Friday, December 25, 2015


I AM Inspired to begin this installment of the 2016 Annual Global Timing Translation the day after the Paris false flag attack.  

As i saw the waves of posts coming in on the social media platforms, i was noticing that the Illusion of these activities are wearing thin amongst the masses.  
People are getting really fed up with this violence against Humanity at large on ALL levels of existence and social infrastructure. 
A LIE can only be covered for so long.  Not that i would assume that this event was INTENDED  to be concealed, but that these consistent events were meant to push the greater part of Humanity to the brink of Self AWARENESS, and Self Response-Ability.  

The LIE is not what you are seeing unfold regarding the constructs of the social "order"- or dis-order, as it is unfolding currently.
The LIE is that Conscious and DELIBERATE Creative acuity is not possible for mere mortal Humans.  
Slowly, the Mirror reality is awakening to the POWER of Self Creativity.  
2016 will be the cycle when the LIE will fall down and split open for all to see and RELEASE.  

The outrageously divisive tactics amongst those that are perpetrating such events, and who also control the media coverage of them, are those dastardly little Angels with VERY dirty hands. 

REVENGE is NOT the opportunity in these Times of Transition for Humanity. .... SELF-RESPONSE-ABILITY IS.  

Now, i kNOW there are some of you rolling your tired little eyes and wondering when the nonsense will STOP... and if you have been reading these postings on the State of the Global collective Timelines here, you may also be reading ALOT regarding Human Consciousness expansion, Ascension pathways, and the use of TIME and technology, in general.  

So, IF you are completely disheartened- BUCKLE UP, BABY!  Because the ride is going to get MUCH more exciting from Now ON! 
For those who will continue to shirk their own accountability in the creation of EVERYTHING that is before them in their own little worlds...things WILL become increasingly difficult to handle, and the RELEASES that must come will be protracted and very painful.  
All that which is no longer serving the Light of Humanity- AND THIS INCLUDES YOU- for the Next level of consciousness expansion, HAS to be released and ALLOWED to dissolve....

WHAT has to go away?
FEAR has to go away.  LOVE (9) is the replacement. 
APATHY has to go away.  COMPASSION (9) is the replacement. 
AGGRESSION has to go away.  CONSTRUCTIVE (Intention) RE-CREATION (9) is the replacement.  

SEPARATION has to go away, and once again, LOVE is the replacement.  
ALL of what you are witnessing in the Mirror is the reflection of what IS occurring withIN the Self- the Observer.  AND, YOU ARE CHANGING your "mind" about a great many things that have been based in lower frequency lessons.  


As we re-examine the frequencies of our Time classroom in terms of the Collective calendar IN USE at this juncture... there is always a space to switch the perception of WHAT Time is and how it was imposed upon a collective of Evolutionary Beings from controlling (negative) to a clear and presently obtainable tool for Self Awareness and Expansion.  

To break away from he "construct" of imposed manipulations (in Time), we KNOW the RELEASE is found in the NOW.  That is simplified, and exact.  Can you handle that, and take full responsibility for your perceptions- NOW, WHERE ALL OF YOUR POWER IS?  

Are You gettin' this yet? 
I see MANY out there that ARE.  
These are the Ones who are Inspired to show up to march's and start petitions, and write letters, and even squak their feelings on social media platforms, at the risk of being quickly excluded by "friends" and other social contacts for processing their growth out loud.  
Look for those who remain calm and hold the Now focus and exemplify the Knowing of WHO, exactly, is running this game. 
YOU are.  
Take responsibility... say YES to that which you ARE wanting by Inspired action, and say I DO NOT CONSENT to that which is not in alignment with your Love and Expansion.  

... this is NOT done in the physical illusion reality. 
IT IS DONE FROM WITHIN YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS AND VIBRATORY FREQUENCY projected from your own belief systems.  And they are breaking down fast.  
Each Being is peddling as fast as they are capable of.  
FOCUS, Be patient, and....
Try to keep up with yourSelf, will ya? 

IT'S TIME to watch, listen, DO your OWN research on that which is niggling you and making you feel confined and "put upon" regarding the way things are run in the outer reality.  
The Truth is becoming evident, and the way to seek it out has been graced upon us no matter what the fear peddlers are pushing.  
THEY work for US.  
And "they" are Doing exactly what we are ALLOWING them to do.... SHOWING US THE DOOR TO SELF EMPOWERMENT as Eternal Multi-Dimensional Creator Beings. 

How this will play out, specifically, for You is noted in your own personal Timing cycles.  You can calculate them for yourSelf, or you can contact Me to assist.  

Shine On Your CrazyDiamond!!!

2016 = (9) 


As 2016 begins, the opportunities for the releases that MUST occur, will unfold in Perfection and in digestible waves of progress.  
What may seem like set-back WILL prove to be blessings as the year unfolds and things begin to find a more Self Creative declarative tone and intention. 
The decade of Self Awareness continues, and in this cycle we are to examine our relationships, our personal and collective balance, mass negotiations and mediations on behalf of the I AM Presence of ALL.  
Non humans, as well.  This is why there is an uprising in the Animal Rights movement around the planet.  
Soon, ALL CREAT-ures will be counted as an aspect of SOURCE and Love.  

But, the focus is predominantly on the lessons of Self, Self Love, and Loving ALL as Self.  
I AM another Y-OUR SELF.  
This is the epitome of Self-less-ness, and the foundations of all of the Humanitarian projects being born each day.  
So this lesson of (2010-2019) SELF Awareness will take place in a wave of experiential processes (in Time) and in layers of focus. 
2016 will FOCUS on the balancing of our participations within the collective relationships we are in, and the collective dramas that we are aware of (including global relationships, events, and negotiations) which BEGIN withIN the Self.  
YOUR Self. 
There is NOT SEPARATION, only the reflection of that which you belief to be.  
Time reality is funny like that.  
(so see everything you can on Quantum reality, and Universal Frequency)
Time, since is it only a perception, is also quite mind morph-able.  

YOU are an IDEA.  
What you think of yourSelf is your business.  And what you experience (in Time) is of your own making.  

If YOU do not Love yourSelf enough to take care of yourSelf, or your sensorial, corporeal, bio-electric apparatus-  which carries you around in the Illusory reality experience- WHO will?   
If you will not focus consciously on your own response-ability in all of your interactions and creations in your Time reality, then WHO will?? 

It IS a Time of shift.   And, the Time is: NOW. 

AS YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED - the outer reality associations, and/or manipulators (who are doing just as you allow) are in this for the Expansion as well, albeit for their own Illusory goals.  
But, we aren't in control of THEIR agenda... we ARE, however, in full control of our own.   THIS coming cycle is the active practice of such a realization. 
As the final monthly frequency cycles of 2015 (8) give way to the upgraded protocols of 2016-2019, there are still opportunities to take Inspired action regarding the new preferences that have been surfacing for all to see.  

This is a Time to BE-HAVE AS IF You ARE the reason that Time was created to experience in the first place.  It is so, and there is PERSONAL accountability in this.  Not as "punishment", but as a skills building phase of the re-cognizing Creator Being.   

Only this Self Aware IDEA will ease the releases that are on the Collective agenda for Expansion, because this is the energetic pulse of the (1) MASTERY of this decade, (IN TIME).   

It's PERCEPTUAL.  And ONLY perceptual. 
Believing IS seeing.  Always has been that way, and Now the collective WE is ready to take on that Self Response-ablitiy to RE-align in the direction of the (6) opportunity to Balance with Love, by taking that responsibility to Heart, and running like hell with it!  
In (9), IT IS DONE.  
As my Mother used to say: It's all over, but the shoutin'!  

Yay! for Humanity!  WE are about to graduate into our Next frequency of BE-ing-ness.  This is a phase of the final push out of the lower frequency constraints.  
BREATHE, .... and, hold the Compassion for the remaining reflections that will flail and resist with Grace.  
"They" are You. 

By the end of the next summer Time, there will be
No looking back, no second guessing what you KNOW feels better to participate in.  
This is the cycle to comprehend and practice an unwavering FAITH in that which is Love NOW.  

TIME TO KISS (the past) for what it has helped you to know about Who you are, and what you really want NOW, and let it dissolve.  It doesn't exist anymore NOW anyway, so holding the NOW focus will re-inforce this as this cycle unfolds.  

This is YOUR opportunity to assist in the reality that you DO wish to see and play in.   
There is plenty for All because we are INFINITE Creator Beings.
Humans ARE awesome!  
We can figure our way out of, or IN to, ANYTHING that we are wanting to.  
(Humanity be like Ginger Rogers--dancing backwards and in high heels- without faltering...)

(6) Multi media COMMUNICATIONS that focus on balancing relationship, and drawing lines in the sand ...which will NOT be ALLOWED crossed anymore.  This is not physical IN-forcement...this is energetic and by will.  Decisions made that are secure in Knowing and Self recognition.  (2016)  

Collectively, We THINK we want MORE FREEDOM TO CREATE. 
It's the IDEA that is important.  It's the IDEA that Team Contrast is testing.  
HOW MUCH do you want your Creative freedom?  
Enough to TAKE BACK the awareness that you were never without it? 

You ALWAYS had the power, My Dear....  Time to go HOME.  

The I AM Presence observing from withIN, which founds the Time classroom experience, will always support that which Heart FEELS.  

In the (6) frequency window, FEELINGS, EMOTION, AND RESPONSE are the lessons to be sampled and tweaked IN THE GLOBAL ARENA, as well as within your own Time experience this coming year.  YOU play Your part Truthfully All will morph into a more preferred reality experience.  

If you wish to get to the gifts of this global (9) frequency directly, (judgement) has no part to play.  That idea has run it's course.  It doesn't feel so good on either end of that stick.  

This coming year's cycle opportunities are providing a-
Time to LET IT GO. 
Time to Let Heart Love freely, without reservation. 
Time to mediate relations by way of compassion.  
Time to re-cognize that I AM an idea, and i can change my perspective AT WILL.  I need not wait for permission or clearance from any "outside" authority.  

TIME TO REAL-IZE that NOW IS ALL THAT IS, and therefore the HIGHEST empowerment tool of all Time.  Go there, and stay as long as you can!  
EXPECT miracles at your command.  

Leo Buscaglia: Love, Choice, Responsibility

There will be more Translation on the waves within the 2016 annual frequency as Inspired.  
YOU CAN watch the NBTV interview video on the previous post to see and hear how and WHY i do what i DO here, (in Time). 

Until the Next,
I continue to hold the Image of ALL in Perfection and Well Being, NOW, as Ever---