Sunday, April 12, 2015

TIME VIBE: APRIL 2015 - Holding the IMAGE of Love and Perfection NOW, as Ever.......

As you Know....

Each of Us are finding our way through waves of frequencies that are opening up the New Time reality more clearly each and every "day".  

The usual pulses of the TIME VIBE have been pushing the Mirror reality experience closer toward our own Truths of BEing-ness and participation.  I, in my own experience, am in full transition both physically and emotionally.  
Physical symptoms, geographical shifts, emotional shifts- and certainly mental changes in how the View in the Mirror is to BE for Me with my own preferences as an Eternally Creative Presence of Prime.  

I probably don't have to tell you that as we came out of the (11) of March, which provided a powerful impact of expansive awareness and communications to the Collective game.   It sent us reeling into a place of floaty possibility and more of our own personal experience preferences acknowledged with a certainty that comes much more easily for many- and more challenging for the [Love Now] resistant pockets of the duality reality.  But- that IS the nature of Time and our perceptions within it's closed peripheral view.  Cant see what we DO want - if we can't see what we DONT want.   More tongues are wagging about WHAT has to be shifted toward the platform of Love and the long gestating ideas and solutions  are surfacing along with them.  

The (3) of April, may seem a bit discombobulated in the minds of those more WILLING to DO THE RIGHT THING, and also is accompanied by physical shifts that have presented as symptoms that have never been experienced before.  
Re-member that this is just like a baby learning the strength of their own legs and the new sensations of trying to stand on it's own.  A bit wobbly, and definitely requiring some very focused practice to build the stamina along with the determination required to do so.

This window of opportunity brings our own internal mutterings and musings to the open for us to re-cognise, and to EXPRESS OUT LOUD.  This is more of a personal workshop (as ALL of the Time experience is) , but also our opportunity to share without really being concerned who likes it, or NOT.  We find ourselves more automatically fear-less in our own expressions.... which brings to mind what Sophie Tucker was known to say more often than other women of her own Time:
"Fuck 'em, if they can't take a joke." 

And, SOMEHOW, we DO have to remember the humor of all of the Illusions efforts to test us into our own I AM Presence.  We simply have to LOVE Team Contrast Now.
The more proficient we are at letting-go and Loving NOW- the more the ease in flow just BECOMES. 
The (3) of the April opportunity cycle (in Time focus), will not be a Time to be hard and fast about action or opinion in the collective Mirror...that will come for us in May.
So, speaking Truth is becoming a natural thing for many of us this month --- and letting the chips fall where they may doesn't seem so daunting or destructive in terms of I AM LOVE , NOW and Eternally.  

[Speaking of telling the Truth---- Here's a fun view: The Invention of Lying; Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, Louis CK, Jennifer Garner, Edward Norton, et al.... in a world where everyone tells the Truth... in Truth, the commercials bug me- but it's a free movie.  :)]

If you find yourself blasting someone else this month- and they don't take it very well- or if they don't remember that you will ALWAYS Love them, even though you dared to speak an observation -perhaps in a not-so-tender way, ....and, if they decide to go away because of it- it IS Time to remember that ALL IS in Perfection NOW, as ever.  
Just wait and see IF they are willing to reflect Love to You and remain in the loop of your connection and co-creativity- THEN you have truly done the work of learning to Let Go to BE Love, regardless of the outcome, even if conversations are bumpy in the process of this immense shift of Consciousness.

Many can see the ideals of distracting false construction and over-control being exposed, neutralized , and slowly removed with more sure footing in the basis of LOVE NOW. 
[also- you can visit "Just In Case You Didn't Think Anything Expansive Was Happening" page on FB for updates on the events of expansion in NOW. 

Altho illusory- TIME is a processual classroom --- try to enjoy the lesson plan that YOU have created as Prime in the process of the Eternal Knowing.  
As this month progresses into the (4) of May- when DESIGN AND DETAILS will be the main focus of activities and events  in the Collective playground, occupy your Self with simple PERSONAL PLEASURES this month and express them without constriction of obsessive protocols.  
DO, however, hold your JOY FACTOR as the first and foremost filter of your expressions- OR there will be more and more clashes of Wills as the month closes, and through May.  

This may be readily noticed in the arenas of social reforms and re-clamations of the I AM Presence around the globe, and within the Time reality platform of space as observed by material re-arranging, geological shifting, adjustments in procedures and rules of engagement all around the planetary playground. 

JOY is the Way  to our Truthful foundation of Self re-cognition- find the JOY OF YOU and dwell on it until the urges to move things into position for making that an experiential Truth with our Time play partners comes without hesitation or confusion.  

Abraham: Are you as happy as you planned?

It's TIME for your Expansion to be in JOY- NOW....

Hold your ideas until truly Inspired to act on them...... but, this month- DREAM BIG, and feel WORTHY of your own Power and Creativity- it's All about to take off!
Count-down is ON as of the 21st..... then, the "clean up" and re-org begins in a wave of co-creative cooperation and growing willfulness in Love, Truth, and INCLUSION of the Life of All in the EXPANSIVE re-alignment.  

Until things are settled in for me in my new diggs, and I AM Inspired to get back here to translate more specifics of the Numbers of Time frequencies OUT  LOUD, as per the usual postings--- please DO re-read the (8) annual objective overview.   
And, have a look at your own Timing opportunities for more details of YOUR experience and contributions in the current opportunity windows for practice and Mastery in your own Time experience objective (as described by your Life Path number- and your personal Year number) .... 
..... if you would like to have some assist with your personal Timing, just contact me here or on The Empress of Time FB in a private message and we'll get it together in the Perfection of the Journey that IS.  

This Translation blog is a reflection of the Process out of the old paradigm of Illusion into more sure-footed Creative re-memberance of I AM.  
It's offered forth in this language for Me and anyone else attracted to read it.  I would invite you to please SHARE as Inspired. 

The TV show - The Time Vibe - on the CCN network is moving to another network as soon as my associates in all of this "work" are set up and ready to play again.  So, stay posted here and on the FB page [The Empress of Time] for the latest news on that- and DO subscribe to receive automatic updates and posts. 

Until the Next-
I continue to hold the Image of ALL in Perfection NOW-