Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BEYOND the TIME VIBE: - Frequency Translations for September 2015 -

The percieved (Earth Time ) reality is appearing to change so rapidly and abruptly within [the Collective-Mirror Reality of the All].  
Have you NOTICED that the Spirit of the New Time reality [I AM] Presence awareness is taking hold WITHIN each reflective Self? 
There is Now open opportunity for the RELEASE WINDOW  that is collective Time objective of 2016 of the Collective Time practice arena (in Time).  

 My Service here is to speak the IMAGERY that these frequencies present to those interested in such a perspective and language of Frequency.   I AM Beings (IS-BE's) who are PARTICIPATING in in widening perceptions of Self as Creator within this classroom of Time with Me, are taking SELF Experience and Creation into their their own hands in infinite ways, on infinite platforms of focus all at once.  
If you are reading this, the point is proven in this moment of Now.  YOU are a reflection of my Now urges to share the Images of Self Reflection of the I AM in Expansion....- and there is ONLY Expansion.  
And, Dear Reflection, I AM a reflection of yours. Like it, or, not. 
But, as i translate the scenery using a Collective symbolic language, Numbers) as representative of base Time frequencies,  There IS a Collective window of RELEASE upon Us.  

Finding ourSelves fed up- DONE- with the parts and particles of our physical reality which simply DO NOT SUIT the Higher Frequency objective of this currently RISING FREQUENCY WINDOW FOR : 2016: (9) that brings on the  DO-ings of High LOVE, deep RELEASE, that ushers in a growing FORGIVENESS, which presents us with a jump point into the Next level of Consciousness awareness and BEing.
In THIS language of frequencies reflecting and playing out (in Time),
Love for Self.  DO what you Love, Say what you Love, Practice that you Love, RE-flect on Your (kind) of
Love for All the apparent particles and distortions of YOU.  

INTO THE IMAGE:  2016: (9) - Approaching the Window of RELEASE through Love, Balance and Responsibility.  

(9: LOVE, Compassion, Forgiveness, Release, Endings, Humanitarian and Altruistic expressions.) 

(For more specific data regardingYOUR immediate reality focus and opportunities within this Collective (9) frequency go HERE  to CALCULATE Your own Time map positioning- 
OR contact Me via comment, or FB message for a private Translation session. )
   (9) holds the image of a realization of deep and profound Love.  This Light focused frequency that represents a level of re-cognition, and wholeness that re-connects the Circuitry of Eternal Life.  

The (9) leads back to the One of I AM, where the urge for Knowing is Eternal.  By 2017 the window of awareness of our OtherSelves becomes more "grounded".  With the closure of each (9) cycle we are thrust back into our own Selves again, but in a more experienced and solid Knowing of exactly WHO I AM, BE.  (IS-BE).  We enter (1) with a fresh start, a clean slate, and full of New ideas and preferences in place in our focus, and raring to build something new and better to experience.  

As the upsurge of the 2016:9 frequency began to present opportunities early opportunities at the July 2015 window, the Mirror was reflecting as opportunities and activities of the  (6) Global Month opportunities.  Collective Media practices began to take an 9out loud) step toward SEEING the possibilities, and the possibilities begin to play out in front of us, and which "stories" we were considering getting more focused on "healing".  

SO, (9) brings an opportunity to CLEANSE a layer of You that doesn't work in Harmony with the PREFERRED experience within the focus of the Collective Playground.  You can call it "healing" if you want to , but there was NEVER any breakage from WITHIN...there IS ALL-WAYS Perfection NOW,  we are just learning how to hold that Imagery so that we coagulate the quanta to BE-have in more preferential ways.  
The COMPASSION that is needed -Ever- HAS to begin with You.  
The reverberations of YOUR ALIGNMENT with Source NOW, is the Imagination game's reward for what you have been absorbing your focus with- and for how long.  
The longer you hold those thoughts- the harder the neurons are to de-tach and re-attach somewhere more stimulating to your Joy buttons.  
Yep.  It's a full friction time JOB - but it's YOUR life EXPERIENCE....
ARE You willing to take responsibility for the frequencies you entertain and hold?  
The vibrational stakes are MUCH higher, these DAYS.... No, these NOW'S.  

Some parts of You (anything attached to the dissolving personal "memories/habits/beliefs" of 3D personality and projections), that do NOT serve your own Expansion, will persist but resolve in Miraculous Flow as the NOW practice is held.    This release cycle as protracted, harsh, painful, and generally appear to be in emotional misery for short spurts, ......unless you're Spiritually masochistic, because NOW we Know that IT'S A CHOICE.  

Some will LOOK FOR THE BEAUTY, and secure COMPASSION and manage to side step MOST of the final distractive measures on the part of the naturally occurring polarity of the lower (Time) frequency platforms.  
Since the perception of Expansion varies from Presence to Presence, the emphasis of the (9) , as is for all the odd numbered frequencies, is SELF focused for best result.  
CLEAN OUT YOUR OWN SKELETONS in your Heart NOW-- FORGIVE Your Self and LOVE anyone who has participated in this Journey with you as a DAILY PRACTICE, because this coming annual cycle is a chance to FLUSH a lot of those growing-pain memories, and bad dream-scapes which I/You/We are truly bored with.  

As the material reality (higher rate of vibratory tolerance)  that which is/will no longer be suitable for our Expansion (is being dismantled as quickly as we can manage it),  
We came into August provided with a flood of frequencies and data that spotlighted our secret worlds a bit more.  WHICH WE REQUESTED.    (7) frequency window revs up that process to RE-VIEW, RE-E-VALUE -ATE, RE-ASSESS, RE-CLAIM FOCUS, and SORT all the collected data as best we can at this moment of our Presence expansion processes.    
In (7) frequency, we see a PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Where have I been?  Where am I NOW, and what do i want to focus on Next with my new found Multi-Dimensioanl Creator BEing skills and talents?  

IF a Presence chooses to engage (IN Time),  isn't it best to USE the environment that we find ourSelf in to it's highest potential?  If there is a grasp of WHERE we are focusing with this tiny aspect of Self, the boogey man becomes an cooing infant, paper tigers blow away, ....but, more pointedly, when New InSight becomes more clear, ALL that is unwanted disappears from your New Time Time reality play experience.

You KNOW you can't adjust your hair by reaching into the mirror, RIGHT??!!   So, trying to "fix" a projected reality from the OUTSIDE is futile.  
TAKE RESPONSIBILITY by taking baby steps....

PRE-PAVE YOUR DAY, with focus on that which you DO wish to participate in.  

Begin small .....  and FOCUS.  

HERE is an example of how to begin to unlock YOUR manifestational preferences  quickly.....

HINT #1:  SET YOUR SELF UP to succeed.  
Prepare your day.   Begin gently and non-specific---this helps to practice seeing the subtle rewards that build up your Allowing skills.  SAY what you would like to experience this day, and then go about your [Love NOW] focus work as it unfolds for you in Perfection.   

HINT #2:  LOOK FOR THAT WHICH UPLIFTS YOU all day long to stimulate the Imagery and Emotional practice KNOWING the difference between what feels GOOD and what clearly does NOT.  It gets louder and more easy to feel when you DO HINT #1... All becomes a game.  

HINT #3: Deliberately DREAM OUT LOUD.  (Words are vibration, and Vibration IS  the World)  Observe the words that are attached to the beliefs that are surfacing for RE-CLARIFICATION (from You) on what you are REALLY wanting in your relationships, and how you want to "spend your Time" focus.  

This is how it can work for you on a daily basis.... LOOK FOR THAT WHICH YOU ARE WANTING FO FOCUS ON: 

I have a little "place " in my house where i pile stuff and set up my Inspiration reminders there, and as i pass back and forth i get to BE RE-MINDED of my basic Intentions.   

This is what that space of my kitchen counter looks like: 

As i have had a little greeting card that says "Count Your Blessings" which was made by a friends of mine, sitting on the counter there--- i got to see the Intention over and over and over again because THAT is where i stop and organize my bag, my plans for the day, etc.- it's where i stop to focus several time a day when home and my go to stop when i load and unload in my travels.... 

Right.- and you have a place like this too..... use it to build up something NEW for yourSelf.  

And so, .....i was puttering and putting things, and i come upon something from Abraham that i have had for some years to RE-MIND me.... except it got tucked away and , this morning, JUST resurfaced again.  It  fell out of a cook-book.  
ZOOM IN there and share my delightful RE-FIRMATION of my focus Intention -  
Count Your Blessings, NOW.   

A few moments later, i seek out a book that i intend to give a friend when i see them soon, and THIS basket of LOVE RE-FLECTION falls out!  
Counting the Blessings, and the Numbers (FREQUENCIES) are HIGH!  

THESE are the kinds of things that begin to delightfully connect to the Main line of [I AM Source, NOW] more readily and rapidly.  
IF you are going to get anything at all out of anyone's NewTime Frequencies Translations and Imagery projections,  as validation and guidance, observe that ALL SIGNS, (including de-construction of the constricting 3-4D reality mentality)  ARE LEADING US TO A MORE EXPANDED ALLOWING OF LOVE.  

JUST LOOK FOR and watch Your miracle moments roll into your (Time) experience more readily, (however "small" they may seem to you)- they ARE Your sign that you have been Heard and Seen by the Source of You.  
 NOTICE THEM with GRATITUDE, as your PREFERENCES build upon each other as a staircase into the Next, they build upon and INTO the Mirror reality which you are designing to experience with your thoughts magnified onto the Morphogenic field of ecperience. 


DO whatever you need to hold the RE-MEMBERENCE of the LOVE that IS All in NOW.  

The NUMBERS BEYOND TIME Translation details of the frequencies for what is about to open, (for YOUR mirror reality [We], which is growing Beyond Time), are being written, and will be posted in PART 2 asap.... 
There are many EXAMPLES of whatever frequency you are entertaining in the moment.  
The Time for the (7) Global frequency activities for RE-VIEW is coming to the point where the URGE TO ACT in September 2015 ; (8) Global Month , is kicking in.  
AND, the (9) September SUB- frequency is founding this initial action cycle with all of the qualities and gifts and Knowing of the (9) that we are about to fully frolic in for an extended period of release for 2016.   This initiation phase will intensify int he month of October 2015, (9) Global Month Collective practice games of focus on Love, Compassion, Release, Forgiveness, is AMPLIFIED and will not be able to be avoided by anyone who is paying attention at all.
Much more on this HAPPY NEWS of our Expanding foundation of [I AM Present and Accountable] is unfolding all around You.  
ASK OUT LOUD for proof that you are SEEN AND HEARD- and be in Gratitude, NOW, as the Creator BEing in JOYFUL Eternal Discovery.  
Until the Next- 

I CONTINUE to hold the Image of ALL in Perfection and Well-BEing NOW, as Ever. 

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 MUCH GRATITUDE for Your focus and participation in this Journey WITH Me!