Sunday, December 27, 2015

BEYOND the TIME VIBE: JANUARY 2016- Entering the Higher Octaves of Light

January  2016 = 
(1+ 9) = 10= 1

1 Global Month

9 Global Year

NOTE:  (It may be helpful, for those who are new to this blog, to also read previous installments that lead up to this month's frequency focus and opportunities....and, to also see: overview of the Numbers In Time , as a foundation for these Global translations. )

This first wave cycle of the New annual Time frequency is a preview and projection of what will culminate for, and by, the Collective Intention.  As we maintain our In-Lightened Eye on on own perceptions of our own projections of Self and our shifting expectations, this year will begin with a quiet resolution to move into our own Truth of Presence.  Ideas and planning bring Light into our own Imagery of what it is that we are deeply desiring, beyond material trappings and constrictive platforms of control.   
Oh, yes, ideas, and new IMAGERY will begin to surface into the conscious thought level, as Self responsibility begins to grow into new ways of participating in the Mirror reality of Time and Space. 
This cycle of SELF awareness brings some unexpected views of what we have been believing and doing in terms of holding certain systems and illusions in place for the comfort of holding onto the known habits.  
The perpetuation of personal participation in that which is no longer logical, nor useful to personal expansion is about to be pushed aside, as Internal urgings and, initially, soft realizations crack the shell of darkness open, even for the most resistant of participants. 

And while this year of release begins softly, the warming up to the changes that are so desperately wanted by so many will ramp up rather quickly by the end of this month, making February (11 Global Month) another month of powerful Insights, with a flow of Inspiration that will jump start the dis-engagements and dissolutions of out-grown identity markers, social structures, and institutional objectives. 

This month's frequency opportunity indicates a Time to return to Self for evaluation of internal snares of denial, and exhalations of Self Love and acceptance.  
The chrysalis state that will be obvious to those who are in ODD numbered Personal month cycles can provide the perfect atmosphere to slowly identify and disengage from those Beings and situations, and HABITS that do not support your Glory and expansion into the New and very different objectives you are moving into with more and more conviction. 

Those that are in EVEN personal month cycles, can expect to see an exaggerated reflection of Self in their engagements with others and in the Mirror reality of busyness, in a certain peculiarity.   This means that interactions will be loud and obviously noticeable in terms of recognizing certain people and things and activities that are needing a bit of tweaking on Your part, and participation. 
OBSERVATION is key for all for the next 2 months (in Time). 

With intentional focus, All who are considering what they are observing with a slightly new perspective, can utilize the overall objective of the 2016 :(9) frequency to become more aware of perceptions of judgement and resistance to perceptual changes that are  highlighted regarding, for instance, the need to insist that the Mirror reality be pushed and/or abused into submitting to YOUR way of Being.  If, at this juncture, there is tugging and pulling- the opportunity to stop , observe, and find the middle ground for YourSelf is required before resolutions can seep into your own perception. 

But, for All,  this month's frequency cycle is a window of opportunity to think about things in a different and new Light.  a time to contemplate and dream, play with possibilities within the imagination, and ponder potentials that have been denied, ignored, or unrealized.  
There openings in perceptions regarding the ideas of things, and in unison with the global (9) this is definitely a Time to realize that something HAS to change.  The inner imagery will bring a play of options from within the Self in preparation for the changes that are to roll in with more clarity as this years processes flow into the experiences of the awakening participants of the Collective Mirror.  

This is the dawning of the manifestation of a collective Vision for a reality of INCLUSION, in Love, and attempting to force anything - or anyOne- into your idea of perfection is no longer an optimal path per the higher Octaves of frequencies that are the foundation of the New Time reality platforms stepping beyond 3-4 D frequency, which is dissolving quickly during this annual (9) frequency cycle.
The (6) frequency that is in effect for this whole annual cycle is providing another look at our relation to everything that we THINK about Self, and where we THINK we are.  Time is a vibratory platform for practicing your ideas and emotionalizing them into manifestation.  You can find more data referencing this perception at: 
( ), and at the tab above - The Numbers In Time

Somehow, the Joy of our personal power as a Multi-Dimensional Creator Being has to be found in this transitional phase.  So, IF you are still using mass media sources to prove how unworthy you are, and that someone else has power over your reality, or social media dis-info surges as a further fear crutch in the perpetuation of your own Self denial, your challenges will be accentuated and exaggerated to push yourSelf to the brink.  

This year- it's Time to learn to laugh at yourSelf to sweetly forgive You, to find Gratitude for you and All that You have created into your own experience to this point of your Self chosen (via FOCUS), Time classroom curriculum.   
This month gives All a little space to shrug off any guilt, shame, and blame - especially since no-thing has actually gone wrong.... 

That mental cycle is clearing this year, and is- WAS-  the conundrum of duality which created the state of emotional disorientation, reactionary responses in fear, and Self denial, which is setting up for a larger scale release by the fall season of final closures.  
Time to let that schtuff go, and to think more - FOCUS more, on what you are wanting to create Next.  
The man behind the curtain of the Illusion has been exposed and is being dealt with perfectly as You turn your attention toward the Love that you are wanting to have in your reality, NOW, and toward the projects that support this ideal and new perspective of Peace and Inclusion.  

On the global scene, January opens up new pathways and bridges to transition the material reality without completely breaking down what has been built via the United Vision as a Whole community of Creator Beings finding each other and choosing to move into a new and different playground.  As the global personnel and scenery undergoes vast changes this year, the collective intention to shift to a more Life supportive Vision of community will begin to take root in the cracks of what might look, to some, as un-fixable.  
And, one thing that we CAN do is DREAM ANYTHING INTO MANIFESTATION.  
This is why each Beings thought focus is so important to the process of expansion beyond Time.  As long as there is focus within the manifested reality, there is the desire to CREATE, and rearrange the illusory material reality.  

As we are on the road to finishing up a layer of lessons and testing in Multi-Dimensional skills building, the classroom materials that were used up, must now be discarded- but, this must be done with Graciousness and Gratitude for what HAS been gained from the trials and the successes.  Closure of certain aspects of the Time illusion is certain, and the ease with which this can be experienced by You will directly depend on how confidently Self is expressed into the higher frequencies, and how developed the NOW Presence focus is.  
Practice Practice Practice....this is what the perception of Time is for.  IF You still believe that all that you see around you is evil, look withIN, Dear Creator Being.  
Clean up your vibration, and the scenery changes in that focus. 
LOOK FOR what pleases You.  LOOK FOR Joy, even if you are only observing others laughing across a crowded room.  LOOK FOR random acts of kindness and proof of the re-Alignment that you wish to experience.  
(Here is one such portal of upliftment to follow for this exercise: ).
Each NOW is a gem of an opportunity.  If you can manage to fall asleep LESS frequently, if you can remember that it is You who creates what you experience by emotionalizing a belief (which is merely a thought that you keep focusing on), if you can LOVE yourSelf enough to recognize WHO you are and keep that as your All-Time go-to alignment tool, then the releases will be much less abrupt and bumpy as this cycle of clearing and re-set flow.  

But, ALL participating in Time, are going to go through this cycle of closure as One, so that the chaff can be separated from the grain, and we can get on to making the of the bread.  Infused with new Life (isn't that what yeast is?), kneaded with intention (to act-ivate), and warmed until the Next level of existence in fluffy expansion is achieved.  And, aren't fresh, HOT, BUNS just the BEST?!!  

(9) frequency is traditionally translated and endings, death, closure, completion....... this is only HALF of the opportunity that it brings.  
The other half is COMPASSION.  We are to achieve the perspective and awareness of our Other Selves in perfection- right where they are.  We come to a point blending these two ideals of release and compassion, where we can say "I Love You enough to let you go."  We find in a long cycle, such as this annual Time frequency, where this becomes more closely comprehended, and Allowed. 
Those that choose to exit the Time platform, physically, or your own personal circles of friends and family dissolving in some way or another out of your experience is to be viewed as a natural by-product of these releases of beliefs of Self that have been adjusted.  This year will do so because of their own agenda's within the expansion of Source, and return to Self, as is the case - always.  
But, if the separations of other Selves does occur within your own experience this year, it is primarily because You HAVE shifted your frequency, and are preparing to move onto the Next level of awareness and expansion.  
 We must respect each Being, as an aspect of Source-Self, to have a Knowing of what their contribution will be, how the experience will play out, and not all of the vibrational details are going to be readily apparent, until You are ready to accept and move on. 
Grieve with Gratitude those things that do disappear, All contributions to the Eternal expansion have glory, despite any judgements from observers at hand.  
The most difficult separations will be the items within your own rationalizing processes- which WILL change because there is only expansion, and this (9) cycle Gifts Us with closure. 
LOVE what brought you to this point of departure for best effect and manifestations of your own Dreams and Higher perspective preferences.  

With regard to what we may witness as outright increase of assault and battery upon our Time/Mirror focus reality, and the varied Beings that are participating who play this role for Us, ...Again, this year is the window to Know that revenge has absolutely ZERO  play in the Next level of our awakening.  Other ways to handle Team Contrast will be sussed out this year.  This is the greatest of the Human mastery skills of Consciousness this year (in Time), and Your participation in the perpetuation of that which is not based in commission and Love is the reason that you will perceive pain and suffering in your reality in exaggerated forms.     

Even though Time is an illusory reality of measure, the idea of comparison is being tempered in order to reach an understanding of what the Balance point might actually look like.  Again, enter the (6) frequency gift for this cycle.   Focus on what is in Beauty and Balance.... what grows with your attention (wanted , or not) and take responsibility for the results of your focus experimentations.  
NO-thing is forever-- All is an IDEA, so you CAN change (9) your mind, and step into a more preferential Time-Line of focus experience.  

The pulses of the Universal frequencies (in Time) bring those opportunities consistently and in cycles so that you don't miss anything, and then challenges them with amplification and exaggeration, in pursuit of strengthening the focus of the Intention to Balance withIN the Self as Creator.  
This whole year, 2016, will provide much in terms of finding middle ground, mediating preferences based on balance and fairness, and placing boundaries-gracefully.  We will see more mass communications in the ideal of Balance, and all of this that we are wanting as a Unified Intention into Expansion can be found within the vibration of Love. 

A  Love which begins with Self in the midst of a budding awareness of the personification of [I AM]- and which is the objective in the Gift of the frequency called: (1) One, this month, and for the rest of this decade.  I AM.  I KNOW WHO I AM awareness this month will be Gracefully followed by February's (11):  I AM THAT I AM.  

We view the Numbers In Time in terms of this agreed upon, collective Time map, where  this current 9 year cycle of SELF AWARENESS, as described by the 2010-2019 frequency wave.  
And, it WILL be DONE. 

As January winds down, the last week will begin to usher in the (11) Global Month frequency for February, and this will bring in a blast of Insight, Illuminations, Inspiration to shift- to speak and share,  to revel in new-found Clarity, along with heightened Other-dimensional communications, telepathy and internal Visual translations from That which is beyond Time.   
We can expect to feel the urge toward more inspired communications in general, but much of it will be noticed from the withIn place of Internal conversations and chatter.  Mind your use of verbiage carefully, and use a dictionary or thesaurus to assist you to clear up the messages of Upliftment for translation to Others.  
The physical activity level will be focused on gathering, collaborations, collecting, planning, Inspiring, and the sharing of imagery and data intended to tweak the sails of All in participation in the game of Time WITH You. 
More on this in the next installment for February.
Until then, hold your focus, take some Time relax into your own Self, keep notes on your ideas, plans, and Visions- and use your Nows for the most expedient route to gentle releases that will continue and further progress on personal realignment with your dreams.  

If you wish to have more information regarding Your personal cycles,  go to this link for more information.  

Much Gratitude for Your focus AND participation!
I continue to hold the image of All in Perfection Now, as Ever-  
CARMELLE,  aka- The Empress of Time.