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The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/26, 27,28 /2015

2/26/2015= 16=7

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year
(See basic number descriptors HERE)

February closes along with a few Self illusions of limitation.   This last 3-day cycle in this (1) Global Month of SELF Awareness and Self participation brought personal issues and the awareness of personal contribution to the collective game of Life Now.  

(7)  brings a window to analyze, intuit, and actively decide on a New Self directed position regarding responses to what is projected or "seen" in the Time reality as "real", and this is the window that begins this 3-day cycle.   
The choice to LOVE and RELEASE (9) is the final step, but on 
2/26/2015= 16the frequencies allow for consideration and mediation of Inner and "outer" activities toward more Harmonious activities to find more exposure; analysis, and small but necessary INTERNAL re-alignment; 2/27/2015=17=8, is for making decisions on who and what is to be actively released on 2/28/2015=18=9.  
These can appear to be small steps in the "grand scheme of things" [in Time], and some may even still be saying this is All a crock of [New-agey] shite- but these personal steps and releases to attain them are NOT small victories. The shifts that are taking place withIN the individual aspects of Source expanding is a nuclear reaction in the quantum field of the Life in the physical world and Beyond.  

[*To get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

Things ARE slowly shifting toward the re-alignment of Intention for Harmonious Connections and partnerships for the purpose of INCLUSION, and LOVE.  


As March's very powerful (11) window of opportunity to see through the Illusion commences in full frequency on 3/1/2015, the reverberations of each thought, Intention, and action will be weighed in a most noticeable way by All in the Time classroom experience.  

Those Beings that are focused on particular aspects and issues of the Earth REALITY partnerships will make decisions and contribute in ways that can - and DO- morph the field of perception in remarkable ways regarding the Collective Intention to learn to get along with Others by free-willed choice.  But, these bite-sized experiences of the individuals affecting [the Whole of personal reality experience, in Time] will be more generally compared in April's (3) frequency of experiential Expression urges.  so, new situations and resolutions will be discussed and planned upon from April through May (4) with surprising results.

IN THE MEANTIME, be prepared to have your reality blown wide open from WITHIN, Now, and as March unfolds.  Huge steps in expanded perception made regarding WHO You ARE and what you are actually capable of as a Multi-Dimensional Creator contributing and enhancing your own skills, as such.  

Here's a bit of validation of validation that the Time for this focus Re-alignment is at hand:  https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/pops-of-enlightenment-envelope-all-gaia-inhabitants-in-short-order/


and another source   (Just In Case You didn't think anything expansive was happening FB community):

Take Time and the Collective reality into your OWN hands.  There IS no OUT THERE- that is simply a Mirror of what you hold as Truth.  And there are some very UGLY Truths floating around out there with plenty of participants who are in Grace as they volunteer to present the exaggerations of what is NOT Love, so that All can see the contrasts that provoke the CHANGES as this wave of re-alignment is building quickly in the annual (8) Global Year  .

IT IS DONE.  Now, THINK and FEEL as such.  

As March's (11) frequency is already being felt, any horrific issues of UN-Loving activities in the Collective Mirror will be accentuated for the benefit of our companions that are still waking up to their own Power and Source.  
The "bullies", the beliefs of Self denial, the heinous activities of any Entity against ANY other who has urges to be FREE, will be MUCH more easily seen.  So, for some, the "scenery" can become very ugly and challenging to their own Self Creative abilities.  Underneath the agitation of "victimization and manipulation", the need for expansion requires [that which no longer serves, or is not in Love] to be exposed.  
Those that are in place to assist in this amplification - the victims, the perpetrators, all- are there by Grace to reinforce that the TIME is NOW to be clear about where your own Heart lies.  This is a window to realize and allow whatever you are Inspired to do to participate to flow forth freely.  And so will the resources and Harmonious personnel to do so. 

With (11) - INTENTIONAL THOUGHTS AND SPEECH are the Power tools....physical responses are to be COLLABORATIVE, not retaliatory.  
The Collective waves of COLLABORATION in the direction of HARMONIOUS RESOLUTION will build up in March.  Work with the INNER information that you will be receiving on these issues through this building (11) frequency cycle.  
Doing ANYTHING Self serving- such as, any assaults into the Mirror,  when (11) frequency window is open, results in a back-draft and amplification of that intention.  
So, take these last days in February to recognize and release any anger, resentment, regret, fear, shame, or any other form of SELF denial.  Accept and release these as necessary to have experienced and as a part of your glorious expansion into the Next.  
All of the reverberating (2'a) in the picture currently can bring a bit of impatience with the Self expansive processes and with Other Selves.  The small bites of one NOW at a Time is always the most effective and stabilizing path- and yields more REWARD than you can imagine.  Trust the pain, without judgement- then, trust the Knowing that it's Time to release it.
"I AM You, and YOU are Me, and WE are All to-gather..." , to quote the Walrus.  

Try to decide WHO You are in all of this. 
BE NOW in Love, doing what ever you are Inspired to do, 

[*To get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ] 

Any questions about WHO is in charge here, in your own Time experience, really?  

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