Saturday, December 5, 2015

YOU Are a Conduit of TRUTH- ( Re-Post from Feb 2013)

It's Time for Creator BEings to Know that they are natural energy conduits for Universal frequencies. 
Alex Gray

YOU are ALWAYS Connected to the All That IS....  
Many, many individuals are discovering this Now.  The collective has been calling for, and is now ready for the wave of information that is the impetus of the mass Awakening which is spreading across the planet in more and more obvious ways.  Activities of this Truth is evident all around the planet.  

If you are reading this- YOU are Now actively a part of this movement toward the Balance and RE-alignment of Earth Humanity's collective Vision for Unity Consciousness, as an aspect of Creator BEing.  Welcome to New Earth....and, if there's is anything that we can do to assist your Journey, please to not hesitate to ASK OUT LOUD.  :)

With all Humility, (i) offer this to newcomers especially- but also to seasoned practitioners of Presence in Physical form.   We can never have enough "tools" for maintaing our balance and equilibrium in our Eternal expansion as One.  If this were not SO, there wouldn't be assistance and information that validates this everywhere you LOOK.  And, today- you looked HERE.   
So, to assist those who are still reticent to Know their Infinite Presence, i offer this simple Tool. 
But, first- a prologue.......

A few years ago, on a wintery day, I was standing in the sun in a big picture window.  I thought 
that i was only there to take a break and absorb a little sunshine- but, what i got was much much more.  

As i stood in a relaxed "dancers position", breathing and observing the silence, the warmth of the sun on me, i noticed that my body began to respond to the thoughts that came and went in between.  I say "in between", because when i was in observation mode- i was was gently gliding side to side in a very comfortable figure 8.....a rocking flow of pain-free, thought-free - Neutral Harmony.  
As i had a thought- the sway of my body changed....apparently, i had entered a space of connection and was opened to energetic response indicator- and my body leaned either forward, or , backward in response to the thought i was having.   In delight, i asked questions- to which my body (as long as i kept my chin elevated and knees unlocked) responded with either a forward lean for YES, or a backward lean of NO.   I also noted that when the question was ambiguous- or needed to be broken down for clarity of an answer- it would center and rock only very barely.   When my meditation and inquiry "session" was done, i was lunged quickly forward, and more forcefully, off my balanced and floaty stance.  AND, i also notice that my body felt clear and energized.  

For BEings who are just coming up to the line of Self guidance and empowerment, this is a technique for re-alignment that works so very well for getting into the Now groove and discovering your own Eternal Knowing at work in your Time experience, just standing right where you are.    

For those who are proficient with muscle testing via the closed finger resistance method- you may already be familiar with this type of validation method.
And, for those who have mastered the inner Knowing of instantaneous information and guidance- this exercise will just be a nice relaxing rocking of yourSelf in the warm and Loving embrace of Love, and can fortify your practice of inner Clarity and telepathic abilities, and elevate your physical energy levels as you stand where you are, anytime.  

This simple practice brings immediate connection and easily accessible way to tap into your Source of Truth as an introductory exercise for getting the feel of your own natural energetic gift of Truth discernment, and a technique to fall back on in moments of imbalance for quick whole Presence re-alignment.  

You already ARE Creator BEing.  Therefore, YOU are the energetic conduit.  With a little more practice trusting yourSelf Now, you'll be able to make your way out of the Illusion and onto a path of ease and flow with Self empowering regularity.  Which means that your alignment will Allow the perfect people and opportunities to flow into your world to co-create more JOY.

If you can do this bare-footie, on the Mother- the more powerful and reenergizing this is.  But, this works well indoors with shoes on, too, once you get the hang of it.  Do this a few times barefoot, undisturbed to get your baseline and confidence...then you can take it out and about with you.   

*stand with your feet in approximate alignment with your shoulders- toes slightly pointed outward; relax your arms at your sides.

*unlock your knees, and bounce a little to get comfy and find your perfect position where nothing on your body is calling your attention....

* elevate your chin slightly - this is KEY to opening the physical channel alignment.

*take a few breaths and readjust your stance so that you are gently floating on your feet, with unlocked knees in a comfortable position. This may takes a few moments- but when it opens, it will be unmistakable,  and you won't even be aware of your body parts- it will meld into a feeling of One part.   

* close your eyes (optional),  and relax and BREATHE , and as you release the tension in your body it will begin to slightly sway side to side and then into a gentle figure 8 motion....gently sway in this circular 8 pattern- back and forth for a few minutes to enJoy relief.  

When you have "opened" by relaxing, you will notice that as you have a thought - a question- inner mutterings- your BODY will begin to respond to your inner talk and it will either lean forward or backward....this is quite unmistakable.   YOU have become a pendulum. 

This back and forth is your indicator mechanism engaging.   FORWARD= positive (yes) , and BACKWARD = negative (no)
Hovering in center with no motion indicates that you either didn't ask a clear question, or use the right words- relax, and mentally restate your inquiry.   

When you have no further inquiries, you can just sway in silence for a while, and when your Higher Self is done recharging your TimeSelf presence, and it's Time to re-engage into your outer world/classroom, the energy flowing through your body will  lunge you forward and push you off your center as if it's saying "Now, go out there and BE Love !"   
You're going to laugh!  And you will be eager to "talk" to yourSelf  again and again... :)

When you get used to doing this it you will get faster at it, will Trust yourSelf more, and will begin to "hear" thoughts that make your Heart actually resonate.  
And then, you can walk around like that naturally....calling it in ANYTIME you want.  

Like, when the doctor is standing there telling you somehting that you don't understand- just hold your focus on your body and let the swaying of it talk to you--- it will never lie to you.
If it says no- it's really NO.  
You may not understand the details of WHY at that moment - just trust it, and ask to Know "why" when it's appropriate and you are ready to absorb that data- while you remember that: 
#1- It's All going to work out perfectly for everyone- somehow! 
With this practice, you have given your Self permission to STOP, and clarify anything that you are currently experiencing with this undeniable body-talk method.  Focus on your preferences, NOT your obstacles, and have Knowing in this, that you will be guided appropriately, step by step by step, and with the Love that IS the basis of the Universe.


Until the Next, 
I continue to hold the Image of All in Perfection, NOW, 
as Ever,