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The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/18- -19- 20 / 2015

2/ 18 /2015 =19= 10 = 1

2/ 19 / 2015 = 20 = 2

2/ 20 / 2015 = 21 = 3

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year

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This next 3-day cycle brings a window to make a change withIN and then to share it in practice in your own reality.  As you make the personal decisions that you are needing to make, the Next step will show itself to you with an ease and in cooperation with Others in your classroom playTime.  
The 2 frequency opportunity that is bouncing around for this month and March, sets up the "mood" to cooperate with SELF first, and then to share Visions and activities toward more Self balanced participation in the Collective partnerships that you are using to get "where" you are wanting to go Next.  As a Collective participant, there is a warming to the Idea that the Nuclear reaction of manifestation in your own perception of "reality" begins within You.  

(See basic number descriptors HERE)

Taking personal responsibility with everything that you are CONSENTING to participate in for the rest of this monthly cycle and -definitely through the March (11:2) cycle will boost everything in your experience up a notch, OR, blast you with those hard angled contrasts to show you in very obvious ways.  IF you are willing to pay attention and DO the focus work to make your own brand of magic it will flow with more effortlessness and Inspiration.  

During the 2/18-19 daily cycles, actively letting GO of some of the bits and pieces of false SELF perceptions and  subconscious submissiveness that has been (uncomfortably ) in place will be presented in your personal opportunities.  
Move your personal reality into a different perspective, moving Others into different "positions" of participation- or perhaps deciding to not participate by releasing them -is part of this realization of Self empowerment and Self RE-creativity.   
Holding your own Self Dignity will assist with the processing of information and awarenesses of that which is no longer wanted, and bring a sense of solidly justified confidence to just DO [it].  
By May there will be more "just DO'in It" activity observed in the collective playground as Peace-full side-stepping of obstructions and old "containment" mechanisms are negotiated into  less impactive positioning.  Observe that - Bit by bit, the Illusory reality [in Time] is utilized by YOU, as a "Collective" Time participant, with more effective decisions to move toward your own Conscious and committed Self Awakening

As I/You/we get closer to the annual "productive" phase in this (8) Global cycle of opportunities- (May/June/July/August), there will be more "outer" evidence of the activities and events of this Collective decision to move on from the lower and more constrictive Time frequencies of our Self Awakening processes.  Activities and the movement of resources, people, and other parts of the "organized" collective reality will be done on every level of participation.   
Free Will is becoming more and more recognized and put into the equation of CONSCIOUS participation in ALL THINGS in the collective Self practice platform of the Time "reality".  
So, if you notice your personal releases on a conscious level, you will also find that those very decisions on certain levels of participation which had previously been untouchable by your own lack of Self awareness, are Now pretty simple and matter of fact  IF! you are choosing by the dictates of your Heart.  Compassion for Self awareness becomes more acceptable.  
Basically, these are [fear] based Self denial releases that translate into your personal be-haviors and social participations "by default" that are being re-cognised and released.  
The events of the Collective processes of re-calibration of the Collective Intention will appear with more Uplifting evidences for those who are committing to their Now Presence practice with more commitment.  

2/20/2015 brings a thick layer of 2 frequency opportunities that continue to bring partnerships, communications and Personal Expressions with commitment to finish up our (1) Global month of (February :2) in (2015:8)- to actively PRACTICE this new SELF positioning with OtherSelves with less reservation.  
An influx of further SELF Clarity will be offered in March's (11:2) to All who are on board with the New Time platform of SELF Awareness and acceptance.   With plenty of (2) frequency bouncing around practice partners will be plentiful.  As will amplified communications, and the gathering to you Others who are harmonious with your Intentions.  It IS becoming easier to detect the bulsh from the Heart Truth.  
DISCERNMENT is fast becoming a naturally occurring and TRUSTED Self Actualizing tool, especially now that the intentional containment of Human focus by the Illusions of "Team Contrast" are becoming known with the tearing away of the "Great and Powerful" Wizard's curtain of non-sense and deception.  
You have a direct lint to your own Heart and Higher Self that SPEAKS to You ALL-WAYS. 
USE IT, will ya?!!! 
There is no witch to kill, or justice to be had by revenge.  
And, there definitely is not "Time" to wait for.  
YOU are the power, NOW
And this moment is a window of growth. 
Choose, NOW, that which you will and will not participate in and consent to via your own powerful focus and Heart Intention. 
Those that are still involved and persisting in the constrictive ideals and objectives of the lower frequency reality, which is fast becoming a very bad dream to YOU in Now, will have a bit of a tantrum - a meltdown in PUBLIC, within the collective view.   This will be quite obvious to those who have made their own Self belief changes in their Collective participation, and will declare more loudly and freely that expansion cannot be stifled by ANY means now that "clarity" is being offered and supported.  
Beings are realizing that EXPANSION IS NOW, Eternally.  
As March's powerful (11) frequency opportunities [in Time] become apparent in steps of increasing frequency cycles, increasing clarity, increasing Inspiration  and life shifting Illuminations, You will be able to "hear", loudly and clearly, that which your Heart is wanting and willing to participate in, and HOW you will be able to maneuver toward the Next "step" of your personal focus practice.  This whole (8) annual cycle brings practice opportunities to do so with much more confidence and excitement in your focus abilities and the growing FREE WILLED talents as a Multi-Dimensional Creator Being playing and practicing in the Time classroom. 

(1) Global Month  (8) Global Year

This closing phase of our (1) Global Month opportunity to Self Awaken, focused participants will be emphatically supported and rewarded throughout March, and actively practice for the rest of our 2015 (8) dynamic year of focused action.    The collective Intention toward Balance and harmonized participation in the collective Time classroom grows with each moment. 
Any questions about WHO is in charge here, in your own Time experience, really?  

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[**to get closer to the details of your personal Timing cycle opportunities, you can calculate your numbers HERE, ... OR,  Contact Me HERE to schedule a personal session. ]