Saturday, October 22, 2016


NOVEMBER 2016- [11] Collective Time Frequency

Fellow Time Dwellers!

There is SO much moving around on the playing field, as the [11] collective frequency of November Graces All participants with 
INSight, INSpiration, Illuminations, Knowings, and Conversations of High-Lighted options for "fixing" the wobble of the dissolving lower frequency paradigm of Earth Time, and smoothing a Collective Path of Peace and DELIBERATE CO-Creative UpLiftment. 

The Awakening Wave Is UpLifted further by the onset of a FLOW of DATA that is to continue in increasing measure through 2017
The [7] frequency is about to allow All Participants to INSTROSPECT, ANALYZE, RE-EVALUATE, and dig WAY deep into the as-yet-UnKnown DATA field to find a better New Time footing.  A 2017 Translation is pending publishing...stand by for the   overview of the Collective Frequency cycles. 
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There is always MORE data to be had, but the doorway to a huge stash of DATA is about to come before the Collective to be used to straighten out things that dont' feel good, never did, and generally are not of any intelligent use for the purpose of Growth in the direction of Co-Creating Balance. [2000-2999], 
BE prepared to realize that WE are DOing all of this WITH OtherSelves (of ALL Forms). 
The IDEA of Other Intelligent Life Forms is coming to the surface, delicately, and will increase in acceptance through 2029.  
The Game of Galactic Humanity is beginning to be considered more openly.  But, TRUTH in this Idea is still forthcoming.  
When Human Consciousness - as a WHOLE, is ripe for full disclosure, it simply will BE.  

This month's [11] will BOOST the IDEA that :
I AM. 
And, will boost even further, the perception that... 

PEACE must happen soon, and WILL. 
INTERSPECIES COMMUNICATIONS are discussed more openly and taken into mainstream focus more at the 2018/[11:2] annual Collective Frequency cycle. That cycle of Collective  [11] frequency experience which All are anticipating in the Etheric fields of FEELING, whether they are aware, or not. 

[11] is When things begin to REALLY click into a more INCLUSIVE New Time Game of Humanity's Consciousness Expanding, and the Perspective shift also ALLOWS 
the tools to ACHIEVE this High-Lighted Vision. 

Hard-angled TIME experience contrasts continue until ALL of the focus distractors are addressed regarding Balance and Inclusion in the foundations of Life.   Self RE-sponse-ability required to re-align participation into the Collective Objectives for Peace, and the Intelligent use of Humanities innate Gifts and Talents as Eternal Multi-Dimensional Creator BEings, focused in Time, is closer to the Truth of it all, and BEings are figuring this out quickly now. 

The Collective Journey has taken a VERY PERSONAL TURN. 
It's YOUR TURN to hold the focus on things, people, situations, outcomes for Dreams and plans, to Align with an intelligent purpose in consideration for the Infinite connections for EXPANSION that are Present, all ways. 
The best way to grasp what is available with the [11] freequency for Personal Empowerment, Personal Authority, and SELF CREATED TIME EXPERIENCE, is to click the link below to get the overview data for the [11] frequency opportunities that are before us All through November.  (AND JANUARY 2017, for that matter!  But more on that collective Cycle of opportunity soon. )

The 3-PHASES of this [11] Frequency are available at this link, below, and will be posted on FB, Twitter, and all Empress Of Time portals, as well.

Prepare to SHIFT your perspective on the [Give and Take] of Value, Relations, Self-Perception, and Co-Creating with All Earth Time (& BEyond) Inhabitants. 
Much Gratitude for Your FOCUS and Participation in this with Me!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

BEYOND The Time Vibe: Final PHASE of 2016's Collective Time Cycle

The Final PHASE of 2016's COLLECTIVE Frequency Cycle, and
Closure of the Collective EPICYCLE-


Been away from the longer, Monthly Time-Frequency Translations for a few weeks... THANKS for Your continued focus and Participation!    I AM, and ALL IS IN Perfection, ETERNALLY!

This last Phase of the Collective Monthly Time-Frequency Cycle instigates a sense of Self RE-Cognition and the RE-lease of constrictive IDENTITY Beliefs  in preparation for the INtensity of a generalized achievement , an upgrade, of Perceptual Expansion that is just beginning to breach the surface of  EVIDENCE in the Collective Time experience in ways that have not been realized, or remembered, yet. 

October's (1) Frequency cycle provides opportunities to Self-stabilize and to prepare for November's [11] Collective Time-Frequency Cycle, promising a real BOOST to awareness of Self Empowerment and Self Creative Authority, in small, but potent steps which will continue through 2017's (1) Collective Frequency cycle. 

At this closing Phase of the Collective Epicycle, on top of the closing Phase of the Annal Frequency Cycle, and within the immediate closing Phase of the current Monthly cycle, OPEN
opportunity windows for blowing off large layers of bunk and UN-Truths, are to be filled in with a deep urge to KNOW MORE as 2017 begins to show signs of what is coming just around the corner,  for All.

 The Closure of October's (1) collective Time-frequency brings some INternal conclusions to Light.  We are braced, Now, for
Intensified Insight, Illuminations, Inspiration via Vision translated into SPEECH/communication, etc., that is highlighted for November's [11] LEAP of Perceptions,...
 so, ...
If you find yourSelf blowing your top, drawing lines in the sand- loudly, as it approaches, don't fret.... Some things will be exaggerated for you to take in and acknowledge what HAS to change.  

IF clunky "things" begin to come up, this last Time Phase of 2016's (9) Frequency cycle, which is in effect (Sept-December), opportunities available can still temper, or clear altogether, a good chunk of remaining Self-Denial and reflective Self-violence that might still be stuck in your craw, and so that the 2017's (1) Time-Frequency cycle can be used to wade through the incoming DATA without drowning, or- more importantly- without losing your Self too deeply in the mire of Illusion, again. 

(For more personalized detail of your Personal Time-Map, click (HERE). 

BE in Gratitude for the perception of linear [Time], until further Resolutions can be Allowed and Initiated more definitively in November, and in [the keywords of the current annual objective of (9)]: Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness for SELF, first-  and, then, for your reflective counterparts, in Time. 

Through 2017, SELF AWARENESS, Expanded Identity, Self Creativity, Self Authority, is to be a Hot Topic for All on the INterior planes of Imagination and Creativity. 
The INQUISITION is beginning.  There is to be a FLOOD of NEW DATA introduced for the purpose of provoking EXPANSION. 
All good things are coming down the pike.  The challenges make the victories that much sweeter, and satisfying. 

 2016's [9] Collective Time-Frequency continues to bring to a close that which is ready to be put to bed, once and for All,  [I AM] (1) SELF is slowly becoming the Grand Director of the Time Game. 
Those things that seemed too hot to handle earlier are to quickly become an afterthought or fade into memory.  The closures are happening with Grace, for the most part.   But, some will bump and bang on their way out. 
GOOD.  LET [IT]  GO.  Enjoy the finale and exit of the hard contrast reality of distraction and Self-denial.
TIME to move on, Now, and You are in very good hands. 
Soon, this IDEA will set in and FEEL more natural, as the contrast morphs into something less hard-angled for All participating in- and with- focused New Time Presence.  

Self LOVE is the very first and the very last step in All Inspired Participation INto Expansion.  
Hold YOUR CHOICES in your own hands, and your BIG Dreams in your Minds Eye while the Mirror spins to suit your New Time Preferences. 

On the [10/22-31st], the final PHASE of October's opportunity window, All moves in Time, WITH OTHERS help to clarify, and/or resolve RELATIONSHIP issues that need attention to move further INto the (1) Mastery Objective that is evolving for All throughout the rest of the decade. 
THIS MEANS ALL RELATIONS...including Global, Close Community, and Personal relationships.... ALL relations are being renewed, elevated, or released, as the current annal cycle winds down. 
So, LEARN to get out of your own way, NOW, while the FREQUENCY window is open to let things that REALLY don't matter anymore BE Forgiven. UNtanglement makes space mentally and physically for the New things that DO matter to you materialize more expediently.  

For the rest of the 2016 Collective (9) Frequency, EXPRESS Gratitude for All OtherSelves and situations that brought you to Now, but, definitely TAKE CREDIT for All of the Abundance and Flow that is brought right you by this New stance in Presence, as the One in charge of your Time adventure, by Will and THOUGHT FOCUS. 

Get ready to be Greatly ILLUMINATED in NOVEMBER's  [11] frequency wave, by making, and HOLDING the INternal space to accept things you never thought you deserved before.  The New Time opportunity to SEE MORE across All Time, Dimension, Space, and Reality is opening up Now. 
The Way BE-COMES much clearer, and the thought focus practice much more DO-able from NOW, and in the forthcoming Frequency Cycles of Expansion to-gather, as a Collective Time Game Participant.  You are in GREAT company. 

The first of November's 3 Phases, brings a cycle of openings, meeting, and conversations that will reverb for a long while.  
Messages come in the form of VISIONS, and Pictures of Inspiration.  There will be a great leap of perception and from there a great leap of participation in the direction of Natural Intelligence: Love in Balance. 

Inspiration will be HIGH through November for All who have gotten comfortable in the frequency of Love or above.  
Answers and resolutions can FLOW in this frequency, but only IF you are open to the IDEA that You are not alone- Ever, because You are a part of the All.  
Get used to that... as 2020 draws closer, this IDEA is going to take on a whole New Time meaning.  
The November collaborations (2) and a sharing of Insights that are designed to STIMULATE a SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS from the perspective of One (1): I AM-SOURCE, amplified by the INcoming (11): I AM That I AM. 

December's (3) Frequency window, harmonizes well with the annual Collective frequency (9) mastery objective.  
Expressions will increase, Voices of reason WILL BE HEARD.  
Outcries/DEMANDS for Balance will be answered with the beginnings of INTELLIGENT solutions toward Collective stability; ongoing DATA will be taken in for examination and further research before decisions are reached or initiated (beginning in June 2017), and then stabilized further into 2018.  Now, THAT is going to be a ROCKIN year for Humanity!

And, there will be another update following shortly. 
As YOU already can sense and are experiencing....
Things are about to take a great step UP in frequency, and All are affected by this. 

I AM a Reflection of Source, in Time- and BEYOND, In Service... 
Until the Next- MUCH Gratitude for Your FOCUS and Participation in this TIME Adventure and Beyond WITH Me!