Monday, May 16, 2016


BEYOND The Time Vibe:  
MID MAY - JUNE 2016 

(May 5) Global Month's stimulation is preparing the way into (6) June Global Month's choices into Balance. 

Yeah....., you aren't koo-koo!!  You are noticing the synchronisity's, the more consistent strokes of good fortune in daily happenstances and conversations.

All of the subtle, and not-so-subtle evidences of the burbling and rumbling that you are feeling and/or hearing just below the surface of your own Time experience has, as of late, become more unusual, is reflecting in a sufficiently stimulating palllette of unusual color and vibrancy to heighten conscious notice of WHAT, exactly, IS BEING OFFERED in each moment of your NOW Time experience.  

Below the surface is an increasing awareness of relationships and conversations elevating in intensity - and authenticity. Some interactions AMPLIFYING traumatic memory stories, and are leading to exposure, examination, and resolutions of long denied growth opportunities through stubbornness and rigidity. 

the opportunity of the (6) lies in the negotiation SKILLS of those who are honing their [I AM] with more deliberance, trusting each step of the process of an unfolding adventure, with more ease and fluidity, are playing with "organic" experience in active clusters of almost feverish focus. Fanaticism will rear it head in July, and become more distinguished as a dis-ease of a dissolving idea....such as, Patriarchy, Corporate Control, the usurping of Value via fraud ( in many forms).
CHOICES regarding personal participation in such frauds, are being made.
The nonsense is actually beginning to be seen as non-sense, and there is a definite increase in the SPEAKING of PEACE and BALANCE by the general popular reflection of the Collective.


Those conversations that you are actively sorting out express Intentions and expected outcomes openly, and are the language upon which the fabric of your personal Time Exprience is woven.  Don't let anyone rush, or intimidate you. The facts are not all on the table yet. Take your Sweet Nows to check in for Inspired Action, versus impulsive reactions.
Slowing down a bit may seem impossible regarding your day-time activity habits, jobs and work, that SEEM to be pressuring your Dreams of Flow.  

The game of play, at this hot spot (5) of the annual cycle of opportunity (9), is to QUICKLY spot and release feelings and ideas that are NOT of the Imagery of your preferred experiential VISION.  
All relations are about to be re-set.  

Try to grasp that (6) is a CHOICE POINT, based on maturity level, and willingness to admit that you have already given this some forethought, somewhere in your Mind's Eye- but, you had not acted on those deeper urges to attract growth experiences.
Hot tempers and other knee jerk responses indicate those touchy subjects of worthiness, and new possiblities.

Relational conflicts will be easier to clear up with this incoming influence of (6) Harmonic Balance, from the 22nd, and often bring an unexpected and great sense of relief that [it's] done.
What is experienced as Disappointment, Dissatisfaction, Dissolution, Delusion, and all that glumness, Now, is a valueable indicator of preparing for growth. As habits and emotional responses are surfacing, they bring Visual memories that may still require clearing a cluster of "stuck" neurons (repeating sad stories of lack, frustration, dissatisfaction), and moving them into relocating to a Neutral response zone regarding the topic.  
The science has been done on Mind/Brain this mechanism of FOCUS, and it's relationship to electro-magnetically based, Time-focused reality.

SEE: Dr. Joe Dispenza, Quantum University for resources and further study.

A really nice comprehensive (6) opportunity window can be referenced HERE, and within the symbolic descriptors within the Tarot KEY CARD: The Lovers
How we choose, what we are about to choose, will always be- by Universal Law, in Perfect proportion to the capacity of the Experiencer.

A Demi-tasse cannot hold a quart. It is what it IS.
NO hard feelings, just move along.

With heavily (5) in the mix, Temptation to revert to lower frequency responses, bring IN-YOUR-FACE notifications as to how pointless or self defeating some ideas and self beliefs are after all, and any excuses, grudges, judgements, blame, shame, pain, victimization, etc, etc...(ALL of those FALSE and DYING Self denial beliefs), are all fair game and up for review and re-negotiations for the next several weeks. 

(9), FORGIVENESS is Love.
We need NOT ask permission to Create ANYTHING that is wanted into the Time Experience.
You can translate this IDEA of Forgiveness into any platform of social focus as a localized "Collective" perspective.  The Time when a good thing births disinterest, is a blossoms peak, and the onset of the Next level of Life experience via the progeny of "What's Next?!" bursting into the next space of excited Creativity.

This annual cycle of (9) brings this practice actively to the forefront of our activities, for the rest of the year 2016 (9). The confusion between [Time projection Self] / bio-electric body, and [That Which Is Beyond Time Self-non-physical] has just recently been identified as such on a much grander scale of perception.  
Universal Truth be told, the full test of comprehension and adaptation of the Laws of Attraction, and ALLOWING, and how universal law operates in constancy, is occurring constantly. And that Knowing, a prime tool for Transmutation, has to be re-membered and held with intentional focus. The Law of Attraction NEVER shuts's always ON. So, you've been creating for yourSelf all along, only you didn't actually KNOW that you control the sensorial experience with your repetitive THOUGHTS, that comprise your BELIEFS, which are the construct of your very own Time adventure.  

If the Law of Attraction is consistent, then that bit of data is worth grasping at this point of the collective Time game. (6) means that data is being requested and is in the process of being presented. Some of the data may be strange, unfamiliar, or surprisingly different than you might have imagined, because (5) based resolutions or data also brings an element of fervor and sensorial shock, or stimulation. Sudden awarenesses or poignant glimpses that serve as launch points for imagery that contains more than you could possibly relay.

For a more PREFERENTIAL ride on this next wave.... the suggestion is to remain in Graceful Elegance and diplomatic. The NEED to negotiate is imperative. Hold language as sacred building blocks until you have weeded your own speech patterns of those colloquialisms and far flung slang phraseologies consistently repeated in diminishment.

This is a ceaseless endeavor. When you loose focus, even momentarily, so shifts the environmental reflections in the reflective, Time, game. What you SEE are plasmic echoes of exactly what you ASKED, this wave allows a spotlight on WORDS.
Sometimes it doesn't mean what you may be thinking it was.
It's really OK to change your mind about how you FEEEL about something.
It's OK to let things GO, and welcome in the New thing that you have been dreaming of experiencing, but DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY in response to a recycling emotionally charged event that does not sup[port your JOY.
You KNOW this, by theory.
Practicing Presence in clusters is the New Time fascination that [incorporates], or [includes], all of the beliefs and rules that you MUST have in order to maintain your particular brand of personality/crazy "quirks" and fascinations.
When there is a shift of perspective and ideology, the environment HAS to shift in the direction that you are LOOKING.
Be careful what you wish for---Pick and CHOOSE Your WORDS TENDERLY AND WISELY.

What do you spend large chunks of your Time focus DOING?
Does what you DO bring pleasure, or, is this just a case of remaining "safely", out of trouble?
What are the far reaching ramifications of part and works in the grand scheme of the whole "project"/Career/Love/Sex or "business" affairs?....and there is a full array of our "opinions" regarding these literally! hypothetical ideas, which can be shifted in any moment of Now into something MUCH more pleureable to experience.
There IS a CHOICE in each moment of New NOW awareness.
It's TIME to get used to taking full response-ability.
Time to drop the facades and posturing, peel away the blinders of Self Denial, and CHOOSE with Heartfelt (I AM/SELF) with deeper commitment, by your words, and YOUR willing participation by consent.
And, learn to make the Time Game more FUN in the process...

At some point we see that:

Nobody's insanity is more superior to any one else's.

BE PATIENT, with yourSelf and with Others.
The purge is just beginning to occur. We are in the wave of Compassionate Response-abiity,,,,,polarity fluctuates. Focus fluctuates, and so, the "stories" we watch and tell also fluctuate....
YES!! I/YOU/WE ARE the EVENT in process, Eternally.  
There is NOT a destination.
There are INFINITE WAYS to proceed and FEEL GOOD in terms of LONG TERM participation.

Some days, you will notice ease when more odd numbers are involved, the more odd numbered vibratory influence, the more the need for mental "space" and restfulness withIn to ponder what's happening FOR you, and sort out which opportunities you think might Serve best, in the long run.  
Where there are a majority of even numbers mixing for a cycle, the frequencies will bring the party TO you, in the reflection of "outer" activities and interactions, so you can get to practicing and trying out your beliefs and ideas.

IF we can navigate these sudden and often exciting new perspective openings, and learn to accept and Love the unplanned CLOSURES and RELEASES that appear for stimulating You to make some INTERNAL Decisions about WHO You ARE and declaring your preferences regarding CO-CREATIVE activities in your day-Time engagements with Others.

Time is providing the awareness of purposeful participation in meaningful experiential change. Moving ON to the Next whatever is inevitable, but it doesn't HAVE to be arduous, by default, or beholden to something outside of YOU- the Ultimate No-thing-ness.

IN THIS New Direction of Creativity WITH Inclusion, and Love, the this game of recollecting your memories of I AM, that resets PERSONAL windows of Collective perception and participation are being shifted again, again, and again.....and there is NOW a spreading wave of Self ownership and Self Realization, evidenced withIN, and without, in rapid fire until around the 28th of May.
After that, the Ideas that will prosper will flow in the (6) of June's focus on LOVE , BALANCE, AND the acceptance of RESPONSIBILITY.
MUCH will be more clearly SEEN, more broadly defined, and more clearly communicated, disclosed, negotiated.  
That which is RIPE for Release and presented in the flow of June's visual communications and projections, will be impossible to UN-SEE, and therefore the requirement for CHOOSING to FOCUS on that which is more Wholistic, Nurturing, Uplifting, Inclusive, and all things pertaining to growth and expansion WILL Prevail in Truth.
False projections will be quite evident. nd NOW is a very good Time to get very comfortable with your personal Inner Guidance system for the discernment that is necessary to cut through the buLsh, quickly, and with ELEGANCE.
Your WORDS matter quite bit this coming month.

For some, the stories that will ultimately bring LIBERATION can be experienced with hard angled contrast so that there is no mistaking the difference between that which FEELS GOOD, and that which FEELS BAD.

Practice. Practice. WHATEVER fashion motivates and Inspires you to stand your ground in your Now Presence.
You are never alone, and are All Ways Loved!
ASK OUT LOUD, and then, wait for the answer or opportunity to connect things into Harmonious proportion for the most IDEAL Time adventure, for the moment.

Here is Abraham's rampage of Re-membrance on Value, perception, and balancing Visions and Process, and getting excited and out of your own way. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2016


5 / 2 0 1 6(5 + 9) = 14 = 
5 Global Month 
Frequency Cycle

(5) Stimulation in the direction of Expansion and Change.
(2) connection, communication, Co-Creative ideals, partnership, balance
(0) [NOT a Number, but a frequency amplifier that brings emphasis to the frequencies beside it's positioning.
(1) I AM, SELF Alignment and Awareness.
(6) Love, Nurturance, Balance, Self Responsibility

NOTE: If you are new to these translations of the Time realities' GIFT of cyclical opportunities, there is benefit and better integration of the data presented here for the purpose of YOUR expansion- NOT control.   But- Your perception is all that you have in the immediate Now, so the Journey is absolutely up to You.  The blame throwing has to STOP, before you can actually take FULL advantage of what is before you in this moment of Now, and using TIME as a TOOL for personal growth and SELF empowerment in personal reality creativity. 
How you use this data, whether you like the "predictory" nature (which is the natural by-product of this language system), through Numbers as symbolic representation for the base frequencies from which we are learning and re-configuring our own I AM Presence, or you are using this perspective for experiential validation, is not of concern to this writer/Translator,  it is highly recommended that before you accept or rebuke this perspective, that you situate your Self into a Neutral emotional position, and re-view your own personal frequency cycles in comparison to your own experiences, on your own- or, with the assistance of a proficient Time Translator's insights.  

You can use the hyper-links provided within these postings, as reference points and guidance to familiarize yourself with the basic descriptors, and how to do your own personal calculations.  
Or you can contact Carmelle for a personal session in a private message on FaceBook: The Empress Of Time page. , to get you started on your own re-view of your Gifts, Talents, and Time map of experiences in the Time classroom.

(Review): 2016 Global Frequency Overview:

MAY 2016: This monthly Translation is best begun by having a look at the SUB-elemental frequencies that are foundational focus which is bumping the whole of the Time experience, percieved by individual fractal "personalities,  into the Next level of personally expansive Creatorship.  If you click on the hyperlinks for the numeric symbols through my Translations, you can continue to review and perceive your own Self empowerment in each moment of Now, and through those Numbers that are seen by you on a consistent basis, using the Collective AGREEMENT to the Time Mirror reality, and those platforms of "tracking" that are known as "clocks" and "calendars".

As this annual opportunity cycle of (9) frequency continues to provide avenues of clearance, resolutions, and the releases into the Next level of awareness and as we step more fully into the current opportunity of the (5) frequency of May, we are ramping up a flow of experiences that will appear suddenly and often in unexpected form.
New ideas, concepts, connections, friends, Lovers, coupled with sudden openings for and awarenesses of the need to ALLOW those endings, releases, and other MENTAL attachments that have been inhibiting personal expansion, which is now openly admitted, but, not yet clear as to HOW this transitions can take place.
The excitement of that which is NEW and STIMULATING [is] the impetus for changing the usual and habitual into the a more spacious perspective and a more viable perspective that supports the changes and growth that is consistently present, yet habitually ignored in (at) preference for holding things static in the idea of "norm".
There is NOT "norm".  All is unique and contains potential until the Mind settles into a repetitive loop of response, which eventually becomes boring to the Higher aspect of Self, and chooses to disturb those "norms" enough to get your attention, and provide a CHOICE POINT.

The interesting thing about the (5) frequency opportunity is that the PERCEPTION of the appearance of MANY more opportunities suddenly presenting is simply a shifting of personal positioning in the "rules" of experience and the parameters placed for personal adventure.
What APPEARS to be sudden and unexpected was actually called for, by Self, and the events and interactions that are coming into personal view are the windows to CHANGE and grow that yoU have been asking for.

This window of stimulation can be a delightful series of sudden invitations, connections, and new arenas of exploration, OR, they can be viewed as dreaded changes that rock your personal world, and force you to re-evaluate what is NOT working by sudden, and sometimes extreme perceptions of inhibition, victimization, and control.

In the magnetic reality of manifestational experience, there are many avenues to the formation of that which you are preferring to experience.  The (5) FREQUENCY cycle brings a bit of excitement into the mix, by way of glimpses of the IN-ORDINARY, UN-usual, and things that are different and foreign to the current state of Being.

It's TIME TO SHAKE IT UP, and get motivated by the reflections in your own Time reality experience.  The Gratitude and Grace that (9) frequency of 2016 is holding open for us is found in the "rules of engagement" in all arenas- but, more focused in RELATIONS that we are participating in.   Some of these relationships are going to break suddenly, and some are going to be newly made, suddenly- or unexpectedly, in temporary terms for the purpose of showing you what CAN BE, if you loosen up your ideas of what relationship means to you, and how you feel about your own Self, firstly.
Those ideas, concepts, rules, regarding physicality, and the sensuality that is a Natural aspect of the Time reality classroom, are open for discussion and review, as new and unusual LOVERS often show up to assist this process with you.  When this increased sensual stimulation, or the increased flow of opportunities to choose from are denied, or resisted, because of FEAR, and stubbornness, there is a persistent frequency  "noise" that is experienced as either increased anticipation and excitement,  or increased anxiety.
Some handle this stimulation better than others.  But, when this window is percieved with enthusiasm and Self confidence, there are delightful, sensual, adventures of new and exotic smells, taste, and vistas of wonderous opportunities at the fingertips for the choosing.
When Self denial and Mental inhibitions are the ruling focus of the experiencer, then there is an increase in the need to Self medicate in whatever form is "habitual", such as addiction of ANY kind- from food, drugs, sexual Self-abuse, and Emotional Self-abuse, all the way to physical abuse in any form including the addiction to Endorphins by athletes.  All of which lead quickly to a short-circuiting of the nervous system, and the dilapidation of those "rules" which are held tightly to support a static position that will simply- but loudly- present as "fracturing".

Remember that the (9) is the prevailing objective in the Collective reality.  Those [things], situations, and connections that do NOT serve your personal Expansion are going to get loud and obnoxious this month.  You can float WITH the tides of change, or, you can be dragged into the depths of your own Self denial in terms of physical breakdowns, material breakdowns, relationship breakdowns, that are all in your face to clue you in on where your deeper preferences truly lie.

WATCH and listen to what is going on inside your own head, and cooperate with your Visions as the scenery changes like a slide show from event to event throughout the day.  LEARN to pick and choose your opportunities with patience and a balanced elegance, so that you do not over commit in your excitement.  Heart discretion and discernment are necessary, because some of these opportunities are very temporary, and your deeper Knowing will be able to see the value in each presentation- and show you the purpose of the offering and the stimulation that is being provided.
Some of these sudden offerings are to show you where you are stuck in a rut or indecisive, and some are genuinely there to offer you a new path of participation in which you will reach new heights of Pleasure.

Sudden activity in the arena of social expansion in the Mirror are not all going to be fun and games as the dissolving platforms of social conformity and manipulation to "behave" won't be able to be tolerated by those participants who Know better.  social unrest will increase a will the shenanigans of the Team contrast.
When LOOKING for events that support expansion in terms of Love and Balance, be sure to begin with your own reality as the microcosmic perspective of the Collective activities.  When YOU focus and remain balanced in Now Presence, your "reality" experience with echo the vibrational frequency that you are focused on.  In all of the excitement and with al of the depress, re-cognise your Self as the instigator of all of this desire to grow, and BE supportive of the changes, however they are presented.

If you are antsy, agitated, overstimulated, overwhelmed- the BEST way to burn off the excess energy, (which is deliberately intending new responses and views, and pushing you ), is to MOVE AROUND physically.
Exercise, dance, yard work, and other physical movement is the remedy for those wiggles, both mental and physical.  When there is pro-structive ACTIVITY, there will be a strengthening of both body and resolve, and decisions will be easier to make as they will be coming from a solidarity of Self in a conscious adventure, instead of lapsing into victim mode and being slapped around by your own ideas of powerlessness.

The (4) sub-elemental frequency is supportive of physical re-alignments as well as new protocols and procedures introduced.  This is the vibratory indicator that foundational aspects are under consideration.  (4) is also the frequency that brings the idea of process, Time, and the particulates of the manifestational (illusion) that you would have at your disposal.  This INCLUDES your body, value exchanges, and all immediate resources and needs.  Pay attention to the details that are repeating specifics to you in the mirror.  Ignoring physical signals and symptoms isn't such a good idea.  Notice, contemplate, relax, and ASK for assistance if you can't "figure it out" , and then be open to new possibilities and pathways to achieve the Balance required for making better choices in new situations, thereby assisting fully with your Dreams of Adventures in more preferential circles of connection and participation.

By the 22nd of the month the flavor of focus and opportunities with Others will shift into a more noticeable stability, remedies will be forthcoming, and the Love that is the deepest foundation of accepting Self as I AM, will surface and speak more clearly with each Being meeting with you, in more Harmonious terms.

MUCH Gratitude for Your focus and participation in this WITH Me!

Once again, for more specific data regarding your personal Time cycles, you can investigate for your Self (here) , or contact Carmelle (here- Facebook message), or  (here) for a personal Translation session

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