishes and dreams of Expansion in (2016) Balance.  
Bringing February brings heightened awareness and imagery of all SORTS of realities to many more participants of the shifting collective Time classroom.   There will be plentiful imagery of the reality within you, your immediate environment, and of other dimensional possibilities that will seem to begin to all blur together and then separate again and again.  The opening of such InSIGHTS can be disconcerting initially for so many Beings, and yet, the overarching objectives of the Millennia (2) is to open up to the awareness that I AM ANOTHER YOURSELF.  
The (2) is echoing into February in terms of communication, cooperation, partnerships, balance, and there are specific highlights on INTERSPECIES COMMUNICATIONS.   This opportunity brings an opening in communications between those Beings that we think we are familiar with, but have yet to come to accept and understand, more fully, such as the Flora and Fauna of our current planetary window of observation, but from Now forward will open a much broader perception of vibrational contributors to our Time classroom experience, that previously went unnoticed, or denied- such as Elemental Being, Off-World families, and the Quantum parts and particles that are the mechanical aspects and truest Gifts of the Time experience.  There will BE more and more acceptance of these other vibrational partners and family members, which WILL lead to the conclusion that All are One in the long-term, for some- and more immediately, for Others.  Regardless of the layers of the levels of awareness, this month- and forward, on this Journey in the Time classroom, the objectives are to hold your focus as the ever billowing Eternal [I AM] rolls into the Next Great layer of Expansion in the higher frequency realities.  TIMELINES ARE SUBJECTIVE to the observer's emotional attachments .... IF you wish to be free of the constrictive lower frequency experiences and "rules"of the testing platform and Team Contrast,  use this month to listen to your personal INTERNAL cues and guidance, with PATIENCE and persistence.  The practice of collective RELEASE, and the dissolution of that which no longer serves your expansion will actively continue for the rest of this annual collective focus cycle, and will bring great relief in the last quarter, which we will begin to see by July with more confidence.  
HOW You relate to your Self, your close community and your perception of WHO YOU ARE in the Grand plan, will dictate your personal journey with immediate feedback on whether you are holding LOVE as primary focus, or something of lesser Value upon yourSelf.  There is MUCH more reward for you if you stay on target, ....especially when (11) gives you the choice to take the High road, as apposed to (2) just placating, submitting, or participating without Inspiration.
We ARE blooming in the Knowing that There is NOT hierarchy.  For those considering or, waiting to be re-cognized, consider this.....I AM. Therefore,  I AM the VALUE. 
  HOW can you put this Knowing toward your mental and emotional freedom, and personal control over your Time experience NOW-  (?)

Greater ILLUMINATIONS of  [The Way] ARE  found withIN.    Release your Self .   
I continue to hold the Image of ALL in Perfection NOW, as Ever--
Carmelleaka- The Empress of Time
* (Your personal positioning and opportunities play into the collective field of participation.  If you would like more insight on the specifics of your opportunities in Time, click HERE to schedule a personal session, or HERE for a general overview.)