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TIME VIBE 2015 - MARCH - (11:2) POWERFUL Window of ILLUMINATIONS/ REPost from 2/22/15


11:2 Global Month


The opportunity frequencies of MARCH 2015 are setting up a HUGE perception shift for the participants of the Collective Time classroom.  As some readers may already know, the (11) frequency window brings an opening of Inspiration, Insight, and ILLUMINATION for the EXPANSION of the perceiver and participant in this process of SELF AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE,  ...and Doing all of this expansive Self practice work in the Mirror of Self Reflection: Time.  

Beginning the last week of February, A flood of DATA and options for SELF direction will begin to increase in flow amongst those global reality participants who are inclined toward VISUAL cues and Insights that will change PERCEPTIONS of the Time participants toward new and life-altering ways, one profound synchronicity at a Time.  

This month's powerful insights, illuminations, cues, and messages roll in with these powerful NOW opportunities, which is under the Annual opportunity wave of DYNAMIC and DECISIVE (8), there WILL be more Mirror reality reflections of rapid CHANGE.  
This includes a change of [thought, belief]- MIND, and a collectively declared rapid change of direction of intentional activity, by 2015's (5) urgings for Self Expansive upliftment.  
2015: See basic (5) descriptor.  Also, see: (8) global year overview.  
(See all basic number descriptors HERE)

In this (11) Global month opportunity cycle, Inner connection and SELF awakening (11= 1 in a quantum expansion process of SELF Awareness and Acceptance), will begin to flow more swiftly and easily for an increasing number of individual reflections in the Collective Time reality, in which the SELF Identity of Beings are changing.   Participants are shifting their own focus, inspired efforts, and personal contributions toward a more unified Intention of the (2) frequency Millennial objective, which aims to gather, communicate, to co-operate, CO-CREATE, to partner, to stabilize and balance, and to get along more HARMONIOUSLY, in general, with our fellow Time reality playmates and our Collective Time platform resources/environment.  
LOOK for it. 
PERSONAL MEDITATION sessions will help clear up any fuzzy lines of Communications and confusion.  

As we see the Illusory reality shifting and dissolving the false constrictions of our I AM potentials and power, "Team Contrast's" work of testing is almost done.   The awareness of the power of personal FOCUS SKILLS in Time are becoming more pronounced and more skillfully refined.  

This Month's very powerful and communicative (11) frequency blasts will bring a flow of DATA to the individual participants' INNER connection and Knowing.  
In these inner communications, the INNATE Internal Guidance systems will be louder and more trusted in terms of mediating upgraded Inner communications and ACTION impulses. 
This month, personal participation will be observed with more CLARITY, and with much more Self Respons-ability.    

[*To get the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

This month's rapid paced Illuminations in Collective activities and events are provoking the wakefulness of those on the verge of another wave of expansion withIN of the Eternal Multi-dimensional Beings playing together, [in Time].  
The GAME of SELF CONTROLLED FOCUS is directed by INTERNAL signals and "conversations" with THAT WHICH IS NOT OF TIME.   This (11) frequency window includes perceptual "downloads" to the Source withIN

Public broadcasts, announcements, and general communications in the Global front will provide clear and obvious evidences of personal opportunities to CHOOSE NEW participation and CONSENT decisions.   In this cycle,  participants FEEL the Inspiration to change their FOCUS toward RE-ALIGNING their personal perceptions with their Higher Truth regarding "authority", and ideas of a SELF governed Creative reality
The Collective begins to practice NOT choosing to participate WILLFULLY in the illusory constrictive reality by default, and stepping in and out of their Time journey with more meaning and authenticity.  
Here's a hint of validation:
and here:

This month's (11) frequency wave is bringing an energy push to the swelling (8) Global annual objective to CHANGE and ADMINISTRATE our OWN Time experience by taking charge of what we are focusing on and how we practice our new skills- like telepathy, pre-monitions, remote viewing, and mastering Time reality manipulations in the morphogenic field.
Stay in touch for the DAILY PULSE (3-day) Opportunity cycles translations to validate and uplift personal processes in this direction-
......but, as this monthly overview opens up a general perspective and broad view of the (11) expansion opportunity objectives, the break-down of the 3-phases of the frequency cycles indicates:

* the first 9-day cycle in Marchbrings awareness of the Inner communications to the forefront.  The second 9-day cycle will move activities in the direction of actively defining practice partnerships with Higher minded intentions and more deliberate focus on skills-building- such as [discernment] .  And, the closing 9-day cycle of March's reality expanding (11) opportunity window will bring a larger more INCLUSIVE collective perspective into practice, ushered in with fast paced personal experiences of what really IS available to those who are taking their own [I AM CREATOR] skills-practice to Heart in a more free-flowing practice.  
(See basic number descriptors HERE)
This active "practice" cycle will continue to increase through September.   The Time has come to remember to stick to the point:  The "practice" is a game of "Can we turn this ship into the direction of Love?"  It's JUST a game between YOU and your otherSelves.  
Can you hold the Image of All in Perfection NOW?

Pick a pet-project,-  or, ANY collective "issue", and SPEAK ONLY OF SEEING HARMONY AND BALANCE for ALL.  
As you practice this KNOWING of the Perfection of All, NOW, with your own personal practice-mates- BE in expectation of the unfolding of re-solutions and realignment of Balance of these situations without feeling forced or pressured to come up with all of the details on just how that can happen- UNLESS you are inspired to do so.  
With (11), it's easy to feel, hear, and see your Highest Inspiration and path.   Learn to RELAX during this high frequency cycle- 
Let the answers, guidance, and resolutions float into your own experiences without grasping.    
Then, ...Share the glad tidings , and personally evidenced experiences of a renewed SELF connection within your own Eternal Essence and Journey, OUT LOUD- without worrying about who is listening.   You will best lead by High-focused example and speaking Truth with full support and attention of the reality in which you are practicing your new-found Creator Being skills.  

With (11) frequency at our Service this month, this kind of shared UPLIFTING communication will reverberate with great and powerful influence in the direction that the Collective participants are Now wanting to go.  So, use words with careful deliberation and INTENTION- as this month's high frequency is fertile ground for bringing forth their reflection with lightning speed and force.  

 !.... no matter what you think is going on "out there", 
the point of Creative power is your own NOW Presence focus--- 
YOU are directing your experiences reflected in the Collective activities [in Time].  

Don't believe Me?  

Good!  .FOCUS, and DO THE EXPERIMENT for your Self.  That is what this very powerful (11) month is ALL about!  
recommend reviewing February's monthly overview, as well as the Global year overview for putting the developing "pictures" into a more organized survey of the intentions and opportunities at hand.  
The DAILY PULSE Translations for the rest of February - HERE

[*To get the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

Any questions about WHO is in charge here, in your own Time experience, really?  

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