Thursday, December 29, 2016

BEYOND The Time Vibe: Closing 2016 and Intro to the Time Frequencies of 2017

Closing 2016:  (9) GLOBAL YEAR 
                      Welcoming in 2017(1) Global Year   

WELCOME BACK!  Fellow Time Adventurers.... so sorry for the interruption of the flow of the monthly written Time-Frequency Translations.  The need to Express the View through the numeric symbols of Frequency seems to be back "on" again!  

*note: This is a general Global Translation, but, if you want to hit closer to the "mark" regarding how your personal Time map and Global objectives flow harmoniously, you can contact Me to have a personal consultation here, or you can calculate your own primer frequencies for yourself here.  

Time Participants have been very busy making their way through the changes and the disturbances of social "norms" that had to be put aside for the remaining closures on certain IDEAS that have outlived their own usefulness.

After October and November's (11) of amped up Emotions, and DATA that makes for double-takes, and unexpected turns- there are clear indicators that there are a few more releases to be had in December, altho the (3) indicates that they will come from the Collective PARTICIPANTS, themSelves. 
The VOICE of the Collective will be heard.  

The past few months have seen active shuffling around of the generalized props and sceneries at a pace that is fast and unexpectedly twisty turny!  
And, YET- THE COLLECTIVE has been actively ASKING for these changes and disruptions toward shift for a LOOOOOONG stretch of evolutionary [Time]. 
The Collective has, respectfully, come to the point that is moving BEYOND ASKING FOR PERMISSION TO BE

It would be naive to think that the kinds of changes that ARE happening have served to destroy and dominate further.
This is not quite exclusively so when perception is EXPANDED.

Now, when focused at this point of "threat", we simply re-cognise the opportunity to shift our Emotional state to that of Perfection in Well-Being and Balance, Now, almost immediately something weirdly wonderful swoops in to bring a larger perspective of I AM Mastery practice opportunity into View, with a hefty helping of Re-assuring FAITH to sweeten the adventure.   
Those actively practicing Presence are the witnesses to the Illuminating and infinite gifts of Flow in ways that only tapping into the Quantum & Temporal mechanisms with deliberate attention and intentions can personally prove. 

2016 is closing a 9-year Time classroom cycle, and introducing a New Time-frequency Epi-Cycle of the Collective Time adventure from 2017-2026.  This New cycle, which has been peeking into the scene in actively definitive ways since July 2016, is about to really rock the Norm for the better, and for Posterity.
While there may be chatter, and complaining about how HARD a year it was, it is Truth to say that the "hardness" was due to the level of Internal resistance regarding whatever topics were HOT for You regarding your journey closer to full [I AM] IDENTITY actualization, which comes hand in hand with further success and Mastery of your own Personal Authority and Sovereignty over your own Time experience.   
Now, we Know that it's a lot of really hard work to hold the Intentional focus with EFFORTING.  We also Now Know that the REAL POWER lies in our sustained Vibratory rate. 
This is a QUANTUM SHIFT.  
I EFFECT the All, across All Time/Dimension/Space, & Reality. 
Never take anyone else's word on this - DO the experimentation on this HUGE and new Identity IDEA for your Self. 

The ZERO before the (1) through this whole "decade" cycle indicates that this (1) Mastery skills objective HAS to be reached, and WILL BE achieved in the general participating Collective membership. 
Not everyOne will "DO" it in the same manner or sequencing, so GET OVER who You THINK is right or wrong. 
FORGIVE while the getting is good in the remaining (9) annual frequency of December's (3)- can finish up loose ends, and do this with Joyousness, and Gratitude, around the Full Moon, and see the rest of the dust settle into a more cleared View by the end of February.  
More on this later, but.... the POINT IS THAT: 
This is the Time to let go of a LOAD of rigid IDEAS that captivate you with shame and the idea of diminishment of "should" or "must"- or, "you aren't worthy unless you follow" kind of mentality.  
The plague of Un-worthiness upon Humanity is about to turn and retreat from the general THOUGHT POOL of Collective Creativity. 

At this New Time starting point, All manner of Creative "style" is warming into the mix, and the Co-Operation of your Collective Family, which are Other YOU's, are DOing as well as You are in this Heightening environmental frequency of participation in something New and more Expansive for All.   

So, Play nicely with your Selves, this is practice for when we are invited and allowed out into the Galactic BIG Game court to mix it up with those Other-dimensional aspects of Self that are out and about DOING in their own special Way.

Holding off any fear ased ego/ Arrogance is becoming much more effortless on a day to day level.  But, consistent Intentional FOCUS practice and support is still needed and sought out by the increasing rise of the activated Ones.  There is some space this month (Dec) to remember there is no final destination in all of this and catch your Breath in Peaceful Knowing.  

Trying to Think [it] through this month will lead to wandering in mental circles, and as the (7) in the mix of 2017 comes into full accessibility, that Mental circles thing can persist with certain hot topics.  Pay attention. 
Again, there is not auspicious indication when thinking in terms of extreme counter[measures] to off-set an IDEA.  There is no need for "aggressive assertion" when the most direct way of addressing ANYthing is in the Now, as it is presented. 
So, any of those SPOKEN spontaneous outbursts, declarations, Endearments, decisions made by the end of December will set new engagements into motion.  Anything transpiring in the MID-cycle phase is of importance regarding productivity and interactivity into pointed topics of personal participation and expanding through discontent. 
Humans are BRILLIANT, resilient, and Loving. 
BE One of those who are also Grateful, Compassionate, and Forgiving as you step through your own Day for BEST Service to Humanity in Presence. 

Through the end of February 2017 (3), Events that test the meaning of Love are HighLighting and bringing a more Unified Knowing of the layout of the path that is PREFERRED by the participant, and resources that support the IDEA of [Love, Partnership, Home, Community, Nuturing, Balance in Relation to Self, Environment, &  Prime, First Source and Center. 
This might be demonstrating in the observation that remote Viewing is becoming such a popular activity with those who have stepped into their own Presence with Self Solidarity.  

Many of the Beyond the Time Journey-ers, are providing the desired example as encouragement for those newly joining the [Presence/Now focus game] in All manifestational Dreamscenes. 

Many practitioners have already experienced Out of Time "conversations" and "meeting" with the Presence of some Other they thinking (alot) about in most ephemeral intensity.  One of these individuals will usually make a physical move to connect ["for some reason"].  These are the teaching moments regarding LISTENING to that Higher Minded Voice, over the frightened one.  

So, if your personal Spiritual growth of late has been pinching at any intimate relationships established in a Time reality that is systematically dissolving, You don't HAVE to kill a relationship or anyone else off in your Heart, to change lanes in your own Life and to make for some Respectfully (re)aligned personal liberties withIN.  
There is still [Time] to Allow endings to occur, and closure to be had.  If it has become clear that changes need to be addressed for further synchronizing IDEAS of Collaboration, like staying together in a Creative partnerships, or living together, or making another Human Being, etc, etc....then, there are indications the flow of opps will clear up terms of engagement by the end of January, another, powerful and Loving push in a collective 11/Global month,  and Cooperative efforts are supported more fully in this frequency, and Inspired ACTION is perfectly Timed.  
Wait for it.....

Oh, if only you ASKED for what you wanted each morning. and were so Grateful for the Gifts and Graces and Joys that you DID receive & ALLOW at the end of your day..... the Flow of "current" increases and slows down in Perfect Timing with Your Beliefs and there IS NOT LACK anyWhere, anyTime, on your Journey.   And, in Practice in Mastering this, You bring the IDEA of Heaven to Earth.  Life is a state of Mind. big cliche. i know. 
This 2016, (9) Collective frequency is still assisting That which has out "lived" it's usefulness dissolve into the Next level of Existence, with, or without your "permission" if personal commitment to deeper intentions and Highest Good is at stake.  Taking response-ability to adjust your perspective beyond perceived confinements
NO-Thing outside of Self is in charge of your experience- 
Universal Law is.  
It's clearly Time to re-cognise and respond according to our Highest Intentions, as it has all ways been in the Time classroom, only this is Now.  And, we Know better the Creative power in harnessing Presence FOCUS, Now.  If you are reading this, Your focus and attention to your Creative skills practice is almost a normal response.  It's not re-cognised as "synchronicity" anymore, the Creator is Being RE-Cognized, and it's Now being perceived as Deliberate Creative practice AS "daily" Time Life. 
The swell of Expansion IS Eternal, and the releasing of IDEAS of absolute constriction or stagnation- or victimization is slowly fading away to introduce new and more preferable emotional control over the IDEAS passing by, which are anchored by the Bio-Electric Neuron pathways that SET the response mechanisms into BeHaviours.  
But any Contrast must always provide enough resistance to the final point of disengagement of a belief, so these social "demons" of the Time reality are going to twist and turn until WE are done with the IDEA of "them"- Your reflection, "out there"- a perception, and change the Emotional responses that control the holographic Time experience. 
(See FULL PDF: J. Argueles- Surfers of The Zuvuya

What is released and "where" it leads, is YOUR decision. 
Frequencies rising and there will be notice of many more Beings leaving the hard angled contrast and shift Time, quickly moving into their Next as if they just stepped onto an escalator or a terminal people mover.  
This Time ride as an Observer of a Collective Intention isn't over's JUST getting started Now that there is a New Level of Perspective of IDENTITY Empowered-Up and blossoming through Ever increasing Frequency focus through 2026, in Time- and Beyond.

The response of Gratitude, for Now, no matter WHAT-  is the path of most ALLOWING for the remainder of this monthly (3).  Hang onto THAT Golden Emotional nugget for as long as you can as the slurry flows past toward the exit door of your Time experience.  
Change IS.   
But, as an Eternal Being in Time, there is Gratitude that ALL things, in Time, come to a Perfect, and Glorious closure so that there can be  NEW Now Experience. 

There are potent frequency indicators and accessible TOOLS on the table -at ALL Times- to fertilize your Creative Preferences and Dreams for Love in Balance with Life through 2016 and into the end of February 2017 is to finish off the first gross-cut of those things about Self that are quite annoyingly IN-hibitive to you- by you.    

Bob Newhart: STOP IT!  One of my most fav examples of our own little bit of INSANITY.  All Time dwellers DO this in lower frequency amnesia. 

With Joy, You Welcome Your SELF to have a Time experience at your own preference! 
A regulcar chuckle at our growing pains brings a wry reminder of what kinds of things might be "annoying" about You, taking responsibility based on your own level of willingness to address and Love those sore spots, and RE-MEMBER QUICKLY that they were just an IDEA. 
Never forget: Nobody's insanity is more superior to anyone else's. 
YOU CAN change your Mind, on the spot- in NOW, about anything, once the Heart speaks on the issue and the Self responds according to it's dictates.  
You are familiar with this very distinct feeling in the Heart center of the body, and that THOUGHT/EMOTION shift is felt in deep internal reverb. 
Moving forward in our New Time state of Higher frequency FOCUS, is also SEEN in the manifesting of what seems like isolated thoughts or random whims immediately into the Time experience.  
Get used to it.  That is all going to ramp up by the fall of 2017. 
OOdles and OOdles of Value-ABLE DATA exchanges usher in the most viable opportunity frequencies of 2017.  If you don't declare your experiential preferences, do you expect the morphogenic field to fill in the blanks around you?  It will.  And it will do it with whatever it has to work with-- the Law of Attraction NEVER shuts down. So the shadowy, wafting, emotional inconsistencies that are still circling the bowl for the final flush HAVE to be allowed to be viewed as Gifts that brought you to this moment of more expanded Now Knowing, so that you can MOVE ON to the Gifts that are waiting in the Vortex of Possibility at your Command of focus and allowing. 

It's Time to practice deliberately Talking your dreams into your experience. 
By the NEW MOON on the 29th, begin that new habit of SPEAKING ONLY of that which you want
Byt the FULL MOON, in January- or the mid-Phase of the Monthly frequency wave, 
when Inspired Truth and the appropriate actions in Harmony with Higher Intentions will urge forth the opportunities will be in perfect Timing to your repetitive thoughts of CHANGE, HARMONY, PEACE, INCLUSION, and a much better grasp of I AM Presence as an Entitled Eternal Being of Light, and consciously practicing Multi-Dimensional Skills from a well-seated position withIN and BEYOND the BioElectric sensorial vehicle.   
And, Voila!  A super-tastic Creative FLOW is added to your repertoire of Ultra-Dimensional Gifts and Talents, and the long sought "Service" to Humanity comes into experience, Naturally and without pressure to "preform" or "earn your keep". 
As an Eternal Presence in Time, Your "keep" has been paid in FULL, and in advance for the rest of your Time experience. 
Once you figure out HOW that works, you won't be freaked out about every little "cost", and material "acquisitions" become a non-thing to arrange in cooperation with the Quantum Field and your preferences in Truth. 
So MANY of those who read these kinds of writings as validation and support are Natural Seekers.  Despite the long term dimishment of Identity via lower frequency standars of [measure] of monetary "wealth", or standardized and conventional "beauty", there is  VALUE in Who You BE in All,  In, and beyond Time.

In Time, the 2017 (7) frequency Mastery objectives are pointedly in the focus areas of 
*close and point-picky Observation, 
*vetting and sorting of deeply convincing DATA which has been ASKED FOR, 
Frequency Mastery objective for 2017: (1)

DISCERNMENT is the MASTERY TOOL of the current level of Conscious RE-COGNITION, and the impending shifting of adventures and activities.  This is vital to remember, because, 
In 2017, the DATA is ongoing and expansive: 

(*7), a Time to gather data and compare it with personal experience, and the notion of something yet to be discovered, or Known; Occult interests, Intuition, Natural Extrasensory/Discernment Gifts and Skills are turned ON; gather and ANALYZE is the focus of activity. 

With an ACTIVE  (7) frequency thru the current frequency cycle of  [2017], Those who are actively practicing 2016's (6) emphasised IDEA of seeking and practicing Balance and Concentricity in RELATIONSHIPS in the Mirroring Time reality experience with focus on OTHER SELVES,  have been actively learning how to get along with their own Humanity in Others in New and more Compassionate ways.  
The true "reset" is in  New rules of Engagement WITH IN-Formed Consent. 
All have been developing expressive/reflective skills with a little more sensitivity, developing better communication skills, or coming to terms with your Corporeal Presence and establishing Physical Balance and IDEAS of Time Presence imbodied. 

This closing Epi-cycle has run the gamut of threats, from all kinds of directions.  Despite what may "seem" like a really rough Time for Humanity- and it IS for many participants attempting to untangle [I AM] Identity, the BULK of the Consciousness Frequency is leaning toward Balance in Peace, Inclusion, Growth in Love, for ALL.  

GET ON board, or GET OFF.... no judgment.   The rest of Us are stepping up our Game.  So, there will be little tolerance for the ignorant trespassing the dissolving lower frequency reality distraction protocols by an increasing wave of Time Participants.
Those who are scheduled to get off this ride, as you may have noticed, has increased.  Many Beings are leaving the lower Time reality for their OWN Evolutionary reasons.  We Loved them Well, or, not.  But, their en masse exit is not anything that can be ignored as an EVIDENCE of the dissolving paradigm that was built on IDEAS that no longer hold any Value in Love. 

A weighted COLLECTIVE INTENTIONAL PREFERENCE will be declared by the end of 2018, and security in the [I AM] Presence will BE prevalent with increasing successes and consistency in the support of the New Time IDEAS that are about to be embraced by a Whole Planet of Time Participants who are determined to get on the same page of Peace and Truth of Value in Love. 

Lately, It's generally easier to spot where and when HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS has Expanded, and where that is still not quite so evident.  Those resistant pockets of dead or false Value will continue to surface and be cleared.  
And, in other ways, we see snippits of where certain COLLECTIVE IDEAS have dissolved into something quite New and exciting without hesitation, or lack, or obstruction at all in the direction of Peaceful Re-Alignment. 

By the end of the mid-PHASE of 2017, (August), New Time IDEAS in terms of the open introduction of many levels of environmental "clean up" technologies, and the New Time IDEAS that support their  evolving successes in bringing forth the New Eden of Gaia restored for All and supplemented by Love in Balance as it is practiced as the norm, and not as "special" .
This is the High-Frequency Imaging that is on the Lighted Horizons of the Collective Time Players entering the focus skills final Epi-cycle of preparations for the Collective Galactic Flight-ways coming forward.   ( Notice that I did NOT say: Get on the next available passing spaceship, DID I ? )
YOU are "the Event", and, Your True  [I AM] IDENTITY and Presence is about to be revealed to You and All.  
The "Birth" of the New Time Humanity Consciousness is occurring NOW.    It feels Balanced to GO THERE, and BE.   And, feeling is the official initial point of experiential manifestation. 
Focus and Commitment is being tested in some very obnoxious ways, but again, ASKED FOR from the standpoint of the Collective Presence on an Eternal Journey.   

This is WHY the testing platforms are working so hard to distract and frighten in an increasing momentum, and with such calamity in all directions.  
! The Tension point of the Bi-Furcation of the Collective Time Co-Operative Intentions is approaching.  Discernment and COMMITMENT are being tested to the MAX withIN.  The New Time focus SHIFT is THE Gift of the New Epi-cycle birthing Now. 
Open it up!!!  You'll LOVE  it! 

This 9-year Epi-cycle beginning 2017, and unraveling in the sensorial reality until around 2026.  (No commitment to hard lines on the "timing".... It's a "current" that rolls along at your pace, so stop expecting hard starts and stops in the manifestational process so that you have instant "proof" of Who You are.  
You Know that NOW.  

So, those kinds of "jolts" will "soon" be forgotten experiences, and fade out of the processual Time-cycle as out-moded forms of experience are released and replaced with more PREFERRED ideas of experience. 
*When this "soon" arrives, it includes the New Time [I AM] Knowing of our Self as THE Ultimate "Value" above All Things in Time. 
We ARE the Arrival into a New Time Community of Ultra-Dimensional Beings haveing Inter-Dimensional Interactions, at Will. 
And, Every Thing will BE different, and Infinitely more Connected on a more consistent basis.   

December 2016's: (3) of Expressions of Preference for Harmonious Relations is the "current" Best Medicine the Time Experience "sickness". and Classroom. 
Those who KNOW that they Are, indeed, are Creating by magnetic attraction, full Time, 24/7, or whatever [Physically-focused TIME frequency] you happen to be focused in and fixated by. 
By this TIME, there is much fulfillment in the evidence of new levels of Mastery of the gizmos and flap-backs of the Pin-Ball Machine Game of a sensorial reality in Time.
 Many of the New arrivals are exercising their OWN Mastery course of study in those things that do NOT necessarily translate out to MONEY, as  VALUE Exchange rate. 
New Ways to Exchange Infinite and Eternal Value are being Aligned as we focus in this very moment. 

NONe of this Time adventure is about ACCUMULATING things, but rather the focus shift is on CREATING thru I AM Authenticity, exclusively. 

However VALUE exchanged is Percieved, contracted, and recycled into MORE astute Mastery Skills-building by the advancing Time Participant, and in terms of the Mastering the mundane Mirror Time experience,  Practicing your  Zuvuya Surfing, by, or, in, any other cultural distortion of this Knowing of Ultra-Dimensional accessibility, are readily available reminders for Your free perusal and practice of DELIBERATE Mental positioning for Your New Time (higher frequency reality) benefits and Expansion, a little freer each "daily" practice cycle from the lower frequency fear responses to Illusory situations and "things".  

This 2017's (7) Frequency Gifts can include the intermittent FEELING that you can't make a decision, or, get anything going, or hold anything together, OR, bringing up blame-issues on some Other [other; anything or Being perceived OUTSIDE of Self] or, situation that is offering up some form of Time pressured IDEAS.  
We KNOW, Now, that there is Not a linear/physically tangible thing called Time; It's an ACCEPTED CONCEPT.  
You are All Ways off the CLOCK in NOW.  
There IS NOT any REAL pressure from the OUTside; All pressures are fear-based Mind loops, knocking at the door for acknowledgment and release... open the pathways for these releases with AUTHENTIC Love, Compassion, and Balance as the underlying motivation in all participatory engagements in your own life story are examined and reconsidered through 2017.  
In 2017, It is emphasized that YOUR stories add to the Collective Journey.  
Through December, it will actually SEEM easier to CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WITH TRUTH, LOVE, and ELEGANCE. 
The fire-works and blow-offs and unconscious clearings through sudden emotional eruptions that all have been experiencing in the months of September and through early December 2016 are subsiding.  

The Collective use of their new skill of DISCERNMENT is waking up and showing signs of a little more wide-spread Self Awareness and Empowerment and more flow of Self Expressions as this (9) annual cycles' final parting Gift of (3); again, announcements, celebrations, gatherings of camaraderie and partnerships renewed or re-aligned.  
PARTAKE IN A Joyous CELEBRATION to amplify Higher Frequency Intentions as you walk through each day.  
FIND the FUNNY in all of the Illusory drama and trauma, (like the Newhart video), because on the back end of this stuff is the MAIN FRAME of reality that held to gether by WHAT YOU THINK/BELIEVE - [is]. 

In 2017 - NOW, that We Know that Creativity truly stems from [Self], and there are no victims in this play- with (7) we get a chance to breathe and ponder other possibilities, and preferences: 
7 =
PURSUE HUNCHES and INTUITIONS with much more deliberate awareness of ALL of that which we are participating in, moment to moment.  

This (7) as an active FOCUS in the annual (1) 2017 Global cycle gives us the chance to pull back a bit, look at ALL that we have gathered to us in the Present; make some Loving and BALANCED- [not vengeful] Releases of the distractors, distractions, from the entire Magnificence of Who You ARE. 
This means taking some [Time] away from the Mirror reality of daily Participatory Time engagements and Going WithIN.  IF you want the most appropriate and ever-Present Balancing tool for this step if the Multi-Dimensional Skills UpGrade and Practice, SOME form of Mediation is there FOR You, Now.  
(7) frequency also gives us some floating space, that temporarily suspends hard-contrast reasoning by way of fear, (which is BEing released through the remainder of the Collective "decade"), where the hard deciding is abated until the last PHASE of this annual 2017 frequency cycle, so that the Emotional trigger-points in each Experiencer can be acknowledged, and accepted; after THAT a decision WILL be made and rapid [I AM the Creator] relief and advancement becomes Naturally adjusted through 2018's very telling and powerfully Insightful (11 Frequency) Global game experience.   

The Galactic Glyph for the Essence of 2017's (1) Time Frequency is 
a really accurate IMAGE of how it will FEEL way deep down, and will culminate in the late fall of 2017 with a MUCH clear View of what the bleep is going on NOW.  
By then, the Whole will realize a clean canvas (of SOME SORT), and a whole set of new colors, New IDEAS with a New language to bring it all forward into sensorial Time-play.   
At that point in the Time Frequency Cycle flow, (11) brings new Vistas to reflect back the PROOF that You made [this] happen in your own experience, and in Harmony with the Gifts of the Time Classroom's Quantum Field of a Magnetic Reality. 
(See: Dr. Joe Dispenza )

 Just Know that the ride can sway wildly back and forth from Genious to Insanity, and sometimes ALL at the same perceptual [Time].
This "swing" is Natural and is hereby duly Validated as a piece of the process for full releases to transpire.   You can find numerous written and recorded validations of "symptoms" of the increasing velocity of our Focused Intention toward Expansion. 
You HAVE to SHAKE UP the status quo in those old, habitual, IDENTITY BELIEFS, (which makes you feel bonkers and Self-doubting on briefer and briefer occasions of clearing).
So, buck up and get prepped for what You are ABOUT to embark on [by full and obvious CHOICE] in the Time game classroom Next, in this dawning new (1) Time-frequency, and through the entire Collective 2017-25 frequency Epi-cycle of 9 consecutive cycles, and within the 3 phases of all Time cycles. 

So, no worries, All IS indeed, closing, opening, leaving, and arriving in Perfection.... just RELAX, and FOCUS in Joy as a full-time daily "work".
The action in the Mirror reality of the 3D "day life" is shuffling around very quickly. At this same Time that you MAY think that You are losing ALL of your marbles, or feel a deep sadness at the realization that NO-Thing is as you believed it was anymore (and you are correct about that)- but this feels almost "empty"; and "empty" has been viewed as "bad" in some Reality belief systems.
In Others- it is Revered as the "Goal" to reset reality entirely and find everlasting Enlightenment. 

The item to re-member is that You are quickly shuffling IDEAS and Mental notations that hold space for the repetitive THOUGHTS what have become Emotionalized as a Belief in tight little CIRCLES.

The Circuits of REALITY have EXPANDED within your own Bio-Electric Body and Translating apparatus. 
Galactic Light frequencies are raining and the pulses are deep reaching and consistent.   So, acknowledging the flow of deeply buried neuro connections are a constant and ongoing part of the collecitve clearing and re-aligning of Presence and Truth will continue through the mid 2020's.  

During the New Moon week of December 23 and through 2017, all consent and participation in painful IDEAS and those emotional inconsistencies that keep them cycling in the Time Experience MUST BE RE-EVALUATED and re-aligned, (or, those painful resistance spots wouldn't keep coming UP into View and experience in the first place, wuld they?) 
The dead-baggage is impossible to drag along into the Next with You, at this point- it's CHOICE TIME, Now.  
We are DONE with bagging and dragging our un-useful beliefs in procrastination.
The  Time is NOW. 
We LET GO, Now...

What appears to be LARGE SCALE opportunity advancements become more solidified in the Intentional Field (heading into the last PHASE of the Epi-cycle.)  
You can read a bit about how that Translates (here). 

The IDEA of BALANCING close RELATIONS are still on the table for the rest of December's (3), opening up opportunity to Express what has been experienced with, and FOR, Authenticity in your own Journey. 
These (3) frequency Expression practice points are demonstrated in:  (3)... writing/journaling/speaking/singing/acting/VERBAL expressions, announcements/invitations/celebration/gatherings/ JOY/ GRATITUDE/ INNOCENCE. 

When telling Your STORIES, remain INTEGRAL to your own preference focus and participation; de-fault response is being RE-WRITTEN; 
Keep THAT WHICH YOU PREFER on your lips when engaging into the Mirror and your ability to be flexible as you attempt to sort the ONGOING, incoming DATA without feeling like you're confused or coming apart at the seems.
It MAY feel just like that , briefly, from Time to Time.  
DON'T let a little release episodes rattle you off your precious, precious FOCUS for very "long", because releases WILL continue.  

 In December, the quest of Relational Balance Mastery is still active [(6) in 2016)], and that focus vigilance is paying off quickly in the form of more ease and patience with Self Growth processes, as we close up the 2016 (9) cycle of closures with Love and Gratitude for the Knowledge gained and the Participation of All in assisting with that, up to this moment of NOW

This month, since SPEECH is the featured EXPRESSION, Bring out Your most powerful Focus Mantra, or, EFT scripts, or, HO' OPONOPONO, or whatever  personal focus tools that you alreadyt have in your Fool's bag of Tricks, to bump Your own focus back onto the Path of Most ALLOWING, Now.

The new realizations and payoffs arrive immediately after in January's (11) Frequency Window
CHOOSING to take the High Road, in the frequency of Love or above will produce the fastest and most profound shifts in the Time adventure.  This is NOT the Time to squander a Master Number opportunity window.  It may be more challenging at first, but the roll will pick up momentum REALLY fast in congruence with the Higher options presented in  (11, 22, 33, 44, 55..etc) Master Number frequency cycles.   

The daily "life" activities act as indicators of what you BELIEVE.  
As this new annual cycle begins, you won't BELIEVE some of the things that you still believe.  These pesky constriction beliefs will continue to unfold for releases till the end of 2019.  
RELAX.  Just DO one Now at a Time when it gets weird; or, STOP, and deliberately change activities.  
You might notice Other Beings reflecting your own confusion, indecision, and maybe sink a little into agitated apathy from the Mental "weight" of it All from Time to Time.  This means it's TIME for You to go take a break from thinking and trying to "figure it all out" right this red-hot minute. 
All indications of this are evident;  IT'S A PROCESS in Perfection, not the other way around. 

As a SELF CREATOR, this Mirror reality reflection of frustrated impatience or blame hunting will always be the direct result of your own deeper fear based Beliefs and continuous thought streams; and, depending on how Well YOU are Loving Your Self in all terms of Experience in the Bio-Electric Body, and your appreciation of the Magnetic/Plasmic Reality field in which YOU ARE FOCUSED. 
THAT is Universal Law.    

December's (3) being us opportunities to join in the Expansion by TALKING UP THE EXPANSIVE EXPERIENCES.  
Leave the rest to rest for a while.  
The given sore points are about to BE addressed with a Collective INTENTIONAL commitment that makes the stuck wheels roll again at a New Time pace.

But, this movement is made way by a little rocking back and forth actions for a short cycle to get a better footing for the rapid movement beginning as early as late June or early July of 2017.

The bulk of this Wheel turn will begin to indicate the New Time intentional shift more actively and widespread by October 2017, increasing through late 2018's (11), and into the annual 2019 (3) frequency cycle brings a realization of a Jubilee celebration of a new level of Identity in Expansion. 

The full 2017 Translation will be found (HERE) and hyperlinked for easy reference, by New Years Day 2017.  :)  

PLEASE and THANK YOU!... for LIKING, SHARING, FOLLOWING, and SUBSCRIBING!  And, I Value your contributions and interactions to the Intentions posted on all of my web-portals linked on the side-bars.  

I continue to have much Gratitude for Your Focus and Participation in this Time adventure WITH Me!

Until the Next-

I AM. 

Ho 'Oponopono 


Saturday, October 22, 2016


NOVEMBER 2016- [11] Collective Time Frequency

Fellow Time Dwellers!

There is SO much moving around on the playing field, as the [11] collective frequency of November Graces All participants with 
INSight, INSpiration, Illuminations, Knowings, and Conversations of High-Lighted options for "fixing" the wobble of the dissolving lower frequency paradigm of Earth Time, and smoothing a Collective Path of Peace and DELIBERATE CO-Creative UpLiftment. 

The Awakening Wave Is UpLifted further by the onset of a FLOW of DATA that is to continue in increasing measure through 2017
The [7] frequency is about to allow All Participants to INSTROSPECT, ANALYZE, RE-EVALUATE, and dig WAY deep into the as-yet-UnKnown DATA field to find a better New Time footing.  A 2017 Translation is pending publishing...stand by for the   overview of the Collective Frequency cycles. 
[You can get all Global Translations and supporting posts automatically by following, subscribing, liking, and sharing any of them-- links below... :) ]

There is always MORE data to be had, but the doorway to a huge stash of DATA is about to come before the Collective to be used to straighten out things that dont' feel good, never did, and generally are not of any intelligent use for the purpose of Growth in the direction of Co-Creating Balance. [2000-2999], 
BE prepared to realize that WE are DOing all of this WITH OtherSelves (of ALL Forms). 
The IDEA of Other Intelligent Life Forms is coming to the surface, delicately, and will increase in acceptance through 2029.  
The Game of Galactic Humanity is beginning to be considered more openly.  But, TRUTH in this Idea is still forthcoming.  
When Human Consciousness - as a WHOLE, is ripe for full disclosure, it simply will BE.  

This month's [11] will BOOST the IDEA that :
I AM. 
And, will boost even further, the perception that... 

PEACE must happen soon, and WILL. 
INTERSPECIES COMMUNICATIONS are discussed more openly and taken into mainstream focus more at the 2018/[11:2] annual Collective Frequency cycle. That cycle of Collective  [11] frequency experience which All are anticipating in the Etheric fields of FEELING, whether they are aware, or not. 

[11] is When things begin to REALLY click into a more INCLUSIVE New Time Game of Humanity's Consciousness Expanding, and the Perspective shift also ALLOWS 
the tools to ACHIEVE this High-Lighted Vision. 

Hard-angled TIME experience contrasts continue until ALL of the focus distractors are addressed regarding Balance and Inclusion in the foundations of Life.   Self RE-sponse-ability required to re-align participation into the Collective Objectives for Peace, and the Intelligent use of Humanities innate Gifts and Talents as Eternal Multi-Dimensional Creator BEings, focused in Time, is closer to the Truth of it all, and BEings are figuring this out quickly now. 

The Collective Journey has taken a VERY PERSONAL TURN. 
It's YOUR TURN to hold the focus on things, people, situations, outcomes for Dreams and plans, to Align with an intelligent purpose in consideration for the Infinite connections for EXPANSION that are Present, all ways. 
The best way to grasp what is available with the [11] freequency for Personal Empowerment, Personal Authority, and SELF CREATED TIME EXPERIENCE, is to click the link below to get the overview data for the [11] frequency opportunities that are before us All through November.  (AND JANUARY 2017, for that matter!  But more on that collective Cycle of opportunity soon. )

The 3-PHASES of this [11] Frequency are available at this link, below, and will be posted on FB, Twitter, and all Empress Of Time portals, as well.

Prepare to SHIFT your perspective on the [Give and Take] of Value, Relations, Self-Perception, and Co-Creating with All Earth Time (& BEyond) Inhabitants. 
Much Gratitude for Your FOCUS and Participation in this with Me!

Thanks for FOLLOWING, SHARING, LIKING, and Sharing! 

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

BEYOND The Time Vibe: Final PHASE of 2016's Collective Time Cycle

The Final PHASE of 2016's COLLECTIVE Frequency Cycle, and
Closure of the Collective EPICYCLE-


Been away from the longer, Monthly Time-Frequency Translations for a few weeks... THANKS for Your continued focus and Participation!    I AM, and ALL IS IN Perfection, ETERNALLY!

This last Phase of the Collective Monthly Time-Frequency Cycle instigates a sense of Self RE-Cognition and the RE-lease of constrictive IDENTITY Beliefs  in preparation for the INtensity of a generalized achievement , an upgrade, of Perceptual Expansion that is just beginning to breach the surface of  EVIDENCE in the Collective Time experience in ways that have not been realized, or remembered, yet. 

October's (1) Frequency cycle provides opportunities to Self-stabilize and to prepare for November's [11] Collective Time-Frequency Cycle, promising a real BOOST to awareness of Self Empowerment and Self Creative Authority, in small, but potent steps which will continue through 2017's (1) Collective Frequency cycle. 

At this closing Phase of the Collective Epicycle, on top of the closing Phase of the Annal Frequency Cycle, and within the immediate closing Phase of the current Monthly cycle, OPEN
opportunity windows for blowing off large layers of bunk and UN-Truths, are to be filled in with a deep urge to KNOW MORE as 2017 begins to show signs of what is coming just around the corner,  for All.

 The Closure of October's (1) collective Time-frequency brings some INternal conclusions to Light.  We are braced, Now, for
Intensified Insight, Illuminations, Inspiration via Vision translated into SPEECH/communication, etc., that is highlighted for November's [11] LEAP of Perceptions,...
 so, ...
If you find yourSelf blowing your top, drawing lines in the sand- loudly, as it approaches, don't fret.... Some things will be exaggerated for you to take in and acknowledge what HAS to change.  

IF clunky "things" begin to come up, this last Time Phase of 2016's (9) Frequency cycle, which is in effect (Sept-December), opportunities available can still temper, or clear altogether, a good chunk of remaining Self-Denial and reflective Self-violence that might still be stuck in your craw, and so that the 2017's (1) Time-Frequency cycle can be used to wade through the incoming DATA without drowning, or- more importantly- without losing your Self too deeply in the mire of Illusion, again. 

(For more personalized detail of your Personal Time-Map, click (HERE). 

BE in Gratitude for the perception of linear [Time], until further Resolutions can be Allowed and Initiated more definitively in November, and in [the keywords of the current annual objective of (9)]: Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness for SELF, first-  and, then, for your reflective counterparts, in Time. 

Through 2017, SELF AWARENESS, Expanded Identity, Self Creativity, Self Authority, is to be a Hot Topic for All on the INterior planes of Imagination and Creativity. 
The INQUISITION is beginning.  There is to be a FLOOD of NEW DATA introduced for the purpose of provoking EXPANSION. 
All good things are coming down the pike.  The challenges make the victories that much sweeter, and satisfying. 

 2016's [9] Collective Time-Frequency continues to bring to a close that which is ready to be put to bed, once and for All,  [I AM] (1) SELF is slowly becoming the Grand Director of the Time Game. 
Those things that seemed too hot to handle earlier are to quickly become an afterthought or fade into memory.  The closures are happening with Grace, for the most part.   But, some will bump and bang on their way out. 
GOOD.  LET [IT]  GO.  Enjoy the finale and exit of the hard contrast reality of distraction and Self-denial.
TIME to move on, Now, and You are in very good hands. 
Soon, this IDEA will set in and FEEL more natural, as the contrast morphs into something less hard-angled for All participating in- and with- focused New Time Presence.  

Self LOVE is the very first and the very last step in All Inspired Participation INto Expansion.  
Hold YOUR CHOICES in your own hands, and your BIG Dreams in your Minds Eye while the Mirror spins to suit your New Time Preferences. 

On the [10/22-31st], the final PHASE of October's opportunity window, All moves in Time, WITH OTHERS help to clarify, and/or resolve RELATIONSHIP issues that need attention to move further INto the (1) Mastery Objective that is evolving for All throughout the rest of the decade. 
THIS MEANS ALL RELATIONS...including Global, Close Community, and Personal relationships.... ALL relations are being renewed, elevated, or released, as the current annal cycle winds down. 
So, LEARN to get out of your own way, NOW, while the FREQUENCY window is open to let things that REALLY don't matter anymore BE Forgiven. UNtanglement makes space mentally and physically for the New things that DO matter to you materialize more expediently.  

For the rest of the 2016 Collective (9) Frequency, EXPRESS Gratitude for All OtherSelves and situations that brought you to Now, but, definitely TAKE CREDIT for All of the Abundance and Flow that is brought right you by this New stance in Presence, as the One in charge of your Time adventure, by Will and THOUGHT FOCUS. 

Get ready to be Greatly ILLUMINATED in NOVEMBER's  [11] frequency wave, by making, and HOLDING the INternal space to accept things you never thought you deserved before.  The New Time opportunity to SEE MORE across All Time, Dimension, Space, and Reality is opening up Now. 
The Way BE-COMES much clearer, and the thought focus practice much more DO-able from NOW, and in the forthcoming Frequency Cycles of Expansion to-gather, as a Collective Time Game Participant.  You are in GREAT company. 

The first of November's 3 Phases, brings a cycle of openings, meeting, and conversations that will reverb for a long while.  
Messages come in the form of VISIONS, and Pictures of Inspiration.  There will be a great leap of perception and from there a great leap of participation in the direction of Natural Intelligence: Love in Balance. 

Inspiration will be HIGH through November for All who have gotten comfortable in the frequency of Love or above.  
Answers and resolutions can FLOW in this frequency, but only IF you are open to the IDEA that You are not alone- Ever, because You are a part of the All.  
Get used to that... as 2020 draws closer, this IDEA is going to take on a whole New Time meaning.  
The November collaborations (2) and a sharing of Insights that are designed to STIMULATE a SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS from the perspective of One (1): I AM-SOURCE, amplified by the INcoming (11): I AM That I AM. 

December's (3) Frequency window, harmonizes well with the annual Collective frequency (9) mastery objective.  
Expressions will increase, Voices of reason WILL BE HEARD.  
Outcries/DEMANDS for Balance will be answered with the beginnings of INTELLIGENT solutions toward Collective stability; ongoing DATA will be taken in for examination and further research before decisions are reached or initiated (beginning in June 2017), and then stabilized further into 2018.  Now, THAT is going to be a ROCKIN year for Humanity!

And, there will be another update following shortly. 
As YOU already can sense and are experiencing....
Things are about to take a great step UP in frequency, and All are affected by this. 

I AM a Reflection of Source, in Time- and BEYOND, In Service... 
Until the Next- MUCH Gratitude for Your FOCUS and Participation in this TIME Adventure and Beyond WITH Me!   


Friday, September 23, 2016

PSA: 9-23-2016- Words of Willingess

To BE a Willing Witness To Our Own Creativity, with Wonderment as the Ease

THIS audio was recorded as Paul began to share some of his own stabilizing tricks.  This focus script was Pauls current pick. 

I thought to share it with others who are practicing in their own Time Mastery games.  

I Will add more recordings of various spoken Intention declarations [Pre-paving], as Inspired, for our edification and amusement. 


Thursday, September 15, 2016


AS this 2016 Annal Global (9) Frequency winds down, Personal Time experiences ARE leading the Collective to step up into the Next level of our TIME Adventure.
The Next Octave of our frequency opportunities to stabilize personal Mastery objectives lie in OUR own participation.

go to: 

The Empress Of Time, on FACEBOOK; 

@TheEmpressOT, on TWITTER;


COMING SOON.... The Empress Of Time YouTube channel AUDIO Translations and Tutorials.


Spiral Universe Productions (

Friday, August 5, 2016

MID-August - SEPTEMBER 2016: DOING Promotes Collective GET BUSY TIME!

August's (8) Global frequency, into September's (9) Global frequency, within the REDUNDANT and emphatic (9) Global YEAR  frequency brings BIG moves toward Self Awareness and [I AM] empowerment with a New set of "eyes" and a New determination.  
...It's definitely collective "GET BUSY TIME". 
Crystal Method: Busy Child:

This music link, is posted for you for some FUN, but it will help you feel the beat of the COLLECTIVE THRUST into the August (8) Frequency, and the intensity of DYNAMIC Personal CHOICES regarding the active PARTICIPATION in creating and directing your own Time experience, in more deliberate and conscious ways. 

It's a good example of how the TEMPO of life can to APPEAR to be feeling to those BEings who are actively finishing up the (9) annual frequency opportunity through BELIEF transformations and RELEASES, from this month forward. 
The Collective is in high gear in terms of making decisive commitments to what is and is NOT going to be accepted, tolerated, and/or participated with, with much more emphatic Knowing that DOING the Right thing in each NOW  MATTERS.
We are reminded that NOW is the most expedient Way into the Next level of preferred co-creative experience, in Time.  

Do not fool yourSelf into thinking that the immediate "outcome" will be hearts and rose's for everyone...the keyword here is PERCEPTION within a Free-Will reality platform of experience. 

You are so free, you can choose pain, strain, and trauma.    
Your Life experience is Designed by you, for you, according to your personally sustained and dominant Thoughts.   
The morphogenic Time reality is designed to assist you to Self ACTUALIZE by showing you and giving you what you FOCUS ON, in close up and personal ways. 
For more on Neuro-Science, there are reference links included here from Dr. Joe Dispenza:
 (tutorial video referenced below)
Dr. Joe Dispenza                      Part 1:

Part 2: 

NOW, in the NEW TIME reality game, the focus is on Compassion, Forgiveness, and Self Responsibility, as the opportunities to clear out the obstructive IDEAS is taken to Heart by the Observer. 

This does NOT mean that those who are still twisting and flailing in the Illusion will not catch on.... ALL are part of this transition.  There will be parallel observations of OUTER events, and INNER releases.  Have compassion for the process , itself.  
There IS evidence, ON THE WHOLE, that Earth Time Life is actually getting better, as the c-r-a-p that has been ALLOWED to be perpetrated, is cleared as it is exposed.  

Remember that [it] begins with You.  

Self-forgiveness, and the courage to admit that constrictive belief was adopted and held by CHOICE, even tho there was a real campaign by CONTRAST to push and test your focus skills.  
And, "they" sure are GOOD at distracting you, aren't "they".
At this Time, the opportunity to Forgive (release) to stand fully in your New Time Body and Reality has come to include "THEM" in your prayers of Blessings, in Love. 
"They" agreed to take the shitty end of the stick in this Evolutionary push.  
Now, you comprehend better that you can participate with what FEELS good to you, and forgive the testing platform of the lower frequency experience, as a WHOLE. 
DOing so, with Gratitude for what can be chosen NOW, makes you the New Time participant, in Truth.   


Welcome to the New Time adventure of the ongoing practice of Presence, and response-able, free-willed, CHOICE by vibratory Mastery.
The physical reality is shifting along with the discontent and the urges of our Eternal Nature of our Spirit Molecule to move into something MORE.  
We CAN expect Earth shifts, Planetary alignments which affect magnetic fields, that are the reflective reality experience in the process changing to suit the Next adventure AS Galactic Humans. 
Whether or not you View the Shift from the In-side, or OUT-side, matter not; it's happening Every"where", and All at Once.  

There will be a long cycle to ponder the Greatness of [IT] All, through 2017's (1) Global Year Frequency Cycle.  
But, this Next level of skills practice has already begun, and in July the Collective Time Participants entered the warm up initiation, and the FINAL exam Mastery phase of the 2[01]6, decade focus Mastery Lesson of ONE;
As a Group/Collective of Beings, SHARING a Collective "story", in the Day TIME reality.  The recommendation at this point might well be to OBSERVE SELF, ACCEPT SELF, FORGIVE SELF in order to utilize September's (9) RELEASE cycle.  

It's Time to really DO what you Love. 
It's Time to SAY what you REALLY Feel. 
The Time to Analyze and Introspect.
IDEAS of Identity are going to undergo a nice, long, mental Holiday from [outside emotional reactivity), and has already impacted the Collective arena in the HUGE Validations on display, around the "World".....

2017, which is THE Self-Exploratory & Mastery objectives within the Time decade 2010-2019
 Many who are reading this will not have to participate in the EXPECTATION of "fall-out" through this epicycle.  
All Great Storms of Change enter as a gentle breeze.  It's Time to develop INternal senses to address the breezes while they are still easy to deal with.  
 If there is still some engagement with the lower Time frequencies in your own experience, through the proof of drama, illness, strained relations, pinched off Resources, victimization.
No matter WHAT, the Path is fully and Wholey Perfect.  
The Beings, Creatures, etc that you Love and want to "come with you" into the New Time experience, may or may not choose to do so.  
Relax... ! 
 EveyTHING has it's Perfect TIME.  
First Source and Center, Prime Source,  continues to provide for All equally, in Love. 
Any dis-tortions Be-yond That, are strictly personal.  

Beyond Time, we ARE Galactic Humans, without question or hesitation.  
From 1900's, in Time, Self IDENTITY has to be settled, so that ?? INTER-DIMENSIONAL, INTER-SPECIES COMMUNICATIONS become the norm.

 As I/YOU/WE step into our destiny as Eternal, Ultra-Dimensional Beings, in training, we find OurSelves in the company of Other Creator Beings of like-vibrational Intention.  
It's CHOICE TIME for All reflections in shifting Time classroom reality. 

It's natural to be a bit impatient, ...and, even Healthy, because it signals a dissatisfaction with stagnant IDEAS, and fosters Inspiration and momentum into the Next level of your experience.   
This month into September, and through the rest of this annual cycle brings the specifics into view.  This month emphasizes the urge toward vibratory shift,  and decisiveness flows into dynamic action on an individual level of participation.  

YOU are going to KNOW better by the end of September, what the specifics on this topic of [release/forgiveness/closure] are for You,  ***you can check in on your own Personal Time map opportunities for yourSelf (here).  If you would like to have a personal consult with this Translator, go (here).

In the collective (Time) mirror of [Ultra-dimensional Skills Mastery games] which continue to flow in the opportunities of (9) frequency to FINISH. END. RELEASE. COMPLETE. DETACH. DIS-ASSOCIATE. RESOLVE. CHOOSE. 
And, all other IDEAS of CHANGE are making a clear path for the oncoming RENEWAL that is the collective objective of 2017's [I AM] identity Renaissance.  

It is, in general, easier to perceive the collective  practice reality in the process of Material DE-CONSTRUCTION and CLEARING of the IDEAS which held FOCUS of [I AM]  in constrictive loops of thoughts/beliefs.  
The accelerating belief DEBUNKING will go on until 2029.
Those who CHOOSE to remain in the lower frequencies, while you continue to hold your NOW focus, will fade from the scenery appropriately. 

The recent Global Monthly Cycle of July's (7) frequency opportunities induced further intuitive inquiry, 
A perception SWITCH was hit, and Now, there is NOT any way to UNKNOW, or UNSEE that data which flipped that switch.  
The general focus of this practice lesson has been seen in the arena of personal relationships.  
Into September, that which is NOT serving Joy, is going to go away.
It's ALL working out in Perfection for Everyone, somehow. 
If there is a break-up, LOVE them enough to let them GO. 
Gratitude that [it] has brought You to this moment of NOW.

FROM AUGUST, until the rest of this (9) 2016 cycle, there is a thrust of ACTIVITY that  feels more vibrant, more empowering, with more Self-determined.  There IS a NEW TIME Knowing that fear is but a paper tiger.
This leaves a BEing to ponder with more authenticity, new IDEAS about:
WHO [I AM]. 
And, WHAT  IS IT THAT  I WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN, going forward on the Life adventured, BEing and living in INTEGRITY, NOW?
And, that all depends on the depth of Self-awareness, and commitment to  testing out the theories of your own Quantum Realization. 
And, TEST THEM, you must- as a preliminary NEW TIME orientation practice.    

As August's (8) frequency blooms into personal Time experiences, the clamor of [re-administrating perception] releases NEW possibilities, NEW ideas, NEW directions of PERSPECTIVE, NEW Imagery, and NEW LANGUAGE. 

The budding NEW TIME 2017 (1) frequency cycle is beginning to present its opportunities in the form of  New THOUGHT,  New IDEAS, BEGINNINGS of New IDENTITY, ACHIEVEMENT, and NEW Self LEADERSHIP, in CO-CREATIVE efforts.

THIS Time around  annual cycle "clock", PERCEPTION and New Time reality acclimation begin to manifest at the new level of Internal fortitude and Confidence, that is  NOT to be confused with belligerence, which is a fear reaction.

If you are observing the shake up/ shakedown of Illusions taunting and challenges, the most productive perspective of the (9) Global Month (September) and Year of 2016, is to continue to put that OLD TIME stuff out with the trash as the annual cycle CULMINATES loose ends and false Identity iDEAS, as it was indoctrinated into Being-ness by the participants of the Time classroom. Release TIME, and replace it with NOW. 
   As Abe says: "Present tense it up!"

Any current challenges regarding PERSONAL releases are, by design, WANTED by You to aid and fully support the FINAL draft  of your own DECLARATION of INTENTION into the NEW TIME  5D FREQUENCY reality game.

 This is the dawning of the  NEW TIME [I AM] IDENTITY.
Release obstructions, EMBRACE the INFINITE NATURE of You. 
Have a good long look into the personally customized NEW TIME Mirror, .....  
LOVE what you see and feel, Now, in Gratitude for the DATA that it is bringing you, NOW.  
Yes, that determination to move into more holistic projects grows- with less resistance, in the companionship of Harmonious Other-Selves, who are in vibrational alignment with similar Dreams and projections of preferential participation.

 ONGOING RELEASES, through the end of the annual (9) frequency cycle, have been forming and reforming IDEAS of judgment and victimization, topped with a huge dollop of SELF PITY, and spoonfuls of helplessness.  These useless IDEAS are NOT going to be a problem for much longer.  IF any of that is still bubbling up for YOU, in personal relationships and situations, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for how YOU feel, and make those farewells, Loving-ly. 
The frequency cycle indicates that Forgiveness will wave in by November so that the bulk of the "issues", and those Hero's and  antagonists of the most recent PAST Earth Human evolutionary storyline, will have to Transcend into resolution through COMPASSION, by the end of the incoming 9-year Epicycle. 
The velocity at which events are transpiring, and bringing forward things that some have been knowing and working on for some decades are popping up into the collective awareness. As we watch social platforms and institutions twist and turn with these Personal Identity shifts,  We also can see that frustration and pain are being replaced with determination and ACTIVITIES that mean business in terms of withdrawing CONSENT in certain misunderstandings and misleadings about IDENTITY, and WHO is the VALUE and the Power.   
I AM.  There is NOT hierarchy BEYOND Me.
With many proofs of this, and  an ongoing practice of standing in Presence as the OLD IDENTITY is disassembled, the New Time Graduation into the inevitable paradigm shift is dissolving the need for extreme, hard-angled, contrast. 

And, BE-HOLD,  with your focus and participation, there is real and uplifting evidence that the spooge fest that was our final exam upon exiting the lower frequency platforms is coming forth with HIGHER wave frequency patterns.

The manifesting Ultra-Dimensional skills within Human activity HAS reached that level of  HARMONICS,  when observed synchronicites are the rewards of personal focus and practice of I AM re-cognition on a more CONSISTENT basis by more and more Beings, each day.

In terms of TIME,  IT IS DONE.... 
You are Now a NEW TIME participant. 

DO Visit and FOLLOW: Just In Case You Didn't Think Anything Expansive Was Happening, for ongoing posts of Humanity's SHIFT toward Love:

Until the Next, 
I CONTINUE to hold the image of All in Perfection, NOW